I Seduce

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Let me introduce myself, I’m Lucy, just 5ft (152 cm) and even though I say so myself I do have perfect proportions in my body, 34-23-35, I have a small ‘b’ cup but am very firm at 102 lbs.

I work hard and play hard. I like my men hard and my women soft and wet. I don’t have time for long meaningful chats about the future of life. I’m not ashamed that I use men and women for my own needs. I love sex, all sex…….sex is my drive in life.

I have lived a very successful life and want to share my sexual experiences with you all. I think them to be a treat and sex should be shared. Where shall I start?

When I was setting up my company I worked near to every waking hour. I was just 25 but had many ideas and not enough time in the day. As I have said, my drive in life is sex and success is a powerful aphrodisiac so my company needed to succeed.

I was in my office one evening around 10pm getting ready to head back to my apartment. The cleaning staff were already in as the building is cleaned over night. I had just two offices on the 13th floor back then. The 13th floor cleaner was a man in his mid 40’s called Dave. As I walked past him I could feel his eyes on me. Yes men, we know when you are watching us as you watch all the time.

I had been to the gym at around 6pm and was still in my leggings and a tight gym top as everyone else had headed home.

Now Dave is lovely Man. Polite, respectful but with an edge of confidence that I found delightful. He was also big, broad shoulders, bulging chest and thick arms and despite his manual work he smelt wonderful. A nice aftershave with a hint of natural, masculine musk.

I had been watching Dave for weeks now and his very presence was starting to get me wet. I know not why but I just needed him. I had to have him and so, aware of his hidden glances I turned on the flirt;

‘Hi Dave, how’s you?’

‘I’m good thanks Lucy, living the dream’, he replied in an oh so husky, London accent. An instant tickle starting within me, ‘why are you here so late again? You need to start living your life’.

‘Once I have this all running itself I’ll start living my life besides, I have everything I need here for now’. Cue his question.

‘What about fun Lucy? You should be out there having fun’. That was my in.

‘I can have fun here Dave, nothing to stop me or us having fun here. Is there’.

‘Well I wouldn’t describe an office block as fun’. Sometime ladies, men need to be guided and subtlety just does not work. The best men do not believe that a lady is coming on to them so you have to take control of them. As a friend of mine would always say ‘Make ’em ‘ave’ it’.

I took control, ‘Dave, it’s not the office or any place that makes the fun, its the people there and what they do. You’re too polite for your own good’, I told him as I walked toward him, ‘ I think we could have some fun Dave, right here, right now’. I did not give him chance to respond. I just leaned into him, looked up at him and as he looked down at me I kissed.

He kissed Tüyap escort bayan me back, yay. I wrapped my arms around his waist and letting myself be taken in his arms. They were big, strong arms. I ran my arms up his chest to his face and pulled him to me, opening my mouth so I could taste his.

Dave slid his hands down my back and pulled me into him at the waist. I could feel the outline of his cock against my stomach and ground against him to announce that I wanted him.

I pushed my tongue into his mouth and met his. The kiss was wet, not too hard but not soft either. He was turning me on so much. His hands dropped to my waistband and slipped into the back of my leggings where he found my purple lace bikini style briefs.

He gently but firmly squeezed my bum sending ripples of excitement to my cunny. His hands were strong and seemed to envelop my whole backside. The kiss became even more intense as I slid my hand from his head and down his chest. Everything about him felt strong and oh so masculine. I moved my kissing to his neck so I could concentrate on my hands….. and his.

His hand was now inside the front of my lace his finger slipping into my wet cunny, mine were sliding down his tummy going for goal, his cock. As I reached his belt I was relieved to find it to be a normal buckle and easy to undo. I now had both hands on the waist of his jeans as I pushed him away from the embrace.

I looked up at him, then down to his groin, then up again. I couldn’t help but bite my lip slightly as I undid his button and zip. I kept his gaze as I wiggled his jeans over his hips and let them fall to the floor.

I love the moment of seeing and touching a new cock. Better than any present. I love cocks, all cocks, big cocks, small cocks, bent cocks, circumcised cocks. I LOVE COCKS.

He bent to kiss me again but I pushed him away. I was not going to be distracted by a kiss. I placed my hands on either side of his boxers, looked down and slowly pushed his boxes down his thighs. First I saw his manly hair, then the base, girth, rim and finally his entire cock sprang out. I pushed the boxers a little further out of the way and, staring at his cock I closed my small hand around it.

Perfect, not too big 6 or 7 inches, nice thickness, warm and, most importantly, rock hard. I slowly started pumping his shaft, mesmerised for the moment before looking up and inviting more kissing. As our lips touched I felt his pre-cum smearing in my hand and heard a small moan from Dave.

As well as a love of cocks I love what they produce. Watching, tasting and feeling a man cum makes me near cum myself. I could not resist long before I slid my hand to the tip of cocks and smeared his pre-cum onto my fingers before bringing my fingers to my mouth. Breaking the kiss I slipped my fingers into my mouth and let out a little whimper as I tasted him whilst holding his gaze.

This seemed too much for Dave who really took control now. Took some time but I now have him fired up and wanting Escort Tüyap me. This was now inevitable. Yay.

He pushed me against one of the desks, kissing me deeply as he reached behind me and shoved everything off the desk in one fluid movement. He gently tipped me backwards and I lay on the desk, watching him intently.

