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We got to the house and my wife went in and took a shower. I went in the bathroom and dried her off with a towel. She kissed me and said that if I satisfied her real good tonight after the Bachelor’s party she would let me drain my balls of cum tonight. She pulled on the cock cage and squeezed my balls a little. She looked at my cock up close and then she smacked my ass, I see drops of dried cum on the leather cock cage. I explained it must be pre-cum drops or one of the men’s sperm from sucking cocks yesterday. She said that I was a bad boy and when she takes the cock cage off I was going to lick the dried cum off of the leather straps. Then she said my balls fill full of cum and that she was going to enjoy making me eat my own cum tonight if I was a good boy.

She released my balls and started getting dressed for tonight, she told me to order a pizza, she was hungry. I ordered a pizza and in about 45 minutes I heard a knock on the door, and my wife answered the door in her sexy outfit. The young man looked at her and you could see his young cock spring to life in his pants. He stuttered and said that will be $12.50 my wife handed him a twenty and said if you’ll let me suck your cock off I will give you the whole twenty. The young man stepped foreword and my wife had a pizza in one hand and a young firm cock in the other she had grabbed his cock right thru his pants. She sat the pizza on the table and dropped to her knees and devoured his cock.

The young man couldn’t hold off cumming she had his sperm in her mouth in about three minutes she was swallowing his cock right up to his balls. She stood up and told the young man that his cum tasted great kayseri escort and that if he were ever in the neighborhood to stop bye she would suck his cock anytime. The young man left and she told me to eat the pizza she had already had her snack, as she was wiping some cum off of her cheek. The phone rang and I heard my wife talking, then she yelled out to me to go to the drug store and get a couple boxes of condoms.

I drove to the drugstore and bought two boxes of 24 condoms and brought them back home. My wife was waiting on me when I got home she took the condoms from me and put them in a bag with a huge dildo sticking out of it. She kissed me on the lips and said she would see me later. She told me that they were some clothes lying on the bed that she wanted me to wear when she came home. She went out and got into the car and drove off. I went into the bedroom and there was a garter belt and hose lying on the bed. I hurried up and took a shower and shaved my cock and ball, and got dressed for tonight.

It was about 11:30 and I heard someone pull up in the driveway I jumped up and went to the door as I opened it I saw the young man that had delivered the pizza earlier he looked at me and I said, can I help you? He said is your wife home? I said no she isn’t but if you came here to get a blowjob I can help. He stepped in the door and I jerked his pant down and started sucking his balls jerking his cock and playing with his ass at the same time. You could tell the young man didn’t know what to do or say. He just groaned and moaned I took his cock out of my mouth and turned him around and licked his asshole real good. He started masturbating keçiören escort as I was licking his ass I stopped and started sucking his cock I didn’t want him shooting cum all over the place. I wanted that cum in my mouth, hell I would have fucked him if I didn’t have that cock cage on. His body tensed up and he flooded my mouth with cum I stuck my finger all the way up his ass and I received another big load of cum. I licked up all of the cum and the young man pulled his pants up and told me that I sucked better cock then my wife.

I told him not to tell my wife what I had done to him and he could come over next week and maybe she would let him fuck her. He left in a hurry and I brushed my teeth so she wouldn’t smell the cum on my breath. I was watching TV when my wife pulled up and come in the house she looked ragged her hair was down and her makeup was smeared she gave me a big kiss and I could taste cum on her breath. She knew I tasted it so she said Honey I didn’t let anybody cum in my mouth. I said well why does your mouth taste like cum? She said things got out of hand and the best man ended up fucking the groom in the ass and she licked the cum out of the groom’s asshole. That is why my mouth tasted like cum. then she said enough with the small talk come in here and suck my pussy and asshole clean I got down there and started sucking on her cum filled pussy and ass and I noticed that they wasn’t that much cum to eat.

I keep licking hoping that some big glob of cum was still stuck up in her cunt and hadn’t leaked out yet. I didn’t find any so I asked her why they were so little cum in her cunt? How many men ankara kendi evi olan escort did you fuck tonight? She stated that they were fourteen men at the party and they all cum two or three times, why do you ask? I said where’s the rest of the cum? She said that is the surprise I have waiting for you, and then she started pulling out used condoms that was tied on one end.

She pulled out about two dozen used condoms and they were laying on the bed some of them looked like they was full of rich thick cum. She told me that if I ate all the cum in the condoms that I would be able to take off the cock cage and shoot a big load of sperm. She took out a knife and cut one end off of a condom she told me to open my mouth, I did and she poured the cum out of the condom into my hungry mouth. She said, how does that taste? I said it was very tasty and still warm. She said turn the rubber inside out and get all the cum out of it. I sucked the rubber in my mouth and could taste my beautiful wife’s cunt on it. She kept cutting the tied ends on the condoms and I kept eating the cum out of them. Just as I was eating the last bit of cum out of the last condom my wife said, don’t you want to know why they was so much cum in the condoms? I said tell me why?

She said that they was some black men at the party and she didn’t want to taste there cum so she made them put condoms over there cocks and she took her dildo and worked it up there ass while she was sucking there cocks. Everybody knows a man cums more with a dildo up his ass. So you just ate the cum of eight or nine black cocks how do you feel now? I just sat there and looked at her. She reached over and unlocked my cock cage she took it off and made me lick the dried pre-cum off of it. She said she was tired and that she wanted to go to sleep. She told me to go to sleep and in the morning she would service my cock.

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To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32