I Really Wanted Him More Than His Mom Part 4 His Mom Finds Out About Us_(1)

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I hope you enjoy the next installment on this story as I certainly have enjoyed writing it. If you like it please let me know, all comments are welcome, like or dislike. I want to hear from you so I can do a better job on the next one. In this one, Bear and Steve, the daddy and his boi grow closer in this part as Steve’s mom learns of the relationship Bear and Steve have developed. She also gives her son a surprise when he runs into her in the moring, and Bear and Steve have a real work out before lifting weights.

Monday morning came, and we had to return to our normal lives. However things would never be the same actually after this weekend. I had to go back to work, and Steve had school and work after school. He was on work release at his high school, and went in for 2 classes in the morning with work at the dinner as a cook in the afternoon. He was starting to cross train into all the jobs at the dinner. He was working 30 hours and doing his school work too. The manager saw the potential in my boy, and I think was grooming him to move up into management in a few years. The kid was smart and a good worker. Lisa would be home and in bed by 9 AM to get some sleep, and she would be over to my place for dinner by 6ish on Monday. She would usually start the dinner that I had laid out, and we would finish cooking together.

The day had been going normally till I got home and found Lisa sitting on my sofa, and nothing going on in the kitchen. Well it sounded like the shit storm was about to start, so I asked her what was wrong. She was not pissed off at all, but in a very matter of fact way she told me that she had grown tired of me as her only lover and fuck bud. That I was a great piece of ass for her, but that she was going to start seeing other established fuck buds again. Again I thought, wait a minute, I did not know she was a good slut like this. She told me that before we met, she had a bunch of guys she played with whenever her time permitted. Between the all of them, there was always one or two available to come give her the high hard fuckings she liked. I was welcome to be and FWB and part of her stable if I wanted to be, but that we would no longer be exclusive.

Other than already having a stable, this really was not a shock to me, as things had been falling off lately, and frankly I was more interested in Steve now then I had ever been in her. I agreed to her basic ideas and said I would still like to fuck her when we could. It would be great to be a part of her stable and share her. Besides I said, I loved sloppy seconds, fucking her pussy full of cum. This would keep me on good terms being around Steve since he was still in high school. She hugged me and thanked me, and was ready to leave.

This was when I said wait a minute, I had something I wanted to talk to her about too. She sat back down and was paying complete attention. I started out by saying this admission was difficult, and I should have done it earlier. Right then and there I told Lisa flat out that I was bisexual and loved cock as much as pussy. She laughed, you were worried about telling me that, she said. I have known since I met you. Call it woman’s intuition, or just being a good slut, but I could tell. I also see the way you have been looking at my son Steve since you two met, and the way you two hang out together. That’s no shock Bear, but let me tell you this, Steve is bi too, she said. Well Lisa, he and I have figured that out together, I said. Then she told me she knew he had not been home Saturday or Sunday night, and had figured Steve and I had begun a sexual relationship. You’re not mad over that Lisa, I asked her. Oh heavens no Bear, I am bi myself. All of the guys I fuck around with are bi or I don’t fuck around with them. Some of their wives are bi and open, so we have occasional FMF 3 ways. I really like bi men. I do not believe in being exclusive accept during a start up phase. It is clear you and I are not meant to be a couple, so we can move on cleanly now and stay friends and fuck buds, she said. I agreed.

And you are cool with Steve and I having a daddy son sexual thing going, I asked. He is 18, and will be out high school in a couple months. He can do whatever he likes. If he likes sucking dicks and fucking with you, have fun. If he wants pussy too, he is good looking and can get all he wants. Just do not do anything to hurt my boy, he is my son and I love him. I will hunt you down if you hurt him, she said. I was greatly relieved at her reaction. So you are cool with him spending time with me over here, I asked. Sure, she said, and you are still welcome at our house. You can see him there and lift weights with him, just please I do not want to catch you having sex with him, unless I am invited to join in that is, she said. Okay hon, then standing rule, if you do catch us active at your house, you are automatically invited to join in the fucking fun, I said.

Lisa, are you saying that you would fuck your own son, I asked. Under the right circumstances, yes I would Bear. He is sexy as fuck and has one helacious nice dick. I would love to at least suck his dick someday. His bio dad only had 4 inches, so where that nice big cock came from I don’t know. I would love to get fucked just once by him someday. You know I can’t get pregnant, so I don’t see an issue with it, she said. That is very progressive and open minded Lisa. That would be really cool to have a 3 way between us some time, I said. She agreed it would be. Do you want to tell Steve you are not moving in, or should I, she asked. We are lifting weights tomorrow afternoon, and I will tell him, I said. She agreed and then headed home.

