It Is Always the Quiet One Ch. 02

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After saying goodnight to Jill and Kyle, Becky asked Steven if this night reminded him of when he and Kyle were in college.

“Not exactly.”

“What do you mean?”

Steven sighed and said “We did some more things back then.”

“Like what.”

“Sometimes when I was with a girl and Kyle or another friend was with a girl we shared.”

Becky was shocked. “You mean like an orgy?”

“Yes. We were crazy back then. “

She smiled and said, “I am glad that we always use rubbers.”

Shortly after that they fell asleep.

Becky awoke early. She was slightly hungover. She thought about the events of the previous day. She loved the looseness and the nudity and could not wait to continue today. Becky than thought about the conversation with Steven about sharing sexual partners. She often wondered why sex was supposed to be limited only to your spouse or significant other. Granted she never acted on this or even discussed it with anybody. Becky was not interested in being involved with cheating with a spouse or significant other but if all parties were consenting adults, she did not think that nudity or sex had to be limited to a monogamous partner. She could not deny that there was a part of her that was intrigued by the idea of having sex with the others in the house. Kyle was so different from Steven and with his outrageous personality she wondered what sex with him would be like. Becky also thought about Jill. She had never been with a woman and had never really considered it previously. However, she thought that Jill might be interested based on what she said yesterday about Becky being so hot and Becky wondered what it would be like to feel her big tits and round ass. The person in the house that she really wanted to fuck if there was no consequences was Joey. When they were in college he spent so much time at Kim and Becky’s place that they practically lived together. Of course Joey was Kim’s boyfriend and nothing had ever happened between Joey and Becky. However, that did not mean that Becky did not imagine back then that Joey was her boyfriend . Now even though she knew that it was extremely unlikely that Kim and even Joey for that matter would go along with it, now for the first time in years she thought again about fucking Joey.

The thinking about sex with her friends was making her very horny and Becky’s hands slowly found her very moist pussy and she began masturbating. She really got into it and was moving around and making some noise. When she was finished we looked up to see Steven wide awake and staring at her. When their eyes met, for just a moment she sensed some disappointment.

Steven smiled and said “You are really worked up.”

“Something about this weekend has gotten me really horny.”

“I can see that.”

“I know I asked you this before, but you are OK with things getting wild this weekend right?

“Sure. We are having fun.”

“I was thinking we should make it a one weekend only anything goes type deal and then things go back to normal.”

“That works for me.”

“It wasn’t planned or anything. It just sort of happened.”

“I know.”

“Do you think it is too early to take a shower or do you think it will wake Kyle and Jill?”

“I have a feeling they won’t mind. Let me go pee first.”

Want to take a shower together?”


They both got up. Becky started to reach for some clothes to put on when she realized it was not necessary and walked naked to the bathroom. The bathroom door connected to Kyle and Jill’s room was closed but not locked. They did not usually go to the bathroom with the other person in the same room but today was different, First Steven peed and then Becky before they jumped in the shower. Almost as soon as they got in the shower the were massaging each other genitals and before long going at it again.

As they were finishing fucking and starting to clean themselves in the shower there was a knock on the door and Jill said,

Don’t you guys take a break?

Steven said, “We slept for a little while.”

“Can I come in? I got to pee?”

“I guess so. At this point why not.” said Becky.

Jill came in the bathroom wearing a t shirt with no underwear and sat down on the toilet and started peeing as if no one was in the room while Becky and Steven continued showering. As she was finishing there was another knock at the door and Kyle walked in still naked and said.

“No one told me about the meeting in here.”

Jill gave his dick an affectionate tug and walked out of the room. Kyle peed and then told Becky and Steven not to use all the hot water before leaving.

For the first time Becky had been completely naked in front of Kyle and Jill. The newness and the casual way it happened was a thrill for her.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house Joey was just waking up He was thinking back to last night and how much fun he had. The sex he had with Kim last night had been more passionate then their lovemaking escort bayan had been in a long time.

