I’m a Size Queen

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My whole life I have been attracted to men, since I can first remember. Of course my feelings for some men changed from family love and friendship to lust sometime during my teens, and I became aware of the difference between men and myself.

For starters, I am all woman. I stand 5’8”, long brown hair, olive skin, dark eyes, a very attractive face, and an hourglass figure. I have fairly large breasts; depending on the manufacturer I take either a C or a D cup, usually a D. I workout at the gym every day and run on the weekends, so I have a very flat stomach and toned muscles. I competed in track in my high school, but quit during college. It wasn’t that I wasn’t fast enough; the bouncing of my breasts just became too painful, even with an industrial strength sports bra. In addition to this I was attracting a lot of male attention and I frankly enjoyed it, so I cleared out my schedule a little bit so that I could indulge.

I am particular about the men that I get together with, they have to be first of all a nice guy, a gentleman, motivated, and in good shape. Of course, I prefer them to be good looking, but not in that rugged sort of way, those kinds of guys typically are too macho and filled with themselves.

Another discriminator that I sought after awhile was that they are well hung, well endowed, or big ‘down there’. The guys I dated in high school were mostly big guys, some college guys, but when I got to college I learned that I could have a much greater choice and even share stories with my friends! Who is better to recommend a lover than a good friend, eh?

Well, my friend Darlene had dated this guy, Hank, for about two months, but her grades were so bad she had to drop out of college. At night in the dorm Darlene and I had often talked over cocoa or coffee and we talked, of course, about guys. I was dating a guy at the time on the wrestling team, and he was an excellent lover, but I felt frustrated, somehow. Darlene confided in me that Hank was an excellent lover and he was “this thick”, holding her fingers apart almost three inches.

Now Hank is a nice looking guy, tall, lean, and I see him running from time to time. He’s also a Junior, so he had gained the confidence that most underclassmen lack. During the spring semester I saw Hank hanging around the student union and we struck up a conversation. I asked Hank if he had heard from Darlene, and he sadly replied that he had not. We departed company but not before I found out that he would be at the local pub that Thursday, and I felt determined to meet him there.

Thursday evening came and I showed up, in nice khaki slacks and a white blouse with cut-off sleeves. I wanted to show off my tan from my winter vacation in Florida and it worked! I received all kinds of stares from guys as they parted to let me pass. Well, they might have been staring at the rest of me, Sinop Escort but who knows?

Hank waved me down and I joined him and we shared a drink together, then we danced. Hank is an excellent dancer and we danced as often as we could, between drinks. We finally settled into a slow dance and I leaned into him. I felt my breasts mash up against his chest and it felt good, his big chest fit just over my breasts. Late in the dance I felt his erection spring up and knock into my hip and stomach from time to time. I remembered what Darlene had said and I wondered if what she had said was true. I lay my head on his shoulder and moved my hands over his shoulders and back. Hank became a bit bolder and reciprocated, caressing my back, then my backside, finally firmly gripping my waist, pulling me into him. Finally I felt his rather large cock stretched across his pants, lying across my stomach and off to the side. It felt like a monster!

We finally broke apart when the dance ended and I asked him to walk me home to my dorm. I fully expected to part at the front door, but the guard was a friend of Hank’s, so he followed me in. I gave him a quick tour of my room. My roommate usually goes home on Thursday evenings, as she doesn’t have Friday classes.

Eventually Hank and I wound up face to face and he reached for me and his soft lips met mine. Hank is an excellent kisser, not too much open mouth, a little tongue, and the rest of his body gently pressed into mine. I couldn’t resist and asked Hank to take off his shirt, while I pulled it out of his pants. As he pulled off his shirt I attacked his nipples and he groaned loudly. I playfully pushed him onto my roommates’ bed and pulled his shoes off, then unbuckled his pants and yanked them off his hips and legs. Wow, what an immense bulge he had, his underwear was tented out and I could clearly see the wet spot where the rather immense head of his cock lay. I felt as if he was going to be a challenge.

Hank, ever the considerate lover, stood up and proceeded to remove my blouse, unbuttoning it with shaking hands. We weren’t speaking much by now, just reacting to the stimulation of exposed flesh. As my breasts were exposed he told me “You have got the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen”, and then proceeded to remove my bra. As my breasts leaped out of the cups his eyes grew wide.

I am quite proud of my breasts, they stand up very firm, are dark skinned also, and my nipples are large and prominent, surrounded by big areolas. He gently lifted one breast, then the other to his mouth and proceeded to tease and the hell out of me, gently nibbling, tonguing, and sucking on the exposed flesh, finally settling on my oh-so-sensitive nipples. I had a little orgasm as he did this and I pushed him away, they were just too sensitive.

