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Double Penetration

Sue and Frank had worked at the same company for four years without really noticing each other.

Sure she knew who he was and what he did. Most people saw him as a friendly guy who liked to keep fit and play sports. So he was talked about in that way, but no more or less than anyone else. However, it’s worth stating that in the beginning her interest in him was non-existent.

For his part he had vaguely noted what comments a few male colleagues had made about Sue. You know how men do when they are together, and there are no women around. These observations were of course mainly about her large breasts. Some about her legs, a few about her blond hair, but mostly they were about her outsized chest. Sadly their views generally matched the stereotype about large-chested blonde women. Anyway Frank was not the type to get drawn into this “macho crap,” as he would of called it. So at this point Frank was also disinterested. This continued even after they both wound up in the same department and began to see each other around a lot more.

So there was no logic in the two of them getting together.

The age difference was of course one very good reason for them not to connect. He was twenty-four and she was forty-three. Also although he was single, she was married and had a child, so no one imagined they would ever become lovers.

However, Frank did eventually take an interest in her, and he would always remember where and how. From that time he would always find her very attractive. She would become someone who would feature in his various fantasies, but never with a view that his dreams might become real. In fact he did not want them to at this stage.

It was at Celine’s leaving do that he would notice Sue for the first time. I mean really notice her, as a woman, not just as a colleague. It started with Frank being deliberately dropped in it by his colleagues. “Your turn to do a leaving-do speech,” they had announced. He had never done anything like that before but determined not to be seen to be phased he agreed to do it. He spent hours piecing together a short, but amusing speech based on Celine’s personnel file and using stories and antidotes he had got people to send him.

Sue had appeared at Frank’s desk the day before Celine was departing, explaining she had been handling the leaving collection and card signing. So she was wondering when and how they would be given to Celine. A short, pleasant, but unremarkable chat followed, where they agreed at the appropriate moment Sue would hand Celine her flowers. The speech would continue and then at the end Sue would give her the card and present. Frank worked these things into his script. He was very relieved that she had mentioned this to him. Stupidly being new to this and being overly focussed on what to say, he had forgotten the obvious. There would also be leaving gifts!

Before he began talking Frank was pressurised by everyone into standing on a desk. The argument being so everyone could see him. This had initially made him feel very nervous, but he was well rehearsed and had good material, so the speech went well. By the time he reached the point in his speech when Sue would hand over the flowers he was completely relaxed. To be honest he was enjoying himself. So on an impulse he braved going off script and when he mentioned flowers he referred to Sue as “his glamorous assistant.” In response to the laugh from the audience, she wiggled her hips, catwalk style, as she walked towards Celine. The route took her across the front of the desk Frank was standing on, so he was looking down as she wiggled past.

This obviously set off something in Frank’s head, as he was suddenly very turned on. It was either the walk or the fact as she passed by her blouse slightly opened. From above he was given the briefest glimpse of cleavage and a white bra. The sight of Sue’s large breast being held taught and firm took his breath away. There was something about the way the skin looked a little leathery and was slightly speckled that deeply aroused him.

By the time he had repeated the glamorous assistant line for the card and present and the whole show had been repeated, he would never think of Sue in the same way again. So she was now firmly part of his fantasies even if he wasn’t yet wishing they would come true.

Time moved on, with Frank now taking notice of what Sue was wearing and becoming more and more interested in her. No one seemed to realise, but he began to mention her in conversation with the guys, and so he became clearer about what they thought. He began to find it difficult when they were disrespectful towards her, but also exciting, as these comments were generally of a sexual nature.

For Frank her legs became his focus, his male colleagues would mainly concern themselves with her tits, but he thought she had the best legs he had ever seen. He rapidly became knowledgeable about her wardrobe and able to recognise dresses. Especially the ones he liked sert porno the most. She rarely wore a skirt and never had bare legs, but there was several knee-length dresses that he really liked. He had it bad enough that when she wore one of these his heart would always beat faster.

