Impossible to Resist

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Impossible to Resist

Annabel and Bonnie were born only a year apart. The grew up together, spent all their time together and helped each other when in need. They were not only sisters, but best friends as well.

Of course, as time passed, and they grew up, they decided upon their own careers and acquired jobs in different professions. Consequently, they moved in different circles, but always came back together on a regular basis.

Bonnie – the younger of the two – was the first to marry. It wasn’t a surprise, as she had been going out with Dennis for two years (in fact they had been living together for six months prior to that). Annie married the next year – she and Steve wanted to give her parents time to recover from the first expenditure, although it meant that they were waiting a lot longer than they had intended (or wanted).

Time passed and Bonnie’s house heard the patter of tiny feet. One boy and one girl.

Annie and her husband had to wait to start a family as they were in a difficult situation career-wise, but eventually she gave birth to Michael.

Almost two decades later, the sisters were now in their mid-40s. Both of Bonnie’s children had flown the nest – as had her husband. Their marriage had become a sham in the end, and they were only waiting for the children to leave before they obtained a divorce. Bonnie found a small property that suited her close to her sibling. She had enough put by to live comfortably when combined with her part-time job at a local nursery school.

Meanwhile, Annie’s son Michael was still at home – but probably not for much longer. He was almost nineteen and had already gotten the grades he needed to go to the University of his choice.

So, Michael’s birthday was coming up and his parents asked him if he wanted a party. Much to their surprise (and disappointment), he said no. He decided instead to go out that evening with his closest friends (all of whom had already either started work or decided on a different University, so he wouldn’t be seeing them for a while). It was a weekday and as he was likely to be out late, Annie invited Bonnie over to keep her company – Michael’s father Steve worked a night shift for a high-tech computer company, so he was gone between 9.30pm and 6.30am.

Michael went out of the door at a little after seven o’clock. His Mother had managed to get him to eat a meal before he left, as she was sure that drink would be involved in his evening.


Bonnie and Annie opened a bottle of wine and sipped at their glasses while talking and reminiscing of when they were the same age as Michael. How they would go out and maybe have a little too much to drink. The boyfriends and the mischief they got up to caused them to giggle like teenagers again.

“And what about the sex?” said Bonnie. “Every night!”

“Rubbish! You wish! If I recall correctly, you were always whingeing that you weren’t getting enough!”

“Well, maybe not every night. But it was a damn sight more than I’m getting now.”

“Me too!” Annie blushed at what she had just admitted.

“So, you and Steve aren’t doing it much?”

Annie sighed, “No. not very much at all, to be honest.”

“You don’t think he’s having an affair?”

She burst out laughing, “No! Ha ha! Not a chance. He’s just tired all the time. The problem is that when I’m in the mood in the evening, it’s just his start of the day. Let’s face it, first thing in the morning isn’t the best time for most people of our age.”

“What about holidays?”

Annie smiled at a memory, “Well, it certainly improves then. Especially when I wag my tail at him!”

“Huh?” she questioned.

Sheepishly, Annie explained, “Well, if I get onto the bed on my hands and knees, pull my nightie up and wiggle my bum, it drives him wild! If I’m wearing panties, he’ll rip them off, but I try and make sure I’m not. He turns into a bit of an animal and once he’s in he just hangs onto my hips drives it home fast.”

Annie realised she was panting a little at the memory.

“Do you come?” asked Bonnie.

“When he’s like that he’s never going to last very long is he? So, I cheat a bit. I go to the bathroom first and, well, get my motor running. Then when he goes in after I continue playing with myself until he comes out. Usually that works, but if I’m a bit behind, I beg him to keep going until I get there. He usually does his best, bless him.”

“But that’s just holiday times, yes?”

“Yes. It would never work at home. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

“That damned night job, eh?”

“Yes. But at least it pays well, and we don’t have to worry about money.”


It was one o’clock in the morning when they heard Michael stumble up to the front door and drop his keys. Annie opened the door while he was still leaning over trying to retrieve them. The amount he was swaying told her everything she needed to know – even if she had lost her sense of smell. He reeked of alcohol but, fortunately, he appeared not to have been ofise gelen gaziantep escort ill. Yet.

With Bonnie’s help. They got Michael inside. He mumbled his thanks and something that sounded like, “Warrer”.

