I Host my Niece’s Pool Party Pt. 03

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 9 – College is Over

Four years fly by very fast. All the girls from the softball team have graduated college and come back home. Most have jobs lined up and will be leaving soon for all parts of the country. Naturally, Stacy wants one last big fling with the group. Her car is still full and it’s a Tuesday night. This is the perfect time to beg again.

Stacy says, “Uncle Phil, you know you are my favorite Uncle, right?”

I emit a fake scream, and yell at Carrie across the room, “Carrie, save me. Help. Please. Your daughter wants to kill me.”

Carrie looks at me concerned.

Stacy adds, “Oh what a load of shit. I only mentioned that you are my favorite Uncle.”

I stagger her, “Two unwanted parties and $300,000 later, you want something again. Let me save you the time. NO! Go talk to your mother.”

Stacy is annoyed, “I did, she suggested I use that line, it worked last time.”

I stare daggers at Carrie, she gives me the little miss innocent look.

I reply, “Will you take a check? Just tell me how much money you want?”

Stacy looks at me, “I saved every penny I earned working for you. I may have more money than you now. I want you to host another pool party for the old softball team.”

I set Stacy up perfectly, “Are you wanting daughters and boyfriends, or daughters and mothers?”

She uses that stupid answer, “Yes! However, you forgot dads and/or boy toys. I have been planning this for four years. We are hosting it this Saturday before everyone leaves to start their new lives. We planned this, so we could all have one last weekend, a party, and a sex party together. In fact, you are the last to know about this. I made mom promise.”

I am a bit surprised, “Am I relegated to the office again? You do have a boyfriend, right?”

Stacie gets evasive, “I need my bags out of my car. Mom, please, can you explain?”

Carrie waves her off with her hand. I am intrigued. This should be rich. I sit down on the sofa, Carrie sits next to me but in a defensive posture.

Carrie starts wearily, “Some of this Stacy did not tell me, I learned from Dee through Vickie and I deem it to be the truth. Some I can confirm from other mothers. Some I can’t. Stacy did date through all four years of college. She is sexually aggressive meaning the men were wimpy. They did what she told them to do. She tried and tried but could never get what she felt with you. I explained that she was going after the wrong men, but she didn’t like them, or they could rape her.

“Control is a theme with her. I get the feeling that a boyfriend forced one of the girls to do stuff and that affected all of them. It’s partially why they are closer to the mothers than the fathers. Most of them have real boyfriends and marriage is in the future. Not so with Stacy. She does love cock, just not most of the men attached to them.”

She has more confidence now, “All of the girls go both ways. Stacy, more than the rest. You will meet her best friend Saturday. Her friend has no use for you if you get my meaning. Stacy really does love the real estate business and wants to be partners with us. Her friend would like to work in the office. She has a business degree making her universally useful at everything and an expert at nothing. Now the part she can’t talk to you about because she feels like a failure.”

That raises my interest.

Carrie almost seems mad at me now, “It seems you have been impressing on her the need to find a boyfriend. She dated a LOT. None of them were right. Then she tried to groom a man to her needs. She failed. Thanks to you, she feels like a loser and a failure. She gets this wild idea. There is one man she trusts and can satisfy her. Are you getting the picture? However, due to Gina, she knows you are exclusive to one woman. She wants to share you. I am willing to share you. Your damn rules get in the way sometimes.”

She sat for two minutes steaming at me, waiting for me to break my rules. I never break a rule. Rules are for following. I sit thinking, how do I get myself out of this mess. I get an idea. I tell her to stay, I will be right back. I go to my office, rummage around for a form, and use my old typewriter to fill out the form. I then sign it and bring out Carrie’s notary bag. I show the form to Carrie and she starts to cry. She stamps and signs the form to make it legal. I call Stacy in. It takes her less than a second to stand in front of me.

I look up at her but don’t smile. She looks sad and sits across from us in a chair. Her body posture says, “I have been defeated.” Her shoulders are slumping. What a sad pathetic sight.

I start my interrogation, “So, you have a friend. A new female friend. Is this friend important to you?” She says “Yes.” “What şişli escort are your intentions with said friend that has no name.”

Stacy answers me, “Jamie is going to be my life partner. I had hoped that we could stay here, in the bedroom I use.”