He steps back and hooks his hands into my waistband. He gently pulls my leggings down my legs, drinking me in with his eyes as he stares at my lace. He strongly pulls off my gym shoes, pulls my leggings off and throws them behind him. My legs naturally open to him.

He has not taken his eyes off my lace as I watch his head sink between my thighs. He starts to kiss around my inner thighs and cunny. Kissing the lace, I can hear him taking in my smells. As he is kissing the lace he is over my clit which is so hard now that I need, yes need him to suck it in and as if on cue his hands hook into my lace and he slides them off.

Up on one elbow I reach out and pull his head between my legs. I do not want minutes of gentle kisses, I need him to suck on my clit. I am so lucky in that I have a rather large clit which is easy to find and quick to cum.

He gets the message, sucks in my clit and starts flicking it with his tongue. I’m now in heaven. I couldn’t care less if someone walks in, more the merrier I say. The sensations I am feeling are amazing.

Then he does it, not one but two fingers, slide into my very wet cunny, curling as they do and finding the perfect spot. Men of Dave’s age really know how to touch a woman.

My cunny is trembling, I can feel myself cumming hard, all through my body. I shake and reach for Dave’s head, pulling him into me. I clamp my thighs around him and just let myself go. I thrash, shout, scream and just let myself cum all over his face. I love this, I love sex.

As I begin to calm Dave starts kissing up my body, then kisses me deeply. I can taste myself all over him and I love it. I can feel his cock on leg so I reach down and pull it to my cunny. I look Dave in the eye ‘Fuck me Dave, I need you in me, make me cum again’ I say between breaths.

That’s all he needed, all any man needs, directions and boy did he take them. He pushed forward as I lined him up with. He slid into me easily. No half an inch at a time, he just slipped in me as I panted ‘All of you Dave, I want all of you now’.

He pushed into me up to the hilt, pressing in hard as I shouted for him to stop ‘stay like that for a moment, I want to feel you all’. He stayed still as my cunny pulsed around him. It felt wonderful, he started to flex his cock in me making me feel weak.

I held him there, looking in his eyes, adjusting to this most amazing of feelings. Then I pushed my cunny hard to him and said ‘Fuck me’.

He pulled out of me and slid back in again and again. Each time he pulled out less and ground himself into my groin, filling my cunny with cock and tickling my cit with every push. It was all too much, the office, the new Tüyap Escort cock, the way he was using it, I could feel myself cumming again.

I willed it to happen, I shake, I hump rhythmically with him. I beg him to make me cum and I came so hard, there was no way other staff did not hear my ecstasy as I flooded his cock and convulsed over my entire body.

‘Don’t stop, keep going’ I panted.

He kept in me now, deep in me hardly pulling out at all but moving his cock so I could feel my entire cunny griping every part of him. His pelvis was rubbing my clit which felt lovely but, I had only one thing on my mind now;

‘I want you to cum Dave, I don’t care how you do it but I want you to cum’

He started longer strokes, less intense than holding himself in me, faster strokes. All men seem to speed up at this point, as they start to lose themselves. I could sense him reaching his point. ‘He’ll tell me, they always announce it’ I thought to myself.

After maybe just a few minutes he began to tense ‘I’m cumming’, he announced, I smiled knowingly, pushed him off and threw myself at his cock sinking it into my mouth, wrapping my hand around the base and pumping him for all my worth.

My right hand pumping, my mouth bobbing, I look up at him and he looks to the ceiling, moaning as I feel his cock start to pulse. Cum, cum cuuummmmm. It spills into my mouth, my mouth sucks down hard on his cock but I keep pumping my hand, He looks down and catches my gaze as he shoots his seed into me, ‘oh my god, oh my god’ I love noises men make as they cum.

My mouth is filling up so I start to swallow and slow my pumping hand but never let him out my mouth as his hand clasps mine to stop. I playfully just pump a little more until a drain the last of his cum out of him. Every drop now trickling down my throat.

I let his cock slip from my mouth to inspect it, nice and clean. I suck it into my mouth once again just to make him jump. Then I stand quickly, clasp my hands to his head and kiss him deeply. I like a man to taste himself on my tongue just after I’ve swallowed him. Let’s them know who is actually in charge.

‘Oh Dave, that was lovely, just lovely, fun can be had in an office’. I purred as I found my lace and leggings.

‘Well that was unexpected, amazing, but unexpected’ he breathed out.

I pulled my lace up my legs and he pulled up his boxers and jeans.

‘We didn’t even get all our clothes off’, he chuckled.

‘Proves you don’t always need to get naked babe’.

Leggings on I leaned forward and gently kissed his lips, one last firm grip to his denim clad cock and there’s the flinch. Love it.

‘I’ll see you again Dave and thank you’.

With that I held my head up and swayed out of the office knowing he would be staring at my arse until I vanished.

Once I got home I showered, took out my diary and wrote down my day. Once finished I slipped one hand to my neglected breasts and one to my cunny. I played with myself as only one can, then curled up and had the most amazing sleep.

I have so many encounters to tell you all about. Call me a slut or a slag or a user, I don’t care. I don’t have time for relationships but I love sex so I get it when I can. Don’t be jealous just slip your hands down and make yourself or your partner cum, it’s lovely.

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