I Want To See

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“What? Again?” Sandra’s comment was more of an exclamation than a question.

I smiled and shrugged. The woman kneeling at my feet in the bubbling water of the rooftop hot tub didn’t stop what she was doing. She kept right on giving me the blowjob that she’d started a few minutes before.

It was the middle of our week-long vacation at the Caribbean, adults-only, clothing optional resort that my wife Sandra and I had been to several times before. The resort was a playground for couples that allowed open sexual behavior among the guests. An oversized hot tub, lots of booze, crowds of naked, open-minded partiers, and resort policies that encouraged public sex made the rooftop Jacuzzi lounge where we were, a place where there was a lot of public sexual activity.

The first time my wife Sandra and I went there we’d gone to relax, have fun, and explore our personal sexual boundaries. Although the resort catered to swingers, we just enjoyed the sensuous atmosphere and really liked the friendly party vibe of the place. We met and became friends with many people who were “lifestylers” (aka swingers) but didn’t sexually engaged with them. Over subsequent trips to the resort our boundaries expanded and we became progressively more comfortable being physical with others. Chaste kisses and quick hugs on our first trip had grown into brazen body shots on the bar top, and not too subtle public handjobs by our second one. On our last trip, I’d wound up the unexpected recipient of a spontaneous two-on-one blowjob in the Jacuzzi, and Sandra discovered she enjoyed watching.

Our boundary pushing hadn’t ended with that event. By the time that third trip ended, Sandra and I had shared a very private and extremely intense, and erotic evening with another couple that we’d become friends with. That night had been our first and only true lifestyle experience. Everything that happened in the open at the Jacuzzi was more casual play and not at all intimate amid the naked crowd that was always standing around. The bodyshots, breast licking, quickie handjobs, and even the blowjob like I was getting, were fun and playful. However, they did not carry the intense sexual energy that Sandra and I enjoyed with each other, or that we had shared with our friends that one night. And they most certainly did not end with any kind of climax.

The attention I was enjoying that evening began after a conversation about the double blowjob I’d gotten the year before. I hadn’t started the conversation, but when Jada, who had “serviced” me the prior year, asked if I remembered it, I enthusiastically answered yes.

“I certainly remember that beautiful cock of yours,” Jada said. “You don’t mind if I get another taste of it do you?”

“Well if you insist,” I quipped back.

Sandra was standing next to me in the water talking to another couple, and Jada touched her on the shoulder and motioned toward me. “Okay with you hon?” Protocol at the resort was to ask a partner’s permission before engaging with their spouse.

“Sure,” Sandra answered then turned back to the conversation she’d been having.

Jada lost no time and lavished her substantial oral skills on me, burying my rod deep into her mouth and making me squirm in pleasure. After a few minutes she paused and looked me in the eye as I caught my breath. “You really do have a beautiful cock.”

“Hey. Don’t hog it for yourself,” Elaine’s voice penetrated the hot tub noise as she wedged her way through the crowd and stepped in front of me. She had been the other half of my previous double blowjob. Without pausing or asking, she wrapped her hands around my pole and took up where Jada had left off, thereby recreating the events of the prior year.

Elaine repeatedly bobbed her head up and down on my rod. The tip of my rigid member rubbed across the bumpy roof of her mouth and slid against the smooth back of her throat as she practically swallowed me. It was a repeat performance of the deep throat experience she’d given me before.

“If it’s so good, you need to share,” another voice broke through the sound of the crowd and my pulse pounding in my ears. Rachel, a buxom and very vivacious red head appeared next to Elaine as she elbowed her out of the way and went down on me. Before long, several other women noticed what was happening and approached.

I was standing on my tiptoes trying to get myself as high above the water as possible. I didn’t imagine that any of the women wanted to get the water from that Jacuzzi in her mouth. “It isn’t going to work like this,” Sandra said as she broke off her conversation and came over to the group gathering in front of me. With her typical take-charge demeanor she pointed to me and said, “Sit up on the edge of the hot tub, that way you’re not going to fall and nobody has to get a mouthful of water along with your dick.”

I never argue with my beautiful wife, so I did what she said and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi. For the next few minutes a parade of women, some I knew, and others that I didn’t, took turns sucking on my cock as the crowd Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort looked on. One after the other used a variety of different oral techniques on me, some good and others less so, none unpleasant. I have no idea how long it lasted, but as far as I was concerned, it ended too quickly.

