Ian’s Workout

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Ian’s magnificent body gleamed with sweat. It was his workout day and I was at the gym to act as his ‘spotter.’ First of all there was no way I could spot any of the weight Ian was lifting. At 5’9 and 190lbs I was short and flabby compared to Ian’s 6’3″ 220lb massive muscular frame. When he wasn’t calling me cucky – him and Debbie’s ususal name for me, he called me fat ass.

“Hey fat ass, run down to the locker and get my bottle of water.”

“Yes sir,” I mumbled under my breath.

I went to the locker room and thanked God that the gym wasn’t too crowded today. Whenever Ian stayed with us, which was becoming more and more frequent, I had to accompany him to the gym. A little game he and Debbie really seemed to get off on. I pulled Ian’s water from the locker and hurried back to the main part of the gym. Ian and Debbie had forced me to wear what they like to call “the outfit” when I went to the gym with Ian. It consisted of a pair of too tight, too small nylon shorts and a small tank top. The shorts were so small and tight, you could see the outline of my tiny cock clearly.

Ian took the bottle and took a swig. “Well cucky, I’ve had quite the workout today, I can’t wait to get home and have another workout with Debbie.”

He smiled and I died inside. Since I had gone to work with Ian after meeting him on the Internet and having told him of my desire to be cuckolded by a dominant man and my wife, they had obliged me willingly. I felt trapped. Ian was responsible for my job and income and Debbie had stopped working so I was their captive. Unless I wanted to quit and get divorced which is something I knew I would never do.

The shower room at the gym was empty as Ian and I stripped and lathered our bodies up.

“So tell me cucky, do you like the lifestyle Debbie and I have carved out for you?”

“Yes sir.” I said meekly.

“I have to say I’m very pleased at your transistion to your new role and new life. You realized that you are not a real man. You are weak and inferior and have a tiny cock.” He said reaching out and grabbing my very small member.

“And Debbie has realized for the first time in her life what a real man is. She enjoys my cock and my body and she enjoys your servitude. Now I know she still loves you and probably always will, we have in many ways become more of man and wife than you and her. Don’t you agree?”

As he spoke, I felt my cock growing hard in his hand. “Yes sir.” I said.

“Well cucky, there is a reward for good behavior and Debbie and I have decided to give you a little gift for you servitude.”

I couldn’t imagine what in the world was coming next. For the past year, I had worked kemalpaşa escort my ass of at work working 80 or 90 hours a week at my job and spent the rest of the time doing housework, laundry and shopping and keeping Ian and Debbie happy.

Ian laughed at the sight of my little cock growing in his hand. “I’m not going to tell you what our little gift is, I’m going to wait until after dinner tonight.” He let go of my cock and continued to lather up his body. “Cucky wash my back.”

It was an order not a request and I immediately began to soap up Ian’s massive backside. “And I mean ALL of my back.” Ian said and I immediately knew what he meant. I kneeled and began to wash his ass cheeks and legs as Ian put his hands against the wall in a spread eagled position. “Clean me good, fat ass.”

I knew what this meant also. I darted my tongue in and out of Ian’s ass and licked his balls as I heard him moaning softly. I prayed no one would come in and discover us, but it was not for me to say. Ian was now jerking his huge cock as I was licking his ass and balls harder and harder. Finally in a start, he turned and before I knew it his huge load was spraying forth covering my face. He grunted harder and harder until he was finally spent.

“Let’s get out of here.” He said, walking toward the locker room. I tried to push my face under the water to wipe the cum off my face knowing I wouldn’t be able to get it all. “Come on cucky don’t doddle.”

The ride home was embarassing as had to wear the outfit to and from the gym. The dried cum was stuck to my hair and I tried to push my hair back so it wasn’t noticeable. Ian pulled up in front of the McDonald’s and handed me a piece of paper. “This is what Debbie and I want for lunch. Until you take off five or ten pounds, I think you can skip lunch.”

“You want me to go in?”

“Well, I’m not going in cucky and you’re the slave here.”

“Yes sir.” I got out of the car and caught sight of myself in the window. There I stood in a pair of too small, too tight white nylon shorts, no underwear and a tank top that showed my overweight belly with dried cum in my hair. I brushed my hair back and went inside. It was noon and the place was packed. I kept my head down and stood behind the counter and placed their order. I could feel the stares and laughs of girls behind the counter. Keeping my eyes down, I handed over the cash, took the food and raced out the door.

“Did you enjoy going in there?” Ian said smirking.

“Yes sir.”

He removed a fry from the bag and I was starving.

“Would you like a fry fat ass?”

“Yes sir very much.”

