I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 02

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No one spoke as Kenji drove to where Joel said he was staying. Each of them was wondering what was going to happen next and each of them afraid for different reasons. Joel was afraid for himself, it had been lucky thing that Andrew had broken his left hand as opposed to his right, he wouldn’t be able to take notes or do class work otherwise. Patricia as worried about Kenji, she knew that although he was at heart a gentle spirit that he wouldn’t hesitate to come to her defense no matter the cost. She said her prayers that nothing happened that he would need to defend her. They weren’t worried about the name-calling, but if Andrew Kelley or anyone else touched her ….. Kenji was afraid not for himself but for Patricia and Joel, he didn’t know how he could protect both of them but Patricia was the priority. Joel had to learn how to stand up for himself; he had to learn how to defend himself against the likes of Andrew Kelley.

“You can let me out here.” Joel said after telling Kenji to make a right hand turn.

Kenji and Patricia looked around and then at each other.

“Where is your home?” Kenji asked.

“Not far from here.” Joel replied, “I can walk from here.”

“We can take you to your home.” Kenji said, “It is no trouble.”

“No thank you.” Joel replied softly as he picked up his bag grimacing when he bumped his left hand. “Thank you for helping me.”

Kenji watched Joel as he got out of the car and walked away, he was struck at how lonely Joel looked and at the defeated set of his shoulders. He wondered who had beaten him down so badly.


“What is it kirei?” Kenji asked after they were back on the road.

“I want you to promise me something.” Patricia replied.

“If it is a promise that I can keep.” Kenji replied already knowing what the promise was.

“Promise me that you won’t get into a physical fight with Andrew Kelley no matter what he does.”

“I cannot and will not promise you that.” Kenji replied. “I can and will promise you that I will try to avoid altercations with him of any kind.”


“I know what you are thinking but if he harms or physically threatens you in any way then I will address the issue.”

“What about Joel?” she asked.

“I will help him as much as I can but you are my priority.”

“I understand that but I don’t want our chances of graduating blown to bits because of Andrew and his friends.”

“Understood but Kirei, what kind of man and husband would I be if I allowed something to happen to you just so that I could meet my goals?” Kenji asked, “I would rather work as a servant than have you harmed in any way. You and the children will always come before anything else.”

Patricia didn’t argue any further, she heard the resolve in his voice and knew that it was pointless.


Joel waited until he was sure that Kenji had pulled away before beginning his walk home. He had lied when he told them that he lived close to where they dropped him off, he actually lived more than ten city blocks away. He bit back a groan as he tried to put his bag into his left hand, tears of shame ran down his face as he remembered crying and begging like a baby not to be hurt. Why did he think that once he became an adult that things would change?

He began walking and ended up in front of an abandoned store. After looking around, Joel slipped to the back of the building and into the back door. He had to get moving, it would soon be too dark for him to read. He took the lunch leftovers from his bag and divided it into thirds, he had enough for three meals only and if he had to he would spend a little of his money to supplement his meager rations.

The store had belonged to his parents and now belonged to him. He knew that if he sold it his life would be so much easier but this was the one place where he had always felt safe and loved. When his parents died, they left him enough money that it paid for school and books but little else hence no electricity. He only left the water on out of necessity… he had to bathe and wash his clothes.

After dividing the food up Joel decided that he couldn’t study, his hand throbbed so badly that he wouldn’t have been able to concentrate anyway. He put the food away and went to his “room” where he undressed being careful not to bump his hand. He lay on the mattress and closed his eyes trying to rest but Kenji and Patricia kept coming to mind. Tears started again as he thought about his humiliation and the thought that he would never find the kind of love and respect that Kenji and Patricia clearly had for each other.


They were late and Niko was almost beside himself with panic as he gripped the handkerchief that he was keeping safe for his papa. Uncle Ralph told him that they would be home soon but that seemed like such a long time ago and the sun had already gone down.

“Come on Niko and eat.” Abby encouraged, “They’ll be here soon.”

