Is Three A Crowd?

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Is Three A Crowd?

I was visiting Alex in Zanzi one evening. He’s one of the best bartenders on the strip and certainly one of the best people in town. As a result of Alex being local-born, Zanzi has a lot of local customers, making it uniquely different from the rest of the bars that are primarily filled with ex-pats and foreign tourists.

I was perched on my usual stool, enjoying a beer, when a couple came in and squeezed into the space next to me. They were in their 50s. He was about 5’10’, in reasonably good shape, with soft white hair and a great, soft smile that seemed to always be on his face. She was a bit thick around the middle, but just bursting with personality. There was a constant mischievous glint in her eyes all the time.

They ordered a couple of mojitos and then turned and said hello to me, introducing themselves as Dave and Maureen. From their accents, and their story which quickly followed, I realized that they were from Scotland. They were retired and had an apartment here in town where they spent almost half of the year, several weeks at a time, going back and forth to Scotland.

Dave turned out to be very knowledgeable about music, it being one of his main passions in life. We quickly realized that we had the same taste and liked most of the same music, which is one of the reasons that I loved Zanzi; Alex played the best music. Maureen kept up an amazing, constant stream of conversation. I had to really pay attention to understand all of it with her thick Scots accent and those incredibly rounded vowels. The whole time they were inhaling drinks like they were lemonade. I’m not much of a drinker, so I go a lot slower.

As we were talking, Maureen continued to become more and more animated, which meant that her hands did as much talking as her mouth. She seemed incapable of talking without touching whoever she was talking to at the same time. She was leaning against me more and more, her back to my front. I could feel her ass rubbing against me from time to time and it made me wonder.

At one point we all burst out laughing at something she said and she turned around, saying to me, “Oh, you’re so sweet,” and leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.

Dave didn’t even blink, so I didn’t worry about it as Maureen turned back around and fully leaned against me like I was the back of a chair. Dave excused himself to go to the toilet and suddenly Maureen turned around, facing me, her entire body pressed up against me. She seemed pretty buzzed to me from all of the drinks she had been inhaling. I inhaled sharply when I felt her hand between my legs, cupping my cock and balls and gently squeezing as she leaned forward and softly kissed me on the mouth, very quickly, and then stood back, smiling at me, my cock and balls still in her hand being fondled.

“What are you thinking now?” she asked me, a huge grin on her face.

I glanced towards the toilets, expecting to see Dave at any moment and wondered how he would react if he saw what was going on, so I just blurted out the most inane thing.

“You can taste mine if I can taste yours,” I said, figuring that would certainly straighten her up.

“Oh, I knew I liked you,” she said, continuing to grope me, leaning her body firmly up against me.

It was then that Dave exited the toilets and came back over. Maureen didn’t move at first, then she stood up, giving my balls an extra squeeze before turning around to Dave.

“I grabbed his balls while you were pissing,” she told him with a laugh. “You should have seen the look on his face.”

“I’ll bet,” Dave said, laughing. “She gets a little wild when she drinks,” he explained, not seeming to be bothered by what she had just said.

“And when I asked him what he was thinking, he told me that I could taste his if he could taste mine,” she finished telling him, draining her drink.

“I was just making a joke,” I explained, hoping that he wasn’t going to be offended.

“No, I know how she is,” Dave said, waving his hand as if it were nothing.

“Do you like to play with other couples?” Maureen asked, looking up at me, a wild look in her eyes.

“Play?” I asked, not believing what I was hearing.

“We like to have an extra cock to play with sometimes,” she said, making no doubt about what she was saying.

I just looked at Dave in amazement, not believing what I was hearing. I was sure that she was just drunk.

“Sorry if she’s embarrassing you,” he said, a wry smile on his face. “Maureen, you need to behave.”

“Oh, I’m behaving,” she said. “I was just wondering. He seems like such a nice toy.”

“No, not at all,” I said, smiling now, not believing my luck. “I just didn’t want to cause any offense by acting out of turn or anything. As a matter of fact, I do enjoy playing, especially with other couples.”

“I knew it!” Maureen said, beaming first at me, then at Dave. “Shall we have some fun then?” she asked, snuggling up to Dave, one hand openly groping him and massaging.

