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Her breath caught and her body shuddered when their eyes met, all other thoughts quickly fleeting from her mind, he engulfed her. She couldn’t tear her eyes off him. She was surrounded by her friends, slowly gyrating to the loud club music pouring from the four foot speakers on the corner of the dance floor. The bar was dim, pulsing lights keeping in check with the pulsing music. Even in the dark lighting, his presence was known and felt across the room. He had walked in through the back door and now she was staring at him, ravishing him, devouring him with her eyes. His burned deeply into her, the piercing stare rippling through her body, its effects felt in every nerve ending as a slight throbbing began taking over. Quickly, rational thoughts dissolved. Desire, lust and an attraction so strong that it felt almost chemical in nature, took over her body. Desire that must be sated; lust to be fed and an attraction that demanded immediate contact, she knew they would be together soon.

She closed her eyes for a moment and struggled to regain her composure. If she couldn’t see him, perhaps the fire in her blood would subside. Maybe her hardened nipples would stop throbbing and the heat rolling off her pussy would dissipate. “Gain control” she whispered to herself “you’re in public!” As her breathing evened, she quickly tried to remember the course of her conversation before she saw him. She’s pretty sure her friend had asked her a question and she had yet to reply. Mumbling a quick unintelligent reply, she suddenly felt a wave of pleasure pass over her as she sensed him near. He was close. Close enough to feel, yet not directly before her, she could almost smell him approach. His taste was in the air, the aura around her changed and she felt the lust pour over her like honey again. Standing still took extreme effort. She was overwhelmed with heat, her bare legs beneath her skirt burning; she felt an intense need to feel skin on skin contact. Passing the fire she felt to him was the only thought on her mind and it was filling her with powerful cravings screaming to be satisfied. She had to touch him, feel him, taste him – there was no other option. She needed to excuse herself, find an out of this conversation, a reason to be absent for a bit. Quickly she grabbed her stomach and making the universal ankara escort ‘my stomach hurts’ motion, asked her friend “where’s the bathroom”?

She was directed around to the back of the bar, down a dimly lit narrow staircase that lead to a long dark hallway into the basement of the building. Single watt bulbs danced and bounced about her head, moving with the vibrations on the ceiling and walls, being fed by the loud pulsating music above, as if dancing themselves. They sent scattered shifting beams of light scattered across the walls. She knew he would follow her, she knew it for certain, it wasn’t possible that she could feel such magnetism and he couldn’t. He would follow her, he would take her and the clarity of realizing that almost brought her to orgasm, pure waves of pleasure washed over her body. Every step rubbed her legs together under her skirt, making her pussy wetter. Her clit began to throb and her breasts strained against her bra. They wanted release, they wanted a hot mouth to engulf them, consume them, wrap around her nipples and graze them with their teeth. She walked quickly past the bathrooms, farther down the dark hallway, her breath heavy and thick, hands instinctively reaching up for her shirt and unbuttoning her top buttons, “access” was all that was on her mind.

She heard him behind her, approaching slowly, calmly, methodically towards her. She slowed down in the darkness and allowed his approach. She felt his hands reaching out for her and let out a soft moan when she felt the first ripple of contact between them. He was touching her back, bringing his hands softly down her spine and pulling her shirt out of her skirt to reach for her bare skin underneath. As soon as she felt his cold fingers contact her skin, her clit started pulsing steadily, keeping in beat with the loud music vibrating the wall in front of her. She let out a throaty moan and growled as she instinctively pushed her ass back for contact and was rewarded with a hard body and an ever harder cock grinding hungrily upon her ass.

Instinctively her hands went onto the wall; he grabbed her wrists high above her head, binding them tightly together with his strong muscular hands. His cock was now grinding roughly into the crack of her ass. Teasing her tight asshole and sending bolts escort ankara of electricity coursing through her body. Every hair on her skin was standing on end; her nipples were rock hard, throbbing against the sheer fabric of her shirt. Even being crushed against the roughness of the wall in front of her, they begged for more contact, screamed to be twisted wickedly. She threw her head back against his hard shoulder and was rewarded with his mouth on her hot neck, nipping at her, leaving a trail of hot saliva up and down her neck and shoulder as he devoured her. As they began the rhythmic thrusting of sex, their clothes proved to be a weak barrier between them, her skirt already naturally rising from their grinding. Her round apple ass exposed for all to see, which increased the moisture dripping between her legs.

Momentarily thinking of her exposure, she turned her head to the left to look down the hallway. The club was crowded, typical of a late Saturday night and a steady throng of girls were making their way in and out of the dark downstairs bathroom. In the midst of being taken, she hadn’t worried about the noise. Although she didn’t care, she couldn’t help but notice the brazen moment hadn’t gone unnoticed. A few had stopped and pointed, as they heard the sounds of her needed lustful moaning. Their faces went from confusion to immediate recognition as the realization dawned onto their consciousness and they realized what they were witnessing. They didn’t giggle like young girls would; instead their hands went instantly up to their necks as they started to massage themselves with the thumbs before continuing into the bathroom. The thought that they could hear her, know what she was doing, most likely see the shadowy outline of two bodies crushed against each other in the dark hallway was overwhelming erotic. Her pussy throbbed with the knowledge and the desire to be penetrated was so strong she allowed her animal instincts to take over. She hastily pushed down her black lace thong, needing desperately to feel that hard cock push inside her. She had lost control and lost herself in the moment.

He read her signals, felt her desire, her need and released his swollen wet cock from his jeans. Positioning at her entrance, he rubbed it up and down against her wet slash, teasing her swollen ankara escort bayan clit with each flick. She held her breath waiting for that first thrust. Her entire body rocked when he first pushed inside her, he was large and filling, with a wonderful curve on the end that rubbed against her inside sinfully. He stood still momentarily, still upon the first thrust, allowing her the pleasure of pulse after wonderful pulse to course through her body. She was milking his cock from the inside and in the process coming dangerously close to the edge. Then, slowly at first, he started thrusting in and out of her overly wet pussy. Her moisture sucking him in, as it dripped down the inside of her thighs. He still had her bound, but released his one hands and worked his way down her body with it, squeezing her skin every couple of inches until he arrived at her round full breasts. Quickly finding the very tip of one nipple, he latched on and twisted it between his thumb and forefinger, sending a ripple of pain and pleasure instantly through her body and down to her clit. Turning her head to the left again, she saw a fresh young crowd of girls watching them now. They were bolder than the prior group and stood there flushed, crowded and brushing up against each other arms as they opening watched their silhouettes, mouths slightly agape.

The combination of being watched, fucked like an animal, her nipples twisted and tugged on, her wrists bound as she was being pushed roughly against a wall and taken, pushed every last bit of restraint from her and she felt the orgasm build and crash over her body. Her head flung back as she lost herself in the pleasure, feeling wave after wave of pressure suck his cock into her, knowing that he was feeling it to. Suddenly his pace increased, she heard his breath become ragged and the sound of his balls slapping against her wet round ass. A deep moaning growl in her ear and she felt him blow his load deep inside of her.

She leant against him for a few moments as the dawn of her actions crystallized in her head. She quickly released herself from him and pulled her skirt down, stood up and buttoned her shirt. She couldn’t make eye contact; she could not look at him. Thoughts of taking him again flashed in her head, perhaps tasting that cock slide down her throat with her juices still on it. Shaking her head to rid it of such thoughts, she quickly made her way down the hallways to sounds of his protests. “Please, your name or number?” he begged as she disappeared under the pulsing flashing lights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32