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Ice Queen

By Blueheatt

….The big boss, a Mr. Kirk called me into his office. He motioned me over to the side of his disk. He pushed a button and his door locked. He had me sit down. He leaned over and talked real low. “James, I’m sending you on a fact finding spy mission. There is a woman head of accounting, a Ms. Grant. I need to know all about her ‘personal’ life. That’s all you need to know if anybody ever asked questions. Just say you ‘figured’ she was up for a promotion and had to be looked into, but you really don’t know. Now …between you and I, she a cold woman and I want to know why….because I would love to fuck her. If she’s into women or something else, I can stop my efforts. See what you can find out, OK?…now…you’ll be with ‘new projects’ that you can’t talk about…got it.”
I said I understood and top secret all the way.

…..I left and thought, oh my. A boss who can’t make time with a female employee and wants me to spy on her so he can use the information to get to her somehow. I laughed.

… I spotted Ms. Grant or ‘Janice’ the day she got here, and If anybody is going to fuck her, it will be me. She’s fucking beautiful. A natural blond, big tits, and models face, hot legs and I can make her laugh. That was the one thing that her daddy never warned her about, ‘watch out for the guy who make’s you laugh’.

She was all business, her parents have big bucks and she gone to the finest schools. She very smart and is about 22 and already head of accounting….but is totally NOT street wise at all. I think an ice cream cone would get you in her pants.

…..Now to devise a plan that gives me a reason to make a lot of contact with her. Nice work just looking at her. I got a clip board and some papers about nothing and a cover page I made up that said. ‘Special Projects – Confidential’ on it. Now to see ‘Janice’ and set her up.

….I went to her office and knocked on her door. She looked up and gave a little smile and said to come in. She put on her ‘all business’ air and said: “James, what are you doing here”. I said putting my hand over my heart: “Oh Janice, I just had to see you again..” “JAMES!”….Ok, and explained I was sent to check on any dishonest employees, but posing as special projects. “James, don’t lie to me, and don’t stand so close to me please.”
I said: “But Janice, you smell like fresh flowers and it makes me want to dance.” She gave out a tiny chuckle. “James, don’t try any of your tricks to get my attention, they won’t work. “

I said:
“I made you laugh, nanner nanner.”
She couldn’t hold back and laughed, but quickly composed herself. “James, don’t be a pest, Sex hikayeleri can’t you see I’m busy.” I looked at her desk and she was drawing a guy dancing with flowers.” I quick snatched if from her and went “Wow, is this me!” Her face got pink and she pointed…”Get out of my office and give me that paper back.” I put the picture down my pants and said: “Come and get it.” She glared at me and slowly got up out of her chair. She walked over to me and held out her hand. She whispered: (“…give me that back you little shit!”) I said back: (“..give me a kiss and I will”) She got this stunned look on her face and looked all around first. She pecked me on the lips. I reached in my pants, and faked like I had to reach way down to get her little drawing. She almost smiled. I gave her the paper back. She half smiled and put it in her bra. She said: “This not the time or place to play your little games.” I said: “Oh Janice…I forgot to write something on that paper, can I go get it?” She didn’t know what to say except ’no’, but… she wanted a good reply to me. She whispered: (“..it will cost you a dinner James, tonight at my house at 7 sharp, and don’t you be late.”)

…..I couldn’t believe my ears, she actually invited to dinner at her house! I said: “Address.” She wrote it down and then said: “Out!” I felt I was making progress with the ‘ice queen’, as every guy called her.

….I arrived at her house…oh… a big money place and knocked. She answered wearing a prim and proper blouse and matching skirt. She said for me to sit on her plush couch and sat beside me. “James, we have to have a talk. My job demands that I’m very professional, and YOU are messing with that. I want you to try and behave your self around me. Others can see us. OK?…and don’t call me Janice, it Ms. Grant…OK? I turned and looked at her. She wouldn’t look at me. I said: “But we’re not at work now, Janice.” She began to smile. “James, your so…so…stop looking at me that way, I’m trying to help you be….” I started looking down her cleavage. “James…James don’t do that, that paper isn’t there anymore. James …I….”

….I picked up her hand and kissed it, and continued to hold it. She shivered and went into shock. Her cold hand started to tremble a little, but she didn’t pull it away. “James, I haven’t been around much, and when you do something like that I don’t know how to respond…OK?…James I …well I think I like you…but…” I said: “I think in Europe the ’lady’ would return the ’kiss’, but only on the man’s lips…” She just sat there frozen. I said: “Let me demonstrate.” I leaned over and kissed her softly. Her hand slowly squeezed mine. She sucked big air when I stopped. I wondered if Sikiş hikayeleri she had ever kissed a man before. She swallowed hard. “James!…don’t do that!“ I said: “So…what makes you wet?” She looked puzzled. She said: “Wet?….well the shower, the swimming pool, gardening and doing dishes…” I somehow kept from laughing. She asked: “Wet, why are you asking me that?” I thought…oh man, this girl is really naive, I’m going to have fun with her.

