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His hands glide over my naked body, and I let out a quite gasp. He whips out his hard pulsing cock and I immediately go to my knees, because I’m a good bitch and know what he wants; he doesn’t need to say a word. I’m high as a kite after two full bowls in his huge bong and I’m ready to get my face fucked for as long as he wants. I know what he wants; I start off so gentle and soft with my mouth that he can barely let out a noise while I get his beautiful dick wet. Then I take it all into my throat cause I’m so high I don’t gag or resist instinctively. His cock fills up my throat and I can feel him flinch as I go all the way down. I love it.

“Ooh! Ya baby you’re such a good bitch. Suck it hard.” That’s all I needed to hear and I’m sliding up and down his cock with sloppy grace and I know he loves it.

I pick up speed just before he grabs my head and takes over. I look up and he’s got that devilish look I love to see when I’m being owned.

“Bend over the bed.” I do as I’m told. My pussy gets so wet as I get on my knees on the bed and put my ass up the way he likes it, so that he can see my pussy and ass and I’m completely exposed. The vulnerability is so intense to me that I can’t help but get shy even in front of him, but that’s probably why he likes it.

He puts his beautiful cock up to my pussy lips and teases me with the head till I moan, bahis firmaları and let myself enjoy it. He’s distracting me before ramming it in me. He plunges deep into my tight wet pussy.

“OOOH god yes!” I scream as he begins to pound my anxious pussy going deeper and deeper pushing just past the cervix and mixing my pleasure and pain perfectly. He punishes my pussy for only a few minutes before I feel an orgasm build. I push back and can feel my muscles tighten, I quickly orgasm as always then brace myself for the continuing orgasms that will follow.

He slows down, and goes deep and hard but slow so I feel it ALL. Having just came I’m so sensitive that each thrust causes me to shake. But I’ll take it as long as he tells me too. I love being his bitch.

He pulls out and pushes me onto my back and I take him in. I could come off just that but he pushes my leg up over his shoulder and starts to fuck me vigorously reaching deeper that I thought there was to go. My head flies back and my back arches so hard as I try to not orgasm too soon, I can tell he wants to go for a while. But he can tell him holding back and starts to rub my clit.

“Oh My GOD! YES yes! Make me take it baby!” I orgasm so hard and yet he keeps going. I know he won’t stop till I can’t come anymore and I’m just limp and lifeless on the bed. And he might keep going even kaçak iddaa then. I love it. He continues to push my boundaries as he pounds my pussy. He reaches up and grabs my nipple. Pinching it so good, he increases the pressure more and more as he fucks me harder and harder and just when I think I can’t take anymore he gives me more, and I take it like a good bitch.

I orgasm so hard I forget where I am for a second. My pussy contracts on his cock like a vice and my body stiffens. I can’t even make a noise for a moment. Then I go limp, my head is spinning I’m so dizzy. He pulls out and I know what he wants. I suck his dick even though I can barely get off the bed; I get on my knees in front of his amazing dick and show him my appreciation, cleaning it of my pussy juices.

I lay back on the bed as I regain my head and recover from the fuck. I gently play with my pussy as he watches and strokes his cock. I’m spread eagle in front of him, his cock inches from my pussy and he builds speed. I spread my pussy lips with my wetness. I think he wants to cum on me, but I’m wrong and he tells me to get on my knees again on the bed. Oh no, can I handle more?

He pulls out the lube and puts it on my ass. Oh fuck no, can I take it? If he wants my ass I’ll take it best I can. I love being his bitch, which means I have to take it.

He pushes my back down so my kaçak bahis ass is completely exposed and ready for his cock to punish it. He slowly enters me as I gasp doing my best to keep from chickening out. His head is all the way in and my head beings to spin, it’s so intense and I’ve already came so hard, if I touch my pussy I’ll distract myself from the pain but I’ll come so fast I won’t be able to take more.

So I have to take it, embrace the pain and just enjoy being owned. I take half of it and I begin to moan so much, I push back instinctively till I’m completely filled with his cock. He pushes so deep I let out a scream into the bed’s comforter. He lets me adjust to it before spanking my ass cheek hard.

“Yes! Thank you sir!” and he slaps the other side. “Oh! Oh! Thank you.” Any harder would be too much, I think. Then he spanks my other cheek a 2nd time. “FUCK Yes! Thank you sir!” My ass still stings as he beings to fuck my ass. Slow making it too intense for me. So I being to push back, so he knows I’m ready for a pounding. He grabs my hips tight, and thrusts his cock deep into my ass. Over and over he buries his dick deep into my most sensitive hole.

“Yes! I’m almost there, yes yes yes, make me take it baby!! Yes! I’m coming so hard! Don’t Stop! YES!” I orgasm like never before, my pussy is dripping wet from it. I shake as he pulls out and cleans it off.

He strokes it a few times and cums all over my ass and back. It drips down my pussy and mixes with my wetness. And I pass out with a smile on my face and cum on my body. I love being his bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32