Immersion Therapy

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“Well…” he starts, “sure, I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Cool,” I reply, “where do you want to meet up?”

“How about you come out here,” he replies.

“Where is it,” I ask as I get into my car and start it up.

“Um,” he says, “I actually live in the desert area, I’m sort of retired, bring a change of clothes or something.”

“All right,” I say as I drive to my car, “So how do I get there?”

“Where you at now?” he asks.

“On my way home,” I reply.

“Call me when you get done there,” he says, “and I’ll give you the directions you need.”

“All right,” I say as he hangs up.

I speed home and realize that Crystal isn’t home. I quickly throw together a bunch of clothes and put them in a bag and leave without taking a shower. I’m so excited that I get to see my roommate from college. This is going to be a blast.

Before I get to the part where I call him for directions, I just thought I’d inform you how we met and the kind of relationship that we had. Here goes:

Ted had been my senior year roommate after his old dorm had been demolished and he was moved into my newer dorm. He was pretty clumsy but he was smart. He was a computer science major. He rarely went out or did anything. I on the other hand was sleeping with every woman I could. Even though it usually backfired. I rarely got laid, it was getting worse and worse with each time that I tried to have sex. I finally lost my virginity two weeks after he moved in. It was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. I came in like five seconds, I couldn’t believe it, something must have been wrong with me.

Needless to say we broke up. And it was pretty nasty. I was so sad when I came home after the break up; I sat down on the couch and started crying. I sat there for a long time and then Ted came out and sat next to me on the couch. He put his arm around me and kept telling me that it would be okay. And then he kissed me. I freaked out and almost hit him. But he pulled back. But I then kissed him again. I said fuck it we’re in college. He sucked my dick like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t believe how good he was at it. I came in no time. I shot it all in his mouth. He had to spit it out. But every time I had a bad date or day for that matter, Ted always gave up his mouth and ass for me. We fell out of contact with each other after we graduated. Shortly thereafter I met Crystal. But sometimes I think of Ted and wonder what it would be like if we stayed together.

I find my hand’s ataşehir escort free device and call Ted. He answers on the second ring.

“Tyler,” he says in a questionable tone.

“It’s me,” I reply.

“So um,” he starts, “Just take the freeway and get off on the Otis street exit. And then take a right on Stillwater drive. My house number is 150. Actually I’m the only house.”

“Cool,” I reply, “I’ll be there in about an hour or so, I guess. Want me to bring anything?”

“If you want,” he replies.

“I’ll surprise you,” I laugh.

“Sure,” he replies.

“I better let you go,” he says.

“Okay,” I reply as we both hang up.

I get in my car and rive off fast. I make it to the eight in no time. I decide to stop at a liquor store somewhere in some small desert town and buy an expensive bottle of wine. I hope it will score me some points so to speak. And I buy a 3 pack of condoms. There is no fucking way that I’m going to fuck him without one, we did it once without them and I was for sure I got AIDS. I wonder what Crystal is doing? I then drive away from the store and continue on my way to his house. It seems like forever before I get to his house. And like he says it’s the only one on the street. His house is large and very modern. He must have just built it not too long ago. Plus he must have a ton of money. I wish I could have this spot. Crystal and myself still just rent a house. It’s nice but not nearly as nice as this one is. I get out the car and walk up his driveway. I knock on the door and he answers it.

“Tyler,” he says in an excited voice.

“Ted,” I say hugging him.

“How have you been,” he asks.

“Good,” I reply, “just um…”

“Well come on in,” he offers, “we can talk all about it.”

I follow him inside and notice that his house is very nice and he has an ungodly amount of things. His house is so much better than my house. I wish I lived here. He leads me to the couch and we sit down. He kicks off his shoes and I do the same.

“I can’t believe this place,” I say in admiration.

“Neither can I,” he replies, “I got good on some dot com companies before the bubble burst. So that’s how I was able to quote unquote retire at my age. I still do free lance software work.”

“That’s awesome,” I say, “I wish I was retired.”

“So what do you do,” he asks.

“Real Estate,” I reply, “I’m trying to save up and buy a house from myself.”

“That’s funny,” he replies, “I wish you could do that.”

“What,” avcılar escort I ask.

“Buy a house from myself,” he laughs.

“True,” I laugh, “so what’s been new with you?”

“Nothing really,” he starts, “just got out of a bad relationship with my boyfriend. He was too controlling, had to ditch him.”