When it was all over, David, one of our friends who had been looking on from about three feet away , said to my wife, “And you’re okay with all that?” It was both a question and a challenge.

Sandra, who is blonde, five foot two inches tall with an athletic build, 34 DD breasts, fiery eyes and who not afraid of anyone or anything, turned to him and said, “Yeah, like you’d have a problem getting blowjobs like that!”

David just raised his eyebrows. “I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no.”

Sandra turned to, David’s wife, “May I?” she asked and got a nod yes in reply.

In a flash Sandra dropped her head onto David’s flaccid cock and began sucking furiously. At the same time she wrapped her hands around him and began stroking, adding a two-fisted handjob to the blowjob she was performing.

David gasped and almost dropped the drink he was holding. For a second his knees went weak as my wife demonstrated her substantial oral talents bringing him rapidly to a full and rather impressive erection. By the time she stopped, David was breathing hard and holding on to the side of the hot tub for support. His cock stood up tall above the water.

“So,” Sandra said as she stood up and wiped the salvia off of her chin. “Did you have any problem with that?”

David was still recovering, but managed to pant “Uh, no. Not at all.”

“Good,” Sandra declared. “I didn’t think you would.”

My wife turned to look at me. Her eyes danced with light and laughter, but were filled with a silent, unspoken question, “Did you have any problem with that?”

Even though we’d talked about our sexual limits with each other in this special place, and the year before we’d gone much farther with another couple, neither of us had ever done anything quite ike that before; given sexual favors to someone else while the other just looked on. Sure I’d been on the receiving end, but I hadn’t initiated sexual contact like Sandra just had.

“Do I have a problem with that?” I asked myself. The answer came to me very quickly. “No!” It was amazing watching my wife. Unlike when we make love, and unlike when she and I had our foursome, watching Sandra in the hot tub from afar I was completely undistracted and could see her every move and the reactions she was getting from David. It did not stir up jealously or any other negative emotions as I watched her enjoy giving the blowjob as much as he was enjoying getting it. It was a new and erotic window into her sexuality. It was hot!

I nodded my approval to my wife.

“Hey. Don’t I get a turn?” I heard. Adrianna was the female member of the private foursome that Sandra and I experienced the prior year. She had just arrived at the hot tub and had obviously seen at least a part of the oral action. She jumped into the water and headed directly for me. After giving me a quick kiss hello, she immediately grabbed my deflated cock, stroked me a few times, then dropped her mouth onto me. Since she, her husband, Sandra and I had shared far more intense intimacy, she obviously felt free to bypass resort custom.

Unlike the blowjobs I’d just gotten, Adrianna’s was much more intense and I was instantly transported back to the passionate experience of the four-way we’d had with her and her husband. She quickly brought me to a full, and aching hardon.

“Mmm, I absolutely love your cock,” Adrianna exclaimed as she took her mouth off me and stood up.

“What? Again?” Sandra said looking over at me as Adrianna finished. “What is it with you anyway?” she teased. “You have a super cock or something?”

Adrianna laughed and leaned over to kiss Sandra. They exchanged hellos as two women who are friends and who have shared intimacies, do. The whole time, Adrianna never let go of my still rigid erection.

“I really mean it,” Sandra finally said. “What is it about his cock that makes all these women want to suck on it? Every time we come up here he winds up getting at least one blowjob. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of other dicks around.”

“I don’t know,” Adrianna replied. “Maybe we should find out, run a comparison test on his and some others.”

“Excellent idea,” Sandra said. “We need a good blowjob buffet; a couple of hard cocks and willing mouths so we can compare dicks.”

“When do you want to do it?” Adrianna asked.

“No time like the present,” Sandra said. “I’m sure that we can find plenty of willing volunteers.”

As the sun finished setting and twilight settled over the hot tub, Sandra and Adrianna corralled five other guys to the edge of the hot tub and enough woman to kneel in front of them. “David has a watch and is our official timer,” she said to the group. “Each of you has one minute to give a BJ to the guy in front of you. When David calls time, rotate to the next guy in line.”

“Which direction are we going?” one woman asked.

“To your left,” Adrianna said. “After everyone has had a turn, we’ll vote for our favorite cock.”