Joey noticed that Kim was gone, she must have gone for a run. He was amazed that Kim could drink as much as she did and still get up early and run. Joey went into the living room in just his boxers. He thought he was being daring because there was an opening in the front with a button on his boxers and and part of penis might be exposed. However, after being in the living room for a short time by himself Becky and Steven joined him and they were more adventurous. Becky was wearing a pair of revealing panties and nothing else and Steven was completely naked. Joey noticed that Steven was very well hung but he couldn’t help staring at Becky’s tits in which he could now see fully after getting a quick flash yesterday. He was admiring their perfect size and wondering if anyone noticed that his boxers were tightening as he was becoming erect when Becky said,

“So are you voting for Carter or Reagan?” which got a laugh from everyone.

It looks like we all decided that Kyle had the right idea about clothes this weekend” said Joey

“Kyle has always been an innovator.” added Steven.

“Think of all the time we will save by not having to do as much laundry.” said Becky.

They had a light hearted discussion for several more minutes when Kyle and Jill came out. Kyle of course was naked and Jill had on shorts and a t-shirt. Kyle turned to Jill and said.

“Didn’t you get the memo, we are not wearing clothes today.”

“I can see that. I must have missed it.”

Jill shrugged and pulled down her shorts. She was not wearing panties. Joey noted her pussy was completely shaved. Jill then took off her shirt and threw it at Kyle. Everyone including Becky was openly staring at her huge tits with large dark brown aeolas and she playfully bounced them around. Joey realized that he was fully erect and that his cock was beginning to stick out of his boxers.

At that instant a very sweaty Kim came back from her run. She was obviously overwhelmed by the scene and in her best motherly voice said,

“This is getting out of hand. It was funny yesterday but everyone needs to get their clothes on now.”

Nobody was interested in creating a conflict with Kim. Kyle quickly decided it was better to focus on fooling around with Becky rather then trying to bring Kim in on the fun and potentially ruin everything. Becky, Steven and Jill were embarrassed that they made Kim uncomfortable. Joey was angry and disappointed, but also embarrassed that it was his wife that put an end to the fun. Everyone went to their room and put on clothes.

In their room, Becky said to Steven that she was mortified by what just happened. This weekend was supposed to be about spending time with Kim and somehow it had become the group nudity thing and she did not know what to say to Kim.

Over on the other side of the house, Kim stripped off her sweaty running clothes and before going to the shower smiled at Joey and asked if he was trying to turn into Kyle. Joey was thinking about how he used to get so turned on by seeing Kim naked but that now he was much more excited about seeing Becky and Jill. He knew this was primarily because of variety. He loved Kim and still found her attractive but after many years it was exciting seeing other girls naked in person especially Becky who he used to think was so pure.

When they all got in the living dressed in their swimsuits and cover ups there was an awkward moment before Kyle announced that it was time to hit the beach.

The weather was overcast and not all that great, but they only had a couple of days so they all went to the beach. Due to the weather and fact that it was still early in the day, the beach was empty except for some walkers. Kyle went running straight into the water. Several minutes later he came back and said the water was great. Kyle pretty much dragged everyone in the ocean. Before long everyone was riding the waves and having a good time. They stayed in the water for several hours until taking a quick break to go back to the house for lunch.

The time at the beach had done a lot to relax the tension. Nobody brought up the earlier incident. They just had sandwiches for lunch. The boys were in charge of grilling steaks for dinner and started marinading the steak. After lunch Jill made up a batch of hurricanes and they went back out to the beach and started drinking. They all continued to behave and even Kyle kept his bathing suit on. The group seemed to still have a lot of fun. In the afternoon they continued to spend most of the time in the ocean. In addition, there were a couple of exciting games of horseshoes where Kyle and Jill narrowly beat Steven and Becky, which prompted Kyle to scream and dance.

Joey declined to play horseshoes. He mainly sulked in his beach chair and drank. Only Kim noticed that he was drinking more than anyone else. Kim figured that he was upset about her bursa vip escort asking everyone to put on clothes but what did he expect her to say. They were not nudist or swingers. Lately he always seemed to be angry, but this was bad even for Joey.

