I Swallowed an Older Man’s Cum

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I live in a pretty small rural town in the mid west, and not much goes on. I am 23 years old and a gay bottom who had not had any action in quite some time. I had downloaded a few gay dating apps, but hadn’t really had a luck. I was on there almost everyday looking to get some action, swiping to match with everyone when I finally got a match.

I had matched with an older gentlemen who was in his early 50s named Jim, but me being in my early 20s was pretty reluctant to go through with it. After all, I was looking for someone a little closer to my age. I told him so and he seemed cool with it and just wanted to chat.

After a couple more days I began to grow more impatient and more horny, I had stopped responding to this older gentlemen a few days earlier, but I was horny and desperate so I decided to message him back. We chatted for a bit, but Jim ultimately said that he wasn’t able to meet that night. I stayed up a bit late and fell asleep pretty abruptly.

The next morning, I awoke to the pleasant surprise that Jim was willing to meet that night. So all day Saturday I sat around excited about how the night was going to unfold. I hadn’t had sex in over 6 months and I was dying to get it out of my system. I spent the day doing my usual stuff, ate breakfast, went to the gym, etc. All while excited about what was going to happen.

I got home from the gym around 4:30 and showered myself off, making sure to do an extra good job prepping my ass for the night. While I was cleaning out my ass in the shower I started masturbating my dick at the same time, but decided I wasn’t going to finish yet. I’d rather wait and enjoy the night even more.

6:30pm comes around and I’ve just finished eating dinner when he messages that I can head over to his place anytime. So I gathered my stuff and got into my car. I drove about 15 minutes down the road before turning into a neighbouring small town. His house was on the outskirts of the town and as I was driving down the long gravel road, I was beginning to have second thoughts.

I was so horny though that ultimately, I decided to go through with it. I pull up and get out of my car and I’m greeted by Jim. He was very tall, about 6″3 wearing a dress shirt and dress pants with a belt. He had a bit of a belly on him, but overall he was fairly good looking.

Hey there, he said as I walked up to him and shook his hand. We chatted Gaziantep Grup Escort for a bit before he invited me inside his place. Inside, he had a dimly lit living room with a couch and a tv, a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. We each drank a glass to lighten the mood and eventually we were both laughing and having a good time.

After another glass of wine each, we started talking about what we each wanted, I told him I was really submissive and that I could really use a good fucking and he said he hadn’t had sex in over a year himself and he only recently decided to get back into the game. After a bit more of this he asked if I’d like to go to the bedroom, which I definitely wanted to.

We went to his room and he began to reach down my pants to feel up my ass. He told me how nice and smooth it felt. I enjoyed this immensely and so did he, because when I reached down toward the bulge in his pants his cock was already starting to fatten up.

I pulled down his pants and was really surprised with what I saw. His cock was about 6 inches long, but pretty thick, and it had a big head on it. I immediately felt the urge to get down on my hands and knees and suck on it, so that’s exactly what I did. I basically pushed him back onto his bed so I could lean in and get a good comfortable position.

I wrapped my lips around his big tip and began licking every square inch of it. I could feel it continue to fatten up more and more inside my mouth and eventually, the pre cum was flowing heavily out of him. His cock and precum tasted pretty good, so I sucked him for a good couple of minutes, making him moan as he grabbed the back of my head and directed me up and down. I felt really turned on during all of this. An older man, using me as his own personal cock sucker. I was totally happy I went through with this.

After a couple minutes more, he directed my head up and off his big cock head. I pulled back and several strands of precum and saliva were still connecting my mouth and his cock. Wow you’re a good little cock sucker aren’t you he said as he began to slide a condom on. You saw mine now can I see yours? he said as he began to reach into my pants to feel my cock.

“Oh wow, you really enjoyed sucking on me didn’t you?” he said as he felt my rock hard, precum covered cock in my pants. He pulled his hand out and put his fingers into my mouth before opening the nightstand drawer beside his bed and pulling out a bottle of lube. “Are you ready for what’s next?” he said as he began to lube up the outside of the condom.

