Indian Sex Club Ch. 07

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With the builders working builders time the renovations of the clubrooms for the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club at Northcote (see Chp. 02 in this series) had fallen way behind their promised finishing date. This meant this was little I could do with the fourteen Indian women that were its founding members. So I concentrated on Mai and her sexfights with Ruth.

Ten years before Mai had been ranked 28 in the World Asian Sexfighting Championship and the 2009 finals had blown away World number 3 and prior year runner up, the 44 year veteran Fu Hai Shoon from Singapore, and the world 2 and last year’s semifinalist Nha Trung, the young 22 year old Vietnamese prodigy, on her way to a contested decision semifinal loss. She was the next Big Thing. But one year later she was being regularly beaten by nobodies back in the local Melbourne scene.

She had been a shooting star: bright but short-lived. Some said she had early menopause, others it was her husband’s desire for 18 and 21-year-old Massage parlour girls, while others blamed it on the drugs, which they said hyped her up in 2009 or that it was her twin who fought in 2009 not her. The list of reasons went on but after a few months, she was yesterday’s news and forgotten.

The morning after Mai defeated Ruth in their first sexfight with a clinical demolition of the 50-year-old Anglo Indian, followed by her frenzied victory rites (see Chp. 06 in this series) I walked into my new Springvale branch. I wanted to congratulate Mai on her first victory in her comeback to sexfighting, but more importantly, further encourage her to believe in pursuing my quest to be the manager of an Asian World number one sexfighter.

Sure she had said she wanted that the day before. But she had just been kicked out by her husband, discovered she was penniless thanks to one of my unbreakable prenup agreements stolen from me by an ex-employee, and lost her job. Then I had appeared with a job, accommodation hope of a future for her. It was only natural she would say yes to anything then. But now it was 12 hours later. She had had time to reconsider and see that it had been a clinical victory against an enthusiastic but inexperienced sexfighter and that her performance lacked that X factor champions have. Still, how she had celebrated her victory in her post-match victory fuck gave me hope that the old Mai from ten years before was lurking just below the surface.

She had been world 28 then and at that time the next Big Thing. As they say in the music charts she was rising with a bullet. But factors to do with her husband caused her within a year to become an easy beat on the local Australian circuit and then drop out of sexfighting completely. My hope was somehow I could rekindle her previous competitive drive and that she could make it to the top bracket of ten women, from where anything could happen. I had never managed a number one and although this was a long shot I believed this was my only chance to do so. I had it all planned and this morning I would nurture the seeds I had planted and continue the slow build-up to convince her.

I opened the door and made sure I snibbed it as I needed time to lay the groundwork to convince her she had a future in sexfighting. I was greeted by a warm smile from my 43-year-old new receptionist Mai. Surrounded by a soft shoulder-length perm was a really beautiful face with perhaps tinges of subtle plastic surgery. If so it was well done and hard to detect. Maybe tattooed lip outliner, but none of that tattooed eyebrow I detested. Looking more closely she was high cheek boned and the nose although Asian was not flat and wide. Perfect. She was the exact sort of middle-aged Asian beauty that aroused me.

She stood up behind the chest-high greeting counter. What The Fuck.

“I sorry I was a bit late today but I had to get some new clothes. You said you didn’t want any Vietnamese customer to look better than your receptionist. When I was kicked out I didn’t have anything good only the dress we bought that yesterday. So with the credit card you gave me I stopped off before work and bought this. Is it OK?”

She spread her arms to open the cream Bolero style jacket as she stepped from behind the counter.

OK? My cock immediately said “Yes.” No, to be truthful it said. “Yes, fucking YEESSSS.”

Her 5 ft 2 inch 85-pound body was perched on black 5-inch heels. Despite being short she was proportioned like a supermodel. Long-legged for her height, unlike most Asians whose legs are short in proportion to their torso, and therefore she looked taller than her height. Many Asians are bow-legged or have no calf definition. Not so for Mai and her legs disappeared into a 12-inch cream skirt that looked like it was sprayed on in the same way Nike sports running leggings appear to be. I don’t know what the material was but it allowed her black butterfly thong to be seen in all its sheer detail.