She gave me a hug and a kiss there on the sofa which of course with the way she kisses and grinds into me, got my dick growing nice and hard. When she looked down and saw what she had done. She gave me her innocent smile when she looked back up at me. I knew exactly what she wanted. All yours baby, I said, suck me till I cum for you. She pulled down my sweats and pushed me back on the sofa, spread my legs apart and got on her knees to take my cock. That girl sure did like to suck dick and swallow cum. She went to work on my mostly hard dick, and within a few moments I was hard and her head was bobbing up and down on my dick, and her spit was running down my balls. She tongued the bottom side of the head of my cock just the way I liked it, and before too long, I blasted my load in her mouth. MMMMM she said, as she swallowed every drop, thanked me, and left me on the sofa with my pants down around my ankles to recover, but I was happy Porno hikayeleri anyway.

Lisa headed home, but Steve was not expecting his mom to come home that evening. He figured the house was his till he got home from work the next day. Lisa did not go straight home though, so he kind of got what he thought he was going to get. She went and fucked an old FWB till the wee hours of the morning. She had worked the night before and on her nights off, she liked to get fucked. When she got home, Steve was sound asleep.

When his mom was not home, Steve liked to sleep in the nude as he had been that night. When he rolled out of bed with his super hard morning wood and headed for the bathroom to pee, the last thing he expected to see was his mom standing in the door to her bedroom with only a thin little see through teddy on. Well good morning son, she said, I never knew you would be that happy to see me in the morning. His eyes snapped open when she spoke, but he was busted so to speak, naked in the hallway with his morning wood standing at full attention. He thought oh what the hell to himself and gave his mom a big hug. He did not however expect what happened as he hugged her. She grabbed hold of his hard cock, dropped to her knees and started sucking his dick. MOOMMMM, he said. What son, I have always wanted to do this for you, and you have a nice hard dick right now that looks almost painful. I think you need to cum right now, and mom is going to help you, she said.

He thought for a moment, but the good feelings of his mother’s warm wet mouth on the head of his hard dick made his small head doing all the thinking. He was seeing her as a cocksucker right now, not his mom. He braced himself against the door jamb, as his mother went to town. Gawd that feels good mom, you really know how to suck a dick. My girlfriend will never do this, he said. For a moment she took his dick out of her mouth and stroked him while she said, did you think Bear was the only one who knows how to suck dick well boy. Your momma has suck a few nice hard cocks in her day, and made them all cum. She immediately took him back in her mouth and continued to drive him crazy. Wait mom, you know about Bear and me, he asked. Yes I do son, it’s cool, now shut the fuck up while I suck on your nice hard teenage dick, and enjoy. I want you to cum in my mouth when you get there, and I will swallow every drop, she said. What the fuck he thought, so he started to run his hands over his mom’s head as she sucked his hard cock. She was in heaven right now alternately deep throating his hard dick balls deep and just working the head. She had watched her son just like Bear had been and knew he was hung.

She did not know it was possible, but as he got close to cumming and blasting his load in her mouth, he was getting even harder and the head especially was getting bigger. I am getting close mom, fuck mom, I’m cumming, and every muscle in his body tightened as he shot 5 ropes of cum in her mouth. She swallowed every fucking drop, and then she sat back on her butt when she was done. Your cum is so sweet son, I may have to get more another time, she said. That could work mom, but right now I really have to pee mom. That was what I came out here for to begin with, he said.

Okay son, you go pee, she said as she got up off the floor licking her lips and savoring the after taste of his sweet cum in her mouth. He went in the bathroom and she went back to her bed. She heard her son peeing, and imagining seeing his cock flowing like that, after just swallowing his cum from that great dick, she headed for her own bed. When Steve was done and came out of the bathroom, he could not help but notice that his mom was on the bed with her legs spread wide and both hands between grabbing her pussy while she finger fucking herself and was playing with her clit. That’s it son, watch your mom cum, she said as she played with her pussy. Go mom, Steve said, and stood there and watched lightly stroking his own mostly still hard cock. Come over her and let your mom have your cock in her mouth while she cums, she said. She was so horny from just having sucked him off, she wanted more. Steve went over to the edge bed and gave his mother his dick to suck again. He reached down and started playing with her tits, squeezing her nipple as she sucked his dick again and played with her pussy.