Get on your knees and curve your back so your ass is at the edge of the bed, he ordered as I began to get into position for him. I felt a cold, wet plop of lube as his fingers rubbed it all over my hole. “Are you ready for this?” he asked as he began to slide his fingers into me. “yessss” I said as I enjoyed every second of it, and with that I felt his large cock head press up against my tight little hole.

I let out a moan as he did this, and he suddenly stopped. “Wow you really do want this hard cock inside of you don’t you” he said with a bit of a laugh. He teased my hole some more rubbing the tip around it in circles before finally sliding his big cock head in. It actually hurt quite a bit at first, I had never really taken a cock this big before and I haven’t been fucked in a long time. He slowly eased his way in and out, getting deeper and deeper every time.

Finally I felt his balls slap against me and I knew he was all the way in. “Are you ready” he said as he pulled out and slid back in really fast, he was slapping my ass and pushing the back of my head down as he thrusted in and out of me. I was moaning with pleasure for the entire time, my precum dripping cock rubbing against my thighs with each thrust felt almost as incredible as his cock did sliding in and out of me.

After a few more minutes of this he pulled out and laid down on the bed. ‘Get on top’ he said as he slapped my ass. I happily obliged and climbed on top of his cock. He immediately grabbed my thighs and began to slide in and out of me really fast again. My precum covered semi-chub rubbing against his belly as he did this.

I tried to control the motion and start to ride him but I was feeling way too much pleasure to do anything, his big cock in my tight little hole felt incredible, and my slippery cock rubbing against his belly with every thrust became unbearable. I felt the pleasure build and build until finally, my semi-hard cock exploded all over his belly. It was quite a big load too, as I hadn’t cum in almost 3 days.

‘Oh look at that, you really must love being fucked huh’ he said as he mopped up some of my own cum and stuck his cum covered fingers into my mouth. ‘does it taste good? you’ll be tasting mine next’ he said. After cumming, I was not that into getting fucked anymore and I began to get impatient. He had been fucking me for a solid 10 minutes and wasn’t even close to cumming it seemed like.

I laid down flat on my belly and he climbed on my back, bone-prone positioning and began to fuck me some more. My cock had gone completely flaccid and him fucking me wasn’t as enjoyable as it was before, but being a good little submissive bottom, I took his hard cock some more. He grabbed my arms and held them above my head. I could feel the lube dripping out of my hole and onto my balls.

After several more minutes of him using my tight hole for his pleasure he started to moan. He told me to get my mouth ready and finally he pulled out and grabbed his cock, I rolled over and he climbed on top of me and stuck his tip into my mouth. I felt it pulse once and flood my mouth with his hot sticky load.

It tasted pretty bad, if I’m being honest, but he kept his cock tip in my mouth. It pulsed again, shooting another load directly onto my awaiting tongue. It pulsed several more times, nearly filling my mouth completely with his thick, awful tasting seed. It must have been a month or something since he came last because I’ve never had a load that big and gross.

“Ok now are you gonna swallow like a good little bottom?” he said as he squeezed the last few drops of cum out of his cock and into my mouth. I was pretty reluctant but there was no where for me to spit it. I was on my back with my hands pinned above my head. He told me to open and then said “wow that was a big one” before he told me to swallow it all down.

I tried to swallow but it was so thick I almost gagged. “Cmon swallow it down!” he said, and finally with one gulp I swallowed down his massive load. It was so thick that I could still feel it deep in my throat. “Wow you really swallowed that all down! I can’t remember the last time I came that well” he said as he got up and began to clean himself off.

After that I got up, cleaned myself up and got ready to leave. I had served my purpose, which was to be fucked silly by his big cock, then forcefed his cum. I could still taste it in my mouth and could not get rid of it no matter what I did. It was like a reminder of what I had done, and I freaking loved it.

I got home and jerked off again immediately because of how hot the whole thing was. I talked to him again and he says we can meet up whenever, which is cool. I definitely plan on getting fucked by him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32