I ask Stacy, “Do you love her?” She answers, “yes.” “Does she love you?” She answers, “yes.” “Do you expect her to be faithful to you?” “She answers “Yes I do.” “Ok, let me get this right. You expect her to be faithful to you while you want to have access to fuck me, right?” She answers, “Yes.” “You have doomed your relationship. Eventually, while you get your brains fucked out, she will be laying in a cold bed all alone. The jealously will slowly eat away at her heart.”

I school Stacy, “Orgies and swinging sound like a blast. They are great for single people. Unless both partners have a super strong sexual drive or they both see the parties as just casual meaningless sex, trouble is around the corner. True, there are a lot of couples out there that really get off on sharing their partners. They love watching it. Others need so much sex, they need the parties to feed their addiction.

“My message is, be careful. Just because you want something doesn’t mean your partner does. You both need to be careful. If you feel strongly about her then I do too. I will be checking up with her. If I get the slightest hint of jealousy, we are all going to have a long talk.”

I hand her the GF-10 form, signed and legally notarized. She reads it but has a clueless look on her face.

Carrie can’t hold it anymore, she bursts out, “Stacy, like in real estate, because you uncle had sex with you before the rules, he wrote you a grandfather clause, an exclusion to his rule.”

Stacy sat stunned for a moment, put the form down gently, slowly stood up, slowly walked to me, slowly sat on my lap and then hugged me. Not at all what I expected. I wrap my arms around her as she softly cries. I have no idea what I did.

Carrie breaks us up, she has questions, “You said you have been planning this for four years. What is this super plan you all came up with?”

Stacy has the ultimate evil smile on her face, I shuddered at that look. Carrie looks shaken.

Stacy continues, “We have fucked each other, we have fucked our mothers, now we want to fuck our fathers or mother’s boyfriends. Only about half of the girls and moms want the next part, triple penetrations. From there, anyone with a blue wristband is open to anything and anyone with red wrist bands will be limited to family only.”

Stacy smiles friendly now, “Many want the triple penetration because people say it’s awesome. We figure that none of us will ever be able to try this again. Everyone here is family and will be trustworthy. I know you haven’t asked Uncle Phil yet Mom. I know how you are. There are plenty of women that will not be doing it. Mom, if you ever dreamed of it, now is the time. The girls getting married are wearing red. The girls with just boyfriends, they will be wearing blue wristbands.

“I have no idea on the mothers and fathers. Each daughter has been the relay person. I have no feel for it. There is one last little part that I need Uncle Phil to help with. I hate even asking but all of the girls and their mothers want Uncle Phil to do a demo for all the men on how to properly fuck a woman and we found him a virgin.”

Stacy is defensive and pleading, “So many of the girls and mothers saw you deflower Malissa and thought it was the most awesome display of sex they have ever seen. They want the men to see how to do it right. I understand both of you wanting to say no and I understand, really, I do. I want Uncle Phil for myself. But forty-four women want a repeat or a night with Uncle Phil. You would not believe the offers I have had (sex, money, gifts) to encourage this to happen. I won’t make you a prostitute.”

My question is simple, “How did you find a virgin in College?”

Stacy laughs, “Where else, the lesbian that I am sleeping with.”

Stacy now turns very serious, “Jamie had been listening to my video calls with both the moms and daughters. She figures if so many women want him, she wants to see what the ‘Other Side’ has to offer. She says besides, where are you going to find a virgin on campus?”

“She saw you at graduation but was too shy to say HI. I think she is looking forward to Saturday. I love her, so I can’t say no to her. You and Carrie can say no. Everyone knows you might say no. That would make a lot of people unhappy though. I don’t want to pressure you two, so you let me know what you want. You can talk to her on the phone before Saturday. That way you can verify she really wants this.”

Carrie seems relieved now, “I have an army of volunteers this time. We are buying no food nor drink, that was allocated to a team. They know our house, grill, and kitchen. Do you have any questions or concerns?”

I ask, “We don’t know these boyfriends, what is the cell phone policy?”

Stacy beşiktaş escort has that covered, “No cell phones are allowed in the house. Let’s face it, they won’t be needed.”

