In Brian’s Room

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Part One.

Brian Peterson did not know why Todd Corrini was his best friend. Todd was a football player, Brian was your typical nerd.

But the two were friends, were best friends. Brian did not suffer the typical taunting and bullying of the other nerds of Kimble Academy; he had Todd Corrini protecting him.

Part of it, in Brian’s mind, was that they both had the same birthday. They both turned eighteen on July 31. They discovered that small tidbit when they were in the eighth grade.

“So we’re twins?” Todd laughed.

Even back then, there could be no mistaking Todd Corrini and Brian Peterson for twins. Todd was tall and muscular, dark skinned with a mop of dark hair and Brian was slight of build with fair skin and fair hair.

Mr. and Mrs. Peterson welcomed Todd in their home, at their dinner table, even took him along when they visited Gladys, Brian’s maternal grandmother. He was a part of their family.

When they turned eighteen, right before their senior year in high school, Todd told Brian he had a really great birthday present for them.

They celebrated their birthday at Todd’s house; Brian was an only child, but Todd had five brothers and two sisters. And cousins and aunts and uncles that jammed into the small Corrini house. Of course, the brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins knew Brian, knew his mom and dad.

Then, after almost everyone had left, Todd’s cousin Gina, a voluptuous woman of twenty three, winked at Todd, kissed everyone good-bye, and drove away.

Actually, she drove around the corner, lighted a joint and waited as the last rays of the sun died away.

“Hey Gina,” Todd said, pushing Brian into the back seat of her minivan.

“So, where you want this?” Gina asked, putting the joint out in her ash tray.

“I don’t know; where you think?” Todd asked.

“Want what?” Brian asked.

“Got fifty bucks?” Gina asked, starting the car.

“Uh, let’s… Yeah,” Brian agreed, fishing the bills out of his wallet.

She drove them to the Acadiana Motel and Todd ran in to get them a room. In the rear seat, Brian now had a pretty good idea what ‘This’ was; he nervously kept his mouth shut.

Todd ran back outside and held up one, then one, then four fingers.

“Dumb ass, like we wouldn’t be able to see what room you go into?” Gina chuckled, grabbing her purse. “Come on, Birthday Boy.”

Brian mutely followed her.

They went into Room 114 and Gina just started to shimmy out of her clothes.

Her face wasn’t a very attractive face; at 23 she already had a bit of a mustache, had a receding chin, and small, mean eyes.

But her chest was magnificent, and her rear was phenomenal.

“So you just going look, or what?” Gina asked when she was completely naked, and both Brian and Todd were still fully clothed.

Todd and Brian turned their backs on Gina; she wanted to laugh, but knew the male ego was far too fragile. Then when they were fully unclothed, Brian kept his hands in front of his cock when they turned around.

Todd, however, was thrusting his pelvis forward; he was proud of his five and a half inches.

“All right,” Gina smiled, flopping down on the flimsy mattress. “Brian, why don’t you go first?”

Brian looked at the jumble of pubic hair that covered Gina’s pussy, looked at the dark pink lips that peeked out of the profusion of hair, and ejaculated onto her leg.

He burst into whimpering sobs and Todd hugged his best friend.

“Dude, it’s all right; it happens,” Todd assured the young man.

“Yeah, Brian, it happens,” Gina smiled reassuringly at the eighteen year old virgin. “Come here, Sugar.”

She pulled his shriveled cock to her mouth and began sucking him. With her free hand, she waved Todd over to between her thick legs.

Todd scrambled onto the bed, positioned his cock at the entrance of her surprisingly wet pussy, and pushed in.

Three strokes and he pumped his seed into her pussy.

Brian’s cock had revived, so Gina maneuvered him around. Because he’d already blown one load, Brian was actually able to last a few moments. Gina grunted in orgasm as the boy’s four inch cock hammered in and out of her sloppy pussy.

Then Todd wanted another go and fucked Gina, pounding her like a jackhammer.

Then Gina cleaned herself up and drove the now giggling boys back to Todd’s house.

Then she went back to the motel, stood outside of Mickey’s Gentlemen’s Club and propositioned the men that were entering or exiting the strip club. Those that agreed, she walked them across the parking lot to Room 114.

Gina returned the key to the bored clerk at two nineteen in the morning. Her purse held the seven hundred and twenty five dollars she’d managed to earn. Twenty five to fuck her face, fifty to fuck her pussy, and a hundred for her ass. The lone black customer had paid for all three holes and Gina had to smoke two joints to soothe away the pain of that monster battering Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort her already quite sore anus.

Shortly after their senior year of high school started, Todd and Brian managed to buy a video game console at a garage sale. Actually, it had been Brian’s forty bucks, so they agreed, Brian should keep the console at his house, in his bedroom.

