Innocent Trip to the Library

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This small area is located next to the public library in town. Now, no one at the library would be surprised to see me sitting there as I was an avidly regular patron. My Sir thought that I needed a new kind of memory to associate with the library. To provide that I had gotten an email from Sir a few days ago telling me that on my next day off I was to put in my plug coated with the deliciously evil warming gel, to take my smallest vibe also coated in the gel and stowed in a Ziploc bag along with my laptop and right after the library closed, to go sit at the back table with my back to the road.

He had written quite a long section of erotica for one of his stories that I hadn’t read yet, and per his instructions I was to set up and settle in to read; as he knew that his stories had a very arousing effect on me. The rest of the instructions where to wear the head set so that the microphone would be close to my mouth to catch any sounds I made, set the bag for my laptop to my left to shield my movements, and wear a dress or skirt without panties. Take out the small vibe and place it on the bench between my thighs and to start reading.

As soon as I felt myself starting to get turned on and my pussy getting wet he instructed me to start the sound recorder on the computer, go back to reading, and then use my small vibe in whatever way I could in that setting needed to masturbate until I came, while reading the stories he knew I loved so much. He didn’t Betturkey want me to be so obvious that I drew attention, but at the same time not to hold back vocally as much as possible. When I was done I was to email him the file of the recording I had made of me pleasuring myself while reading his story in public.

I wasn’t sure this was going to work. There were a lot of distractions and I would be on hyper alert incase of anyone walking up or pulling into the library parking lot; but as this was the task I was given then I would do the best I could to finish it to Sirs satisfaction. The day arrived and I set everything up as instructed. I immediately realized another variable I hadn’t originally thought of, wearing the headset to use the microphone was going to all but cut off most of my hearing, which in one way was good as it would block out a lot of the distractions, but it would also make it easier for someone to walk up on me. So be it.

I got all the programs on the laptop pulled up that I would need to save time, and started my task. At first it was hard to relax and not keep looking around to see if there was anyone around, but eventually as I read I started to get pulled into the story. He had added a few new sections to The Game, and I quickly became aroused and felt my pussy getting wet from the imagery of the story; quickly glancing to make sure the coast was still clear I clicked on the recording program that Betturkey Giriş would pick up sounds from the microphone, switched back to the story screen and went back to reading while I quickly darted my hand under my skirt, grabbed the small vibe and twisted the end to turn it all the way on.

I knew that even though the gel made me squirm unbearably it also made me more sensitive and as the plug in my ass was already coated in it, it wasn’t as if I wasn’t already shifting around. So I slid the thickly coated vibe quickly into my pussy and fucked it in and out a few times to spread the gel around, and to feel the vibrations against the plug in my ass, then I drug it up through my slickness to my clit, and rolled it to make sure that it was good and coated as well. The story was doing the trick and my entire pussy was throbbing with need so I set about rubbing my clit with the vibe while I continued to read. Before long I could feel it building and knew the end was in sight.

As was their habit the city cops kept an eye on the library whenever anyone stayed after hours, to keep anyone from trying vandalism. They would pull into the parking lot, make a loop and leave. As I wasn’t on the porch of the library but in the grassy area to the left of the building, my car was parked in the last spot in the lot. I was getting so close that I had started to close my eyes, but at the last second saw the cop car slow down to make his Betturkey Güncel Giriş loop checking that all was well. At exactly that point when my brain registered that I could be caught doing this out in the open by the cops I felt my orgasm rip through me stronger than it normally would have given the extra distractions, especially with all of the things I was doing to not draw attention. So while I sat there helpless to stop anything should he decide to get out and check things out, my body continued to shake with spasm after spasm at the thought of the cop walking up; as I felt my cum gush from between my thighs, coating the vibe and the insides of both legs.

Luckily the cop was one of the regulars that recognized me and knew that I sat there regularly for a while and then left without disturbing anything, so he made his loop and left. I reached into my laptop bag for a wet wipe to clean my hand and then stopped the recording. I quickly closed down the computer, packed up and went home. Mission accomplished, but I didn’t think there was going to be much on the recording for Sir to hear as I was pretty sure I had been as quiet as I could, not wanting to draw attention.

So when I was able to access the file and play it back I was surprised to find that the microphone on the headset was incredibly sensitive; and had caught every sharp breath, moans and groans I didn’t remember making and right at the end I heard myself say oh fuck in a slightly muted shriek along with a string of sharps breaths and a sigh of relief. I’m guessing that was when the cop had picked up his normal speed and drove on past. I sent the recording file to my Sir as instructed, knowing that he would be pleased with the results of that little experiment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32