“Would Porno you like to join us?” Dave asked, grinning at me. “Our place is not too far from here.”

“I’d love it,” I said, draining my drink.

“And I can’t wait to taste yours,” Maureen said, moving from Dave to me and giving me an incredibly hug. “You’ll like my pussy, too,” she continued as if it were the most normal thing in the world to discuss in a crowded bar. “Everyone says it tastes real nice.”

“Maybe we should go, Maureen,” Dave suggested, finishing his drink.

“I’m ready,” she said, finishing her own drink. “Let’s go fuck,” she said, leading the way out the door, Dave and I following, several heads swiveling around in surprise when they heard her.

“So, how long have you been playing with other couples?” Maureen asked, taking each of us by an arm.

“About 5 years or so,” I replied. “What about you two? How long have you been playing like this?”

“Oh, a dozen years or more,” Maureen replied. “You want to hear how we got started?” she asked, laughing. “I’ll tell you and then you can tell us, okay?”

“Sure,” I replied.

“Well, it was sure strange enough, the first time,” Maureen said. “We were at a party that some friends had taken us to. We didn’t know anyone there, but it was a nice party. There was all this food and barrels of beer.

“I like to drink. We all do,” she continued. “That’s the way it is in Scotland. Anyway, we were feeling no pain. Dave went to the toilet to piss and I was sitting on a sofa with some other people. One of them turned to me and asked me if he could see my breasts. Before I could even answer, he had reached into the top of my dress and pulled them out.

“Now, I was shocked, drunk as I was, but nobody seemed to be paying us no mind,” she continued. “And this bloke was just having a right good time, squeezing and pulling on my breasts. And then he started sucking on my nipples, right there in front of everyone. I was more amazed than anything and a bit worried about what Dave would say if he saw.

“Then this other bloke came over and stood right next to me, watching. He said something about my breasts looking good and the next thing I knew, he had opened his trousers and pulled out his cock, a big hard cock. I gasped in shock and he just stuck it into my mouth. Right there in front of everyone. He was holding the back of my head with his hand and his cock was filling my mouth.

“That’s when I just so happened to be coming back from the toilet,” Dave said with a laugh. “Boy, was I just gob-smacked. I mean, Maureen has always been the randiest wench I’ve ever known, but it was always with me. I had never even considered what I was seeing.

“And he’s just standing there, looking down at me with my breasts out and my mouth full of cock and he’s just laughing,” Maureen picked up. “I couldn’t believe he wasn’t upset or anything.”

“It was so absurd that I couldn’t do anything but laugh,” Dave said. “I could see by the look on her face that this had and was happening to her. And then it was pretty outrageous to see her with her breasts out and some bloke sucking on them while some other bloke had his cock filling her mouth.”

“Well, clearly he wasn’t bothered,” Maureen said, “and I was pretty drunk and my pussy was tingling from the guy sucking and biting my nipples and I just love to suck cock, so I figured what the hell. Nobody seemed to be bothered one way or the other that this was going on.

“When I saw her reach up for his balls and saw his entire cock disappear into her mouth, I knew she had decided to just enjoy herself and for some reason I just didn’t care,” Dave said. “I mean, it was hot to watch. I was standing right there. Only a couple of other people seemed to be paying any attention, like it just wasn’t that big a deal.”

“Well, I was really enjoying this bloke’s cock,” Maureen continued. “I still remember that it was a nice size and had a good flavor. I could tell that he was getting close to cumming and I was looking forward to a mouthful of cum. I didn’t care anymore. The only thing I cared about was that cock in my mouth and getting it to blow.”

“So, right when the bloke fucking her face moaned that he was cumming,” Dave said, “the bloke playing with her breasts suddenly reached under her skirt and literally ripped her panties off of her.”

“The next thing I know,” Maureen said, “this one cock is filling my mouth with cum and the other bloke is filling my pussy with his cock! By the time the bloke in my mouth finished cumming and I sucked him clean, the bloke fucking me was cumming, just filling my pussy.

“The bloke who had just cum in my mouth bent down and kissed me and thanked me for a nice blowjob,” Maureen continued. “I remember feeling good that he had liked it and at the same time embarrassed. Then the bloke who had fucked me finished cumming and pulled his cock out. He kissed me, too, and thanked me for a good fuck and then wandered off.”

