I Am Unable To Stop

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Over the next few days, I got more and more accustomed to my circumstance. I was in an apartment in a warehouse that was owned by a group of African men from work. I had no clothes and no means to contact the outside. They would give me my clothes and bring me my car and phone anytime I wanted but as long as I was there I was to service any men who came in in any way they desired

It was a nice apartment, with plenty of food, television and cable, toiletries and everything I needed. It was comfortable. Except for the fact that I was naked all the time, but even that I was becoming more comfortable with. I was also becoming more comfortable with having sex with anyone who came by any time of day or night.

They were all black men of African descent. At first, they were all the African men in my department at work, but since there had been more and more people I didn’t know. Some spoke English better than others, some not at all. But they all knew what I was there for.

I was finding myself looking more and more forward to the men that would show up. I didn’t like being alone and I found myself dwelling on fucking in every way imaginable and wondering who would be next.

So far, if I had to guess the youngest had been 18 and the oldest maybe 55. Many were attractive but all were not. The myth that all black men have big cocks is just that…. a myth. During the previous few days, I had fucked plenty of men with smallish cocks but I had also fucked some monsters.

One thing that was common, however, was that they were all alphas. They all wanted to fuck me and be done with me. I had cuddled between Clement and Kume the first night in their apartment, but not here. Not in this place.

I was a commodity to be passed from man to man, used and discarded and I was liking it more and more. The first day, I had found myself touching myself and masturbating more and more, but since then, that urge had abated. I just wanted cock now.

I looked forward to the next person or group of people that came through the warehouse doors.

I really didn’t know how long I would be there. Apparently as long as I wanted. One of the owners was my boss at the hospital and he had already arranged an FMLA leave. He would make sure whenever I wanted to be done, my job was still there and he could apparently do it.

One of my co-workers, a Hispanic girl named Carmella, had been the last person to stay there long term and she regretted leaving.

All these things were running through my head when I heard the door to the warehouse open. I suddenly realized that I was anxiously waiting for the next person to arrive. I wanted cock and I wanted it a lor and I wanted it constantly.

I opened the door from the apartment to the warehouse floor and saw a group of black me entering. They were talking between themselves, almost as if they were out at lunch from work. But, they saw me and were not surprised at all.

One of the guys spoke in my direction, but it was not English. I didn’t understand anything until he pointed at the ground in front of them.

I immediately understood that.

I almost sprinted to the spot and dropped to my knees. As I looked up at them, there were at least ten guys. They actually did look like a work crew, ranging in age from about 25 to about 45. They were all dark skinned black and apparently few of them, if any, spoke English.

With me on my knees in front of them and without a further word, the guy who had ordered me to my knees took out his cock. It was very dark with a large mushroom tip that was nearly half the size of the shaft additionally.

I started to lean toward it, eager to take such a beautiful cock in my mouth, but he stopped me, putting his hand out in a “stop” gesture. I did, and immediately he began to piss on me. He started at my head and as if he had a garden hose, began to shower me from head to toe.

Shortly, all the other guys had their cocks out and were pissing on me. I was immediately covered, wet from head to toe with my hair soaked and yet I wanted their cocks. In the midst of the piss shower, I took one of them in my mouth and began to suck it as the piss filled my mouth and began to run out the sides of my mouth.

It was warm, acrid and bitter. I was nearly to the edge of throwing up from the taste, but I held it down as I swallowed more and more of the various urine streams.

I let him begin to fuck my throat and the piss started to gag me, but I let him continue. I buried my face against his crotch and let his cock shoot its piss down my throat as I began to stroke the two closest cocks beside me.

I pulled his cock out and Kartal Escort took the next, and the next and the next. I was taking as much piss as I could until they appeared to be finished at which point, I began to suck their hard cocks in earnest. I went from cock to cock trying to divide my attention so that they all had equal attention but it was a futile effort.

Suddenly, one of them was behind me and was pushing me forward to open my pussy and ass up for entrance. I leaned forwar, reaching for cock as I felt the cock shove itself into my dripping cunt. I shoved myself back against it and tried to establish a rhythm that worked with the cock in my mouth and the one in my pussy.

They were all gathered around me, apparently none of them speaking English, but their cocks were out and I tried to work all of them. I pounded the one in my pussy while sucking one and stroking two. But, there were so many more and I wanted all of them.

I began to try to make a circuit between them, but it was obviously not satisfying them so they flipped me over on the floor. As I lay on my back, a new guy began fucking my pussy, deeply, while a guy hovered over my face letting his cock dangle there before he shoved it in my throat.

Their rhythms matched almost perfectly and I was lost as I was fucked in the throat and the pussy. I felt the cock in my throat begin to spasm and worked hard at taking it deeper so I could get all the cum.

He came well down my throat and immediately withdrew allowing someone else in. He began to pump my throat immediately. The guy fucking my pussy pumped until he came and I felt the spasm of his cock.

He pulled out and another took his place. It wasn’t long before another guy was cumming down my throat and as they did it was getting easier and easier to take them in.