The excitement of it all was really getting to Steve, and he could feel another quick recovery teenage load getting ready to flow out his dick into her mouth after just a few minutes. Fuck mom, here you go, and he grunted and shot his second load while she came and squirted all over the blankets. Then she relaxed and just laid there, legs open, letting his dick out of her mouth. She opened her mouth to show her son his load in her mouth, then closed and swallowed it all, opening again to let him see it was gone. That was fucking hot mom. I can’t believe you got me to cum twice like that, he said. See what I can do for you son when you have a hard hard dick. Don’t be afraid to ask your ole mom for help with that great rod when you need to get off son. I love the taste of your cum, and the way you get so rigid right before you come. I had forgotten how good teenage dick is, she said. You are welcome mom, he said, but I really need to get ready for school or I am gonna be late. That was a great blow job mom. Never knew you wanted to suck my dick before, he said. Well son, that just kind of happened, spur of the moment, she said. Bear and I will train you how to be a great fucker if we get the chance, she said. Steve agreed and was happy that his mom knew about him and me, but he wondered out loud if I would still be moving in. His mom said I would talk to him about that tomorrow when I came over to lift weights on Tuesday afternoon. Steve was cool and went off to school.

When I got there the next day, after changing together in his room, we went straight to his weight room. We were both just wearing our work out shorts and shoes. His mom was out making up for lost time fucking another one of her fuck buds. Once we were down there, I grabbed him close to me, hugged him, and started kissing him. The heat of our bodies together, bare chests together, was intoxicating. He kissed back in the sweetest ways possible. I could feel the heat in his dick as it was getting hard already just from kissing, so I reached down and grabbed his hard dick through his shorts. He moaned when I squeezed his cock, so I knew how turned on he was. Working out was going to have to wait for a bit. I got down on my knees in front of him, and Sex hikayeleri pulled his shorts down to let his big hard dick stand free. His cock was so beautiful, the shape of the head, the way the veins stood out, ever so slight a curve up. His dick was perfect in every way, and it was radiating his teenage male horny as fuck energy. His sweet cock was going in my mouth right now.

Kissing the head of his dick, and then sliding him into my mouth, the head of his dick came to rest on my tongue. Working that head with my tongue I wanted to make him cum fast and hard, but standing like this was going to be uncomfortable. Lay down on the weight bench son, I told him and he kicked off his shorts and obeyed. I kicked off mine too so we were both naked, and I went back to work on his handsome sexy body. I straddled his knees so I could run my hands along the sides of his body, his hips and his thighs. He was such a masculine boy coming of age, no one would ever know he was bi just to look at him. I loved to feel his body under me and under my control, the pure raw energy emanating, the warmth, of this lad lying in front of me, doing as I wanted him to do drove me insanely horny.

His cock was standing at fully engorged attention and his head was leaned back with his eyes closed. I moved my ass closer to his feet, and my dick was lying between his legs as I kept them pinned together on the bench. Lowering my mouth back onto his hard sexy cock, my blow job continued. After several minutes of bobbing up and down on the boy, and deep throating him some, he was in his usual bliss as my spit ran down his shaft and coated his balls, but I loved giving sloppy wet blow jobs like this. His cock tasted so good in my mouth, and I was getting so horny. My ass was cleaned out and prelubed just in case an opportunity like this came along. It never hurts to ready for a fucking anytime I am with this boy. That teenage dick can be ready to go at anytime, and I want to make him cum as often as I can.

