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I found them on a personal ad site for kinky adults. Two siblings, brother and sister, who were twins looking for a daddy-figure.

It seems both were orphans but they had been cared for by their parents’ life insurance policy and raised by an aunt who didn’t really have much to do with them. This led them to basically care for each other. When I met them, the brother did most of the talking. He was about 5’7” with a pale complexion and reddish brown hair, cut short. Kind of a scrawny kid, he and his sister had just turned 19. His name was Peter and he introduced his sister as Molly. She was a petite thing, only about 5’2” and also very skinny. Her hair was a more rust colored and long, straight as a pin with bangs covering her forehead. She seemed kind of weepy and quiet. Peter advised that they had been the only solace to each other. The two were nudists, preferring to be in contact with each other and craving the others’ touch as a sort of security blanket.

I told them I would interview them separately. I was tempted to start with Molly, being very intrigued by her slender form and my curiosity about her pubic hair. I loved redheads to begin with, but the propensity of shaving these days had me disappointed at ever seeing a real “fire crotch”.

I started with Peter. Once his sister and left the room, he began to undress. He explained that he figured I would want to see each of them completely to make my final decision. Being bi-sexual, I had to agree. He was very slight, and wiry, as he removed his polo shirt and revealed a bare, hairless chest and underdeveloped muscles. I asked him to turn and he showed me a pale back, sprinkled with just a few freckles, and thankfully, no hair.

His pants came off next, exposing pale legs, also with no or very fine hair, splotchy with patches of pink that stood out on his fair skin. Without preamble or hesitation, he slid down his boxer briefs and showed me his short but half-erect, penis. His red pubic hair was neatly trimmed and made a contrast to his light coloring. He stood facing me a moment, proudly showing off and even stroking himself a bit before he slyly smiled and turned around. He had a very feminine-looking butt, perfectly shaped and almost completely white. I had to adjust myself and cleared my throat as I looked. He turned halfway back and asked if I approved. I had to ask if he was into men and he smiled. Without grabbing any of his clothes, he left the room and announced to his sister that it was her turn.

Rather timidly, Molly re-entered the room. She approached the chair that her brother had so shortly occupied and asked if I liked Peter. I had to smile at the double entandre and told her that I did, very much so. She seemed to brighten at that and asked if I wanted to see her also. I told her that I had been looking forward to it since I met her.

Her gaze fell to the floor but she smiled wider and began to untie the thin shoulder straps of her sundress. Unrestrained it fell to the floor, exposing her small breast hidden in an off-white, lacy bra and matching panties with a little peach bow of ribbon at the front. She showed no hesitation reaching back and unclasping her bra and exposing her little breasts. They were just under a full B cup, with soft pink nipples, slightly pointed. He bare arms were more heavily freckled than her brother and her slight tummy showed a small, deep little navel. Again I had to adjust myself as she reached for her panties. I told her to turn around please and slowly drop them while facing away from me. As she did, I noticed her hair came almost down to her panties. She swept it aside with a toss of her head, and as she watched for my reaction, she began to lower her underwear. I sat up, looking forward to the sight of her butt. The perfect globes of each buttock, visible through the fabric, had my mouth watering. She was a pro at teasing also, inching her panties a little at a time, showing first the top of her crack, and then going for the tops of each cheek and hip. She knew what she was doing. Her skin was overall the same pale shade, showing no tan lines. Finally, her underwear was just below her cheeks and I could see it all. It was perfect. The kind of ass you want to bury your face in. I swallowed which got me a giggle from her. She released her underwear which fell to the floor and then she began to bend over. Grabbing the back of the chair, she first took a half-step to the right then to the left and began to bend at the waist. She looked back the whole time, studying my face with her playful little looks. Finally she asked if I liked her. I told her I thought she was the perfect daughter, but that the best was yet to come. With her tight little ass spread, I could see the soft pink of her anus and below it a small tuft of her pussy hair, glowing orange in the sunshine coming in from outside. I asked her to slowly turn around so that I could complete my inspection. She complied beautifully, giving me exactly what I wanted, a full red bush. Her pubic hair was also rust colored and Sex hikaye thickly covered her Mons. She followed my stare and began to run her fingers through the hair, fluffing it up. I could see her fingers get caught a little in the tangles of curly red hair that had clumped together with her girl juices.