I lay there and let it happen, encouraging them on the rare occasion that my mouth was left without a black cock in for more than long enough for me to catch my breath, wanting it more the longer it continued. I was pulsing my head toward the base of each cock as it entered my hungry mouth. I thrust my hips up and down to help pound the cocks ramming my pussy.

I don’t know how long it continued, but everyone fucked me. Everyone came in my mouth, some more than once. Then they began to talk between themselves and put their cocks back in their pants.

“No” I said, frustrated as I reached for a long black cock that was disappearing into a pair of jeans.

They turned as a group and began to walk out, leaving me lying on the floor, covered in piss and filled with cum, begging for more.

God, I wanted more. But they were gone without a word toward me. I just lay there touching my swollen pussy and starting to masturbate. I was aware of the puddle of piss all around me and the filth of it all turned me on even more.

I began to feel that tension in my body and before long it was a wave consuming me. I came as I never had before and I just lay there exhausted.

How long, I don’t know. I may have even fallen asleep, but when I became aware of myself again, I was still lying there, but thinking I needed to take a shower.

I got up and went into the apartment and straight to the bathroom, turning on the hot water and climbing in. As I picked up the loofa and began to lather up, my hands brushed my breasts and I lingered to tweak my nipples. I felt an electricity shoot to my pussy and I immediately began touching myself.

Soon, I was once again masturbating, working my clit until I lost the ability to stand and slid down the shower wall cumming in the torrent of water. Then, I just sat there and let the water pelt me.

Once again, with no clock and the television not on I had no sense of time. But after a time, I got up and dried myself off and went to the bed to lay down. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was thinking of all the cocks I had had recently. I was picturing all the various men and the ways they had all fucked me.

Let’s get this straight. I am not a porn goddess. I will not pretend to love the taste of piss. Or the taste of a man’s asshole. Sometimes, the large cocks going in my ass and down my throat feels as if they are going to tear me apart. I am careful to push just hard enough that I don’t cause any damage to myself. What I love is the rush I get from doing things that nobody else does. Things that shock people. I love burying my face in a guy’s asshole and hearing everybody around gasp and talk about it among themselves.

It was much the same later that evening. Clement came over and seemd to be in a cuddly mood. He showed up and kissed Tuzla Escort me and we sat on the couch and he let me lay my head against his chest and lay there. But only for a few minutes.

Then he opened his pants without warning. I immediately grabbed his semi hard cock and started to take it in my mouth and as I did, a stream of piss erupted from the head of his cock. I was taken aback and I pulled back, but he was ready.

He grabbed my head and shoved his cock back into it. He began to piss again and this time I knew what I was to do. He pissed until I couldn’t swallow fast enough and the piss was starting to trickle from the corners of my mouth.

He stopped and pulled me back and said “Swallow!”

Obediently, I did as I was told.

He immediately entered my mouth again and began to piss. When I had reached my limit, he paused and told me to swallow again.

He had a lot of piss in him. It took a few minutes for it to be over, but without warning he then shoved my head down on his cock. It reached the back of my throat and he pushed harder until he gained a few millimeters. Then he backed off and repeated until his cock was buried all the way in my throat.

I began to pump my head up and down on his cock, just going back far enough so as to not let it come out of my expanded throat. But my gag reflex was starting to catch up with me.

I felt it coming, but didn’t stop. I pumped and suddenly, my body heaved and my throat must have tightened on his cock right before I backed off because he moaned loudly.

I threw up. It was mostly piss, but there was a little bith of gray chunky matter it it and it all covered his cock. But, he shoved my head back down on it anyway and I didn’t resist. I threw up again and he pumped me. Again, I threw up and he continued to pump me.

He pumped my throat until I had nothing left to throw up and I was just on my knees gagging. He left me on the couch as he stood up and went around me. I felt his cock at the entrance to my asshole and before he could thrust forward, I thrust backward as hard as I could.

It felt like his hard cock was going to rip me apart, but I heard him shout “God Damn!” near the top of his lungs so I fucked him as fast and furiously as I could. As is always the case, the longer I fucked in my ass, the more comfortable it got and soon I was really enjoying the feeling of being filled and the constant friction of his cock pounding my ass.

I felt his cock swell and knew he was getting ready to cum, so I fucked him with renewed intensity until I felt the telltale contractions as his cum squirted into me.

I rolled over onto the sofa and began to play with my clit. I was so horny. I wanted him to fuck me, but he was flaccid and on top of that, I knew he had just been in my ass and I didn’t want a major infection.

He was just standing there watching me.

“You’re amazing” he said with that smooth voice. I smiled at him and saw his cock was starting to twitch. I lunged for it and took it in my mouth and plunged balls deep onto it. I took long strokes and kept taking it deep as I fucked it with my throat.

He moaned and his hips began to establish the same rhythm as my mouth, making him bottom out hard against my chin with every thrust.

He was growing quickly.

