Interview with a Fellatrix

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I have submitted a number of stories to Literotica, all based on sexual experiences I had while I was a central Jersey cop a number of years ago. All of them were absolutely true. Several dealt with an amazing woman I met many years ago in a mall parking lot. Her name was Nicki and she is truly one of the most interesting women I have ever known. She is unabashedly in love with men’s cocks and doesn’t care who knows it. Nicki has been sucking my cock for over thirty years. I would estimate that Nicki has given me about a thousand blow jobs over the years. She has sucked me in cars, beds, outdoors and in hotels. She has given me phone sex on numerous occasions, especially in recent years when distance separated us.

I thought my readers might enjoy it if I did an interview with Nicki to explore what makes her tick. I arranged for us to get together one time in September of this year and we spent an hour chatting.

The Interview

Q-Good morning, Nicki. It is great seeing you again.

A-Good morning, Curt, it has been quite some time. I hate that you have moved away.

Q-Being without one of your blow jobs regularly is the biggest drawback to moving away.


Q-I think I told you I have been writing about some of my exploits for a web site called Literotica and I thought since you are the subject of them, that the readers might enjoy getting to know you better.

A-I expect I’ll enjoy it myself, Curt. Ask me whatever you like. By the way, how’s that cock of yours doing?

Q-He’s doing great, Nicki. Getting a little twitchy since you walked in as a matter of fact.

A-Ooooh, that makes my pussy wet. Why don’t you take it out and let me greet him just like always. (Nicki reaches for my fly)

Q-Now Nicki, let’s see if we can get this interview done first. You can play later, I promise.

A-Spoilsport! I can’t wait.

At this time Nicki began rubbing my cock through the fabric of my jeans, making a cock-shaped outline in the denim as I got hard. I actually had to push her away or I never would have been able to finish the interview.

Q-Nicki, the readers have already been introduced to you in a couple of previous stories. Now, they want to get to know the real Nicki. How old were you when you first saw an adult cock?

A-I was about 18, Curt. I walked in on my 19 year old cousin as he was dressing after swimming and there it was. It was love at first sight. A couple of months later I got to play with it and eventually fuck it. But, once I saw that cock, I couldn’t think of anything else.

Q-How old were you when you first had a sexual relationship?

A-I was eighteen, Curt. And, it was with that cousin who started me fantasizing a couple of months earlier.

Q-What were the circumstances?

A-We lived in the Midwest and we went on a weekend camping trip together, just the two of us. We drove about fifteen miles from home to a lake stocked with bass. We pitched a tent near the shore of the lake and set up a campsite with a fire. We brought our fishing gear and quickly caught our dinner. It was real nice.

Q-What happened next?

A-Well, we ate our dinner and polished off the better part of two bottles of wine. Neither of us was feeling any pain. It was mid summer and it was quite warm, especially next to the fire. So, I went in the tent and changed into shorts and a halter. Rex did the same, emerging in cutoffs and a tee-shirt with the emblem of Iowa State on it. We sat there giggling and reminiscing about family stuff when I brought up the time I walked in on him when he was naked. We laughed and I decided to go for it. So, I told him that he and his cock had been a source of many of my fantasies since that day. I asked him to take it out now and give me a good look at it. It didn’t take much to get him to agree. I just told him, I would take off my halter, if he would show me his cock. His shorts were Şanlıurfa Escort off in a flash. I kept up my end of the bargain and removed my top. His eyes were bugging out of his head when I showed him the 34Cs. I was only 18 at the time and my tits were looking good, if I do say so myself. I moved closer to him and reached into his boxers and pulled out his beautiful, hard cock. He was seated against a tree and I lay down with my head in his lap, getting a great view of his enormous tool. I held it in my hand and examined it, much as one would examine a bug under a microscope. It was a good seven inches long and thick enough that I couldn’t get my hand around it. Rex took one of my tits in hand and caressed it as I began the natural motion of jerking him off. I didn’t really know what I was doing or why. But, the motion came to me without his having to teach me. It just seemed to be what to do. I loved looking at this new creature in my life and felt the moisture building up in my panties as I stroked him. Rex just leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes. He seemed to be enjoying himself and I was loving it. This was my first cock and it almost seemed to put me in a trance, especially when I watched what I was doing to Rex. After a few minutes, I couldn’t help but notice changes in Rex’s breathing. There was urgency in him. Quickly he went from quiet enjoyment to a desperate need to release. I was a novice at this and I knew he was about to cum but I didn’t completely get what that meant. I kept jerking his cock and with his urging I stroked faster and with purpose. Rex’s cock was facing the sky when his back arched and he began spewing his juice. It went flying everywhere; on Rex; on me and in my hair. After maybe eight spasms, he stopped the flood of cum. He put his hand on mine in an effort to make me stop as his cock had gotten quite sensitive. I continued to hold it, though, until he became soft again.