He wasn’t convinced; he could tell that Aunt Abby and istanbul escort Uncle Ralph were getting worried although they were trying not to show it. The only one who seemed oblivious to the worry was Marie who happily ate her dinner as she chattered about whatever came to mind.

As soon as he heard the car pull into the garage Niko took off at a run and ran right into Patricia. He couldn’t help it; he started to cry as she wrapped his arms around her legs.

Patricia picked him up and hugged him, “It’s alright, we’re home now.” she soothed grateful that it was the weekend.

Kenji left their bags in the car and went to them, “Niko, all is well, and we are here now.”

Niko reached for Kenji and hugged him. Kenji returned the hug and wondered why Niko was still so fearful of their leaving. It was something that he planned to find out and address over the weekend but not now, Niko was much too upset.

“Here papa.” Niko said holding out the handkerchief.

“Thank you Niko, would you do me the honor of holding it for a while longer?” Kenji asked.

“Yes papa.” Niko replied now visibly calmer.

“Papa!” Marie screamed when she saw Kenji, she had already greeted Patricia in like manner.

“Hello pretty one.” Kenji said putting Niko down and picking Marie up.

Now that his parents were home, Niko was more than ready for dinner. By mutual unspoken agreement, Kenji and Patricia agreed to spend the evening and the next day with Niko and Marie. It was early in the semester and they wouldn’t always be able to set their studies aside.

“What would you like to do this evening?” Kenji asked Niko.

“Will you read with me?” Niko asked.

“Of course, go pick out a book.” Kenji said with a smile.

Niko grinned happily; he loved reading with his papa and mama. He took Marie’s hand and led her out of the kitchen. When they were gone, Kenji gave Patricia a smile that made her blush and release a spurt of moisture between her legs.

“Come here kirei.” Kenji said patting his lap when he was sitting.

Patricia had long given up on trying to convince Kenji that she was too heavy to sit in his lap and besides she liked the feel of being in his lap especially when he was hard, as she knew that he was now. She got out of her chair and made her way over to him, sat in his lap and wriggled her bottom to tease him. He was hard as she knew that he would be and smiled at his soft moan as she teased him knowing that he loved the tease as much as she loved teasing him.

Kenji kissed her softly and held her still in his lap but not really wanting to. He loved these moments with her and was looking forward to many, many more such moments as they and she kept him focused. They sat quietly until Niko came back into the kitchen carrying a book.

“What happened to the car?” Ralph asked when he came in from taking out the trash.

“Niko please wait for us in the living room.” Kenji said with a reassuring smile.

When he was out of earshot, Kenji told Ralph what happened.

“Shit!” Ralph swore, “I saw that most of the slurs were directed at you.” he said.

“That is fine as it keeps the attention on me and not Patricia.” Kenji replied.

“I understand.” Ralph replied “but you know that it’s only a matter of time until they drag Patty into it.”

Kenji was way ahead of him, he had already thought about that and would deal with it when and if it happened. But in the meantime, he would do everything humanly possible to avoid any confrontations with Andrew Kelley.


Andrew was angry and intrigued at the same time. The “Jap” as he had taken to calling him hadn’t reacted in the way that he would have had it been his car. He would have hunted whoever it was down and beaten them within an inch of his life. However, he didn’t sense any real anger coming from the “Jap” instead he remained calm, checked out the car before allowing his wife and the Jew get in.

He began to wonder just how far he could push before Kenji pushed back and what would it take to break him. One sure way was to fuck with his woman but even he drew the line there. He might make comments to and about her but touch her? Hell no and it had nothing to do with the color of her skin but everything to do with the fact that black or not she was a woman.

Andrew peeked in the living room to check on his father who actually looked better than he had since his return. He wasn’t staring off into space and absently rubbing the knee of the missing limb. His eyes were actually bright, clear and focused as he read the paper.

The change hadn’t occurred suddenly but over a period of days, starting with him asking for the paper and then it had progressed from there. He was now eating everything on his plate without coaxing and was actually talking about getting a job of some kind.

“There’s gotta be something that a fella with one leg can do.” Harlan said as he ate his dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes that his wife Evelyn escort bayan brought home from the diner.

