Is Something The Matter?

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“Is something the matter?”

My wife looked mystified.

I had just told her about my desire to start some chastity play, and she was perplexed. Of course I had been visiting chastity sites and forums for the past year — studying some of the more intriguing designs on the websites of the chastity device manufacturers — and unknown to her I’d actually purchased a cheapo Chinese Chinese device on Ebay and had been testing it out in secret.

She didn’t know this all — and I was hitting her straight between the eyes with something quite foreign to her. I pitched it as “foreplay” — something we could do to keep things interesting. The look in her eye told me she wasn’t quite bought into the idea quite yet…. So I let it simmer. A few weeks later, just prior to going out to dinner and a movie, I locked up and gave her the key. She rolled her eyes and sighed, but she didn’t give it back — instead put it in an inside pocket of her purse, and off we went.

That night when we got home, she took out the key — holding it with both hands in front of her eyes, then looked up to me and said “okay…let’s see it”. This was it — the moment of truth… and I dropped my pants and showed her how it fit, how it locked. She scrunched up her face — and straight-arm handed me the key while she looked away and asked me to take it off.

It was another few weeks when I approached her with the key yet again. She looked quizzically “So this is a thing we’re doing, huh? Its weird, but not as weird as I thought it was, so I’ll play along”. That night as we were out, I noticed her “accidentally” rubbing against me, making eye contact every once in a while.. By the end of the night, we were holding hands, and had a makeout session when we got back to the car. When we got home to the bedroom, I asked for the key, but she just looked at me and said “okay, I’ve played along, and you said there’d be benefits for both of us. I want my benefit now.” With that, I slowly walked over to where she was sitting on the bed, put my hand to the side of her face and gently kissed her. I then reached down and started slowly unbuttoning her blouse, sliding it off her shoulder. We continued to gently and sensually kiss, as I slowly undressed her, finally pushing her back on the bed, as I kissed narlıdere escort my way down her body, pausing at her breasts, then trailing down to her stomach. Kneeling in front of her, I kissed her thighs, told her I loved her and then slowly pleasured her with my fingers and tongue. I could see the ripples of pleasure on her beautifully flat stomach, and out of the corner of my eye — saw her own fingers lightly teasing her nipples.

I continued gently and slowly until I felt her hand reach behind my head and hold me to her. I was straining in the cage — straining like I hadn’t for the short periods of time I had worn it so far. It wasn’t straining at the tip of the cage — it was the pull of the device on my ballsack. Finally and violently she came — holding my mouth in place with her left hand while her right hand pushed urgently on her mons. At last she released me, and breathlessly told me to get the key from her nightstand. I took a moment to catch my breath and regain my own senses, and I then discovered the chastity-conundrum — trying to unlock and take off the ring behind my balls while fully erect was damn near impossible, but to quote Full Metal Jacket — I was one motivated marine and eventually — and after contortions, I was able to figure it out.

The next 20 minutes was a blur. I know at some time, I was on top, and some point she was on top, and at another point I couldn’t tell the difference. Eventually I was lying in a pool of sweat, my hand intertwined with hers. “So that’s what you meant by foreplay” she asked. “Okay, I see your point now. I guess we can make this a thing.” I like to think I replied to that statement, but sleep overcame me so quickly that I could have said anything really.

And that’s how it started. We didn’t do it all the time, but we did it some of the time. Even the time we weren’t playing with the chastity device our daily physical intimacy was elevated to another level. And that was the new normal. We even went “virtual shopping” a few times and picked out new devices. One had a ring that opened on a hinge (so that I wouldn’t have to struggle to get it off when I was hard). Another was plastic, and the final one was the same design as my first, but with a shorter tube. ödemiş escort We tried them all — found out some worked better at different times, and surprisingly found that the one with the shorter tube was more comfortable for a longer time. It seemed counter-intuitive, but it worked.

One night we were out with friends at the bar, the loud music drowning out conversation, when she leaned over and whispered in my ear “I bet you think you’re getting out tonight, don’t you?” The cage (the hinged one that night) suddenly felt a little smaller as blood started to rush from my head (evidenced by the fact that she said I turned pale) to my groin. She continued “Yeah, I figure we’ve been using your little toy for foreplay. Tonight we use it for ‘oneplay’ — and that means me. You’ve gotten really good at getting me off, so tonight that’s what we’re going to do. We’ll see what happens in the morning.”

Okay, so that wasn’t great news, but there was some hope there. For one — I’d become really good at going down on her, and two — there was light at the end of the tunnel… even though that tunnel was lasting through the evening. And so, I spent the better part of the night at home DATY, and was exhausted enough by the time that SHE was done, that I fell asleep as well with the taste of her on my face.

About 3 AM my body reminded me that I usually slept in a loose pair of boxers, and not a few ounces of stainless steel. I felt around her nightstand for the key, but ended up (eventually) talking my erection down, promising myself that the torture of the night would be worth it, and crawled back to bed by 4AM.

At 7AM I woke to her shaking me “There’s someone at the door” — I threw on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and found the police knocking at the door rather insistently. There’d been a series of car break-ins in the overnight hours and they were going around to all the neighbors. So I checked the cars — they had gotten into my car, but nothing missing but some change from the console. I spent a few minutes putting it back together, helping the police fill out paperwork… At some point, my wife was up and dressed and putting a much needed cup of coffee in my hand before sauntering away to leave me with the cops. seferihisar escort

When the cops left, I headed back to the house and decided to clear some space in the garage so we could at least park one car in there during the evenings. If you’ve ever done a project like this, you know how it works, and I turned around it was 11AM as I was heading to Lowes to get some storage racks for the garage wall, when I realized… I was still locked up. A quick text to my wife to which she responded “took you long enough”.

The key was in my hand as soon as I returned from the store, and I quickly removed it, but the dam had been broken. I had survived almost 24 hours in the cage — far longer than foreplay (and despite the previous evenings “oneplay” for that matter). That night we spent time cuddling on the couch and she made it up to me, but we both knew that unsaid reality — this had moved beyond a game.

After that it was little things…. Like her finding different methods and cleaning doodads so I could clean myself and the cage in the shower without removing it. Like us discovering a strap-on that could be worn and used while I was still caged. There were no extra-long lock-ups (the longest was a weekend we spent in the mountains that coincided with her getting some food poisoning that kept her in bed and me on the couch for the weekend), but chastity had become a normal part of our sexual life — one with which we were both comfortable, and one that had definitely enhanced our relationship and our knowledge of what the other one needed.

And then COVID hit.

We both work for large financial institutions, so we were “working remotely”. This translated to wearing a nice shirt and a pair of pajamas, getting packages in the mail, and rarely stepping foot from our property. One weekend we just locked up. We kept playing — me going down on her, or using the strap-on, using the cleaning doodads in the shower, but we never really talked about it.

And then I realized it had been about 3 weeks, but I had totally lost track of not just the hours, but also the days. I was locked in the smaller device the entire time, and it just felt natural. It felt normal.

I got out of the shower one morning, and stood there by the bed while she woke up. God she is gorgeous… the light of a May morning streaming into the room and catching her in just that way, with the one brunette ringlette alone on her forehead.

I dropped my towel, and pointed imploringly at my locked member.

She looked at me a bit mystified and said…”Is there something the matter?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32