It was more practical to keep it at Brian’s house anyway; Brian did not share a bedroom with his older and younger brothers. Brian would not have to wrest the controller away from Ross or Johnny when they wanted to play. And Brian’s Mom wasn’t having one of her ‘headaches’ so they didn’t have to worry about the noise.

“Mom, it all right Todd spends the night?” Brian called out as he and Todd burst into the house one Friday evening.

“Of course,” Amanda smiled.

“Cool, thanks,” Todd said, already punching the number for his mother’s cell phone. “Hey Ma, it all right… Thanks Ma, love you.”

“Oh, and Honey, noticed your underwear was getting a little dingy; bought you some new ones; they’re on your bed,” Amanda called out.

As they were hammering upstairs, they heard Brian’s dad pull up.

“Oh, hey, sex-EE!” Todd teased as they saw the tube of animal print underwear Brian’s mom had bought for him.

Brian’s dad also smiled when his wife handed him his own tube of animal print micro-briefs.

“Go put on the Tiger ones, Tiger,” she whispered to her husband.

A few moments into their loud Halo game, Amanda knocked on the door.

“Tuna salad in the refrigerator, can of soup on the counter, clean up after yourselves, we’re going to Foxtrot’s, will be home when we’re darn good and ready, you don’t stay up too late, love you,” Amanda announced and shut the door again.

An hour after the Petersons left, the boys thundered downstairs, heated up the can of soup and ate soup and sandwiches, then thundered back up the stairs.

“Hey, put these on, huh?” Todd said, picking up the tube of micro-briefs.

“Why?” Brian asked, smiling.

“Want to see what they look like,” Todd said.

Brian shrugged, took the tube out of Todd’s hand and went into his bathroom.

He shrugged out of his pullover shirt and flexed a little, posing in his mirror. He’d been doing push-ups and even a few curls with some dumbbells. He was actually starting to get a little definition.

He stepped out of his blue jeans and plain white briefs and popped open the tube.

Sitting on the edge of Brian’s bed, Todd rubbed his hard cock through his threadbare hand-me-down jeans as he imagined what Brian looked like in the skimpy underpants.

Todd had no shortage of girls approaching him as he and Brian roamed the halls of Kimble Academy High School. He was friendly, polite with them, but did not encourage these girls either.

He’d told himself it was because, if he started dating, it would leave Brian Peterson out. And friends did not abandon friends; just over some girl.

Todd quit rubbing himself just as Brian opened the door and stepped out. He was wearing the tiger print and laughed when Todd let out a wolf whistle.

Brian’s light blonde pubic hair was just visible over the waistband of the skimpy briefs. Todd could see the outline of Brian’s cock and the bulge of Brian’s balls in the satiny material.

Brian thrust his pelvis forward, then turned and thrust his backside out and even wiggled it a little. Then he returned to the bathroom.

The second pair were leopard print. Todd gave him a thumbs up.

The third pair were Zebra print and Todd shrugged.

“Last ones,” Brian announced as he stepped back into the room.

The fourth pair were snakeskin print.

“Those. I like those the best,” Todd admitted.

“Yeah?” Brian asked, looking down at them.

“Yeah; shows you got a trouser snake, right?” Todd chuckled.

Brian laughed.

“Let me see; what they made out of?” Todd said and grabbed the waistband of Brian’s underpants between thumb and forefinger.

“Some kind of polyester, or nylon I think,” Brian said.

Todd ran his fingers inside the waistband from Brian’s hip to the crotch. His cock jerked as he could feel Brian’s crinkled pubic hair, then felt along the shaft of Brian’s cock.

“Yeah, they got a cotton thing there, so it’s probably polyester,” Brian said.

He had a very funny feeling in the pit of his stomach; Todd’s fingers were rubbing along his cock. But Todd was always touching him, on his arm, on his chest, on his belly, on his buttocks. Sometimes it was all right, and sometimes, like right now, it made him a little uneasy.

“Yeah? It go around to the back?” Todd asked, cupping Brian’s rear with his other hand.

“No, just to right under my balls,” Brian agreed.

“Oh yeah?” Todd asked, pulling the waistband down.

“Todd! Come on!” Brian complained as his quickly growing cock sprang free.

Then Brian gasped as Todd’s large hand grasped his cock and softly stroked it.

Then Todd did the unthinkable; he leaned forward and took Brian’s cock into his mouth.

Brian was too stunned to say or do anything as Todd sucked his now fully engorged four inches. He stood, statue-still as Todd’s hands kneaded his buttocks as his mouth sucked and slurped at his erection.

“Mm-mmm,” Todd gurgled around Brian’s cock.