I then removed my slacks and my matching panties Sinop Escort Bayan were exposed. He gently removed them, by kneeling in front of me, and he finally worked his way up my legs after removing them from my feet. I felt his tongue winding up my leg and finally his long tongue settled into my vagina, teasing my labial lips and finally gently suckling on my clitoris, alternating with teasing my insides. My legs were spread, my hands were on his shoulders and the back of his head, and I threw my head back in ecstasy! I had another orgasm; this one was real, and much deeper. I finally pushed him away and knelt at his feet as he stood up.

I was staring at his boxer shorts, his cock was almost standing upright, it was curving back toward his stomach with the restriction. I just had to pull them down, so I worked them over his cockhead and pulled them down his legs. His cock was drug down with the shorts and finally popped up and swayed in front of me – it was fucking HUGE!

I had been with some men that I considered large before, but this cock was probably ten inches long and fatter than a beer can. Despite his great size it stood up from him, and I pulled it down to my mouth with the palm of my hand. There was no way I could reach my hand all the way around his immense girth, and there was no way in hell I could fit the apple sized head in my mouth – lord knows I tried! Hank took the back of my head in his hands and tried to fuck my mouth, but it stretched my lips to far and he didn’t force the issue, so I licked all around his mighty cockhead and up and down the fat shaft. His balls were immense as well and I tried to suck each one into my mouth but again failed. I was coating his shaft with my saliva and it began dripping off his balls onto the floor and onto my chest. I ground my breasts into his legs while I continued to suck the outside of his shaft, licking every fucking square inch of this mighty cock. His cock was leaking copious amounts of precum, mixing with my saliva. God, it was so hot! I pulled his tight ass into me with my hand now, the other I used to grasp his stalk until he finally pulled me away.

After he somewhat regained his composure he reached for my hand and led me to the bed, but I pulled him onto mine instead, I didn’t want to clean my roommate’s bed sheets.

Hank gently lay me down and settled on top of me, his slim hips between my spread legs, his immense cock nudging my opening up and down, teasing me so badly I asked him to “Please fuck me, I want you inside of me – now!”

I felt the head of his cock, slick with our juices gently part my nether lips, which were swollen with desire and I felt him begin to spread me open, split is more accurate actually. As his mighty cock began to penetrate me I felt my clitoris raked against his shaft, every single vein on his shaft felt like Escort Sinop a tiny finger and I immediately began to come. After what seemed like an incredible length of time he finally got his large cockhead into me and penetrated me a few inches, my insides slowly stretched around him, an incredibly full feeling washed over me and I began to have an almost continuous orgasm. Hank gently seesawed in and out of me, and finally bottomed out in me, his balls teasing my bottom.

Hank paused and looked at me and said “You are such an incredible woman, beautiful, so well built, and sooo incredibly tight! I don’t want to hurt you, please tell me if I do.” By this time I was in ecstasy and I urged him to fuck me, and he began a gentle in and out motion. I grabbed the back of his arms, moved to his back, his ass, then I reached under his arms and pulled his back and ass into me… I couldn’t get enough! Hank began fucking me with longer strokes and harder and faster until I was in a state of almost continuous orgasms again, I began to moan very loudly and the profanities that poured out of my mouth! “Oh, God, Hank. You’re in-fucking-credible! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God, I am so full! Your cock is so big, oh fuck me you stud! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck meee!” I finally knew what it was like to make love with a real man, this gentle giant was what I wanted and I wanted this to last!

Finally, but all too soon I felt my insides stretch a little further as his cock expanded even more and I knew he was going to come. I wasn’t protected so I asked him to pull out. Hank, ever considerate, desperately pulled out and sandwiched his cock between us and began pouring, I swear, at least a quart of come onto my stomach, tiny rivulets running off me and onto the sheets. One spurt painted the underside of one of my breasts, even splashing into my cleavage, practically reaching my neck! Hank must have come for 30 continuous seconds and finally the spurts subsided and he settled down on top of me. I reached up and caressed him, his face, the back of his arms, his neck, his back… what a wonderful feeling.

Hank finally lay down beside me, between the wall and me and asked for a towel. I got up and got a damp cloth and gently washed myself off and then returned to clean the mess off of him, and tried to soak up a little off the bed. After Hank got his breath back he put his arms around me and we cuddled, so nice, so gentle. I gently caressed him, my hands finally wound up settling onto his cock again and it began to respond after about a minute of gently pulling it up, again and again.

I gently pushed him back and I lowered my head to take his glorious cock in my mouth. It tasted a little of our combined juices, but mostly of his sweet tasting come. This blowjob was going to be good, I determined, and the first of many!!

Hank has not been my only lover, and I have found men with mightier cocks, but I’ll save some for my next story, deal?

Regardless, I am a certified crotch-watcher. If I see a particularly nice bulge, and the guy is nice looking, he just might get lucky. I love men with big cocks; I’m a size queen!

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