“She was sitting Altyazılı Porno there on the sofa, this stunned look on her face, some cum dribbling down her chin and her legs spread with cum leaking from her pussy,” Dave continued, laughing. “I mean, she looked just like what had happened; that she’d been good and fucked.”

“And none of that bothered you?” I asked, really enjoying the story and being able to picture it all happening.

“Bothered him!” Maureen laughed. “He dragged me out of there and straight home. Didn’t say a word the whole way. But when we got home, he ripped my clothes off of me right there inside the door and pulled me down on the floor. Even with my pussy full of that other bloke’s cum, he ate me until I came and then he fucked me. It was the best fuck we’d ever had.”

“I can’t explain it,” Dave said. “But it was the hottest, most exciting sexual experience I’d ever had. I had no feelings of jealousy or anything and I had never been hornier in my life.”

“I’ll say,” Maureen agreed. “He didn’t stop fucking me for 3 days and my pussy was raw for a week.”

“And how did you feel about what had happened to you at the party?” I asked Maureen.

“Well, like I said, at first I was just shocked,” she replied. “But then I just loved it. I mean, sex and drinking are my favorite things in the whole world. And since Dave wasn’t upset, well, I liked it. Since then, we’ve fucked hundreds of people, I’m sure. It’s never been anything but fun for both of us.”

“I agree,” Dave said. “We love each other as much if not more than we ever have and we get to have the most incredible fun together. And that’s the key; we always have fun together. We’ve never done the solo thing and have no interest in that.”

“But what about you?” Maureen asked, reaching down and grabbing my rock-hard cock through my pants. “Oh, my, he’s got a nice big one,” she said with a laugh, giving me a nice squeeze. “And I think our little story got him excited.”

“Damned right it did,” I agreed with a laugh.

“So, tell us how you became a bad boy,” Maureen said.

“Well, one night, my now ex-wife and I were watching the evening news,” I began. “This is when I was living in Holland. They had one of their stories on the sex clubs of Holland and swinging. Now, I’d heard about the sex clubs, though never really gave them any thought. That wasn’t my thing. I’d never really heard anything about swinging, per se, though I’m sure I was aware that things like wife swapping and such went on.

“Anyway, this 10-minute news magazine on dinner-time news blew my mind,” I continued. “First of all, the content and the time. I knew that kids would be watching with their parents. And then the content.

“I had never really thought about or considered anything like that. I was actually rather conservative and a bit insecure about my ability to keep a relationship going. But the news program was fascinating. They portrayed things in such a way that it made me think about it differently.

“You see, at this point in my relationship with Hattie, I felt very secure,” I explained. “She was a very conservative Dutch woman, raised in a very conservative part of a conservative country by very traditional, conservative, church-going parents. She had never seen or smelled marijuana before she met me, for example. She was very sexual, enjoying it pretty much any time. She loved to have her pussy eaten and she loved sucking cock. Her favorite place to have me cum would be on her breasts or in her mouth. I’m a photographer and she loved to pose for me, totally pornographic stuff, too.

“Neither one of us spoke while the program was on. When it finished, she turned to me and asked me what I thought of that. Now, Hattie was one of the most insecure, jealous people I’ve ever met. I was always wary of giving her any excuse to feel insecure, so I wasn’t sure how to answer the question. Also, I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about it, so I told her that it made me think about things in an entirely different way that I had never considered before.

“I asked her how she felt about it, and predictably, her first comment was that she liked the outfits she had seen some of the women wearing. Hattie was very into clothes and she always looked good in whatever she wore. When I asked her what she thought about the whole idea of the sex clubs and swinging itself, she blew my mind by saying that in some ways she found it interesting.

“I couldn’t believe it. This was so unlike her in my mind. So I quickly thought to myself that if I am slow and cautious and careful, that possibly this could be something we could learn more about without her freaking out. So I asked her if she had any interest in perhaps going to one of the clubs and seeing for ourselves what it was like. I was amazed when she said maybe.