“What about our favorite blowjob?” I asked waving to the guys sitting next to me.

“We don’t care about that,” Sandra and Adrianna said in unison and laughed.

I looked at a Matt who was sitting to my right and shrugged, “I guess that’s that.” He chuckled.

“All set girls?” Sandra called out as she knelt in front of Steve at far end of the line.

Adrianna positioned herself in front of a guy to my left. “Let’s go,” she said and reached for his semi-erect penis.

For the next several minutes (I wasn’t able to keep accurate track of the time with all the loud music and the oral distraction) I enjoyed one great BJ after another as did the five other guys. When it ended, a woman named Denise was on her knees in front of me and Sandra was buried in Matt’s crotch. It was an opportune arrangement because Denise was Matt’s wife.

Matt, Denise, Sandra and I had met the first day of this trip. They were our same age (approximately 50) had grown kids and were physically active; all like us. They had been to this resort, and others like it, many more times than we had, but said that they did not consider themselves swingers. Like us, they enjoyed the highly charged erotic atmosphere, and what it did for their sex lives. Also like us, they had explored the edges of their sexual boundaries, but had only had one or two swinger experiences in all the years that they’d been going to the resort. We formed a tight connection with them very quickly and considered them good friends despite the short time we’d known them.

“Well that was something else,” I said as the “buffet” that Sandra and Adrianna had organized wound down. It was just the four of us left on the edge of the Jacuzzi, Denise, Matt, Sandra, and me. Everyone else had drifted off.

“We never got to vote,” Sandra said disappointedly.

“Well I know which one’s my favorite,” Denise said.

We all looked at her waiting to hear her pronouncement.

“Matt is my personal favorite, but I gotta say this dick here,” she gripped my cock and wiggled in back and forth, “is pretty great.”

I smiled a big self-satisfied grin.

“It’s got a great shape and all, but what I like best is the way he responds so well,” Denise continued. “If I do this,” she rubbed her thumb along the sensitive underside and made me inhale sharply. “Or if I do this,” she ran her fingers over the top edge of my penis causing me to groan quietly. “He responds perfectly. I can feel him tense, or hear him gasp or groan. I can play his cock like an instrument.”

It was Sandra’s turn to nod in agreement. She could do everything that Denise was describing with her mouth, her hands or any part of her body; make me squirm, moan, and writhe. She enjoyed wielding that power and showering me with pleasure. I enjoyed receiving it.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Denise went on. “I really love Matt’s cock. It is and will always be my favorite. But this one,” she pumped my hardon, “it’s a lot of fun to play with.”

I looked over at Sandra and saw that she was beaming, like she was the proud owner of a prize stallion.

“Matt, he’ s like an old pair of shoes that fit and feel perfect every time,” Denise went on.

“So I’m a pair of worn out shoes and he’s a Les Paul guitar?” Matt said faking a hurt tone.

“Sweetie, you are my favorite, you fit me perfectly and yours is the one that I always want with me,” Denise leaned over and kissed Matt deeply. “This one,” she grasped my still hard cock, “it’s like a shiny new toy.”

“So what’s it like when he cums?” Denise asked turning to Sandra. She casually stroked me.

“It all depends on how long it’s been,” Sandra answered. “Sometimes he shoots like a fire hose. It just blasts against the back of my throat. Other times, especially if we’ve been having a lot of sex, or he’s less excited, it’s not as forceful.”

“Don’t you just love that?” Denise asked. It was more of a declaration than a question. “And the way it feels, his hot cum sliding down your throat all warm and slippery.”

Sandra hesitated before answering. “I don’t really swallow.”

Denise looked shocked. “But why?”

“I don’t know,” Sandra began. “No reason. I just don’t”

“But it’s all protein and that’s gotta be healthy for you,” Denise said smiling. “I just love the way Matt explodes in my mouth, all hot and wet, salty and he tastes like whatever he’s been drinking. I don’t want to waste a drop of it.”

“No way,” Sandra exclaimed.

“Really. I love feeling him pour his load into my mouth,” Denise answered.

“No. I mean that he tasted like whatever he’s been drinking.,” Sandra replied.

“It’s true,” Denise responded. “Like tonight, I’m sure he’ll taste like margaritas. He’s been drinking them all day. I like it when he sticks to one drink, that way the flavor will be more intense.”