“Well konak escort you can have one. All you have to do is show me how much of a cuckold you are.”

“And how can I do that sir?” I was afraid I didn’t want to hear the answer.

He pulled a pair of black pantyhose from the glove compartment and handed them to me. “Go into the men’s room and put these on and you can have a french fry.” Ian said laughing.

I hesitated for a moment and took them from his hand. Coming out of the men’s room I decided I would keep my eyes down and make a mad dash for the car. Once outside I panicked. The car was gone!! I heard Ian calling my name. He was parked across the parking lot. I raced over to the car.

“Cucky want a fry?” He teased me like a dog.

“Yes sir,” I said as I went to get into the passenger side finding the door locked.

He tossed a fry over the roof and I caught it as he was pulling away he said, “See you at home and leave those on!”

The walk home while only consisting of a few blocks was totally humiliating as I had to pass my neighbors and friends as well as perfect strangers.

I arrived at home to find Debbie and Ian lounging by the pool. Debbie pulled her sunglasses down on her nose and said, “Don’t you look cute.” Her and Ian erupted in laughter.

“Go take a shower and come out and join us. I’ve left an outfit for you on your bed.” Debbie said, laughing. ‘My bed’ had become a sleeping bag on a futon in our spare room as Debbie and Ian slept in ‘our bed.’ I slept with Debbie once in awhile when Ian wasn’t in town, but most nights I lay on the futon and listen to their passion only to be called in to clean up.

I made my way inside, took a shower and found a tiny woman’s bikini on my bed. Putting it on, I realized how small it was and how fat it made me look. Embarassed I made my way back out to the pool. There was another man sitting there with Debbie and Ian. He was about the same size as Ian but had long Fabio hair and tattoos on his upper arms. I backed back up and Ian spoke.

“Don’t be afraid Cucky come on out. I’d like you to meet a friend of mine. This is Michael.”

I stood in front of the man and held out my hand. “Nice to meet you.” I said meekly.

Michael immediately took hold of my bikini bottom and yanked it down exposing my tiny cock. They all laughed. “Is that all? You would of thought you would have hit puberty by now!” Again they all erupted in laughter.

Debbie told me to kneel and I obeyed, feeling the hot concrete burn my knees. She then spoke as if informing the stockholders of their annual report.

“As you know Ian kuşadası escort and I have been putting you through the paces for the past few months and now the time has come to move forward. There is no going back. Ian has been an angel by allowing you to work for him and providing us with a life far beyond our previous means. Do you agree?” It wasn’t a question.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good. Then from now on, you are going to have to learn to give a little more around here. Ian told you we were giving you a little gift and that’s what Michael is here for. Michael is a tattoo artist and we’ve decided that you would look cute with a tattoo that shows your devotion to us.”

I swallowed hard. A tattoo! and I wasn’t even being given a choice!

“So first things first. Lay down on that chair over there face first. Like I was some robot, I got up and did as instructed.

Michael opened a small case and laid some things out on the table and I heard the buzzing of the tattoo needle. The entire procedure took about a half an hour and when he was done, Michael told me to get up and go stand in front of Ian and Debbie.

They both nodded their approval and Ian held a mirror behind me while Michael held one in front of me so I could see the tatoo.

I almost died. There on my ass cheek was a small picture of a cock and balls the cock half limp and the words Debbie and Ian’s cucky tattooed above it. They all laughed and nodded their approval. Debbie told me to kneel again and I did as she spoke.

“From this day on, your bedroom will be the spare room. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that my bed should be reserved for real men only. Your paycheck will be sent from the office directly to me. You will no longer have access to any credit cards or bank accounts. Should you need money for anything you will need to ask either Ian or myself and if and only if we deem it worthy we’ll give it to you. Ian has several clients and associates that will need services from time to time that you will be lent out for. You will perform in a professional manner and always remember that Ian is your master, he controls your life. Stand up and come here.” I did as instructed as she slid a metal device on my cock and balls and locked it shut. “This chastity device is our last gift to you. You will wear it always and only Ian and I will have the key. It will allow you to go to the bathroom but not to get errect or orgasm. Only when you are extremely a good cucky and have gone above and beyond to please Ian and I will we release you and allow you jerk your pathetic little cock and cum. Do you agree to all of the above?”

What could I say, no? Here I stood in front of my wife and her lover wearing a woman’s bikini with a picture of a limp cock and balls on my ass cheek and the words “Debbie and Ian’s cucky” tattooed there and a chastity device locked around my cock and balls.

“Yes ma’am.” I said as a tear trickled down my check and my cock pulsed in it’s sheath…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32