“Argh!” Brian finally found his voice as his semen jetted out into Todd’s hot sucking mouth.

When he’d finished spending, Todd pulled the still shocked eighteen year old onto his bed.

Brian’s skimpy micro-briefs were still bunched up around his upper thighs and Todd’s large hand played with Brian’s balls and semi-erect cock. Todd sucked and gnawed on Brian’s neck, then bent and took one of Brian’s light pink nipples into his mouth.

“Dude,” Brian finally gasped, still unbelieving of what had just happened, what was still happening.

Todd kissed Brian’s mouth, then forced his tongue into Brian’s mouth.

“I love you,” Todd whispered, finally admitting out loud what he’d felt for years.

Then he bent and again sucked on Brian’s cock, which very quickly revived to full erection.

Todd reached down and unzipped his jeans, cursing as the old zipper jammed, refusing to budge. He pulled the tab up, then down again, and it gave.

He reached into his own briefs and rubbed his throbbing, twitching cock as he sucked on Brian’s cock.

“Argh!” Brian again grunted and ejaculated.

“Dude,” Brian weakly protested as Todd now took Brian’s hypersensitive balls into his mouth.

Then Todd rolled the still gasping Brian onto his belly and pulled the snakeskin briefs down, exposing Brian’s slight backside.

“Aw, hey, Todd!” Brian protested as he felt Todd’s tongue at his light pink anus.

“Aw, no, nuh uh!” Brian yelled as he felt one of Todd’s large fingers trying to force its way into his tightly clenched rectum.

But Todd was twice as strong as Brian and easily held the thrashing boy pinned to the mattress.

UGH!” Brian gave a strangled scream as Todd’s finger jammed into his rectum.

“God damn it, Todd!” Brian yelled as Todd fucked his spittle wetted finger in and out of his hole.

Brian opened his mouth to scream his protest when a second finger was added to the fucking. And Todd’s cock head pushed into his mouth.

Brian’s first instinct was to bite down hard. Not hard enough to break skin, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to get Todd to quit his sodomizing.

Todd’s cock tasted of sweat. Brian could also taste Todd’s pre-cumthat dribbled from the piss slit. And as more and more of Todd’s cock slid into his mouth, he could also taste the harsh bargain brand soap Mrs. Corrini bought.

Brian wrapped his hand around the base of Todd’s cock as Todd pumped two, now three fingers in and out of his hole.

“Aw dude, I’m oh!” Todd gave a strangled scream and pumped his semen into Brian’s throat.

While Todd lay on his back, gasping for breath, Brian shimmied out of his briefs and ducked, four inch erection bobbing and swaying to the hall bathroom.

Inside the medicine cabinet of the guest bathroom, he located the economy sized jar of Vaseline and brought that back into his bedroom.

Todd was now nude, stroking his semi-erect cock happily.

“Here, this should be better,” Brian said, handing Todd the large jar of petroleum jelly.

He then flopped onto the bed on his stomach.

Todd eagerly snapped the lid off the jar, dug three fingers in and then unceremoniously gammed all three fingers into Brian’s hole.

“UGH!” Brian gave a strangled scream as Todd wiggled and twisted his three greasy fingers in Brian’s tight hole.

Then Todd pulled the three fingers out, gave his cock a few strokes to grease up his cock, then lay on top of Brian, pinning the smaller boy to the mattress.

“UGH! OW! OH GOD, that fucking hurts!” Brian howled as Todd clumsily jabbed is cock into Brian’s rectum, as if he was again fucking Gina’s pussy.

Todd wanted to stop; he really did love Brian, did not want to hurt his beloved friend.

But his cock was halfway into the tightest, hottest confines and it felt so good.

Todd’s compromise was to stop trying to force his way into Brian, to just lay still, his cock halfway in and halfway out.

Brian gave a shuddering sob, then strangled scream. The pain was radiating outward.

Then his cock twitched and he shot a stream of semen, staining his clean sheets.

“Ugh, oh!” Todd grunted as he was now balls deep in Brian’s hole.

Brian lay, grunting and groaning as Todd lay, pinning him to the mattress.

Then Todd slowly began to pull out of Brian.

The pain was still quite intense, but Brian could also feel an odd warmth beginning to fill his guts.

When Todd’s cock popped out, Brian’s bottom jerked, as if trying to get that cock back into him.

Todd reached down and again found Brian’s greasy hole.

“Uh!” Brian sighed as Todd again pushed into him.

Todd kissed the side of Brian’s face

“Dude, love you,” Todd admitted as he fucked Brian.

“Love you too,” Brian grunted as Todd’s cock pushed all the way into him.

A few clumsy strokes later, Todd shot a load into Brian’s bowels.

