In the Beginning

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Warm candle wax dripped slowly along Corrine’s spine. She could feel each drop as Candice tilted the candle to anoint the softest, most sensitive places on her body. Lilting, celtic strains filled the room making the scene vibrate with unleashed sensuality. Unfortunately, just when the pleasure and pain had built to a feverish pitch..the phone rang, rousing Corrine from her sweet fantasy. Glancing at the caller id, she smiled. It was strange how Candice always seemed to know just when to call to break her from her perverted schemes and dreams.

“Yup, what do you want now, brat?” Corrine giggled into the phone as Candice responded with her usual wit and acid sarcasm.

“Yes, I was fantasizing about you again, so what? Who else can I fantasize about? You should not tell me all about the life of a female domme if you are not willing to let me fantasize about it!!”

Twenty minutes later, Corrine hung up, a smile on her face which lit up her hazel eyes. Somehow she had convinced Candice to take her to a private club for those of the dom/sub persuasion.

Candice had no idea about Corrine’s sexual turn-ons. They were best friends, not lovers so therefore Candice did not pry into things she considered none of her business. However Corrine had decided that it was way past time for her best friend to become not only her lover xslot but her owner as well. Once she convinced Candice of that, then things would be just fine or so she hoped.

The night was warm. Stars glittered brightly from the inky blackness of the sky. Corrine had dressed carefully for her first foray into the d/s scene, wearing a tiny blood red vinyl dress and thigh high black vinyl boots. Her waist length auburn hair was loose and curled becomingly around her face. She wore no make up, which only played up the innocence she was trying to project, thinking that it would make her friend feel a little more protective of her.

A black Cavalier pulled into her driveway. A short blast from the car horn brought her to the front door and out of it, a small black bag in her hand, a smile on her face.

An extremely well built black man opened the car door for her, his eyes downcast. When she had seated herself comfortably in the back seat, he shut the door and moved to the front of the car.

A quick drive to Candice’s house to pick up her friend (and his mistress) and they were off.

The club was like nothing Corrine had ever experienced before, filled with scents, visions and sounds invented to turn on anyone entering the place. Men and women of every color and build were strapped, chained, and lovingly placed xslot Giriş in torturous positions to please the wandering crowds. On various stages, slaves and “owners” put on little exhibitions to the hard driving rhythms that permeated the smoky air. All in all it was quite breath taking and overwhelming to Corrine, who felt a little lost.

Candice had, upon entering, placed a vinyl collar upon her boy’s throat, attaching a small metal chain through the metal loop in the back. Glancing over at Corrine, Candice giggled lightly.

“Well you wanted to come. Here you are. Go see what you can find to get into. There is only one rule here: you always have the right to say no. Someone puts you into a position or place you don’t want to be? Just say no, Ok?” A flip of light blonde hair, a wink from a baby blue eye and Corrine was left alone to go exploring.

The night turned into one of many revelations. Corrine was teasingly tickled, caressed, paddled, roped, lightly whipped and lashed by both men and women. She was expertly ate out upon a stage surrounded by mistresses and masters who watched with avid eyes and small smiles. Long before the night ended she had numbers from both sexes and was more sexually and mentally fulfilled than ever before.

It was nearing daybreak before Candice gathered Corrine up from the xslot Güncel Giriş nest of bodies she found herself in and ushered her toward the front door and the waiting car. Kisses and slaps abounded.

Candice dropped her sub off first- leaving him with a small kiss and a few gentle, and not so subtle, reminders of what he had to look forward to the next day. Finally though, Corrine arrived home and was escorted inside by her friend.

“I know what you think you wanted from this evening, love. I know that you would like for us to go beyond the boundaries I decided upon for us long ago. However, my sexuality does not allow for such things. I love you so I promise you I will help you find the kind of domme you need. For now, that is not me.”

A light kiss on Corrine’s forehead before Candice turned to leave. And then she stopped. Facing her friend once more, Candice smiled.

“But then again, One never knows just what will happen in the future, huh? So I give you this much

if by some chance I ever decide to go that route, well then I will know one perfectly luscious sub just waiting on me to take care of her.”

With those final words and one last smile, Candice left. Corrine smiled to herself as she headed to the bathroom and then bed. It was a guaranteed thing. She now had plenty of new fatasies to enact and more than enough “friends” willing to help her with each and every one of them. Of course, old friends are the best as she reminded herself.

“And hell, she can not hold out forever!!”


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