Standing up I straddled him and lined his wet slick dick up to my ass. My feet were on the floor, my legs spread around him, and I held onto the weight bar sitting in the rests. Slowly I lowered myself onto his hard cock. The look of pure lust on his face made it worth every movement as I took him balls deep in my ass and sat there for a moment. He looked up at me with his deep blue eyes, and it was clear how much he enjoyed being inside his daddy. My ass felt so nice and full of his hard dick, and he looked like a very happy boy. That’s it boy, enjoy daddy’s ass and cum inside me boy, I said as I started to bounce up and down on his dick slowly. I controlled the pace and I was going to edge him several times before I let him cum. As I felt his energy building and he was getting closer, I would stop and sit on him and just wiggle my ass some. When he had settled down enough, I would start fucking him again. As I ran his dick in and out of my ass, he had grabbed a hold of my dick, and was stroking me in rhythm with my riding his cock. You are going to make me cum at this rate son, I said. He just smiled and kept stroking me. My own orgasm was building as his cock ran in and out of me. Fuck I was there, and sat down hard on his cock and shot my load on his belly. My orgasms are so much more intense when I have my boy’s dick in my ass. The pleasure just multiplies. When he saw me cum, that took him over, and I felt his cock spasm and jerk as he pumped his cum in my ass. Fuck that had been an intense cum for both of us.

We may not have gotten to weights right away, but we certainly gave each other a wonderful sexual work out. I stayed sitting on his cock while my own cock got soft, and I rocked gently on his dick. He was staying pretty hard right now, so I was just enjoying him like this balls deep in my ass.

Then he asked me, are you still moving in with us Bear? No Steve, your mom and I talked, and I will not be moving in. She is fine with us seeing and fucking each other though. You are my son now, and I am your daddy. We have a special bond, and your mother will not break or interfere with that. Out of respect, we will not play around in her presence. We can hug and little peck kisses, or sit and cuddle on the sofa watching a movie, but nothing more in front of her for now. I will let you know when it is time for your mother to join us sexually. I will still be fucking her now and then if that’s good with you, I asked. He said it was fine, but that his mom have him a great blow job yesterday before he went to school. She gives some pretty damned good head, but you know that already don’t you Bear, he said. Yeah she does son. I kind of figured she would do something like that. Did you enjoy it, I asked. Fuck yes daddy, I came twice for her. She second time she was jerking herself off on the bed. It was wild, he said.

I continued your mom has a bunch of fuck buds she is going to start fucking again, and I will be one of them when it is convenient for me. It won’t be very often, as frankly I want to be with you, not your mom. He blushed a little at that, and said he would rather be with me than his girlfriend. I smiled and kissed him and said I know son. It’s all good son, she is cool with us is what matters. I leaned down into his cum covered belly and kissed him again as my cum smeared on both of us. He was getting soft now, and fell out of my ass as I leaned forward on him. We kissed for a while as only a father and son can. Then we got up, toweled off and got about our work out for the next 60 minutes. We worked out naked this time, teasing each other, but we never did get hard. We concentrated on the work out. There would be time to cock and ass play later.

After the work out, we went up stairs to shower together, and we had some fun washing and drying each other. Then we headed to my place to spend the night since his mom was going to be at a fuck bud’s for the night.

When we got to my place it was later as we grab a bit on the way over. Steve went in the bathroom, and I could tell he was getting flushed out. He was going to want to get fucked tonight, and that made me a happy daddy. I was in the bed, naked, waiting for him.

He entered the room and climbed on the bed, and went right straight for my cock. He started sucking me right away to get me hard. Rolling the head of my dick around in his mouth as he moved up and down on my cock he was getting very good at giving blow jobs. My boy knew what he wanted. After a few minutes he flipped around into a 69 with me, and told me to put the lube in his ass. Who was I to Sikiş hikayeleri argue when he was sucking and edging me to make me hard and get fucked.

Grabbing the coconut oil I shoved two pieces up his ass, and then pulled him back to sit on my face. His sexy muscular ass was more than I could stand. I needed to eat that clean boy right now. He dropped my dick from his mouth, and propped himself up on my thighs and kept his hole right on my tongue. Fuck daddy that is good, he said. He spun off of me, so I grabbed a pillow and put it under my ass. The boy straddled me, and guided my hard dick right inside him. Fuck I cried out as I stretched his ass open with my cock. I am not going to last long tonight boy, you really got me going. I started to piston his ass like a porn star. Fuck yes daddy go, give it to me, he said. And that was just what the fuck I dick. I watched his dick get hard and bounce as I fucked him and it drove me insanely hornier. The energy welled up out of my balls and shot out the end of my dick right in my boy’s ass. I cranked the biggest load yet in his sexy boy ass in that quickie. MMMMM thank you daddy, that was just right. Now it’s my turn to fuck you again daddy, he said.