The other behaviour that no one noticed, other than perhaps Sue, was that he would often invent reasons to talk to her. Also he would sometimes appear at the coffee machine beside her. To be honest even Sue wasn’t really sure that he was deliberately doing these things. It crossed her mind once or twice, but mostly she dismissed it. She imagined he was too young, too athletic and too handsome to consider an old lady like herself. Sue was a pretty woman, with long blonde hair and a curvy figure. However that was not how she saw herself, she only saw what she thought were her many imperfections. Sue always considered herself unworthy of male attention, even though over the years there had been a lot of men interested in her.

It should also be said Frank being young and shy would never have made the first move. He had lots of experience of being with girls but was yet to have a really meaningful relationship and his sexual experiences had always been with girls of his own age. If they were to get together Sue would have to take the first step. Eventually the wheel of fate turned, aligned their futures a little more and their professional relationship moved another dangerous step closer to being personnel.

Soon after Celine left another colleague decided to resign. It was suggested that Frank and Sue should organise things again. They had done a great job with Celine. So the team asked them to organise this second function as well. Frank eagerly agreed, but Sue was less keen. For a start her diary was full and initially she was frustrated that Frank had already said yes. This meant effectively he had accepted for the both of them. In the end forced to agree she suggested her only available time to discuss a plan was lunchtime. Frank said yes to that and suggested pizza.

Over the meal they found the plan for the leaving do was quickly settled. So with time to spare and food still to eat they began to chat. They found it really easy to talk to each other and they had a long, interesting and varied conversation. Sue found Frank had a great sense of humour and she found herself constantly laughing. Also he could get very serious and focussed about a subject and she had always loved a good debate. She enjoyed the combination of not taking himself too seriously and being genuinely interested in what she had to say. To be listened to, really listened to, was, just great.

As they sat and discussed things the clock ticked on and suddenly Sue realised she was late for a meeting. They rushed out of the pizza restaurant with Sue thinking that she could not remember having enjoyed a conversation so much. Frank had paid, so she offered to return the favour next week if he would like to meet again. He agreed speedily, already looking forward to fantasising about her tonight and loving the idea of getting to spend more time with her next week. This would help feed his dreams even more.

By now his fantasies only ever featured her.

So Frank and Sue began the second phase of their growing relationship as they began to meet for lunch every week or so. At first this was always at the pizza restaurant, and then they branched out into other nearby restaurants. Soon they were using Frank’s car and going out of town to country pubs. Eventually they were ending the meal with a hug, rather than a goodbye, but still it all remained innocent. However Frank did comment after one meal how much he enjoyed lunching and chatting with her. Sue felt a thrill of excitement course through her veins, she also loved their meetings, but more than anything she adored the fact he liked them too.

Sue’s view of Frank slowly started to change, and she began to notice the muscles and ripped body. When after a meal Frank commented that Sue hugged very well she felt a thrill at hearing him say that. She found herself considering that she was beginning to find him attractive. Sue told herself not to be so silly.

The next Saturday when she was in town she was surprised to spot Frank out shopping. After hesitating about what to do she ended up hiding from him. She was in very scruffy clothes and also without make up. She realised how much she would have hated being spotted in that state by Frank. Obviously, like it or not, his opinion of her was now important to Sue.

The third phase of their relationship began when a supplier invited their whole department to a launch party in town. Frank and Sue were both able to go and were outwardly excited to be going to a function with good food and free drinks. If they had been honest enough they would of admitted the truth to each other that they were also thrilled the other one was going.

The evening initially sex mex porno offered no chance to spend time together and chat as they had secretly hoped. They were pulled apart by the whirling, circulating mass of humanity that was at the event. The organisers must have imagined less people would accept, because the room was cramped. Once you lost someone it was nearly impossible to find him or her again. Frank and Sue both enjoyed the evening, but as time went by they spent more and more time scanning the crowd, trying to spot each other. Sadly it was already quite late before they finally met and were only able to share one drink and twenty minutes before the venue closed. Even this was only made possible by the fact that Frank took control. He told her she could share his taxi, sending Sue’s away. Then he told his driver to wait for them. Sue was impressed at how keen he was and the effort he was prepared to make for her. This kind of care and attention she was not used to.

