Impregnating Jenny

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“We were a galaxy exploding into a million pieces, creating a whole new world, as we crashed against each other on the soft surface of his mattress, a cloud in the darkness, our bodies finally falling together like rain.”

Jenny cannot sleep. There is a desperate burning in her pussy, an emptiness begging to be filled. She climbs out of bed and paces the room in her flimsy nightgown. Jenny calls asking me to come over to her place, as she talks to methe emptiness in her pussy increases. She shudders thinking of my monster cock. Every nerve ending in her body comes alive. Moisture gathers in the crevice between her legs. Her nipples feel like they are going to burst. She slides a hand under the short hem of her gown to touch herself. She knows it’s crazy but she is going to masturbate while on the phone with me. She rubs her swollen pussy lips. It feels good, but it’s not the same as having my monster cock inside her. I know that I am being silly and pull my hand out from between my legs. Jenny goes to the kitchen to make sure the door is secure. She looks out the kitchen window. Part of her hopes I will come over but I’m nowhere to be seen. S nervously opens the back door to make sure I’m not there. Suddenly I step out of the shadows and stand directly in front of her. Her heart is racing. Excitement seeping from her body. Her swollen nipples burn with desire. Jenny wants me to take her a second time, to fill her, to fuck her until she begs me to stop.

She moves back from the door inviting me to enter. I step inside. Her heart pounding in her chest with a mixture of fear and excitement. I reach down to touch her face. My fingers brushing across her cheek. My touch burning into her flesh. Her breathing is heavy. Her breasts heaving from the exhilaration she feels. My fingers trace along the line of her jaw. In the darkness, she feels my eyes boring into her, telling her of my carnal desires. My hand moves down to her neck and then to the deep-cut of her gown. My fingers graze the valley between her breasts. Jenny is trembling -not with fear, but with need. Every nerve ending in her body is screaming for my touch. My hand moves inside her gown cupping her breast as if weighing its fullness. My thumb brushing over the hardened bud poking out from her nipple. She moans softly into the quiet night. Using both hands I slowly pull the nightgown up her body. She raises her arms over her head letting me remove it. Exposing her small naked body to my gaze. I press a hand between her legs. My fingers slide across the moist petals of her pussy. An audible gasp escapes her throat.

I slide a thick finger into her moist hole stretching her open. Jenny spreads her thighs and tilt her hips forward. I push a second finger inside her. Her mind is unable to form complete thoughts. She is only aware of the rhythm of my fingers stroking her, filling her, plunging into the depths of her desire. My other hand squeezing the soft tissue of her breast and torturing her burning nipple. My thumb finds the tiny button at the top of her opening. It is already swollen with excitement. She tries to contain the pleasure coursing through her pussy but it is impossible. She squirms against my hand. My breathing is erratic. A series of spasms gripping her. She lets out another audible squeal. Her body quivering from the momentary release. My fingers continue to thrust up inside her. She grabs my arm for support. Another series of spasms sending her spinning into a storm of orgasmic bliss. Her legs get wobbly. Jenny is shaking uncontrollably. The pleasure is too much. In an act of desperation she squeezes her thighs together and pushes my hand away. I hold onto her to keep her from collapsing. I guide her across the room to the kitchen table and sit her naked body in one of the chairs. She is still trembling with excitement. I’m wearing a black t-shirt molded tightly to my arms and torso. I pull it over my head letting it fall to the floor. Her eyes travel down my body. The outline of my raging manhood bulging out from the front of my jeans. She slowly raises her hand and traces her fingertips along the length of my shaft.

I unbuckle my belt and pull down my zipper. Using both hands she tugs on my jeans and yank them down my thighs. My hard cock straining to rip through a pair of tight briefs. She hook her fingers in the waistband and pull them down freeing my massive hardness from its prison. Jenny can barely make out the shadow of my manhood swaying freely only inches from her face. The naked flesh of my hard penis is alive waiting to again devour Jenny’s tight pussy. Her body trembling at the sight of my throbbing snake. She leans forward and swirls her tongue over the tight skin of my crown tracing it along the ridge leading to my shaft. Slowly she explores every inch of my hard flesh with her lips and tongue, kissing down the length to my testicles. Jenny takes each one into her mouth before moving back up and sliding her lips over my swollen tip. It has been too long since she has pleasured a man this way. She realizes how much she has missed the feel of hard flesh sliding through her lips and throbbing against her tongue. She takes me deep into her mouth savoring the salty flavor of my manhood. It feels so alive and full of sexual energy. Her nipples are bursting with excitement. Her pussy seeps with desire. The dormant skills for pleasuring a man with her mouth returns. She moves her lips up and down massaging the ridges and veins of my bulging flesh with her tongue. She warps her fingers around the base and strokes me in perfect synchronization with her lips. I put Sex hikayeleri my hands on her head and rocks back and forth pushing in and out of her mouth to match her movements.

