Insatiable Ch. 02

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Thank you to the ones who voted and or commented on my stories in the past and the editors for publishing my work. It is greatly appreciated.

This is gay male fiction if you do not like gay subject matter you will not enjoy this story. All of the characters are fictitious. All are over the age of 18 years old. If a character sounds familiar it is purely coincidental.

Review: I am Kevin a 19 years old I and I have been going to some hypnosis sessions with Johnny a 30 year old. Craig 27 years old who I give all my details of what I’ve done sexually and he reports back to Johnny.

Well the week after my gay group sex my behind was sore. It was 2 weeks before Johnny contacted me by phone and gave me the code word insatiable once again. This put me in a trance and I would do and experience sexually Johnny would tell me to do. I was given orders to freelance and try to do as many things as I had done before spontaneously he wanted me to be more comfortable and initiate sexual situations rather than letting the others be the initiator. He wanted me more comfortable being a slut in the group.

I went to the Adult Bookstore and this time I went in the theater. It was a room with a big screen and in front of it maybe 20 chairs. It had one of those buzz in features to let you in after you had paid to get in. There was a porn movie with a blonde Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort headed woman with big boobs was sucking a guy. The movie was called the Cum Slut of Brooklyn. He was a more dominate personality and there was no doubt who was in charge. The back row against the wall was where I felt I needed to be. There were eight to twelve guys of all sizes in there. On the back row with me was an older man gray hair tall sitting three chairs from me. I notice his cock was out of his jeans he was approximately 7 inches and he was stroking it. I was watching and listening to the movie the porn star said “Suck it slut, suck it good.” Something came over me and I moved next to the old man with his hard on. I reached over and started jerking him off. Then I wasted no time I was licking and kissing his cock. He didn’t look at me, he watched the movie. I then started sucking him, tastes of pre-cum salty and sweaty. I then sucked on his balls. He squirmed a little. Sucking up and down with sucking sounds and the visual of the movie it got us both excited. He came and I swallowed. He said to me “You are pretty good , a little less teeth just relax and enjoy.” I sucked my first cock.

Another man moved next to me He was in his 30s about 5’10” tall had a 10 inch cock with a fat girth. I emulated what I had seen on the screen I started slurping then I started to deep throat him and of course I have a gag reflex. Once I got past the reflex It was weird how I had to breathe. Oh my when he was balls deep and fucking my face it was awesome. The big boob blonde was deep throating the guy in the movie. When they would speed up in movie so would this guy with his big long thrusts. Again the taste was salty and musty. It seemed like when he came it was an explosion, lots of cum going down my throat and running down my cheeks. I must had learned from my first cock about less teeth because all I heard was that I was a natural cock sucker.

I turned to my other side a young guy sat next to me he was 19 years old as well. He was taller and skinnier than me his cock about 5 inches cut. I reached over and started stroking his cock. He pulled his shorts further down. To my surprise he was lubed up already. I started sucking his cock and I put the middle finger of my right hand in his butt. He was gently moaning and writhing we got in a rhythm I was sucking his cock and finger fucking his ass. When he came its like he exploded in my mouth, his orgasm made him jerk all over his body.

I turned there was a black guy in his 40s sitting there with his cock in his hand it was not cut. He was average size. He said, “I know you want some of this.” I started sucking him he went a lot longer before he came. Up and down with sucking sounds. After a while he started fucking my face grinding. Then he came.

A guy in his 30s came and sat by me. He started reaching over and feeling my crotch which it didn’t take long for Mr Happy to start getting erect. At the same time another guy in his 40s sat on other side. He started running his hand down the back of my pants and he had a finger in the crack of my butt. i unbuckled my belt and I had already lubed up prior to entering building in case someone would want a piece of my ass. He fingered me and when I say he fingered me he had huge fingers. He got to three fingers and stretching me. Oh it felt so good. MMM so good. Then he pulled me up then pulled my pants down further. He pulled out the biggest dick I’ve ever seen it was 13 inches and 3 inches in girth. While this guy had me bent over and was trying to enter me, the first guy stuck his dick in my mouth. I was sucking and moaning breathing and relaxing to get the big dick in my rear. It hurt initially but now it was beginning to feel good. So they kept fucking one in my mouth and largest cock in my ass. It was like a see saw motion. The guy in my mouth came first, I came second which in turn got the guy in my ass to cum. It is one experience I’ll never forget.

The theater was so different than the arcade. It had a much more room and more eyes could be on you at one time. I had to call Craig and let him know about the sexual encounters and he would brief Johnny.

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