Island Discipline Ch. 18

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As promised, chapter 18 is swift on the heels of chapter 17. Slightly different feel to this chapter but I hope you like it all the same!

Chapter 18

David was waiting for Sue in the library, where they had arranged to meet. He was standing by the mantelpiece with his back towards the door when she entered. She immediately crossed the carpet and laid a light hand on his shoulder.

“David, I’ve failed you,” she murmured dejectedly, her head bend.

David turned around and lifted her chin, forcing her to look him in the eyes.

“I can’t deny that I’m disappointed Sue,” he said quietly. “Do you know how unique the opportunity is that you have been given? I have never before deemed any sub that I trained to become worthy of elevation to Mistress.”

Sue swallowed and nodded, her eyes moist with unshed tears.

“What you may not have been aware of,” David continued, “is that for some time I have been considering our relationship and find myself dissatisfied with its current state.”

Now Sue’s eyes flew wide with shock. She knew she had lost focus on maintaining the strict discipline & detachment necessary to be a good Mistress, but she had thought that David’s increasing ease & tenderness with her was a symbol of his approval! Now she trembled, dreading his next words. “Please don’t let him banish me from the mansion,” she prayed. With a jolt she realised that she had formed a deep and intense bond to the quiet & assured man standing in front of her, and it was not the bond of a sub & her Master!

David seemed to be acutely aware of her internal distress and smiled gently. He took a seat on a comfortable sofa & gestured for Sue to sit beside him.

“My family have been pushing me to get married and I have finally decided to take a wife,” he began.

Sue’s heart sank. With another woman in his life, the situation between them would have to radically change!

“I hope you will be very happy,” she managed to say.

David chuckled. “Oh I’m sure I will be Sue,” he said. “I have taken my time and made my choice very carefully. I can assure you that she will suit my needs perfectly.”

Sue couldn’t prevent a tear from sliding down her cheek. She tried to surreptitiously wipe it away but David noticed and frowned.

“Oh you little fool,” he chided gently. “The woman I have chosen to be my wife is …….. you!”

As Sue raised shining eyes to look at him for confirmation, he raised his hand to prevent her speaking.

“However,” he cautioned, “you must first of all demonstrate that you can fulfil your potential to become an effective Mistress. I will not share my life or my home with a woman who cannot be my equal!”

Again, Sue dropped her head in shame as his words reminded her of her recent failure.

David squeezed her shoulder. “Sue, I do understand how this situation developed,” he said consolingly. “As a former sub, you must be especially on your guard and maintain the necessary detachment. It is easy for you to identify with Kristy & her plight, although you never required the extreme measures that we are now using on her!” he said, smiling slightly.

Sue was in a state of stunned disbelief. She had never allowed herself to acknowledge the depth of her feelings towards David as she knew that at some point he would be expected to marry and continue the family line. She had tried to protect herself from the pain that she knew this would cause but couldn’t help but hope, in her heart of hearts, that this would never happen and that she could stay in his presence. Now David was offering something she had never even dared to consider. She had thought he was fond of her, but never dreamed his feelings might run deeper. He was always so supremely in control of himself – something she wished she could achieve for herself!

David again brought her back to reality. This time by tapping her on the shoulder to gain her attention.

“Sue, as my wife, you will be expected to move in higher society than you are currently used to,” he said. “I will provide you with all the information you require to enable you to do this, but I warn you it will take intensive study. To that end, I am going to have my aunt take over the training of Kristy for the rest of this week so that you can get a clear idea of how you will be expected to behave.”

Sue looked at him, her eyes searching his to see if this was his way of punishing her for letting down her guard with Kristy. David could see the question clearly in her eyes and shook his head.

“This has nothing to do with what you did or didn’t do whilst training Kristy. I’m fully aware that I have left her in your hands for what, in hindsight, was too long a period of time. For this, I must apologise” he explained. “No, the reason I am asking my aunt to take over is twofold. First of all, she is a far harder task master than you are and will have no compunction in dragging the best out of Kristy, with no possibility of becoming attached. After all, she was a Mistress before I was even born!” he said, smiling. “The second reason is that I am going to lead Kristy to believe xslot that her behaviour has placed you in bad standing with me and that the only way you will regain your former station is by her complying wholeheartedly & immediately with every instruction given from now on, no matter who issues the commands!”