The tingling between her legs can no longer be ignored. Jenny slides a finger along her open folds and finds the swollen button pushing out from its little cave. A soft moan is muffled by my massive cock stuffed deep in her mouth. She moves her lips up and down my length faster and faster. Her moans become louder and more desperate. The pressure in her pussy continues to build. It releases with a burst. ” NNNNNNGGGGGMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH…” I fall from her mouth. Her pussy clenches in a series of spasms. Spit drools from her lips and dribbles down her chin. She gasps and coughs squeezing her trembling thighs together to contain the explosion. Jenny catches her breath and take me back between her lips. She wants to devour my hard flesh and sucks the essence from me. She wants to feel me ejaculate filling her mouth and savor the taste of my unbridled passion. Her lips move faster and faster. She pumps me with her hand. Her tongue swirls around the tight skin of my bulging crown. Her fingers gently massage my testicles. She feels them tighten. I swell between her lips. My fingers grip her head. I thrust into her mouth and grunts. My creamy essence explodes across her tongue and splashes against the opening to her throat. She feels me pulsing again and again filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum. She wraps her lips tightly around my flesh and sucks the last few drops of semen from my spent cock. I stay hard. She doesn’t want to let me go. My warm seed is pooled deep in her mouth. Jenny swirls it around with her tongue and savors the taste. Jenny has become my shameless whore, my wanton slut.

I pull out. She swallows. I lift her from the chair like a feather and lay her on the table. I push her knees back and spreads her legs. My lips tease the insides of both thighs. I blow gently on her moist folds sending a shiver through her. My tongue reaches out and flicks over her hard little bud and then plunges into her hot passage. ” Oh god… yes,” She moans. I clamp my lips around her quivering plum and continue to pleasure her with my tongue. Jenny squirms on the table and pushes against my mouth. Her hands find the back of my head and tries to pull me into her. Her moans become louder and more desperate. Her thighs begin to shake. Her toes curl. The pressure in her belly becomes unbearable. It releases in a violent orgasm. She bucks and jerks against my mouth. Ripples of pleasure grip her in a wave of bliss. Her shrieks and squeals fill the room. My tongue laps up the juices pouring out from her pussy. She moves her hands from my head to her breasts. Her fingers pinch her burning nipples. She arches her back and grits her teeth. Another wave of spasms grips her. Then I plunge two fingers into her quivering pussy. It feels like her insides are going to burst from the explosions of pleasure gushing out from between her legs. She hears a scream and realizes that it came from her. Her breasts heave up and down as she gasps for air. Her body is still shaking when I pull away. I remove my jeans and kick off my shoes until I’m standing in front of her completely naked. My over-sized cock juts out from a mass of dark pubic hair. She sees it throbbing with life.

I pull her towards me until her ass is hanging over the edge of the table. I push her legs back towards her shoulders and guide my cock head between her folds. She feels my bulging knob at her entrance and knows she is about to get what she has so desperately craved to have again. ” Fuck me,” She hears herself say using words she has not said since our first time together two days ago. My hips thrust forward driving my hard meat deep into her. I plunge into her stretching her tight passage to accommodate my size. I’m slamming into her, filling her like the first time I filled her. Every nerve ending in her body feels my hard violent thrusts. Her head jerking backwards each time I slam into her. I wrap my hands around her thighs to keep her body from sliding away. Jenny grabs the sides of the tabletop in a death grip in an attempt to maintain her bearings but it is a losing cause. She again feels like she is being torn apart by the non-stop jack hammer thrusts ripping through her pussy. ” God yes… fuck me… FUCK ME…” The walls of her vagina is on fire from the friction of my thick shaft sliding back and forth. Her pussy sheathing and unsheathing my thick shaft, slowly relaxing the vise like gripe on my cock. ” God yes… fuck me… FUCK ME…” Her screams of pleasure turn to whimpers of exhaustion. I finally stop moving. My huge cock is throbbing buried deep inside her.

I pull her into a sitting position and kiss her hard on the lips. I lift her into the air and cup the cheeks of her ass. She throws her arms around me. I hold her like a feather with my cock buried deep inside her body. She pulls herself up my length and plunge down impaling her pussy on my huge shaft. She does it again and then again and again and again. I guides her movements with my hands and thrust up into her each time she came crashing down on me. ” Oh god… yes… more… fuck me…” I stagger across the room with her impaled on my hard shaft. We knock over a chair. she desperately holds on tight and ride me like the whore she has become. I slam her back against the wall and fuck her hard jerking her head upward with each powerful thrust. Her heels dig into the cheeks of my ass. Her fingers claw at my back. She sinks her teeth into Sikiş hikayeleri the skin of my neck. She can’t get enough. I pull her away from the wall and stagger through the open door into the bedroom. She desperately clings to me as she continues to pull herself up and slam down on my hard cock driving it deep into her pussy. I step over to the bed. We fall down on the bed our naked bodies covered in sweat. All Jenny wants is to get fucked by me. She pulls her knees to her shoulders and feels me driving straight down into her twitching pussy. I fuck her hard and deep. Explosion after explosion shakes her to the core. Her fingernails desperately claw at my back. Her screams of pleasure filling the room.

