Ideal Day 05

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As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be “Ideal” for me if my wife decided to take charge as I have requested many times.

I awoke to my wife playing with my cock, but rather than continuing to do so once I was awake and fully hard, she rolled over on her stomach and asked me to play with her pussy. Lying on her stomach is her favorite position as it allows me to reach her pussy from behind and her clit from underneath. It also makes it easier for her to hump against my movements while controlling how much access I have to her pussy.

After a few minutes when she was getting extremely wet I moved my thumb down to enter her pussy, allowing me to reach her “G” spot. She automatically pushed up against my thumb and moaned with pleasure, but told me to remove it so she did not cum too soon. Using her own slickness to make her asshole slick I hoped she would allow me to put a finger or thumb in her ass while I finger fucked her cunt.

To my surprise this time she requested that I get our small butt plug and place that in her ass instead. While I reached into the drawer beside the bed she reached down to play with her own clit.

With an ample amount of lube I pushed the plug into her ass, again making her arch up involuntarily. I then returned to fingering her pussy while she played with her clit. Soon she was humping hard against my fingers, but again had me quit before she climaxed, telling me to “fuck her for real, and hard” now. When I started to otele gelen escort take the butt plug out she told me to leave it in place, a first for us.

Moving behind her I reached down and opened her cunt open to allow my cock to slide in easily. The feeling of the butt plug on my cock through her pussy and against my stomach, combined with her super wet pussy made it tough for me to not cum instantly.

Moving my cock in and out very slowly, I gradually picked up the pace while she arched her ass and pushed back against me faster and faster. Reaching down I grabbed a nipple with each hand while pounding her hard and fast, trying to match the pace she was sitting with her finger on her clit. It seemed like no time at all before I was filling her with my cum and we were both collapsing sideways on to the bed. Once relaxed she told me to remove the butt plug and wash it up after bringing her a hot washcloth.

The rest of the day she was happy to be nude in the house, but I was told to put in my favorite “long time” butt plug and to hold it in place with a pair of my thong underwear. Since she is not normally the take charge person in our sex life this also had me hard every time I thought about where this might lead later in the day.

Time seemed to drag on, but after fixing us lunch, cleaning up the kitchen and doing some other chores she had given me, I was pleasantly surprised to hear her call me into the living room. She told me to go dig out our double ended dildo, lube it up, bend over the bed and be ready for her to fuck my ass.

When she comes into the room, mecidiyeköy escort I hand her the dildo which she places between her legs and below her pussy. When she moved up behind, felt the head of the dildo against my asshole. When I started to push back she moved back however, saying that if I want it, I’ll have to ask for it. Again, this is out of character for my wife, who seldom talks during sex, I’m the noisy one generally.

“Please, fuck my ass with the dildo” I ask.

With that she pushes forward, but only enough for the head of the dildo to push past my sphincter and the stops again. Knowing that if I push back, she will pull out I don’t move…

“Do you want something?” she asks.

“Deeper, Please, I want to feel it slide in and feel your pussy hitting my ass,” I reply.

Ever so slowly she pushes forward, making me sigh with the sensation. When the dildo is nearly buried in my ass she gives a hard and fast push, making me move forward against the bed and let out a groan. She then starts to pull out equally slow, driving me crazy.

“Is that what you want? If you want me to fuck you, you better let me know just what you want,” she commands.

“Harder and faster please, I want to feel your pussy slapping against my ass,” I say.

With that she is suddenly holding my hips and fucking me hard and fast for a few strokes, then slowing down and teasing me with the sensations of the dildo until it is nearly out of my ass, causing me to push back, her cue to shove back hard and fast again.

Soon I realize she is standing still and I’m doing all the moving, fucking my self türkmen escort on the dildo, my cock bouncing in the air as my hands grab the sheets for move leverage.

“Oh yea, that is so good, I love when you make me fuck myself with the dildo,” I say.

After a few minutes she again places her hands on my hips and makes me stop moving so she can control what is happening. Slowly pushing in while pulling on my hips she again rams the last couple of inches in hard and fast while jerking my hips back. I love the lack of control over what she is doing and she knows it. I am soon reduced to just moaning “yea, oh yea, Fuck me” while she pounds my ass.

Reaching under me she grabs my cock, knowing that I’m so excited that I will come the second she does so. The sensation of her hand on my cock, my cuming and the dildo up my ass are so fantastic I nearly collapse. Pulling the dildo out, she hands it to me and says, “Clean this up and put it away before putting your butt plug back in.”

I am so pleased with her taking charge that I do as I’m told in a daze. When I have the dildo clean, the plug back in place and my thong on to keep it there, I find her in the living room watching X-rated movies on the TV.

“Cook us some dinner and bring it in to the living room,” she commands.

When dinner is cooked and served, we eat while watching the porn, but as soon as she is done she has me clear the plates and go sit on the couch. Pushing my thong down under my balls she backs up against me and sits on my cock while playing with her clit and having me describe what I like about the scene on the TV. Moving as little as possible to keep me from coming she is soon near climax. With just a few quick movements of her pussy on my cock she tells me to cum, NOW! My cum shooting into her pussy is matched by her cum pouring down over my ball! This has been a great day, and one I hope is repeated over and over again in the near future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32