“Same here sort of,” I say.

“What happened with you and him,” he asks.

“Her,” I reply, “Her.”

“Her,” he says with his great enthusiasm, “I for sure thought that you were gay.”

“No,” I reply, “I finally found that special someone. Her name was Crystal, we just sort of had a falling out.”

“Over what,” he asks.

“Don’t laugh,” I warn, “But I fell in love with her strap on dildo.”

“That’s silly,” he laughs.

“Fuck you,” I say as I begin to stand up.

“I’m sorry,” he says sliding over to me.

He gently kisses me. It feels good. He slowly pulls away right when we get into it,

“You okay,” he asks, “we’re not moving too fast are we?”

“Fuck no,” I reply.

He then pushes me back onto the couch and we begin to kiss. I can feel the stubble on his face as we continue our furious make out session. He slowly puts his hand down my pants and begins to jerk me off. He can do that better than Crystal can, he is amazing. He unzips my pants and pulls out my dick and spits in his hand and jerks me off even more. I say fuck it and take off my clothes. He stays fully dressed which I like since Crystal has turned me so submissive. He slowly works his way down my body and begins to suck my dick.

“Just like old times,” he says right before his mouth engulfs my penis.

“Oh yeah,” I say, “like old times.”

He begins to feverously suck my dick. I love the feeling of his mouth on my dick. It’s unexplainable. He gets up and walks to his room and brings a bottle of lube back to the living room. He slowly works a lubed finger up my ass, which is still sore from what Crystal did to me. It feels okay, but not as good as I thought.

“Fuck,” I exclaim.

“You okay baby,” he asks as he pulls his mouth off my penis.

“Fine,” I reply, “Just a little sore down there.”

“No problem,” he says before he begins to sucks.

He pulls his finger out of me and just sucks my dick. I notice that he wipes his lube-covered finger on his couch. He keeps sucking more and more. I love the feeling of him sucking more and more. It drives me crazy. He stops after a few minutes and gets up. He signals for me to follow him. I have ataşehir escort bayan no choice but to comply. But I reach into my pants and realize that I left the condoms in the car.

“Fuck it,” I say out loud.

“What’s that baby,” he says grabbing my hand.

“Nothing,” I say following him.

He grabs the bottle of lube and I follow him as he takes his clothes off. He drags me to his outdoor patio. It’s really nice and overlooks an impressive valley. There is a bed set up in the center. He throws me on the bed and begins to give me more head. Soon he slides around me and soon his penis is in my mouth. It’s smaller than mine but it’s extremely hard. We 69 for a few minutes, being on the bottom sucks and his penis gets uncomfortable in my mouth. He eventually hands me the bottle of lube and he straddles my face as I proceed to finger his ass. It’s pretty tight at first but soon it opens up easily.

“You must take it in the faghole,” I say before licking it.

“Where did you hear that,” he grunts, “that’s our term.”

“Crystal called it that,” I reply.

I then feverously lick and finger his faghole. He grunts and groans in sheer ecstasy as I probe it even further. He jerks me off and plays with my balls as I loosen up his ass. I can’t take it I want to fuck it. I want to feel what it feels like again. I push him off me and sit up and lube up my dick.

“Come on baby,” he yells.

I slowly place my unprotected dick into his ass. I begin to fuck him in the doggy style position. He seems to be really into it. I barely play with his dick. I notice that he plays with his just a little. Soon I get tired of fucking him like that. I then place him on top of me and he begins to ride my dick. He leans down and kisses me softly. I push him back every time he tries that. He seems to like that even more.

“Fuck,” he yells, “I’m gonna cum!!”

“Cum for me,” I say slapping his face.

Suddenly his penis spurts out four hard blasts of cum onto my stomach. I take my finger and scoop some of it up and eat it, while I continue to fuck him. Soon I have to cum and lift him off of me. I stand up on the bed and force him to kneel down as I grab his hair. I shoot my hot sperm right into his mouth. He swallows some of it but the rest he sort of pushes out. I then fall back onto the bed. He soon follows suit. He pulls himself up to me and kisses me with his cum stained mouth.

“How was it,” he asks as he places his arm around me.

“The best,” I say as the sun beats down on me.

“I love you,” he says before kissing me.

“Just like old times,” I reply.

Soon the sun takes over and causes us to fall asleep, in my own cum and all.

To be continued in, not all is, as it seems to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32