The two women looked at each other and, after a pause, understood – he needed to drink plenty of water. They sat him down in the kitchen and gave him a full glass. He emptied it, so they gave him another, which he sipped. Then he slumped down onto his arms and looked like he was going to sleep.

“Oh, Bonnie. We can’t let him sleep here; we’ll have to get him up to bed”.

Fortunately, it was a wide staircase, so the sisters stood either side of him and wrapped his arms around their shoulders. It wasn’t easy, but slowly they made their way up. Annie had a good grip of his left hand, pulling down to keep his arm over her shoulders. Bonnie had gripped his other wrist in a similar manner, but as they struggled his hand accidentally brushed against her breast. Perhaps she wouldn’t have noticed, but for some reason her nipple was standing proud, and the fingers rubbed across the outline. It sent a thrill through her. The next contact was not accidental; in fact, she held his hand and pressed the palm into her needy flesh.

Once in his bedroom, the two women turned him round and sat him down on the bed.

“We’d better get him undressed and put him in the recovery position,” Annie suggested.

That was fine with Bonnie and while Annie unfastened his shirt buttons one by one, she busied herself whipping off his shoes and socks, before attacking his belt and trouser fastenings. His Mother, having removed his shirt, allowed him to lie back on the bed. This then gave Bonnie the opportunity to rapidly remove his trousers.

Both women were stunned to discover that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. And Bonnie’s eyes had gone wide at the sheer size and girth of his manhood – even in its currently flaccid state.

“Good Lord!” Bonnie blurted, “Is Steve as big as that?”

“Bonnie!” Annie tried to hush her, hoping that they wouldn’t wake Michael. “Shh, you’ll wake him up!”

“Don’t be silly, Annie. He’s dead to the world,” she laughed. “Anyway, answer the question; is Steve that big?”

“Stop it, Bonnie!” she hissed. Then, relenting, she looked at her son’s genitals and said, “No, thank goodness!”

Both women were standing staring at Michael’s prone figure. Annie suddenly realised what they were doing and snapped out of her trance.

“We should turn him on his side and get him covered up.”

But before she could move, Bonnie had leant down and wrapped her hand around the soft shaft.

“Wow! I can only just get my hand around it!”

“Bonnieeeee!” was the whispered, pleading response from Annie, but Bonnie ignored her sister and began to rub the organ gently. This stimulation, along with the warmth of her hand caused it to react and Michael’s penis began to grow to its full size.

“No Bonnie, you’ll wake him up! What on earth will he think?”

“I told you; he’s out cold and he’ll never know.”

Bonnie knelt beside the bed and marvelled at the magnificence of Michael’s cock. She had never seen or held one like this before. Almost without realising it, she moved her forwards and enveloped the head with her mouth. That was all she could get in.

Annie, meanwhile, was shocked by her sister’s wanton intimacy with her sleeping son. She tried to ease Bonnie away by pulling back on her shoulders, but it was to no avail.

“Bonnie! Bonnie!” she whispered hoarsely. “Stop it! He’s your nephew for goodness’ sake!”

But the woman took no notice. Indeed, she was totally wrapped up in her hedonistic actions and had pulled her skirt up so that she could rub her clitoris through her panties.

Annie was unable to come to terms with what she was seeing and seemed to have no way of stopping her sister. At the back of her mind was the recognition of the eroticism she was seeing in what Bonnie was doing both to Michael and to herself. She simply stood and watched, unable to break the spell.

Bonnie was in another world and her libido was taking over. She took her mouth away and growled hungrily, before rising from the floor and throwing her leg across the prone body. She quickly pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and then positioned the head of Michael’s penis at the entrance to her vagina.

Slowly, oh so slowly, she sank down. She had to pause every now and then to allow the walls of her vagina to expand enough to allow further passage. When she had finally reached the bottom of his shaft, she turned and spoke to her sister with an ecstatic smile.

“For a moment, I didn’t think I could get it all in!”

Annie had forgotten that this was her sister and her son, and it was almost as if she was seeing a porn film – like the ones her husband had occasionally liked to watch, before having sex.

Bonnie began to rise and fall gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort rhythmically, accompanied by soft moans of pleasure.

Her sister couldn’t quite see what was happening, so she took half a step to one side and then could witness the glistening wet penis as it slid out of Bonnie’s vagina and then back in again.