“Dude, I got to shit, I’m going to shit,” Brian warned and Todd quickly pulled his softening cock out of Brian’s rectum.

Brian emptied his bowels into his commode. Then the two lovers showered together.

Their cocks, and Brian’s ass got clean, but nothing else was scrubbed.

“Shit; we got to clean the kitchen,” Brian remembered.

He pulled his snakeskin briefs back on, then pulled on a tee shirt while Todd pulled on a pair of his old gym shorts that he kept at Brian’s house.

They did clean the kitchen, then thundered back up the stairs again.

Brian’s ass was still quite sore, so, even though he desperately wanted to fuck him again, Todd contented himself was a blow job from Brian.

At two fifteen, the quite drunk, quite giggly Mr. and Mrs. Peterson peeked in and saw the two boys sleeping peacefully.

“Now, come on, Tiger,” Amanda demanded.

She kissed her husband hotly.

“You were a tiger out there on the dance floor; think you can be a tiger in the bedroom?” she asked seductively.

Part Two.

Todd and Brian went to school and behaved as they always did. They were physical with each other, horse-playing with each other in the hallways of their school.

Whenever they could, they’d go out on double-dates. It had to be double dates; it was Brian’s car, Todd did not have his own car.

On the nights that they did not have double dates, Todd and Brian went out on their own date. The tiny rear seat of Brian’s 2010 Mustang became liberally dotted with Todd and Brian’s semen.

Although they had many close calls, many narrow escapes, no one ever suspected the two boys of being lovers.

Once, arriving home early from Foxtrot’s Lounge, Amanda almost caught the two boys, Todd balls deep in Brian’s ass.

Luckily, though, Brian had heard his father drunkenly slam the door moments before Amanda opened his bedroom door. They quickly lay on their sides and pulled the sheets up, covering themselves. So all Amanda saw was two boys sleeping. Sleeping unusually close to one another, but sleeping.

And when she closed the door, Todd resumed hunching his cock in and out of Brian’s tight hole.

For Homecoming, Brian escorted Rhonda Theriot, a gorgeous red head with pneumatic breasts and Todd escorted Leanne Laborde, a stunning African-American girl.

They took the girls to Henri’s, an expensive French restaurant in Elgee, Louisiana.

“My menu doesn’t have any prices on it,” Rhonda said, frowning.

“Oh, mine neither,” Leanne said.

“Must be free!” Brian said and the four eighteen year olds giggled.

All four enjoyed the French cuisine, then drove to Kimble Academy, where the gymnasium had been converted to a dance hall.

They booed good-naturedly when Kenny Melancon and Cheryl Tisdale were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. They smirked as Kenny clumsily danced with a scowling Cheryl; Kenny and Cheryl had recently broken up.

“Dude, you should have won,” Brian told Todd as they watched the King and Queen Dance.

“Naw, but I’m thinking either Leanne or Rhonda would have made a better queen,” Todd said.

“Aw!” Leanne laughed and kissed Todd.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Brian agreed and smiled as Rhonda softly kissed him.

Afterward, Brian and Todd both enjoyed the blow jobs their dates gave them, then drove the girls home.

Then Brian and Todd went to Brian’s house. The Petersons were visiting Mindy, Amanda Peterson’s sister in Lowridge, Texas. Aunt Mindy’s boyfriend had been horribly burned in an oil rig explosion so the Petersons were there to assist.

“Hey, Todd?” Brian called out as they both shrugged out of their suit jackets.

“Yeah?” Todd asked.

“Got my snakeskins on,” Brian said, revealing he was wearing his snakeskin briefs.

Rhonda had given a phenomenal blow job. But Todd’s hot sucking mouth was far better than the cute little red head’s mouth. Within seconds, Brian was spurting a hot load into Todd’s mouth.

Then, in dress shirt, snakeskin briefs pulled down to just below his hole, Brian knelt on his bed to accept Todd’s hard cock.

Then, both stripped completely and Brian lay on his back to accept Todd’s cock in his ass again.

As their school year drew to a close, they both scrambled to find a college. Their guidance counselor, and both sets of parents berated the boys for waiting until the last minute.

Both Todd and Brian applied for Connelly College, in Oakleaf, Texas. They also applied for the University of Louisiana at DeGarde, as well as Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Their paperwork must have gotten lost in the shuffle at LSU; they never heard from the large university.

U.L.D. did offer Todd a partial scholarship; his grades were lackluster. Connelly College did accept Todd Paul Corrini, but did not offer any scholarship. The Corrini family simply couldn’t afford to pay for college for Todd without some assistance. Unfortunately for Todd, his family fell into that odd category; too rich for assistance and too poor to not need assistance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32