I Can Feel You

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Big Dick

We’ve gone to bed now, after our quaint-themed evening feeding ducks down by the river and going to the theatre rather than the cinema. But we had an agreement at the beginning of the night. No sex with each other tonight, an old fashioned date.

“… just to see if we really enjoy each others company…” you say casually. Looking down at you, staring into your bright amber eyes with your cute elfin face framed by all that gorgeous chocolate coloured hair… how could I have said no?

But I had almost regretted agreeing when we climbed the steps to your front door and you invited me in for a drink. But I liked you. The tension between us was palpable as we tried to avoid going near the couch when we’d made coffee, we sat at your kitchen table instead. Both of us drinking strong cups of coffee and I was trying hard not to stare at your pale red lips as they sipped daintily from your light blue mug. And it was while staring across at you that I realised this whole table thing was also a bad idea because I just wanted to pull you across it, rip your pastel, lilac blouse and your bra off and hike your tight, midnight black leather skirt up so I could make your body spasm in orgasm underneath me while I sucked one of your nipples into my mouth.

Standing, I walked through into the kitchen. Under the pretence of getting a glass of water, but what I really needed was you… or a cold shower, a very long, very cold shower. You strolled in, your eyes caressing my arse in these tight, but faded, black jeans and I realised I wasn’t the only one finding this whole no sex thing difficult. My navy blue shirt was off and hanging over the back of one your dining chairs, my white wifebeater the only thing seperating my bare breasts from your gaze. You came to me and we hugged. “We could do this whole no sex, old-fashioned thing another night?” You mumbled into my neck. Your tongue moistening my neck slightly as you speak.

“No its ok babe. It’s kinda nice, this old-fashioned thing,” I say as I stare at the bench behind you, wanting to bend you over it and do many naughty things to you. I felt you tense, you weren’t expecting me porno izle to turn you down once you came onto me, now were you? I smiled slyly to myself, I had another plan in mind for this date night, we’re kicking it old school with a new twist.

“Let’s just go to bed, if you can be in bed with me without touching me, that is,” I suggest, only slightly questioning your resolve not to touch me. You lean back so you can smile at me, you think you have won now. I see the triumphant glint in your eyes.

“You’d still stay? Without sex or anything?” You question me, slightly disbelieving.

“Of course I will silly, I like you, you know.” Although as soon as I answer I realise you don’t know. I felt so stupid standing there realising you really were worried about something that was so obvious. To me (and nearly everybody else) I’m clearly mental about you.

“Lets just go to bed, gorgeous.” I smiled and we went hand in hand.

I knew it would be hard to lie next to you, my arms enfolding you, and sleep. You smelled so good. You had worn my favourite perfume, Angels and Demons, and fuck… you smelled as good as an angel who had devilish things in mind. I could tell you weren’t asleep by your breathing, neither of us could sleep we were so wound up. I moved my hand slightly from underneath the swell of your breasts. Your sharp intake of breath let me know how sensitive you were feeling.

“Mmmm baby. Can you just lightly stroke… just here?” You mumbled as you placed my hand just under your breast again.

“No babe, I can’t. I’d really like to but the rules say no.”

“Its not sex though, just caressing,” you protest, almost whining.

“Yes, it starts like that. But you and I both know what will happen if I do that.”

You pout because you know I’m right.

“But I can’t sleep… I won’t be able to sleep without you fucking me senseless first, not with you right next to me while we’re both naked,” you moan into my lips as you try to force your tongue inside my mouth. And now was the perfect time to implement my plan.

“Well, we agreed with the handshake and everything not to amatör porno have sex with each other tonight.” I hoped my phrasing would lead you where I wanted, and it did.

“We did say with each other, now that you mention it, didn’t we?” I couldn’t see you looking at me in the murky dark of your room, but I felt your questioning glance as you said it.

“Well… yes actually, not with each other was what we agreed to. I’m fairly certain,” I say and I’m fairly certain I know what you’re going to do.

“Well, you see thats good because I’m so slick I can feel my juices starting to drip down my thighs. And the pulsing baby, oh goddess, the pulsing is so intense in my clit I’d go mad if I couldn’t do this.” And with that last word you start running your fingers down the lips of your pussy, not dipping inside them yet, but still you shuddered while I watched you.

“I wish it was you doing this to me babe,” you exclaim breathtakingly as your fingers dipped inside your pussy lips, stroking the wetness underneath, I can tell even in the dark that you weren’t joking about how wet you were. Your left hand reached your nipple as I stared at you with complete lust. You pulled sharply on it and I saw you spasm, just a little.

I couldn’t handle anymore, I moaned out loud as I found my own pussy slick and hot and needy.

I could feel your eyes looking at me. All of me. Felt them move along my skin as if they were your hands. Whisper-soft they caressed me. I could sense your tongue against my skin. I had bit my lip in anticipation of a touch that didn’t come. But still I could feel your hands glidling smoothly along my arms. Stroking them slowly but urgently, how could you have touched me without moving? The chill air in your room made my nipples into not so little pebbles. I bit my lip as my fingers swirl around my clit. Blood welled where my teeth were too sharp, I saw you lick your lips. I know you like my blood. Your breathing deepened as my back arched in the air. We’d only just started and I could already feel my aching need for your fingers inside my cunt.

I focussed on you. anal porno The way your breasts heaved as you breathe. Beautiful milky white globes bobbing on your chest. I love watching you roll your nipples around, I hungered when I saw the red, welting scratch lines you left trailing along the underside of your breasts. I knew they’d last a couple days. I pinched my own nipples while my other hand pinched my clit. The ripples of painful pleasure spread through my body. My lips, my tongue, my hot, melted core begged me to lean over and kiss you.

Instead I had closed my eyes, breathing deeper to calm the beast inside of me that threatened to explode out of me and pounce on you. I could feel my cunt getting more slippery as I forced my fingers inside of myself. I heard you moan while you watched me fuck myself. The ripples were getting more intense, they’d turned into waves now. They crashed against my opening as the walls of my cunt clamped down on my fingers. I wanted so desperately to touch you, to taste your juices running down my chin. To smell your essence all over me, covering my hands and my lips. I could feel my slickness running down my slit. Dripping off onto the bed below me.

I drove my hand harder into myself. Then I stopped. Withdrawing my hand, I flicked the end of my clit. I felt it pulsate, erect and hard. Pulsing pleasurable tendrils of need through my entire body. I turned my head to watch you. I found you were looking at me. Your eyes were so intense and I started to cum watching you watch me, watching you fucking yourself as you wished it was me touching you, driving you, forcing my way inside you. Your fingers swirling around your clit as your other hand rammed its way inside of you. I cried out for you when I came, grasping at the sheets and crying for you to be inside of me. Feeling me spasm. I heard you call out to me when you orgasmed. Reaching for me. I felt your hands grab me and pull me closer. I could feel our bodies wrapping around each other and I could feel your fingers ramming into me as I felt my fingers ram into you and we came again. This time together. Entwined around each other. Meshing together. I can still feel your tongue inside my mouth as we’d kissed. I felt your breath warm against me as we begun to slip into a satisfied sleep.

“Damn.. caved at the end,” I whispered into your hair and you answered back, “I knew you couldn’t last.”

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