When Sue gave him a puzzled look, David explained himself further.

“My aunt noticed the effect her censure of you had on Kristy. She was genuinely distraught that her actions had placed you in such a position. We are therefore going to use that information to ensure she reaches her full potential. You will be present in certain situations but as a silent observer only, never making eye contact with her or acknowledging her in any way. I fully expect this method will overwhelm the last vestiges of resistance she has & root her firmly into the mould of submissive!”

Sue stared at David in amazement. Yet again he had demonstrated his superlative skills as a Master. Who else could have come up with such a diabolically effective way of ensuring Kristy’s compliance without subjecting her to harsher punishment than she was already receiving! Indeed, in order to initially break down Kristy’s barriers, their methods had been harsh to the point of cruelty. Sue secretly hoped that this episode had provided the shock required to make Kristy think about the consequences of her actions and that there would be no further need for the extreme methods they had been using on her!

David’s voice broke into her thoughts.

“I shall tell my parents that I have chosen a wife,” he advised. “I shall also suggest a period of 1 year for our engagement. This will give you time to complete your training, both to enter the level of society that my family moves in and as a Mistress who will work jointly at my side! By the way, you know that I intend to offer Kristy a choice when we have finished training her?”

Sue nodded.

“I am confident that she will choose to become a true submissive,” he continued. “If she does, I intend to give her to you as your wedding present. I can see there is already a deep bond between the two of you and am therefore willing to part with her. I assume this pleases you?”

Though he was unaware of it, his life as a Master had some slight drawbacks. One of these was that he assumed the people around him would automatically agree with his decisions. For the most part they did, as he always gave a great deal of thought to the potential ramifications before making a decision, but on this occasion Sue could feel a small tremor of indignation at his assumption that she would meekly acquiesce.

“For a start David”, she said tartly, “don’t you think it would be a good idea to find out if I want to marry you before offering Kristy to me as a wedding present?”

David looked startled. Sue almost laughed at his astonishment.

“I had assumed you would want to marry me,” he said. “Was I wrong?”

He was surprised at the little jolt he experienced when he was forced to consider the possibility that Sue might refuse him. He thought he had made his decision in the most logical and sensible fashion and was startled to realise that there was an underlying emotional reason too!

“That’s beside the point David,” Sue replied. “You may have been my Master, but whilst I acknowledge I am still under your tutelage to become a Mistress, I will one day become, as you have intimated, your equal. Don’t you think you should at least do me the courtesy of asking me to marry you!”

With that, Sue turned and walked out of the room, a tiny smile playing around the corners of her lips. Of course she intended to marry him, but if she were to become a Mistress, then she should start to ensure that he treat her with the respect she was due!

She took herself up to her room and ran a bubble bath in the adjacent bathroom. She took her time luxuriating in the hot water and let the tensions of the day flow out of her as she set her mind adrift. A light tap at her bedroom door intruded on her thoughts and she called out for the person to enter. She was slightly surprised to see that it was David himself who entered. He crossed the floor and stood in the doorway to the bathroom.

“May I come in?” he asked.

Sue nodded and he entered, perching on the side of the bath.

“I’m sorry Sue,” he said. “I was disrespectful earlier when I failed to consider your feelings in this matter. May I ask you, however, do you find the idea of marrying me distasteful?”

Sue smiled up at him. “On the contrary, David,” she replied, “but a lady does like to be asked!”

David smiled back.

“In that case, could I ask you to join me in the dining room when you have had time to refresh yourself and dress?” he asked.

“Of course,” Sue replied. “Can you give me 30 minutes?”

David rose and gave her a little bow.

“Until then, my dear” he said, and left her rooms.

The moment he was out of earshot, he opened his cell phone and called a number.

“About the matter I discussed with you earlier,” he said. “I should like to arrange xslot Giriş an immediate appointment at my mansion. Please be at the helipad in 5 minutes and my pilot will bring you down to the Keys.”

He received an affirmative reply and closed the phone, smiling in anticipation of the surprise Sue would receive.