Her top was a black semi-transparent chiffon blouse that clung to her body like Kadıköy escort bayan it was magnetised. Mai was 32A 21 30 and because of her small waist, she looked fuller than a 32 and her butt was toned and tight but still curved, not flat. The blouse material displayed the shape of each mandarin sized tit, the extent of each areola and the size and shape of her thick nipples. Although not as long as Ruth’s which were naturally long and then lengthened with nipple filler, Mai’s were thicker although stubbier.

I picked my jaw off the floor and nodded my approval.

“Greg, can we talk,” she said, so we went into the office and she sat down. That was no better for me as the skirt rode up displaying her butterfly thong.

She started. “After last night I don’t know how to say this properly. It’s about becoming involved in sexfighting again.” Her voice trailed off.

Here it comes I thought. I braced myself for the thanks but no thanks. Well, at least I had a hot new receptionist who might bring in business. Let’s get it over with I thought.

She took a deep breath and in a faltering voice continued, “I know you said last night you would. Please don’t get angry.”

Tears come to her eyes. It came in with a rush. “Because my husband didn’t support me I lost faith. Last night you were there seeing me win as you played with your cock. If you weren’t there it would be like before and I would have lost. Don’t give me false promises and build up my hope. Do you want to watch my sexfights?.”

God, she wanted to fight. I wasn’t lying when I said, “Mai, I will be watching every single fight till you are number one, including the unofficial money bets that will enable you to challenge to be on the Australian rankings, and then the overseas fights when you are qualified to challenge internationally. And of course even though we can’t with the local money bets after we reach the Australian rankings we will insist on victory rights and I want to be involved so they know how proud I am of you.”

Her tears were flowing like water as she mumbled, “I wan wan…want to…to believe…but.”

I put her hand on my groin. “Feel that. It says I am telling the truth.”

In a second the 43-year-old was kneeling in front of me, unzipping and dropping my trousers and licking and sucking the rock hard cock meat in her hand. I gently disentangled my cock from her grip, stood her up, slowly stripped her, then bent her over placing her with her forearms resting on the desk. I knelt behind her and spread her legs wider. Her pucker hole was stretched and her love box hung down open and already glistening. I licked both entrances hearing her moan and feeling her body quiver as she pushed back.

I placed my cock against her wet slit and slowly guided the head into her. It was all I had to do as Mai pushed back forcing half the shaft into herself. She was so wet I was able to slide the remainder into her in one slow steady push as her groaning increased in volume. I placed my hands on hips. Most people would have gone hell for leather and fucked like a rabbit, but I slowly, deliberately screwed her, matching my timing to her backward pushes and deep long grunts. I was in this for the long run, not a super one-off fuck. Just like the day before she oozed a desperate need for being wanted.

I took one of her hands from the table and placed it on her clit and she started slowly frigging herself and stroking my juice covered rod. My hand moved to her nipples alternating between them, keeping them rock hard. All the time I gave her what she wanted to hear. As I fucked her desperate responsive body I talked of how I wanted, no needed to see her sexfight, how lucky I was she wanted me to be part of the victory rites, how proud I was of her as a woman, how I would demand her to compete in the Vietnamese nude beauty contests. Her moans were long and almost animal-like and then I asked, “Do you believe me?”

She screamed “YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” and spasmed uncontrollably as she came.

Then I fucked her like a rabbit, taking her anally as well before adding my load to the 4 cums of hers that filled her cunt. Again playing the long game instead of finishing up I held and caressed her before we lowered our entwined bodies to the carpet. I was still comforting and caressing her as she moaned and pressed against my hands. Finally, her groans turned into semi-intelligible speech.

“Why did my husband not feel this way?.”

“Because he didn’t appreciate what he had. He probably regrets it now.”

She shook her head. “No, No. No. He hated me gaining confidence from sexfighting. He didn’t want to fuck like we did. He wanted to make me feel used and no good at fucking. Why, Why Why?.”

She sobbed and continued, “Why, Why, Why didn’t I have you then as my husband? Having you with me when I fight is what I need. Imagine if I had been able to say to my opponent that my husband is going to fuck me while I fuck you after Escort Kadıköy you lose. Your meat big and so strong inside me, filling me with your cum as I fuck her with a strapon. I could have been a contender, could have been number one.”