“Peter likes it too. He won’t let me trim it.” She told me.

“Nor will I, Little One.” I stood and came across the room to her, my erection leading the way. To her credit, she didn’t shy away from me, even as I put my hands on her soft pale shoulders and led her over to the chair. Gently guiding her, I had her sit on the very front edge of the chair. She met my gaze, a slightly puzzled look on her smiling face, but once I knelt before her, she caught on. Molly gently parted her legs and I leaned in closer. Her perfectly shaped pussy and deep-set little butthole lay before me.

“What do you think?” she asked in a breathy voice. “Do you want to be our Daddy?”

To answer her, I parted my lips and brought my tongue in close to run it from her clit down her lips, to her anus and then back up. Her ragged breath and startled squeal had her brother opening the door. Molly began to tremble as I went to work parting her labia with my tongue.

“No fair, starting without me,” he said only pretending to be hurt. His cock was fully erect now, bobbing against his abdomen as he quickly came forward to watch his sister getting eaten out. He stood next to the chair watching me tongue-fuck her pussy. “I think he likes you, sis,” he said, stroking his cock.

“You are both perfect,” I said, stopping long enough to comment. “Don’t leave your brother out, suck his cock.” I told my new daughter as I leaned back in to lick her more. Watching her, I saw her eagerly reach for his smallish dick and draw it to her mouth. It was better than any porn, watching her almost swallow his dick as she was getting her pussy eaten.

I groaned into her pussy as I watched her cup his balls and give them a playful tug, while his dick rested in her mouth. Needless to say, I went down on her long enough to give her two orgasms and her brother to cum in her mouth. He groaned and cried out as he shot off in her mouth, finally jerking out the last on her chin. He held on to the back of the chair and watched me finish her off again, Molly leaning back and concentrating fully on the attention I was loving paying to her little kitty.

Later that night, I had them both prepare for bed, telling them both I would check on them before lights out. I found Molly sitting up in bed, nude of course, with her pink comforter up to her waist. I enjoyed the view of her breasts while she explained she liked a bedtime story before she drifted off. She indicated a laptop on her nearby dresser. Powering it up I saw a page already loaded, and after reading it I could see why she enjoyed it. It was a collection of sex stories that claimed to be all true about family loving.

I turned back to see her wholly innocent look as I came back to sit on the corner of her bed with the laptop in hand.

“Are there any particular you enjoy?” I asked, scrolling down.

I saw her smile and drop her eyes as she said she had already clicked on a couple.

I went to the first one, it’s title now colored pink since she had already starting reading, entitled “My sister and I”. Figuring it was a story that reminded her of the relationship she had with her brother, I read a little ahead, surprised that it was about two sisters.

“Read it slow, Daddy,” Molly instructed as I noticed her knees come up under the blanket and her hands disappeared underneath.

I questioned the validity of the story, but only in my mind. As I began to read, Molly moaned and closed her eyes for a moment. I have to admit, the story was very hot. I was instantly hard, and not just from the story. I could see Molly’s hands working on herself under the covers as I read.

The story was an installment by two sisters trying to get into the porn business. This particular one detailed them going to a porn producers office to try out. As I described what the girls were wearing and the fact that they had showered together before coming to the meeting, Molly’s eyes closed tight again in masturbatory concentration.

The author explained that the director asked them to get undressed and then to come into his office. The sister writing everything down described that her and her twin sister were of mixed heritage with mocha colored skin. Both were very petite, with small breasts and both were shaved, taking care of each other’s’ maintenance. Both had long black hair with brown eyes. Again, Molly gave a breathy sigh.

In the story, the two sisters held hands as they came out of the dressing room, wearing nothing. The director then asked them some fluff questions and then asked them to give him a show. The author described how her sibling pushed her back on his desk, until she was laying across it. Her sister then squatted down and began Erotik hikaye to kiss and lick her pussy. As I read that part, Molly gasped. Her face showed signs of being in pain, except that she kept chanting “Yes!”

Suddenly her eyes flew open, staring at me wide. She actually looked scared, but I noticed her hand still going like mad under the covers.