True to her word, 30 minutes later Sue entered the dining room and stopped short in amazement at the sight of the table covered in black velvet cases, each with the Cartier logo emblazoned in gold upon it. Glittering against the black backing were a variety of spectacular rings formed of diamonds and precious gems.

David walked over and took Sue’s hand, gently leading her over to the table.

“Your response earlier, led me to believe that you would accept my proposal,” he explained. “To that end I took a chance and arranged for you to be able to choose your own engagement ring.

As Sue drew nearer, she could see that each case contained a different gemstone. There were diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanites, opals and even a couple of the very rare paribe tourmelines. Sue was stunned by the sheer amount of wealth on display and David had to subtly prod her for an answer.

“Well?” he asked. “Will you marry me Sue?”

Still overwhelmed, Sue nodded. “Yes David, yes, I will marry you” She said.

“Then may I suggest you see if there is anything you like here?” David said, smiling down at her.

In a daze, Sue moved up and down the table, looking at each case in turn. Each ring was exquisite in its craftsmanship and she could see that the gems were all of the finest quality. Finally she reached towards a ring that had been calling to her ever since she approached the table. It was an octagon cut emerald surrounded by baguette cut diamonds and mounted on a gold shank.

“Excellent choice, if I may say so,” murmured the impeccably dressed gentleman hovering near the table. “The ring contains a 5 carat emerald from the Boyaca region in Columbia, the producer of the finest quality emeralds in the world,” he explained. “It is surrounded by a further carat of flawless baguette cut colourless diamonds and set in 18 carat yellow gold.” He gave a small bow in Sue’s direction. “I applaud Madam’s taste,” he said. “If I might be so bold as to venture an opinion, no other gem in my collection would have suited Madam’s colouring so well!”

Sue flushed with pleasure at the compliment and David smiled with proprietary pride. The sales director, for that is who he was, withdrew the ring from the case and handed it to David, who slipped it onto Sue’s finger. To her amazement, it fit!

“You didn’t think I’d go to all this trouble without finding out what size ring you wear, do you? He breathed in her ear.

Sue smiled up at him. “I should punish you for being so certain I would say yes!” she said and watched as he raised his hands in mock horror, “but how can I when you’ve made me the happiest woman I know!”

“Well in that case,” said David, lightly kissing the tips of her fingers, sending a shiver of pleasure through her body, may I suggest we let this good gentleman leave so that you can thank me properly!”

With a great deal of aplomb, the sales director pretended he hadn’t caught the undertones of that last comment, and briskly closed up the cases he had brought with him. He beckoned the security guard over who had been standing unobtrusively in the corner of the room and together they loaded the cases into a specially reinforced box. The director secured the box to his wrist and with the security guard preceding him, made his way out of the room.

When he was certain that they were alone, David took Sue in his arms and kissed her deeply. The kiss ignited a blaze of passion in them both and as one the left the dining room and retired to his bedroom to seal their engagement in another way!

“Let me see that ring without any distractions,” David told Sue.

Pretending not to understand, she held out her hand towards him.

“You know what I mean,” he growled, “now strip woman, or do I have to tear those clothes off you myself!

Grinning at him, Sue started to remove her clothing, drawing out each movement, moving slowly & sensuously. David moved to the bed and lay back on it, watching in appreciation as Sue performed a very slow, very provocative strip tease. She made sure that when she removed her bra, she took her time caressing her breasts & pinching her nipples until they stood out hard & proud. When she bent to remove her panties, she faced away from him at first, wiggling her ass seductively before turning around and stroking her fingers between her pussy lips.

By now, David’s cock was rock hard and straining to escape the confines of his trousers.

“Come here, you wanton wench” he growled, and Sue slowly prowled towards him, taking delight in the sight of his obvious arousal.

When she reached the bed he reached out and pulled her to him, fastening his mouth on her nipples, one after the other, biting & sucking until she too was moaning with desire. He reached his hand down xslot Güncel Giriş between her legs and found her pussy to be dripping wet.

In one swift movement, he had her off her feet and pinned to the bed as he knelt over her body, using his body to keep her in place as he stripped off his shirt. Then he raised himself until he was directly over her.