“You would have wanted that,” I queried?

“Oh yes, so much. But I can’t now because I’m old and men want young wives, and I’m married and it takes so long to get divorced.”

“Not me,” I replied. “We can work together and will pick young opponents mostly so they see how proud of you I am, and we could have our unique ceremony so we know inside and feel we are husband and wife.”

I pretended to think. “We can change your name by deed poll to Mai Jones, then get you a new passport so we travel and book in as Mr and Mrs Jones.”

“Oh yes. YEEEESSSSSS. We must do that. You want us to be husband and wife so everyone knows. You want everyone to see you are proud I am your sexfighter. You want to be involved in everything. Fuck my shit ex-husband. This is how it should be. You plan it all. Pick best one for me to sexfight and then watch me and then we do the victory rites together.”

She was already playing with her clit and when I said, “Every single competition contest and practice fight here and overseas. That is how we will do it as husband and wife.” The last few words were drowned out by her prolonged shriek as she came, slumping again to the floor with cum juice pooling in her hand.

And to think I had gone there that morning hoping to slowly start the process that would convince her to sexfight. I was too spent to fuck her so I cradled and caressed her for a while before she went to shower and get dressed again. She returned, showered, face made up and dressed as she had been when I had entered. I pressed the button on the HP Laserjet and it slowly spat out three pages. I handed the first two to her and she read, then hugged me holding the name change deed poll and passport application in one hand.

“We will need those,” but this is one is more important. Read it.”

She read the words out loud.

On this day _______, in front of Ruth Andrews who I have beaten in all of the official 69 World Asian sexfighting contests and then helped by my husband have taken my full victory rites over her. After which my husband Greg Jones filled my cunt, my arse and my throat with his cum and I hand jobbed him to bukkake his cum over my face and tits.

These actions were formalised by Ruth Andrews swallowing my piss and tonguing my arse before I fucked her with a strap on as she removed and then replaced the wedding ring on my finger. This finalized my marriage ceremony which began on 20 Nov 2019: the day after the first sexfight of my second sexfighting calling, the first day of my new work career and the day Greg Jones placed the ring on my wedding finger.

This ceremony makes me Mai Jones, wife, soulmate, woman and lover of Greg Jones

Date: 20/11/2019


Mai Jones ________


Greg Jones ___________

Date: _____________


Mai Jones ________


Greg Jones ___________

Ruth Andrews _____________

She looked up tears in her eyes. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered. “I was scared you had feelings for the Indian bitch. But this is perfect. Can I see it on the computer?.”

She attacked the keyboard and this time I read the ejected page as she tore up the first copy. It was the same except for the additions below

This ceremony makes me Mai Jones, wife, SEXUAL POSSESSION AND PROPERTY, soulmate, woman and lover, SEXFIGHTER AND EXHIBITIONIST SLUT of Greg Jones.


Just by chance, I had picked up my 6 monthly accounting fee from a jeweller in Springvale. He, like a lot of my accounts, paid in kind, not cash as we both, but especially me, avoided paying tax. In his case it was jewellery bought cheap from the Sudanese refugee gangs and not in his books. Similarly, most of the property I owned was purchased by a Vietnamese businessman, then resold to me at that price less the costs of services I had provided or loans I had given him. Win-win. I got the building cheap with no record of my loan or services available to the Australian tax office, and they got a non-existing loss to deduct from the yearly tax.

I was able to produce both a wedding and engagement ring from this days payment and presented them to Mai.

Tears formed in her eyes as I shaved an emblem: a conjointed capital VNY, into her pubic hair. Explaining the V represented for v? (wife), the N and Y for ngu?i yêu (lover). It was no hurried job. After the initial sculpting, I used a warm cloth to remove the shaving cream, oiled her skin and then retrimmed the lettering. Three times left the letters standing crisp and proud while the oiled skin was as smooth as Kadıköy Rus Escort a baby’s bum.