That was my first experience with a live cock and I loved it. I loved having that effect on a man. I loved being able to bring him pleasure like that. And, I loved the cock itself. That was 35 years ago and I still love cocks and everything about them, as you know. That weekend, I made Rex cum four or five more times, manually and orally. Rex’s cock was the first I ever sucked. But there have been many others since then. I think it is fair to say, I can never get enough cock. Before you leave today, I’ll be sucking yours again, too.

Q-How many cocks do you think you have sucked over the years?

A-Oh, gee, that’s a tough one. Probably several hundred.

Q-Do you swallow?

A-Curt, you know I do. I’ve swallowed your load probably five hundred times. But I also love to watch a man shoot his load. I suck them until I know they are about to cum, then finish them off with my hand while I satisfy my visual pleasure. I love to have a man cum all over my tits. When he does, I rub it into my skin like it was lotion. But, if I’m doing somebody in a car, it’s kind of hard to arrange the visual, so I usually just swallow. It doesn’t matter to me, I love to watch and I love to swallow.

Q-During the Vietnam war, I understand you liked to support the troops in a way they really enjoyed. Tell us about that.

A-Oh, yeah, I sure did support the troops. I would go to USO dances with my girlfriend in Omaha. I would pick out a couple of guys and dance with them and, while we were dancing, I would invite them outside for a blow job. I would do 2-3 guys a night, separately, of course. We would walk outside and halfway around the dancehall to a spot that had a couple of park benches in private spots. I would pull their dicks out and give them a ride on my tongue. Most guys only took five minutes or so to cum. I would swallow and walk back in with them where I would pick up another GI and take him out to the same place for the same treatment. The guys loved it and I Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan did too.

Q-Let’s pretend you are the guest speaker to a group of women who want to improve their oral skills. How would you teach other women to master the art of the blow job?

A-I think most women do okay without lessons from me. But, I would say that the most important thing about sucking a guy off is to use your hand and keep his cock wet. And, if at all possible, swallow. Not every woman can master the art of swallowing, but if you can, do it. And, if you can’t, bring him as close to his orgasm as possible before finishing him off with your hand.

Q-What is it about cocks that fascinates you so much?

A-The fact that I don’t have one, for one thing and the idea that I can hold so much power over a man by playing with his cock. You guys are easy. The hope of a blow job will get you to do almost anything. But, beyond that, there is nothing more masculine than a cock and balls. I love the way cocks look, the way they feel and what I can make them do. I love them in my hand, my mouth, my pussy and my ass. And each way is different from all the others. I love them all; big and small; fat and thin; circumcised and uncircumcised. I love brown ones, black ones and pink ones. I even like plastic cocks; with or without a vibrator.

Q-Do you have a favorite thing about cocks?

A-Yes, I would say I do. I love to take a soft cock in my mouth and feel it grow into a hard weapon. Then I love to suck it until it can’t take any more and it cums in my mouth. Then I love to feel it shrink back to normal in my mouth before I release it. Sensually speaking, there is nothing like it. It is a thrill really. A close second would be experiencing the pleasure of your orgasm. I already told you about how I love watching you squirt. But, there is more to it than just the visual pleasure I get from it. If you happen to be shooting your load on me, I love the way it feels when the hot, sticky cum hits my skin. It only stays hot for a few seconds but I love the way it feels when it spurts onto my skin over and over again. And, I love knowing that I made it happen for you.

Q-I don’t know if you keep statistics on the men in your life, but I have often wondered what the most number of guys you did in a single day was. Any idea?

A-Not precisely, but it was around twenty. You were there. Remember when I went to the Super Bowl party at the Holiday Inn a long time ago? I don’t remember the year but I do remember it was the Niners against the Bengals. I sucked a lot of cocks that day. I never got to see much of the game, though. You may remember, you and I were the first to arrive and I took you into the bedroom and sucked you off before the others arrived. I was the only female there. I was in heaven. All those hard cocks and only me to take care of them.