…..”There is one more place that gets ‘wet’ on special occasions.”
She looked puzzled again.
“Let me demonstrate again.” I turned her to lay across my lap. I told her to close her eyes. I started in with little kisses on her face. Here came her breathing again as she gasp a little. I said tell me if you feel a place that is starting to get ’wet’. She began to relax and returning my kisses. I put her hand on her tit. She jumped at first then I guided it all around both tits. She kept breathing hard and gasp more. I kept it up and now she was getting into it and started to moan a little. She was beautiful and I got an erection going good. She had to have felt it in her side. I noticed her kicking her shoes off and twitching her legs and feet. Now I kissed her with passion and teased her lips with my tongue.

…I pushed my tongue in until it touched hers. Now she was really getting hot and squirming. She whispered: (“oh James, I feel dizzy…(gasp)..but I’ll have to admit, I like this.”) I kept moving her hand over her tits and then I just let mine continue on doing the feeling. I unbuttoned her blouse. I gently let my hand feel her neck and drift down over her bra. She moaned so sweet. I slipped my hand under her bra an felt the most beautiful set of tits with bare skin. Now she did the kissing and her tongue was real active. I went for her tummy. I gently ran my hand over it, coming ever closer to her skirt waist. I kept it up and was about ask her if she felt anything getting wet ..yet, when she stopped and whispered: (“I feel something else wet now. I didn’t know you meant down…”there”…” I said: “I don’t believe you.” She said: “It is too! …it’s wet down…’there’…feel for your self. “

…..Ahhhh the magic words…’feel it for yourself’…..

Janice thought….

…..Well my little ‘naive’ act is working well. I had him in my sights right away. He’s cute and makes me laugh. Ok James, go for my pussy and finger me, I like that. He’ll make a good little love slave, doing all he can to please me. Wait until I get him naked and get my hands on his erection. He’ll do what ever I want him to. Right now I want him to take me in my bed and have some good healthy sex, with me. God… he can make Erotik hikaye me so damn hot. I better be careful or I’ll end up being his love slave…..which…I think I might like.

….I slowly slipped my hand the waist of her skirt. My ego told me what a great score I was making and what a cool guy I was, putting the make on Janice…but…something caught my attention. First, she had on no panties, second I felt a shaved runway of pubic hair. This did not fit a naïve girl. Janice moaned and squirmed as I felt her wet pussy. She whispered: (“I think my bedroom would be more private.”)

….Ok…I got up and picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. It was awesome. All dark and seductive looking. Erotic pictures on the walls and all. I placed her on her back and proceeded to take her clothes off. She did the same to me, and fast. She got on top of me quickly and held my hand down. She had suddenly become this wild woman, kissing my body all over and moaning as she did it.

….“James, you ‘can’ keep your mouth shut, can’t you.” I nodded my head as she slithered down to my erection. She started in licking it and moaning and making pleasure sounds. She jacked, sucked and felt every part of it. She had this sexy smile as she came up and started kissing my neck and face. She reached down and put my rock hard cock in her pussy. Now she started in slow fucking me, rocking her hips back and forth as she gasp for air. “Oh god James….you feel so good.” she said. She moved my arms and legs just where she wanted them and held me tight. She drove her wet pussy in deep and moaned each time it touched bottom. She was so turned on she scared me a little.

….Now Ms. Ice queen was a wild animal and she had me locked up tight in her grip. Now she got me so excited I started fucking her with all I had. Our bodies slapped together and she got wilder and started driving her tongue deep in my mouth. “Fuck me James,” she said. “Make me cum hard James, cum with me James, oh god yes!” She started squeezing all the air out of my chest and clamped my cock in her pussy tight.

…. She began to say “oh baby…oh baby” and then growled as I had to shoot my load in her. She squirmed as if in pain as she must have had a good climax. Her whole body fucked me hard…..

….What a wild fuck she was as I lost my breath as she kept fucking and squirming on me. We were burning up with the heat. She started to purr like a content cat. Her pussy still moving on my cock as she looked so content. All finally got quiet as her pussy savored my cum running out of her pussy. She slow squirmed to feel it.

….I knocked on Mr. Kirk’s door and he waved me in. I walked over and sat close to him. He put his head down to hear me whisper my findings about Ms. Grant. I said one word


He shook his head in disappointment, thanked me and I left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32