“For the next week or two, we both searched on the internet to learn about things. We would compare notes and ask what each other thought about this and that. I was always Brazzers very careful not to arouse her jealousy by seeming too enthusiastic, though that was how I was feeling deep down inside the more I read and learned. I also knew that Hattie was a compulsive over-doer in the sense that she couldn’t just buy one doll, she had to have the entire collection. She’d always jump in with both feet if something interested her, so I carefully tried to keep and build her interest.

“We discovered a swinger’s website and I bought a lifetime membership. We would check out the other members and see what they were doing and saying. At one point, a few days after joining, another couple from a nearby town contacted us, asking if we’d like to meet them.

“Well, now things were building towards something. I asked Hattie what she wanted to do. She wasn’t comfortable meeting them at our house or going to theirs, but she was amenable to meeting them at one of the clubs. That way we wouldn’t have to feel any pressure or obligation for anything. We hadn’t yet learned the way of things.

“So we agreed to meet at a club called Fata Morgana, considered the No. 2 club in Holland. Our thought was let’s see that one first so that we have something to compare to if we decided to continue with this experiment and then we could go to the other club.

“The other couple were also very new to the game, so it was a bit awkward when we finally met at the club. The club was a bit run-down, with a food buffet area, a disco/bar area, a smoking room (the only place where smoking was allowed), a sauna, a huge jacuzzi that would easily hold 50 people, and various private and semi-private and totally public areas for sex. Apparently the only place sex was not allowed was in the food/buffet area. Upstairs were lots of sofas and comfortable chairs, along with a couple of raised, dais-like platforms. Everything overlooked the downstairs.

“We were mostly upstairs, that being the most comfortable area. There were about a dozen people up there also and we saw women sucking cocks, guys eating pussy, and even one couple on one of the daises fucking, while another guy joined in with them for a bit. We found it all really interesting and not the least bit off-putting.

“We weren’t sure how to deal with the other couple, and truth be told, we weren’t terribly interested at that point. They were smokers and they went to the smoking room to smoke at one point. That’s when Hattie and I finally explored a bit with her sucking my cock and me putting her on her back and feasting on her pussy. The other couple came back when I had my tongue stuck deep inside of her and there was an awkward, sort of embarrassed moment as we collected ourselves.

“We decided to go to the jacuzzi, as that would be the ‘excuse’ for all of us to be naked so that we could check out each other’s goodies. There were another 15 or so people in the jacuzzi, mostly just sitting around, but there were the odd couple fucking and/or sucking. We sat in a corner and just chatted and observed. I had my hand between Hattie’s legs and she had a hand wrapped around my cock, but the other couple didn’t really interact, not with each other and not with us.

“That sounds boring,” Maureen commented.

“Actually, it was in a way,” I agreed. “But we had enjoyed the taste of things and we decided that we’d go to the so-called No. 1 club the following week, but just by ourselves. We were comfortable with that and now knew that there was no reason or pressure to include anyone else unless you wanted to. It was incredibly exciting to us just the idea of doing anything sexual in front of others or seeing others doing things sexual.

“So Hattie and I went shopping and bought her an outfit; a corset that didn’t cover her nipples and crotchless panties (those were my idea). She bought me a skimpy pair of shorts that were made of very loose fishnet; they didn’t hide anything.

“As soon as we walked into Fun4Two, we knew that this was far superior to Fata Morgana. It was an incredibly clean, classy place, just like any other really good disco. The only difference was that in this place, people were having sex everywhere. We were really impressed and we also noticed that the people seemed to be just a cut ‘better’ than those we had seen at Fata Morgana.

“We decided to start off in the sauna to get nice and warm and then do the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi had about a dozen people in it and it was fairly full. It was impossible to be in it without rubbing against other people, most of which seemed to be women. There were only a few guys.

“There was a ledge of sorts on one side of the jacuzzi and Hattie sat there between two other women, one dusky-skinned with the cutest B-cup breasts with dark chocolate nipples, and the other, a heavy-set woman with huge, D-cup breasts. I stood in front of her as she started chatting with the two women, very aware of the bodies pressing against my back and the hands that would grope my cock and balls under the water.

“I decided to see how Hattie would react to some fun, so I grabbed her feet and lifted them onto my shoulders, effectively splitting her pussy wide open in front of me. Before she could protest, I had glued my mouth to her pussy, my tongue slithering up into her wetness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32