The younger sister began to pick up her pace; her orgasm seemingly coming towards her at a rapid pace. It was just at the point of her coming that Michael suddenly came around.

“Huh? Wha….Aunt Bonnie!” He turned his head and then saw his mother, her skirt pulled up to her waist and her hand buried inside her panties. She was obviously frigging herself.

“Mum!” he mumbled.

Annie was shocked out of her erotic daydream and, in a panic, removed her hand and smoothed her skirt back down, her face turning crimson.

“Bonnieeee! He’s awake!” she had to inform her sister.

The woman tried to rise off Michael, but every time she moved it sent further shivers through her body. It took her a dozen attempts before she could finally climb off.

“Oh, I haven’t felt like that since…well, never actually!” she sighed.

The room went silent as all three pondered what had just happened. Michael was still a little inebriated but was now conscious. Annie was horrified at what her sister had done. Meanwhile, Bonnie was marvelling at Michael’s still rock hard and magnificent cock.

Still in a daze, Annie didn’t register when Bonnie took her hand and pulled her closer. Bonnie reached up and pushed down on her shoulder so that she sank to a kneeling position beside her. Before she knew what was happening, her sister had taken her own hand and wrapped it around Michael’s shaft and began encouraging her to rub it. She turned to her sister.

“But Bonnie, he’s my son!”

Annie tried to pull her hand away, but only half-heartedly. The skin felt so smooth, hot and hard and she began to wonder what it would feel like inside her. She shook her head to try and dispel the thoughts and images, but even now that Bonnie had released her hand, she couldn’t let go and continued the motion.

Torn between guilt and lust, the latter seemed to have now taken control. She had already stepped over the line, whether she stopped now or not. The head of Michael’s penis was glistening with her sister’s juices. This should surely have turned her off, but slowly her mouth moved towards it. She closed her eyes as her lips closed around it. This was something she only rarely did for her husband Steve, but she was somehow drawn to do it.

As Annie had to lean forward to reach Michael with her mouth, her backside was raised off her heels. Bonnie had by now removed her own panties and reached up under her sister’s dress to slip her knickers down to her knees. With minimal encouragement she got her sister to raise one knee at a time and then removed them completely.

From their previous conversations, Bonnie was aware that her sister didn’t often go down on her husband, so she was surprised to see her seemingly enjoying her son’s dick. But watching them was so hot! She squeezed her breasts and moaned. Making up her mind, she unzipped her dress and slipped it off. Her bra quickly followed, and she was left naked, toying with her nipples and clitoris, while watching her sister fellate Michael.

Annie could feel her pussy was moist. She knew that what she was contemplating was wrong, but the evening’s intake of wine had unharnessed her libido. She now felt she needed something inside her pussy, not her mouth. She sat back up and the rose to swing her leg across Michael’s body. She was worried that he might be too big for her, but Bonnie had managed, so maybe it would be alright?

She lifted her skirt in order to position Michael’s penis, revealing her genitals.

“Wow! Mum, you’re shaved!” Michael observed.

That comment almost stopped her dead in her tracks, but it was far too late now as she was already trying to ease the head through her vaginal lips. Very slowly, she too sank down a little at a time until finally her bottom came to rest on Michael’s strong thighs. She waited for a few moments, trying to get used to just how full she felt, before beginning to rise and fall gently.

Michael watched as his mother fucked him slowly, then turned to look at his aunt.

Bonnie was feeling incredibly horny, even after she had already had an orgasm. She was naked, Michael was naked, so why shouldn’t Annie be too?

Bonnie steeped closer to the couple and slid the zip down the back of Annie’s dress. She pulled the garment up over her head, but her sister didn’t seem to notice. Then she unfastened the bra and tossed that to the side as well.

Michael was now looking at his naked Mother, who had the appearance of sheer bliss on her face – even with her eyes closed. He had to admit, for a woman in her mid-forties, she still had a very gaziantep ofise gelen escort desirable body – as did his Aunt Bonnie, who was by now kneeling beside them and caressing his testicles. He could feel his orgasm approaching and willed himself to hold back if possible. When Annie began to pant and moan and speeded up, he couldn’t resist any longer and his semen surged up through his cock. It kept pumping for a long time and feeling the warmth flooding deep inside her pushed Annie over the edge. She kept going, but erratically and wildly, until finally the climax had passed, and she flopped down on her son’s chest.