Well who am I to turn down my son when he wants to put his hard dick in my ass. I got on my knees on the edge of the bed and put my clean ass in the air for him. He did a really fine job of eating me first. His tongue running from the base of my balls to the top of the crack of my ass as he eat me. He was getting pretty good at rimming me, and he certainly seemed to enjoy giving it, as much as I enjoyed giving it to him too.

Before he lined up to slide in me though, I moved onto my side on the bed. I want a nice slow cuddle fuck from you tonight son. We had a good hard one at your place. I want it nice and slow and deep now son, I said. To my surprise after I moved into position, it was not his dick I felt, he was back eating my ass again. Daddy I don’t know what it is, but I really enjoy this with you. Who would have ever thought that kissing and licking someone’s asshole would be this much fun, but I love it, he said.

Eat all you want son, I love the feeling of your face in my ass like this, go for it, I said. He went on for a few more minutes, rimming me, tongue fucking me, and kissing my ass cheeks. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Finally he turned himself into position, and shoved a piece of the coconut oil up my ass with his thumb, and coated his own dick with the oil. Getting behind me, I felt the head of his cock slid up and down the crack of my ass teasing me. MMMMM, I said, now fuck me son, I want your dick in me and I want your cum in me, I said.

He started the steady pressure to get his dick in my ass, and I bore down and pushed back. Still being open from earlier and this opening me up even more, he slid in hard excited dick balls deep in me in one nice slow push. Gawd it was so nice to have him balls deep in me again, opening me and filling me. The sensation is just so wonderful. Fuck me nice and slow son, I said as he pulled his dick out half way and pushed back in. Ahhhhh, that’s it son, let me feel every bit of it. I could feel the shape of the head of his dick in my ass, and I could feel every inch of movement. I had started to train him well, he was turning out to be one of the best top guys I had ever had. As I loosened up completely again, he pulled out all the way and then drove right back in. His long strokes like that were the best. He would put one arm up under my pillow, and wrap the other around me to hold me close as he rocked his cock in and out of me. He was getting to the point that he could last pretty long now. He would breath with his strokes, slow down when he needed too, speed up when he could or to build back up. Young men his interests in cock, need an older man to guide them. I had an experienced teacher when I was in college, and now I was giving that same training to my boy.

After giving 25 minutes of pure bliss of his hard dick running in and out of my ass, he finally picked up the pace. I am going to fucking fill your ass again daddy, here it comes, he said as he pounded me hard and fast. I could feel his dick getting harder and bigger. Rocking my hips to match his thrusts, I felt the energy burst inside me when he went over and I kept him balls deep in me as he pumped me full of cum. That’s It boy, nice nice job, you feel so good inside me. Slowly he kept rocking his cock in my cum filled ass as he held me tight. After a while he settled down, and we changed up positions. I was on my back, and he was on his side with his head on my shoulder. My one arm was under his neck holding him close, and his arm was across my chest. We kissed like that for a while and just relaxed. The afterglow can be the best part of any good fuck.

Steve, let me ask you a question, how would you feel about another guy or two joining us to play around some, I asked. Really Bear, I think that would be kind of cool, but do you think I am ready for that, he asked. It will not happen tomorrow son, but it could be soon. I will share you when the time is right, I said.

It would be great to play with a couple of other hard dicks, and maybe we can meet some cool dudes. Did you have anyone in mind Bear, he asked. Well actually my friend from college who broke me in. He is still single and likes to play. I took back up with him after my divorce, but don’t tell your mom that. I told him how hot and sexy you are, and what a nice person you are, and he wants to meet you, I said. What’s his name, Steve asked. His name is Dave, and he is my age. Dave says he has another other friend, who he thinks would be a great fit for all of us too. Dave said he would check with his friend, and see what we could do. He said he could get together with us on a Sunday afternoon and we could play around. That would be in about 3 weeks Steve. In the mean time, you and I can have plenty of fun loving between us, I said. Sounds good to me daddy, I trust you, he said. No trust here baby boy, I want you to meet him first. We will do lunch, and only if we all click and want to, then we come back here or go to his place. If you don’t like them, say so. We can keep looking till we find some guys we like. This is the way you go about meeting people. We never bring them right to the apartment, we meet in public first. If they are not willing to do that for whatever reason, then we just do not meet them and we do not play with them. I think you are ready to play with others, I said. Bear, he said, I want to try getting fucked and sucking a dick at the same time, can I do that? I bet we can son, I bet we can I said.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms cuddled together. We were going to have an adventure together real soon.

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