Around 6 PM they started to pack things up. They went back to the house. The boys were going to cook and the girls would shower. Over of their side of the house Becky was feeling a bit buzzed and daring. She had already been naked in front of Kyle and Jill so before the boys left she walked in their room and asked if they wanted to see how much of a tan she had gotten today. She then removed first her top and then her bottoms. Kyle said that he bet that Jill, who had a much darker complexion,got more of a tan. He untied her top and exposed her large tits as Steven came over to ask if Kyle was ready to go out to the grill. Kyle joked that Becky and Jill should shower together to save hot water. Jill said they would if Kyle and Steven were promised to shower together as well.

When Kyle and Steven went to get Joey they found him passed out in the living room leaving the two of them to do the grilling.

Becky went ahead and showered first She imagined showering with Jill but Jill stayed in her room and Becky finished her shower and put on shorts and a blouse. She did not bother with panties or a bra. When she was dressed she went out to the kitchen and Kim and Becky prepared the salad while Jill showered. They found Joey passed out. Kim tried to wake him but could not. Kim said that she has not seen Joey like this since the first month of freshman year when they went to their first frat party.

A little while later, Steven and Kyle came back with the steaks. The five of them sat down to eat with Joey still passed out. The steaks were cooked perfectly and it was a great meal.

After dinner Kim felt uncomfortable being alone with the two couples with her husband passed out. She decided that she was going to call it an early night. She was going to go to her room to check on Robbie with her parents who were watching him and then read a book. Kyle and Steven offered to carry Joey into her bedroom but she did not want to deal with him and told them to leave him in the living room.

Jill made up a fresh batch of hurricanes and the remaining four went to hang out in Steven and Becky’s room. They turned on the small TV but found nothing of interest. The girls were lying on the bed and the boy were sitting on chairs on opposite sides of the bed. Jill was closer to Kyle and Becky was closer to Steven. Suddenly Jill asked Becky if she thought the boys should get naked.


“Why is that? asked Kyle.

“Do we need a reason?”

“Not really” Kyle quickly pulled down his shorts and took off his shirt and was naked in an instant. He gave his own cock a playful tug.

Becky said “I believe we got one more overdressed boy. Do you need any help?” she asked Steven.

“No I think I can manage”. He took off his shirt and then lowered his shorts and underwear in one swoop.

Becky said to Kyle, “Why is his cock so much bigger that yours?” Kyle was an easy guy to tease.

“It is the angle” Kyle got up and walked to Becky’s side of the bed.

Becky surprised everyone by reaching for Kyle’s dick and giving it a tug. This was the first time touching with someone other than their partner and Kyle instantly became erect. Becky figured if she went this far she could go a little further and put Kyle’s cock in her mouth. She liked how she was able to get more of Kyle’s cock in her mouth than she could with Steven’s bigger penis and not having hair did make it more enjoyable. Becky also noticed that Jill was giving Steven a blow job as well. Becky found the whole thing exciting. Kyle and Steven both came and commented on how good that was.

The atmosphere in the room was still very sexually charged. The boys were still naked. They sat around for about an hour with the TV on. At first Steven put his hand inside of Becky’s shorts and started rubbing her. Soon her shorts were off. Becky looked over to see that Kyle and Jill were going at it as well. Soon all four were on the bed and everyone’s clothes were off. This time there was no touching outside of their of their partners. However, each were fucking on the same bed right next to each other.

Meanwhile, in the living room, the noise coming from Becky and Steven’s bedroom finally woke up Joey. He had a bad headache. He listened for a couple of minutes and was jealous that he was not involved. Joey went back to his bedroom. He woke up Kim who rejected his attempt to have sex. She was angry with the way he drank so much and told him he smelled like shit and that he should take a shower.