At first, both Andrew and Evelyn were concerned about what seemed to be a rapid change in attitude but in thinking about it, it really hadn’t been that rapid. It started with Harlan asking for the newspaper and progressed from there. Andrew wanted to know the reason for the change but had been too afraid to ask.

Now tonight, Harlan Kelley was bright eyed, bushy tailed and reading the classifieds. He was tired of sitting around on his ass and feeling sorry for himself. He was also tired of Evelyn having to work to support them, it was time for him to man up and take care of his family.

There was something else on his mind- Andrew. He didn’t like the anger and hatred that he felt coming from his only child. Tonight they were going to talk; Harlan wanted to tell Andrew about hate and what it could do to a man. He knew that Andrew would be surprised to know that he didn’t hate the Japanese for the loss of his leg, it was war, he himself had maimed, and killed god knew how many sons, fathers and husbands. There was nothing personal to it, he didn’t know them, they didn’t know him and all of them were fighting for what they believed to be right.

“Here’s dinner.” Andrew said as he sat the plate of warmed food on the tray in front of Harlan.

“Thanks son.” Harlan said as he dug in, “aren’t you eating?” he asked.

“I’ll eat later.” Andrew replied. “Pop? What happened? I mean you’re so much better.”

Harlan took another bite of his dinner and laid the fork down.

“Andy, there comes a time when a man’s gotta stop wallowing in self pity and get moving and for me that time is here and long past. I’ve been sitting on my ass watching your mom work her fingers to the bone trying to support us and it isn’t right. This isn’t the life that I promised her….”

“That’s because of the damned Japs!” Andrew blurted out, “They took your leg and almost killed you!”


“And now they’re here going to college! I have one in my class! It isn’t right they should all be sent back to where they belong!”

Harlan knew that Andrew was angry but until now, he didn’t know just angry he was.

“Andy that was war. There was nothing personal; I was shooting at them too.”

“You don’t hate them?”

“No I don’t hate them.” Harlan replied, “I don’t know them to hate them any more than they know me. Do I wish that I had my leg back? Damned straight I do but I take pride in that I lost it in the service to my country. The war is over; it’s time to go back to living.”

Andrew wasn’t buying it; he didn’t understand how his father could have what he considered to be a cavalier attitude.

“Andy, they weren’t the only ones killing. I maimed and took lives too, we all did and I would do it again to serve this country but son, you have to let go of that anger before it eats you alive.”

Andrew wasn’t listening. All he could think of was the months of hardship and of not knowing whether his father was dead or alive, if he was in one of those camps where the prisoners had been treated as something less than human while the Japs here were fed and sheltered and now were occupying classroom space that white Americans should have.


Andrew forced a smile and patted his father on the arm, “I understand.” he said softly.

Harlan relaxed glad that he and Andrew had talked. First thing Monday morning he was going to start looking for a job.


Sally looked over at Will as he helped the children with their schoolwork. She liked him even though he had been the one to send Lawrence to prison. His renting a room from her saved her from having to look for work outside of the home, which in turn saved her from having to find someone to stay with Dianne and Eli.

They had all gotten used to Ralph’s very unorthodox family and to some degree Sally had begun to think of them as family as well. The lines of what had kept them separated were blurring and no longer mattered. As time went on, she thought less and less about Lawrence coming home and more and more of a life without him.

She knew that his views wouldn’t have changed and if anything they would have become stronger. At some point, she was going to have to make some decisions but not now, Lawrence had at least another three years in prison. She looked at Will again and wondered why he wasn’t married. He was tall, good looking… a woman could do much worse than a man like him.

Will looked up, caught her looking at him, and smiled at her which made Sally blush, she hadn’t meant for him to see her watching him.

Will decided that Nick was right; he had to tell Sally about Lawrence. There was always the chance that he could be released early or as Nick suggested escape. He turned his attention back to helping Dianne and Eli with their homework; he would talk to Sally once the children were in bed for the night. It wasn’t Kadıköy escort a conversation that he was looking forward to but it had to be done.