“What is it, baby?” I asked coming to sit next to her. She couldn’t answer for a moment. She groaned and threw her head back, staring at the ceiling. Finally, she looked at me, gasping and saying “Oh, my god!” over and over. As if it would explain everything, she threw back the covers and showed me her kitten. She had soaked the bed.

I could see from the wet spots that she had put out a pretty sizable spray when she came. Her hand, still in front of her pussy, was dripping with her juice.

“Oh, god, Daddy, I wet the bed.” she said, near tears. “But it felt so good!”

I put my arm around her and pulled her close. “No, you didn’t wet the bed, Little One, you squirted when you came. Some women can do that, if they are touched just right and they are very sexually excited.”

She leaned into me, but held out her hands as if she didn’t want to get any on me. “I take it that was your first time?” She nodded, too embarrassed to answer. “Honey, don’t be ashamed. Be proud, I am. Not every woman can do that, but my beautiful daughter can.” She turned to look at me with wet, but loving eyes. I took one of her little hands and sucked on a finger.

“You taste good, Little One,” I told her. She brought her hand to her mouth and tentatively gave it a lick.

“My cum tastes better than Peter’s!” she said.

I joined in with her amusement, reassuring her it was nothing weird or abnormal, and that next time I wanted to watch. She agreed and yawned. I knew her hard cum had taken a lot out of her, so I told her it was bedtime, but that I would help her changed her sheets first.

She started to scoot under the covers and told me that she didn’t mind her own cum and that she thought it was sexy. I smiled and shook my head, leaning over her for a good night kiss. I can tell you, no daughter gave her father a more sexy, open-mouthed kiss before.

Next was Peter. I walked down to his room and saw his door was wide open. He lay naked on his side on top of his blankets, showing off his bare ass to me. After Molly’s story, her making herself squirt, and the thought of her dousing my cock someday soon, I decided it was too much for me. I came into his room, looking over his shoulder to see what he was reading. It turned out to be a science magazine, but his hard cock told me he wasn’t just studying. He turned back to look over his shoulder at me with a sly look.

“Molly have you read her a story?” he asked.

I undid my belt and then my pants. “Yes, and it made her little pussy squirt all over the bed.” I said, punctuating my statement by letting my pants hit the floor.

Peter smiled as he watched me getting undressed. Once I was naked, with my very hard cock standing out from my stomach, I got on his bed and laid behind him.

Pressing myself into his body, my cock between his butt cheeks, I reached for his manhood.

“Are you gonna fuck me, Daddy?” he playfully asked. I stroked him some before I answered.

“First I am going to suck you off, then, when you cum I am going to have you squirt it on my cock. Then I am going to rub it all over and use it to slide my dick up that tight ass of yours.”

His smile grew as did his cock in my hand. He tossed his magazine on the floor and laid back on the bed on his back. He brought his knees up and put himself on display for me. Once I straddled him, I teased him by kissing my way down his chest. I held his cock straight up with one hand and held myself up with the other as I dragged my tongue down to his pubic hair. Stroking his cock, I paid special attention to the tip, gently squeezing out a drop of pre-cum.

“I want to play too,” he told me. So to oblige we lay together in a side-by-side 69, each of us sucking the others cock.

It always amazes me how I can handle my own cock and not think anything out of the ordinary, but then I grab another man’s and its so hot, so hard and yet soft at the same time, the skin so silky. I greedily swallowed his cock, stroking and tugging on his balls as I saw Molly do. I even trailed a finger down to his tight hole and rubbed there. Peter tried to gasp around my cock as I inserted a finger into him.

Suddenly his amount of pre-cum increased as it flowed into my mouth. I had enough time to get my mouth off his cock and catch his load in my hand as he began to bounce his hips on the bed. He cried out, releasing my cock, but tried to stroke me while he had a strong orgasm.

My cupped hand filled with Peter’s cum, I had a little trouble moving around until I was kneeling on the bed, but as I got into position, Peter again threw his legs in the air like a little whore, ready to be Porno hikayeleri fucked. With both hands, he reached down and spread himself open even further. I couldn’t help but stare as I smeared his cum on my cock. I hadn’t cum yet and was primed for it. With my cock coated with his large load, I positioned myself to penetrate him. We looked into each other’s eyes as I brushed the tip of my cock against his asshole. It flexed and he closed his eyes as he got ready for the ecstasy to follow. I asked him if he was ready and he smiled. “Fuck me, Daddy.” He said.