He flipped me over on my back and began to fuck my pussy. Hard and deep. Every thrust bottomed out against my pussy and I loved it. I tried to push against him to make it even harder and I moved my hips up and down a little bit to get some different kind of friction.

He came much more quickly than I had hoped and soon I was layin there and he was spent so I started playing with my clitoris. He looked down on me as he stood up and pulled on his pants.

“Gonna be a party tonight. A lot of friends. Be ready” he said with a leer.

He turned and left as I stopped playing with my pussy for a moment, but then I resumed my masturbation. I needed to cum and I wasn’t feeling it without cock. I tried. I really did. I played with my pussy, my clitoris, my nipples and my asshole but nothing got me off. I came close a couple of times when I imagined the group of guys coming or the party a few days before but without a cock in me it was not happening.

And I needed it. I didn’t want to cum. I needed to. Every time I stopped touching myself, my thoughts went back to masturbating and I started again. I lay there like a dog in heat trying to get off for I don’t know how long.

By this time, I had lost track of the day. All I knew was my constant desire. I didn’t want love. I wanted cock. Any cock at any time and I couldn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort wait for the next one.

And I wasn’t having to wait long. There was a constant stream of guys. Few spoke English. I knew few of them, but it didn’t matter. I was on my knees sucking them as soon as the warehouse doors opened.

One particular middle-aged man came in. He was black, bald with thick sensuous lips and a broad chest. He spoke a broken English, but had no trouble communicating his desires to me.

He shut the sliding door and looked at me. “You. Knees. Suck!” he said as he took out his massive cock. His skin was dark. The darkest I had seen. It was so dark there was almost a blue tint to him and his cock was huge and very dark. I relished taking it into my mouth.

I started slowly, kissing the tip and sliding slowly as deeply as I could. I was getting good at deep throating, but there was no chance with that massive gorgeous cock. I hit the back of my throat over and over again but that was as far as it was going.

I tried for more, but was disappointed when I couldn’t force it down my throat no matter how hard I tried or how much I gagged.

He let me suck his cock until suddenly he was shooting massive loads of cum down my throat. I swallowed it all greedily, not wasting a drop. I had become a total cum whore and I wanted it all.

I took it all and swallowed, pushing the little I missed into my mouth and swallowing it as well.

“You, come” he said and began walking to the apartment. I followed obediently.

He led me to the bathroom, and to the shower. Taking my hand, he flung me firmly into the stall. As I fell into the shower stall, I fell to the ground.

He took out his massive cock and began to piss on me. Streams of dark amber urine. Warm liquid the rained over me. I moved my mouth to catch it in the air as it fell to me. It filled my mouth and I swallowed greedily.

It tasted disgusting. It was hot and I was nearly ready to throw up, but I knew that I was being perverse and he was obviously getting off on it.

He covered me with piss from head to toe and then climbed into the shower with me and lowered himself onto my chest. He let his flaccid cock, which was still big, drop to my lips and I began to suck it without question.

Then he started to gyrate on my chest and the warmth and the odor let me know he was defecating on me. I could feel the shit acting as a grainy lubricant as he moved his ass over me. I continued to suck his cock, starting to grow now as his feces covered my chest.

He reached up and turned the shower on and we were bombarded with cold water that began to rinse away the urine and the shit I was now covered with. He took the soap in his hand and began to lather up his dark skin. It shimmered as he rubbed it and cleaned it and it just watched as his body moved and his muscles flexed and his cock waved in the air.

I reached for it and began to take it slowly into my mouth. I kissed the tip. I slowly slid my lips around the soft head, squeezing it with my mouth as I felt every curve of his hardening cock. Water ran off of his body and on to me and lapped the water from his cock and took it deeply into my mouth.

I clamped my mouth on it as I pulled it from my mouth, creating a suction trying to pull his cum out with it. Again, I took him deeply and again I sucked while the entire length left my mouth. His hands clamped at my ears and pushed me down further onto his cock and held me there.

His cock was pulsating and the hot water was beating against me and my throat felt violated but it was all I wanted at that moment and I sucked his cock until he came and lapped it up and swallowed every drop of it.

But I wasn’t satisfied. I was longing for more cock as he got dressed and left me on my knees in the shower.

I have now been alone for several hours. I don’t know how long. I don’t know how many hours I have been alone nor do I know how many days I have been here. More than a week, of that, I am sure. But, I believe less than two.

In that time, I have fucked more people than I can count. Most of them I didn’t know and still don’t. I haven’t had clothes on since I got here and every single man that has walked through the doors I have fucked. Hesitantly at first, but with more and more anticipation as time went by.

I am sitting here now longing for cock. I want to see the next stranger walk through that door and fuck me. More than that, I want to be debased. I want to do those things that no one believes I will do. I love the shocked look on the face of a man as I lick his nasty ass clean or as I drink his piss or as he stuffs his foot inside my ass.

I am becoming a perfect whore because I don’t do things because I am want to but rather, I do what I am told and like it. I can’t stop thinking about sex. I want it constantly. I don’t care what it is or who it is with, I just want sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32