All the time while I did this and then after I had entered her doggy style so I could play with her nipples and drag her hand to her clit so she could self stimulate I talked, I drew on my stock formulas. Most marriages were like shooting stars: fast-burning but short-lived as the sex so overpowering in the early days became tedious and boring. Ours was like building a brick wall where every brick makes the wall stronger and for us because of emotional closeness every fuck made us need sex more, so in 10 or 20 years we would be fucking more. Tears ran down her cheeks as she pushed back against my cock and frigged herself moaning over and over, “Only us are like that…always need your cock and cum.”

I had her repeat the cornerstones of our marriage: the constant fucking because of closeness, the fact she aroused me so much I would be fucking her every way possible, how her cumming longer, stronger and more often was our aim, how I wanted to help her be world number one Asian sexfighter, how I wanted her to be proud she dressed the most slutty of any woman. Her voice was almost unintelligible as she fucked, cried with pleasure and wailed each point.

Finally, I took her missionary and placed the rings on her finger telling her this made her my wife, before rolling her into cowgirl where this time the ring placement signified lover. Next, I slowly took her from behind as she lay on her side, buried deep in her and barely moving while my fingers reached around and played with her clit. This time the ring made her my soulmate. Finally, doggy style anal signified she was my sexfighter and last when I placed the rings on her finger as I took her doggy style pounding her hanging pussy she accepted her slut dressing.

With the rings on she and I signed the first part of the document.

Approaching my BMW in the underground car park two hours later I opened the door for her but instead of getting in Mai shimmed her tight micro up to her waist, pulled the tiny G string down and kicked it off, bent over and placed her hands on the car seat.

“Fill me with your cum, my husband. Fuck your slut quick and hard and cum in me. I need to be carrying my husband’s cum. Fill me.”

It took 5 animalistic thrusts before my stream of hot juice surged down her love channel and she writhed and came merely from the thought and knowledge of what was happening.

She sat beside me humming happily and teasing her nipples through the sheer chiffon looking down and watching them respond as I tried to keep my eyes on the road and traffic. A hard job by itself as my mind was already preoccupied thinking of Mai. How could I be so lucky. A middle-aged Vietnamese which to me was better than a young pouting Vietnamese princess who thought only of me, me, ME. But not just a middle-aged Asian: a sensationally attractive Vietnamese that had me punching well above my weight given my looks and age. One who as well as being very attractive possessed my three turnons. Yes, she had big nipples. Yes, she had long hanging inner cunt lips, not rounded thick lips and finally yes a prominent exposed clit.

Further, a woman who equated being needed with constantly being fucked. One that craved to be Asian champion sexfighter and have me watch her contests. One that wanted me to see her compete in Vietnamese beauty contests. Perhaps the only thing missing was BDSM, but who knew what she thought of this? How had this happened? Why was I so lucky?

I felt her hand stroking my cock through my trousers while her other hand played with her wedding ring and heard her purr, “My husband, will you still love and be proud of your wife when she is two kilos heavier? Will you still want to strip and fuck her? Will you still want her to enter the Vietnamese nude beauty contests? Will you still want her dress more slutty than other women?”

I looked at her quizzically unable to understand.

“My silly husband, I will be heavier because I will always be carrying two kilos of your cum in me. Just like now. Cum you have shot in my pussy, throat or arse.”

She stroked my cock his harder and faster and crooned, “So much cum. My husband is special. He is not like a Vietnamese man who cums quick and dribbles a little cum from his small cock. My husband can shoot so much cum into his wife with each load from his giant cock. The women I beat are going to be so jealous of me when they see you put your monster in me and split me before my husband floods his wife Mai with a massive delivery of thick Aussie cum.”

While it was good for the ego I knew the truth. Yes, I may be a little bigger than the average Asian, but I was normal-sized. Still, the important thing was Mai believed I was hung like a horse. I smiled as we continued our journey.

“Oh my God,” she suddenly shrieked causing me to nearly swerve in front of a tram. “It’s pouring out of me. So much of your cum is leaking out. It’s such a special feeling.”

Her hand flew to her pussy and her fingers went to work. She came noisily then massaged my extruded cum into her nipples before sucking her fingers dry. She thrust them in her quim again and this time pushed her wet fingers into my mouth.

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