Without needing anymore coaxing, I pushed my dick against his ass, as it began to open and surround me. I was firm, but slow, letting him guide me as to how much to insert until he was ready for more. I didn’t want it to hurt, in fact I wanted the opposite, he needed to enjoy it, to want it and ask me for it again.

As I felt the heat of him swallow me, I stopped, savoring the moment. It was like fucking a velvet glove. He knew how to make it feel the best, gently squeezing me as I held in place, tighter than any pussy.

Together, we worked my entire 8 inches into his young ass and both of us sighed at the same time. Holding in place, I leaned forward so we could lay together. He accepted me with open arms, as I came to rest on top of him. I felt his warm hands on my back, pulling me against him in a loving embrace. The entire situation felt so right. I looked him in the eye as we leaned in closer together, ultimately to kiss. His tongue was equally as hot and wet, darting into my mouth and swirling around my own tongue as I began to slowly pump my cock into him. I had been with other men before, but this was suddenly the hottest sex I have ever had. Quickening my pace, it became too hard to kiss while Peter panted from the deep soul-fucking he was getting. His eyes were closed, lost in bliss as I began to pound him harder, pulling me into a deep embrace, his hands pulling me tighter to him.

“Fuck me like a whore,” he whispered, his lips right by my ear.

I raised myself up on my elbows to look him in the face. Meeting his gaze, he smiled. “Doggy style,” he explained.

Letting him up, I had to pull out and suddenly felt a longing to get right back inside. As he got on his knees and then leaned forward so his hands were on the bed, I saw that he was still open about an inch. He was taking cock like a pro.

On my knees, I got up behind him, my cock still dripping with his cum. This time, the lust overtook me and I had to shove it in, balls deep on the first try.

He arched his back and sucked in a quick breath, before I saw him move one hand to his crotch. A little jealous, I imagined what it would look like from underneath as he was masturbating while getting fucked in the ass.

I went back to pumping my cock into him, long steady strokes. He was vigorously jerking himself off as he smiled back at me, his ragged breathing interrupted by the occasional “Yes!”

It was so breathtakingly hot that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Do you want me to cum inside you?” I leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Mmmm, yes! Yes please!” he replied.

Once my goal switched from trying not to cum, to getting the green light to explode in his ass, my thrusting became stronger, the pounding into him harder. He would feel this tomorrow.

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” I exclaimed and drove my cock as deep as it would go. Peter thrust back against me as the first stirring of orgasm had my balls seizing up. The first spray shot out harder than I have ever felt before. Followed by several others. With my sex-addled brain still in fuck-mode, I pulled Peter up by the shoulders so his back was against my naked chest. He leaned into me, surprised but focused more on the attention his ass was getting. I reached around and grabbed his hard dick, stroking him quickly.

“I want you to cum, now!” I growled in his ear, then nibbled on the lobe.

“I’m close, daddy! I’m so close!” He panted. On the down-stroke, I could feel the wetness his cock was leaking. I quickened my pace. Before my cock was done twitching and spurting inside of him, I had him cumming across his own bed. His head rested back on my shoulder, eyes shut, mouth breathing hard. His whole body spasmed as the his last shot dribbled out of his cock. He fell forward, coming off my dick and lay sprawled on his bed, in his own cum. After his breathing came back toward normal, he raised his head and looked back at me with a sleepy, satisfied smile.

“Damn, that was good!” He purred. He tried to push himself up into a sitting position, but once he realized he had set his hand into a large pool of cum, he teased me back into semi-hardness by licking it all off his palm.

“You ever tasted your own?” He asked.

I told him that I had. He sat there on his knees barely able to keep his eyes open. I stood and gathered up my clothes.

“Bed time, son of mine,” I told him. I tussled his hair in a fatherly gesture and held out the covers for him to scoot under. He didn’t seem to mind sleeping in his own cum, either.

Naked, with my clothes under my arm, I headed for my own room. Once I was in bed, I was instantly asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32