The next morning Becky woke up to find that she was in the bed alone. Steven was in the shower. He finished a couple minutes later and came back to their room. They touched base and verified that anything goes this bursa elit escort weekend and they were both all right with what happened last night and if it goes further today. Everyone else was already up and had started to make breakfast. She quickly showered, put on her bathing suit and went out to the living room. The group including Kim was giving Joey a hard time about passing out. Joey was taking it good naturedly. He decided that he did not get a chance to get away often and he was not going to waste all of it being angry.

After breakfast they started getting everything together to go the beach for their last day. It was a beautiful day. They spent a few mellow hours out on the beach in the morning. After Joey declined to go with them, Becky and Kim went for a walk together. Both Becky and Kim were too uncomfortable to directly bring up the scene that Kim had walked in on yesterday morning. However, Kim talked to Becky about how she had changed so much and said that she went from one extreme to another.

“This weekend is definitely not typical of me now. However, in college my boring life was not by choice. It was not because of religion or that I was prude which makes it more pathetic.”

“I am embarrassed to say this but I was so involved in my relationship with Joey that we just assumed that you were so straight laced.”

“No just very shy and inexperienced. It took me a couple of years before I was able to even have a regular conversation with a boy other than Joey that was not about school work.”

” I didn’t realize it was that bad. I should of helped you more.”

“No I think I had to go at my own pace. I got there eventually but I took longer than anybody else.”

“You know Joey and I used to talk about setting you up with one of his friends but we didn’t think you were interested. You were so private”

Becky laughed and said. “I would have been interested. I was very lonely.”

“I am so sorry.”

Becky shrugged and said “What’s done is done. I am happy with my life now”

“Steven is a good looking guy and he seems very nice.” Kim was also thinking that he was hung like a horse.

“He is really a great guy. Maybe one day we will be like you and Joey.”

“Sometimes I envy your freedom. Marriage is hard work.”

“This might be too personal, but are you and Joey happy?”

“Most of the time I think. However, it seems like I went from being a kid to being with Joey. There was no time in between.”

“You did start going out with Joey when you guys were eighteen.”

“We were perfect for each other when we were in college. But we were so young that we are still growing up and changing. Sometimes I think we are changing to the point where we are not so perfect for each other any more.”

“You guys still seem great together. It was probably obvious but I have always envied you guys.”

“I am sure we will be fine. However, it is definitely not all cakes and roses.”

“A baby must make more it challenging.”

“Robbie not a baby anymore. It is easier now that he is three than it was when he was a new born.”

“I am sure you guys are great parents.”

They were back from the walk now and Kim said,

“Thanks. I am glad we got some quiet time to talk.”

They gave each other a friendly hug and joined the others. After a while, the group went back to the house briefly for lunch. The day followed a similar routine to the previous day. At lunch time they brought out the alcohol and went back to the beach. With the weather being so nice it was a festive afternoon. Even Joey and Kim seemed to put their issues behind them and were enjoying themselves.

The girls were responsible for making dinner tonight. They were making baked ziti. Around 4 PM Jill and Becky went back to house to start making the dinner. They decided that it was only a two person job and that they would let Kim stay on the beach with the boys. They went back to the house and started putting the dish together. Jill was a great cook and was incredibly fast in the kitchen. They had the dish done and in the oven in no time.

When the ziti was in the oven, Becky asked Jill if she wanted the first shower. Jill said that Becky could have it. Becky asked Jill if she was sure and she said she was. Becky took off her bikini and playfully pointed her ass out at Jill before she went into the shower.

A minute later a completely naked Jill came in the bathroom and said that she changed her mind. Becky had a pretty good idea what she was up to and had no objection. However, she shrugged and was getting out out of the shower when Jill told her that she did not have to leave. Soon they had locked lips and rubbing against each other. Becky was enjoying the way Jill rubbed her body and liked playing with Jill’s breasts.

Since Becky did not have not any experience with another women she let Jill take the lead. After a couple minutes Jill led her out of the shower and dried off each them Jill took Becky to her room and they got on the bed, she then put her face in between Becky’s legs and started rubbing her clit. It felt fantastic. After Becky came she put her mouth in Jill’s pussy and went at it as if it were her own pussy. After they were done Jill asked that was her first time with a woman.

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