Q-I remember it well. You were definitely on your game that day. A lot of the guys told me later that you had perfect technique. What are some of your memories of the day?

A-Well, I remember thinking that I had sucked about twenty cocks and that no two of them were alike. I saw the smallest cock I had ever seen at that party and I saw one of the biggest. They were black, brown and pink; cut and uncut. I let one of the guys fuck me because I loved the way his dick looked. It was one of the bigger ones and he just didn’t seem to be able to get off in my mouth. So, he slid that puppy into my pussy and got off that way. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I aim to please and everybody seemed to walk away happy. I loved being the center of attention.

Q-You have been married for many years. How does your husband feel about your love of the cock?

A-He’s okay with it. When we got married, we did so with the understanding that I was going to need some outside action. No one man could ever satisfy all of my needs and Escort Şanlıurfa desires. In our younger days, Hans and I were involved in swinging. But, we have had to give that up in recent years due to all the disease out there. Don’t misunderstand me, I still need my cock. But, now, I have to be much more selective about it. Hans, of course, is free to find some action on the side also. When we go out, we bring the stories home to turn the other on. Hans loves to hear about the men in my life, as long as he isn’t being deprived and he never is.

Q-Are you ever able to have an orgasm just from sucking cock?

A-Yes, but it doesn’t happen very often. Sucking a cock always makes my pussy wet, but everything has to be just perfect for me to cum just from sucking. But, then, I don’t suck cock to make me cum, even though I love doing it.

Q-Are you bi-sexual?

A-Somewhat. I used to like to fool around occasionally with other girls. Girls are great. They are soft and cuddly and they know just how to touch another girl to get her off. Unfortunately, my experiences with other girls are somewhat limited due to the fact that I’m not exposed to them as much as I used to be. I really live a very ordinary life now and am pretty unlikely to run into another bi-female at the grocery store. But, I do like girls and would be open to a relationship with one. But, my primary pleasure is derived from something no girl can give me—a hard cock. They have always been and continue to be the true love of my life. A girl-this girl anyway-can never have too much cock.

Q-Would you describe yourself as a cock addict?

A-(laughs) A cock addict? Maybe. But, I think you could also argue that I am a cock doctor, too. When your cock gets hard and needs some attention, I can give you the cure. And, I make house calls. Now why don’t you be a good boy and take your cock out for me to play with. C’mon, Curt. You promised.

With that Nicki came closer and dropped to her knees between my legs and began to tussle with my belt and zipper. In seconds, she had my cock out, stroking it until it was hard enough to cut a diamond. Then, she dove down on it and started sucking, continuing to stroke it with her right hand. I leaned back in my chair and let her work. This was a very talented fellatrix. I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure well up in my balls and in my cock. Nicki happily sucked me until I had to cum. I came in huge gobs of man juice and she swallowed it all effortlessly, licking what residual collected on the head of my cock. She gave it a farewell kiss and placed it gently back in my pants. Then she sat down on the chair opposite me, pulling a leg over each arm and displaying her pussy to me in all its splendor. She closed her eyes and began to masturbate. She asked me to watch and to talk dirty to her until she came, which I did. She worked her clit feverishly until the waves of pleasure seemed to take her away to another planet. She writhed in orgasm for several minutes until the intensity subdued and she returned to a somewhat normal state. She continued to rub herself, though her face remained somewhat flush. I returned to the interview.

Q-Wow! That was pretty intense. You darn near sucked my balls dry.

A-Thanks, it was wonderful on my part also. I love that first squirt into the back of my throat. But, it is the second one that has the most power. I kept thinking of your cock exploding in my mouth as I played with my pussy. I came like a freight train! I’ve been sucking your cock for over thirty years and I have never tired of it.

Q-I feel the same way. I have had my cock sucked by a lot of women over the years and not one of them can match your technique.

A-And yours is one of my very favorite cocks. It is the perfect size for sucking and your juices are always delicious.

Q-On that note, I guess we can conclude the interview. Thanks for taking the time with us, Nicki. The readers will no doubt come to the same conclusion I reached many years ago. You are a cock lover who appreciates a good suck.

A-Yes, I am, Curt. And before we go maybe I could suck you once more.

Once again, I took my cock out and Nicki went to work. She’s amazing. Hope you agree.

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