Lawrence Goodman frowned as the man next to him lit up another cigarette oblivious to the fact that smoking wasn’t allowed. He was a new member to Lawrence’s rapidly growing prison group who hadn’t been advised of the rules yet one of which was no smoking. He had incorporated the “your body is a temple” teaching into his program. What was even more amazing was that some of the members of his group had been amongst the worst troublemakers and were now model prisoners.

It wasn’t something that was missed by the prison officials; it was one of the reasons for his probable early release. However, another issue occupied Lawrence’s mind as he waited for the group to show up… there was a traitor amongst them. He didn’t know who it was yet but he would find out and the man would be swiftly dealt with and would be used as an example to show what would happen to traitors.

The thought of traitors made Lawrence think of his wife Sally. She hadn’t responded to any letters or phone calls and according to her mother, she hadn’t called her either. Kenny had been right about her Lawrence thought to himself. He had tried to warn him but Lawrence hadn’t listened, “I’m listening now.” Lawrence murmured.

“You say something?” the man smoking asked.

“Yes, I said put your cigarette out.” Lawrence replied firmly, “we do not smoke or drink in this group so put it out.”

The man hesitated and then put the cigarette out cursing under his breath.


Friday evening passed quickly with the bedtime stories and baths. Kenji and Patricia let the children stay up thirty minutes past bedtime and then planned to spend the rest of the evening alone. It had been a long time since everyone had been together and Patricia wanted to have dinner the next evening. While Kenji had been giving baths, she got on the phone and called everyone. When that was finished, she combed and then braided Marie’s hair that now fell to her shoulders. After a final bedtime story, Niko and Marie were tucked into bed, the light turned off and the door closed.

Kenji followed Patricia into their room and began to undress, he had been waiting for this time all day and it was finally here. His light brown eyes shone with love and desire as he watched Patricia move around the room as she undressed. He was well aware that she thought herself too heavy even though she was at ease with him and herself but there wasn’t anything that he would change about her.

When Patricia was finally undressed, she stood in front of him, looked up at him and smiled her eyes full of mischief and desire, a combination that Kenji found potent. He glanced over to the bed and saw the little box that held the diaphragm and hardened even more. They had incorporated putting the device in to their love making so that it was easy to forget what its purpose was. Kenji took a breast in each hand and thumbed the nipples until they were hard. Patricia moved closer, reached down between them and gave his cock the lightest of touches, giggling when he jumped.

“It has been too long since I have felt you in my mouth.” Kenji murmured as he moved her toward the bed, “I have missed you and this.” he added as he bent down to kiss her. Patricia wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed closer; she had missed him too and told him so.

Kenji eased her back onto the bed and knelt on the floor between her legs. He inhaled deeply as her scent and heat hit him, he loved this smell more than any other because it was just for him. He kissed the inside of each thigh with butterfly kisses that mad her gasp and moan. When he reached her mound, he stopped and then very slowly opened her lips with his fingers before placing his mouth over as much of her as he could.

Patricia cried out, ground herself against his probing tongue, the first orgasm was never long in coming, and this time was no exception. She came with a scream that she muffled with a pillow over her face as Kenji continued his assault on her clit. When he finally relented he was about to explode and needed time to calm himself. When Patricia reached for his swollen cock head he stopped her, a touch was all that it would take and he didn’t want to release like that, he wanted to come buried deep inside of her.

He reached over and grabbed the little box containing the instrument that would allow him to remain inside of Patricia as he came and put it in place. Without saying anything, Kenji lay on his back so that his cock pointed toward the ceiling. Patricia on top had become one of his favorite positions as he could play with her breasts and her clit as she rode him. Like her, his orgasm hit him hard and fast taking Patricia along with him, afterwards, Patricia clung to Kenji and shivered as the cool air dried her sweat-slicked skin.

Kenji reached down and covered them both, stroking her back until she slept. Sleep didn’t come easily to him, his mind was on Andrew Kelley, he knew that the graffiti on the car was only the beginning. He forced the problem out of his mind, he wanted to enjoy his time with his family, he would think about Andrew Kelley another time.

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