“You have a job to do, wench,” he breathed in her ear. “Rid me of the rest of my clothing”.

Sue didn’t need to be asked twice! In a flash she had his trousers unzipped and was working them down his legs. Startled, she realised he wasn’t wearing anything else underneath, then laughed quietly to herself. After all, he had every right to anticipate how she would react to his proposal and after over 2 years together, first as Master & sub, then as Master & Mistress, he knew her better than she knew herself! In short order they were both naked, their hot bodies moving against each other as their passion ignited. David paused as Sue reached out and drew his head towards hers, looking deeply into his eyes.

“David, do you keep any items in your room?” she asked.

Initially puzzled, but with comprehension dawning, he nodded, a wicked gleam entering his eyes.

“I think I do have a few things lying around,” he said lightly. “Why?”

She whispered her suggestion in his ear and he laughed throatily.

“I think I can accommodate you there,” he said.

Keeping her body pinned to the bed with his, he leaned over and retrieved a two sets of cuffs from his bedside drawer, together with their accompanying metal clips, one set longer than the other. He wrapped each cuff around Sue’s wrists and ankles, and by means of the clips, secured them to hoops set into the posts at the head and foot of his bed. Sue was now restrained, spread-eagled on her back.

Her pupils were dilated with desire and her lips were puffy from the ferocity with which they were kissing. Her long red hair was spread across the pillows. She was the picture of wanton desire and David revelled in the sight.

Retrieving the cuffs & restraining her had given him a chance to calm down and now he had a plan in mind. Kneeling between her thighs he started to slowly and lightly stroke his fingers over her body. The touch of his fingers was as soft & light as a feather and soon had Sue squirming from the exquisite torture, her body twisting within the confines of her restraints. With excruciating slowness, David worked his fingers up her body until he reached her breasts, then spent several minutes teasing & stroking them, never once touching her nipples. When she was panting from the strength of the sensations he was arousing, he moved his fingers slowly down towards her pussy, again using feather light touches. He scrupulously avoided her clit and pussy, instead concentrating his efforts on the sensitive insides of her thighs.

Sue groaned aloud. David was driving her wild with this slow, light torture! After all the time he had spent with her, David knew Sue’s body intimately and was equally conversant with the limits she could take. He had never, however, used this particular technique on her before and could see how effective it was. Her whole body was quivering like a tightly strung harp!

He moved onto the next stage and fastened his mouth around her right nipple. Sue gasped as electricity shot through her body. David took his time, sucking & biting the engorged nub until Sue was crying out for mercy. He lifted his mouth from her nipple, then smiled wickedly before fastening it onto the other one and repeating the process. Again he waited until Sue cried out before releasing the hypersensitive nub.

He trailed his fingers lightly down her body until he reached her pussy. By now it was dripping wet, the result of David’s virtuoso playing of her body. He slipped a finger between her pussy lips and once again started the slow, feather light teasing that he had employed on her body. Sue groaned, her body on fire with the heat of desire. Paying close attention to the signals her body was giving him, David continued to stroke her pussy and delicately tease her clit, taking his time, pausing when he felt Sue rising too quickly towards an orgasm. He wanted this experience to be memorable. By now, Sue was lost in a haze of sensation, her entire body vibrating as David teased her slowly towards the peak!

For his part, David’s cock was rock hard and it was only by supreme self-control that he kept from driving into Sue’s exposed pussy!

He kept her teetering on the edge for what seemed like hours. Her body was hot & flushed, her breath coming in gasps. Finally David deemed she could not hold out any longer. He increased the speed & pressure of his fingers working on her clit & pussy and clamped his mouth over her sensate nipple, biting hard and sucking. It was too much for Sue, who let go with a wail and crashed over the edge, cumming hard, juices gushing from her pussy. David let her come down from the high slightly but before she had time to catch her breath, he once again started to tease her nipples and clit. This time he inserted his fingers into her pussy, stroking her, searching for and finding her g-spot as his thumb continued to rub her clit. The piercing added extra stimulation and it wasn’t long before Sue was once again shuddering in the throes of climax.

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