I ask another question, “What do I need to do?”

Stacy smiles again, “Fuck a virgin, me, and mom. Then as needed, assist others with triple penetrations. Jamie, mom, and I will all be in red wrist bands. We decided to keep it in the family. With twice as many women and each one needing three men, there will be a shortage of cocks. We would really appreciate it if you helped out.”

I am short with her, “Your mother and I have much to discuss. I will help you empty your car.”


I am laying on bed, on my side, thinking about the day. Carrie walks in and sits on my bed, facing me.

Carrie asks shyly, “Would you mind if I tried a triple?”

I smile at her, “I have heard many times they are pretty intense. Stacy is right, this is a safe environment. If you want to cross it off your sexual bucket list, I don’t see a better opportunity coming. Go for it.”

Carrie looks at me sadly, “I am worried about you. There is a lot of pressure on you to take Jamie, two strangers sticking cocks into me, and everyone will be wanting you for the triples. Can you do this? Do you really think you can watch two guys put their cocks in my mouth and ass? Will the guilt get to you with Jamie or doing some triples? I really am worried about what they are asking you to do.”

I look Carrie straight in the eyes, “Pam has been working me up to this for more than two years now. Many conversations now make a lot of sense. She has been alluding to this Saturday for a long time. I didn’t see it, but I understand her message now. For one evening I am willing to set aside my weirdness so that you three may have an awesome evening. Hell, I may even go blue.”

I chuckle at myself, “No, not progressed enough. I could never do blue again. Those days for me are over. That is for young single men. Don’t you dare think I am complaining. Life with you is so much better than being single. Besides, I am too old. Stacy sure is getting a crappy deal in this”

Carrie asks, “Oh, how so?”

I lay out my argument, “I am her mother’s age minus five. Right now, I am in great shape, but I am twenty years past my prime and she is about twenty years from her prime. My ability to perform is decreasing. When I hit 60 she will be in her prime and I will be a shell of the man I am now sexually.”

Stacy sounds victorious, “That last word, you used the word ‘sexually’ to qualify where you will be inferior. Are you so shallow to think that the only factor a woman looks at is the size of a guy’s cock and how he uses it? In college I saw cocks your size and bigger, you are not unique. It’s everything else that is you that makes you different. That won’t change.”

Carrie seconds her opinion, “When I needed protecting or someone safe to talk to, I always knew you would be there. John wasn’t a great man. With you as backup, I never worried about my life or Stacy. I knew that deep down, you would never say no to either of us if we needed you. That allowed me to put up with a lot of shit for Stacy’s sake.”

Carrie continues on, “Saturday is a special day. Everyone is leaving this area soon including several parents. This is a one-time thing. Pam has asked me to help you. She wants you to wear a blue wristband and have fun. I know it goes against your rules and I appreciate that you care so much for me. She believes it will help you out a lot. Saturday, Stacy and I will place a blue wristband on you. You will enjoy the day. After Saturday if you ever take another woman, we will cut your cock and balls off.”

I laugh at Carrie, “So, you force me to wear a blue band and then you threaten me about other women. You sure are interesting. With all the young good looking and athletic studs there, you two many be the only ones that want me.”

Stacy laughs at me, “Yeah, right. Let’s see how that works out.”


Friday night an army of people show up. Stacy, Carrie, and I are handed a glass of wine and told to stay on the couches. The army then starts prepping for dinner tomorrow, cleaning towels, dishes, cleaning the equipment in the room, and then cleaning the house. I have a maid, but this group went all out and put the maid to shame.

By the end of two hours, everyone is sitting or standing in the living room and talking to old and new friends. They assure me there will be plenty of food for Saturday morning, everyone is staying overnight. Several tents will litter the back yard. Anyone new is off limits to see the play room, they get to be surprised. Several go looking but never found the door. It sounded like the game room got a work out.

Nobody came under dressed or wore anything provocative. Several mentioned that it’s been a sexless week. They wanted more energy for Saturday. At 10:00 PM, they all leave. It was weird not having to do all the prep. I find that taksim escort I liked doing the prep work, I am disappointed. I wonder why the army, why go all out on the food, why make it so easy for us? Same answer comes back, they want to do this again if it’s fun.