I roll her over until she is face down on the bed. I lift her ass into the air and ram my cock deep into her pussy from behind. I slam into her hard and fast driving her across the bed with each powerful thrust. Her hand moves under her body. She finds her clit. ” OH FUCK… OH FUCK… I’M CUMMING…” More explosions grip her pussy. I continue to drive my cock between her cheeks and deep into her quivering glove. She pushes back against me trying to pull me even further into her womb. Her fingers fly across her clit. One orgasm after the next crashes through her exhausted body until her screams turn to whimpers. She is barely conscious when she feels me swell inside her. So sweet and delicious does she become, when she is in bed with me, she senses, love and enjoys her, having my penis in between her pussy lips. Jenny gasps at my size, feeling me slowly molding her vagina to my shape. That the pleasure she brings excels all delight, so the knot of love, however tight it seemed before, is tied tighter now. Stretching her to her limits, she moans as I finally press my big bull like testicles on her vagina. The tip of my penis firmly wedged in her soft playable cervix. My nostrils flair as testosterone pumps through my veins. Jenny shivers in sheer terror and delight, knowing her dreams will soon become a reality. I begin to slowly pull out, her soft tender walls sticking to me like a tight fitting glove. She begins to moan as I pull all the way out of her virgin core. My penis head moves slowly back and forth across her engorged slit. I look at her between her legs, giving an evil smirk. The emptiness begins to set in causing her to yearn for me.

Jenny tries to move her lower body to meet with my body but I grip her waist hard and ask what she wants. Desperately, she begins to struggle but to no avail. Her pride forgotten and she begs me to plant myself deeply between her legs and fill up the emptiness inside. I tell her that she is a good girl. Aligning myself up with her vagina I force my way back inside. Jenny gives a startled yelp and tightens up considerably at the forced intrusion. Not giving herself time to adjust like last time. I thrust savagely against her cervix, almost like I’m trying to force it open. My thrusts become harder and faster! She wraps her legs around my waist enjoying the ride. She gasps and moans when my penis hits her virgin spots. Going at her at different angles she shutters with pleasure and excitement. My pace becomes faster as she feels my warm massive balls align perfectly with her vagina. In and out, IN and OUT I pistons inside her. She feels my manly body press against her as my cock is plunging deep inside her. I tells her that after I’m done with her, her vagina will only know the shape of my penis, and my penis alone! Jenny shivers and nod her head as thoughts have escaped her, enveloping her in a pleasurable white light. Jenny begins to feel a warm sensation building in between her legs.

My grunts and groans are with effort as I continue to slam into her, ruthlessly. I love feeling how tight her vagina is and this is because she has never had a monster penis before. Her vagina is so tight that she squeezes her Kegel muscle and locks my penis inside her. I roughly jab my cock into her fertile cervix. She gasps and arches her back as pleasure takes hold. I tell her that I’m not pulling out and that I’m not wasting my seed. My animal instinct is to pump my seed deep within her. My testicles begin to pull tight against her body. Jenny can do nothing but feel excited about the idea of actually being bred by me. Jenny is on the edge of oblivion when I use my finger to rub her clit. Her cervix hits fast and hard and her walls clench my balls like a vise being screwed shut. Suddenly she feels my penis being pulled further inside her. Jenny doesn’t have time to think when I stop my movements and tell her, I’m getting ready to explode! She moans and wraps her legs around my hips tight. I know that Jenny is not on birth control and she tells me if I cum and put my seed inside her that she will definitely get pregnant.