Some minutes later Annie sat upright. She couldn’t look her son in the face, so she turned to Bonnie who had a lascivious grin on hers.

“Bonnie, can you go and fetch some paper tissues from my room? This is going to be very messy when I get off.”

Michael’s erection had begun to recede and some of the juices were beginning to leak. Bonnie handed Annie a wad of tissues and she held them there as the penis flopped out onto the young man’s stomach. She rose on her knees and felt the rest trickle out into the waiting tissues.

Suddenly realising just what she had done, Annie quickly threw the tissues into the bin, grabbed her clothing and left Michael’s room. She went into the master bedroom and quickly showered, hoping it would make her feel less…Immoral? She put her clothes back on, but change into a fresh pair of panties, because the evidence of her earlier arousal was clear in the dampened stain in the crotch.

When Annie returned to Michael’s room, Bonnie had climbed onto the bed and was lying alongside him, talking. She seemed unaware and unconcerned that they were still both naked.

“Bonnie, don’t you think you should get dressed now? We should leave Michael in peace, so he can get some rest. Besides, shouldn’t you be getting on home?”

“I’ve had too much to drink to drive myself home Annie. I’ll have to wait until I sober up.”

“Yes, well, shouldn’t you get dressed now. And Michael, for goodness’ sake pull the bed covers over yourself!” she pleaded.

Bonnie completely ignored what her sister had said.

“We were just talking. We were both surprised to find that you had a shaved pussy!”

Completely distracted by the comment, Annie blurted out a reply, “Waxed, actually. I find its much smoother and lasts a lot longer.”

She began to redden. Normally she might be only slightly embarrassed discussing such a personal matter with her sister, but in front of her naked son and because he was the one that noticed first? And now she could see that his dick was stirring again. She looked on appalled as it started to swell, but she didn’t get to see much more, because her sister had seen it too and quickly moved across to take hold and then duck her head to wrap her mouth over the end.

Very soon, Michael was rock hard again.

After a few minutes, Bonnie sat back up and continued to rub Michael’s cock while talking to Annie, who had been unable to tear herself away from watching.

“Like me, you’ve probably been wondering why Michael doesn’t have a girlfriend. Well, it’s not because he’s gay. He told me that the girls that he’s been out with fear his size. And those that don’t? Well, apparently, he lasts a long time, and they can’t take it!”

“Oh,” replied Annie lamely.

Bonnie turned back to her nephew, “Come on then stud. Let’s see what you can do.”

She rolled onto her back and pulled Michael with her. He manoeuvred between her legs, and she reached down and guided his cock to her pussy. It slipped in rather easily this time as she had already been stretched to accommodate him earlier. She was very wet, and he slowly drove all the way in until his testicles nestled against her anus, before withdrawing most of the way, and then repeating the motion. He remained straight-armed above her, so that she was able to look down her own body and watch as he slid in up to his full length. He gradually built-up speed, at which point Bonnie was unable to resist making loud, appreciative noises.

Faster and faster, he went, while Bonnie grunted at each thrust. She was getting close, but she wanted this to last longer!

“I’m…I’m coming!” she gasped, and then let out a howling moan as she climaxed.

Michael kept the same rhythm going, all the way through her orgasm and only began to slow as he saw that she was finished. He really wanted to keep going, but he knew she would want him to stop now.

Meanwhile, Annie realised the mistake of changing her panties; the new ones were now as wet as the original pair – mainly because her hand had been inside them, rubbing her clit.

Michael withdrew from Bonnie and moved over to the other side of the bed. His cock was still hard. Indeed, when he lay on his back it remained erect enough to stand proud of his flat, muscular stomach.

Bonnie, having caught her breath, noticed, “Wow! You weren’t joking Michael; you really do last a long time. Its still as hard as rock!”

“Yes, Aunt Bonnie, but that’s the problem. Its now so hard its bloody painful.”

Bonnie looked across at her sister, who seemed to be standing in a most uncomfortable manner; her left hand was clutching her breasts, while her right fist was clenched and pressing against her dress where her pussy was hidden. She had clearly been watching Michael fucking and it had got her turned on again.

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