Carrie and Stacy are already in their beds, we will need to discuss this tomorrow.

Chapter 10 – Party Time

I did a lot of thinking last night, I have a lot on my mind. I slept in this morning and have someone in bed with me. She is naked, my hand is holding her breast. Her hands cover mine. I reach over and kiss her cheek. Then I run tiny kisses down her neck and up to her ear. That’s the exact moment I jump back, startled, the person in bed with me has an earring. Carrie and Stacy don’t wear earrings to bed. My eyes are clearing, the fog in my head is clearing, there is a naked stranger in my bead with an amused look on her face.

I say to the mystery woman, “Good morning, Jamie?”

Jamie smiles at me bashfully, “Good morning Phil. Stacy brought me up to introduce us.” She reaches forwards and kisses me quickly on the lips. “You were asleep, I stayed, and she is eating the bakery items and coffee I brought. You looked very relaxed when I joined you. I hope you don’t mind, it was a very enjoyable experience. I was surprise when you grabbed my breasts. The feeling was thrilling, I held you in place, fearful you would remove your hand.”

She kissed me again and then got out of bed.

She quickly puts her clothes back on and instructs me, “No shower is necessary, you have grass to mow. Come down for coffee and breakfast first.”

I get my coffee and breakfast along with a formal introduction of Jamie. I sit down, and the ladies are talking about college and tonight. They don’t need me; the conversation flows well enough. I relax. After eating I go do the lawn. They bring the conversation outside. I take off my shit and they are watching me go back and forth, sweating under the sun. I have suntan lotion on, I just add to my tan.

After I finish, I go upstairs, and they follow me. They all sit on the bed while I strip and then take a shower. They never stop talking. I finish my shower, dry off, and do my typical hygiene steps. I step back into the bedroom and they are still on the bed but with clothes in hand. One by one I am handed an article of clothing to put back on. I can’t make these choices myself. We have a small salad for lunch, something light. Now we wait for the event.

I ask Jamie, “I need to hear you tell me that you want me tonight. I don’t want to hear what Carrie, Stacy, or the others want. I need to know what you want.”

Jamie is forthright, “I am submissive because I choose to be that way. I have a choice. I have a choice over what I allow Stacy to do to me. Men are not on the list. She knows this and has never asked me to be with a man or share me in any way. I have explained what I do and don’t. I have explained what I like and don’t like. She has never gone against me. I love her.

“She has this notion that people should be committed to each other. We have never even had a threesome before, let alone sex with anyone else since we committed to each other. I have been her roommate for four years and lover for one. For four years Stacy and her friends talked about the pool party and wanting a follow up. For four years they all lusted for you, yet they knew there was no possibility until now. I saw your picture on the real estate web site. I saw you from a distance at Stacy’s graduation. This was my idea.”

I am surprised at that admission, seems Stacy is as well.

Jamie has a sinister smile on her face, “I don’t expect to fall in love and want to date men. There are plenty of lesbians that go both ways because there just isn’t a replacement for real fucking. Not all women need it. I am curious, therefore I volunteered. And everything everyone says about you makes me think you are the perfect guy for me. So, to answer your question, yes, I really do want you to fuck me, and love me, and treat me like a woman and not like a sack of potatoes.”

I smile at Jamie and Stacy, “I figured as much, I trust Stacy. It’s just me, I had to make 100% sure. It would kill me if I found out you were pressured into this.”

Jamie is half laughing, “Stacy already warned me that I would be interrogated by you about this. She knows the type of man you are. She didn’t have to tell me, I would have bet money you would ask. I have heard enough about you that I feel like I know you. Having you hold me in your arms this morning was amazing. The smell, the wall of muscle, the hardness of your body. I surprised myself by taking off my clothes and laying there with you. It made me want more of you.”

Stacy is surprised, “You did what?”

Jamie turns instantly shy, “Um, yeah, I, um, I took off my clothes, spooned him, and placed his rough hands on my breasts and held them there. He had no idea. I didn’t stroke him or do anything sexual. For forty-five minutes I lay in his arms, waiting to tell him breakfast was ready and skip the shower.”

Stacy is mad but relents, “I would have found a different solution, but I can see how that works too.” She grins wide, much to the relief of Jamie.

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