Steadily I pry open the virginal narrow passage, ever so slowly creeping the head upward into her waiting uterus. The ring of her internal cervical orifice grips me like a taught circular band that clamps around my throbbing, bulbous penis head as it slides into the creamy cavity of her waiting uterus. Experiencing the phenomenon leaves me amazed that my raging cock has skewered the entirety of her dainty vagina as well as her chaste womb. We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our locked bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy. Then I feel her clench down around the intruding tip as a sudden shuddering of her body builds into the spasms of a poweful internal orgasm. Deep moans emanates from her as she writhes and squirms on my impaled member. Over and Erotik hikaye over her interior muscles repeatedly clenching and releasing my imposing girth like fingers fumbling to grasp a baton. The earth shattering orgasm releases endorphins that disperse throughout her body. As the ecstasy consumes her, she wraps her arms around my neck while looking deep into my eyes. Playfully she flicks the tip of her tongue in and out of my mouth as the pulsating of her vanquished uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock. Deeply Locked within the confines of her spongy, soft uterus I feel myself reaching soaring heights of arousal. There the creamy tight cavity stretches around my swollen head, pulsing the tip with the spasmodic throws of a powerful orgasm. As she looks into my eyes with aching delight, she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her. Deeper than I have ever been or might ever be again. Though unnecessary, she softly bounces her body up and down over the impaled tip, stroking the buried cap inside her clutching uterus as she milks an orgasm from me which is building.

Jenny tells me in an airy voice to cum inside her. I look straight into her eyes and with a sparkle of desire and lust igniting the animal passion within me. I pump into her tight vulnerable vagina with wild abandonment. She begins to realize that this is her true dream and design in life, to carry my baby. I shoot my seed into her uterus and into her Fallopian tubes to find her fertile eggs for pregnancy. Jenny hears my primal grunt and feels new warmth spread through her belly as I pump semen into her. She squirms against my spewing member. Her pussy clenching my thrusting cock trying to squeeze out every drop of my sperm into her hungry passage. It seems to go on forever. Her body shudders with a final spasm when I finally finish. I stay inside her. She feels my heavy weight pressing her into the mattress. Our naked bodies coated with a sheen of sweat. Her pussy twitching against my spent member in a series of post-orgasmic spasms. Jenny continues to squirm against my cock trying to keep this moment alive for as long as she can. I finally pull out and stand over her.

Jenny rolls onto her back and looks up at me. I’m staring down at her naked body with a confident smile of conquest on my face. I nod at her and then turn towards the bedroom door. She sees the powerful cheeks of my buttocks flex as I walk away – the same cheeks that were the force behind my deep thrusts into her body. She shudders as she continues to lay there. She feels my essence slowly seeping out from between her legs and realizes that I might have impregnated her. Jenny hasn’t been on birth control for over a year. She was hoping to start a family, but her last boyfriend didn’t want kids so he fucked her rarely. It should bother her that a stranger might be the father of her baby but it doesn’t. A part of her hopes she is pregnant.

She watches me leave the bedroom. She finally gets up from the bed and staggers on wobbly legs towards the bathroom.
I come back to the bedroom as Jenny comes out of the bathroom, I grab her naked body and kiss her hard on the lips. I finally let her go. I don’t say a word as I disappear into the bathroom. Jenny wonders if she will see me again before she moves to Dallas. She finds her nightgown and pulls it over her head. She notices my briefs laying on the floor. She picks them up and lifts them to her nose and smells a strong fragrance of semen and pussy. I must have used them to clean my cock. She shamelessly slide a hand under her gown and rubs her pussy while holding my sex-stained briefs to her nose. She feels like such a slut. I came out of the bathroom and came up behind Jenny. I cup her breasts and rub my growing cock against her ass. I drop my hands to her waist pulling her hips tightly to me, letting my hard cock press along the length of her crack. When grinding against her wasn’t enough, with the barrier of her nightgown between us, I begin dry humping her the way you see the dogs doing it. I’m humping her as a male dog would a bitch in heat.

” Oh God…John,” Jenny said. As I push her ahead of me towards the bed, pressing her forward until I have her bent over the edge of the bed. ” Shhhhhh, quiet, I know your sore,” I said. With one hand on her back to hold her there, I raised the back of her nightgown. She lay there quietly, then Jenny grimaced as I entered her, ” Oh god…it’s so big …so big,” She whimpers when I push my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. Oblivious to her whimpers, I held her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her again. Faster and deeper, deeper and harder until my testicles begin to pull tight against her body. Jenny can do nothing but feel excited about the idea of actually being bred by me. She is on the edge of oblivion when I use my finger to rub her clit. Her vaginal walls clench my cock like a tightening vise. Suddenly she feels my penis slipping even further inside her if that is even possible. Jenny doesn’t have time to think when I stop my movements and tell her, I’m getting ready to explode! Jenny moans deeply and grabs the sheets tight with her hands. I shoot my seed into her cervix again, she is breeding just as nature intended. No chemicals or devices to stop her from creating a new life deep within herself. My thrusting is so rough and primal. Jenny is shuddering and screaming ” Ahhhhh so good!” As a second wave of orgasm hits her hard. Her juices overflowing between her legs making her feel incredible, fulfilling her purpose as a woman! After I successfully plant my seed I lay on top of her with my penis still inside her. She feels my cum wanting to drip out but my penis has blocked the exit out. Her cervix closed around my penis tight ensuring her impregnation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32