“That’s amazing,” Sandra said. She turned to me. “It would be great if you could do that too.”

I shrugged.

“You should try it sometime,” Denise said. I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant .

A strange look flashed across my wife’s face. It disappeared as quickly as it surfaced. After a moment she changed the subject and said, “There’s only one thing that I don’t like about blowjobs.”

I was a bit shocked that she’d said that. Sandra had often told me how much she enjoyed both giving and receiving oral sex. “Do tell,” I said.

She looked at me, “It’s that I can never see your reactions to what I’m doing. I’m plastered against your groin and even if I look up, I can’t really see your expressions or really tell the effect that I’m having on you.”

“Well I can tell you that it’s quite an effect,” I began.

Denise interrupted me. “I know exactly what you mean. When I’m going down on Matt the only thing I can see is his pubes.”

“And like you can’t tell what you’re doing to me,” he said sarcastically.

“Oh I can get a pretty good idea,” Denise answered. “But I can’t see your face or get a good look at how your body is reacting.” She sighed heavily. “I love the way you cum, but I never get to really see you do it. That would be amazing.”

“Yes it would be,” Sandra said with a tone of longing in her voice.

The next few minutes passed by without anyone saying a word. The cool evening air settled over us. After a long, quiet pause Denise and Sandra turned to each other. In the mysterious way that only women posses, they silently communicated and reached some unspoken agreement. Sandra looked up at me. Fire burned in her eyes and silent questions passed between us. It was a mix of “Do you trust me?”, “Are you okay?”,”I really want to,” and “Should we?”

Sandra and I had been together for a long time. We’d both experienced our own personal and shared tumultuous pasts, filled with pain and angst as well as unspeakable joy and happiness. In each other we’d discovered absolute trust and love. There was nothing that I wouldn’t do with or for my beloved. And I knew that she felt the same way. My silent answer to her soundless questions was yes.

Sandra turned to Denise. “So who’s room is closer, yours or ours?”

Denise smiled and sighed obviously happy. “We’re just over there.” She pointed to the building adjacent to the roof-top Jacuzzi.

“We’re over by the beach,” Sandra said indicating a building in the distance. “So your place then?”

“Sounds good to me,” Denise replied.

Sandra stood up at the same time that Denise did and reached for my hand. “Let’s go,” she said

I had an idea of what was about to happen, but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“I want to see and Denise does too, don’t you?” Sandra said as she stepped out of the hot tub pulling me with her.

“Absolutely,” Denise answered as she led Matt toward the lounge chairs where we had all left our clothes and towels piled up. “I can’t wait to see your face,” she said to her husband.

My heart skipped a beat as Denise confirmed my suspicions about what the girls had just planned. “What about us?” I asked as I gathered up my clothes. “We want to see too, don’t we Matt?”

“Absolutely,” he said imitating his wife.

Sandra and Denise looked at each other. “Sure, why not,” they said unison.

We didn’t bother getting dressed. Each of us had our arms full of clothes and towels as we headed down the stairs drip drying. The girls led the way as they walked side by side in front of Matt and me. I couldn’t hear everything they were talking about, but I did hear Sandra ask, “Really? Like margaritas?”

Denise nodded.

“That should be interesting,” Sandra smiled.

We got to the door of Denise and Matt’s room a moment later, and crowded close to each other in the narrow entryway. Denise fished for the room key amid the heap of cloths she was clutching. She bent over as she nearly dropped them and her naked butt pushed back into me. The feel of her taut, warm skin on mine had the expected effect. My cock stirred and twitched against her.

Denise looked over her shoulder, still bent over as she dug for the key, and smiled at me.

The hungry look in her eye made more blood flow into my cock.

She swayed her butt back and forth deliberately rubbing herself on my growing hardon.

“Bad girl. You are such a tease,” I said.

“You have no idea,” she said, then added with a smile, “it’s what I do best.” She found the card key and inserted it into the slot, unlocking the door. “Maybe you need to spank this bad girl.” She threw the door open and stepped inside.

Their room was very much like ours. A king-sized bed dominated the marble-floored room. A large, abstract erotic painting hung over the headboard. Off to one side was a small love seat and an adjacent coffee table. The bed was covered with rose petals and there was a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket next to four slender glasses. I looked at the bed and the wine setup and turned to our friends with raised eyebrows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32