After spending some quality time together, chatting and laughing, it was time to go.

Sue was delighted when they reached the taxi that Frank opened, and held the car door for her. When she offered to slide across the seat for him he refused and walked round to the other side. They both sat in the back of the taxi for the hour’s journey back to Sue’s house and they chatted easily for the whole trip. Eventually Frank braved saying that it was a shame they had not had more time together. Sue immediately agreed, briefly reached out and touched his hand. His heart missed a beat when her cool skin touched his. When the taxi reached her house, Frank jumped out and he hugged her. As she pulled away he calmly kissed her goodnight.

When he was sat back in the taxi he was stunned by what he had just done. It was not the fact he had kissed her, but the fact it had been on the lips! Why on earth had he done that? What had possessed him? Oh god! He thought, groaning inside.

He could still feel her hard and responsive lips. He was aware of the faint taste of lipstick, but mostly he could only think about Sue’s shocked look as he drew back.

Sue was also feeling dazed. Mainly she was horrified because the kiss had happened right outside her house, in full view of the street. Part of her found the fact that Frank had kissed her on the mouth exciting though. Her heart felt like it would burst. It was beating so fast as she tried with shaking hands to open her front door and go inside. All was well. It was very late and there was no one around to notice. Although it took her some while to calm down, she was actually smiling about the incident before she fell asleep.

Frank for his part, worried about what he had done all that night. Over the next few days he would cringe inside every time he saw Sue, but she seemed normal towards him and never mentioned it. While this might of encouraged him, he only continued to scold himself for doing something so inappropriate.

So for Sue and Frank their friendship carried on, they returned to their lunches with their deep and varied conversations. The number of meetings they had at work gradually increased, and so did the length of them. They were more than capable of spending almost half a day in a meeting. Colleagues noticed this, but they imagined they were working together on something. They were a very unlikely couple so suspicions were never raised.

Interestingly there was another couple in the office that were much more the focus of the office gossips, and what they might be up to. In fact though this pair never did anything inappropriate at all. However, they did unintentionally distract attention away from Frank and Sue.

The lunches and meetings gradually became more relaxed, gently teasing each other became commonplace and one would often reach out to briefly touch the other’s hand. Overall though things pretty much continued on as before.

The next moment that moved the relationship on was the annual industry awards, which only a few members of the team were invited to. This included Sue, but not Frank.

Then at the last moment a supplier invited him.

Initially Frank refused since he had a lot on with his football team and felt he needed to decline, but Sue talked him out of it and finally he agreed to go. However he did insist that he would not be able to stay late.

The way they had been invited meant they would be on separate tables, but they were at least both going. They desperately hoped they would get some time together, but neither shared that thought with the other.

When Frank arrived Sue spotted him a few moments before he saw her. She watched him looking around until he finally noticed her. When he finally saw her, he loved the way her whole face seemed to break into a big smile. Sue also gave him a little wave as he stared back at her.

She noted with great satisfaction the look that wondered across Frank’s face when he tried subtly stranded teens porno to look her up and down. Her outfit made such an impression on him that he even blurted out that she looked amazing. Sue was thrilled that he liked her outfit. It was a little more daring than usual, but that was a deliberate move to impress Frank.

Her dress was white, with a gold belt around her waist and she was wearing a dark blue jacket. The thing that sent a thrill through Frank’s body was the dress was short, well above the knee and very low cut. On her feet she had high heels that matched the colour of her jacket. These shoes toned her calves and thighs beautifully, but even more exciting to him was the fact that her legs, the ones he so lusted after were bare. Her shoulder-length blonde hair hung loosely down to her shoulders. Wow she looked amazing he thought.

They spent a lovely time drinking a little champagne and chatting with a small group of people, but really they only had eyes for each other. They both became very aware of what the other person was saying everyone else fading into the background.

They both felt sad when the formal part of the evening began and they had to go their separate ways to their tables. This was especially disappointing as Frank planned to leave before the end and was unlikely to be able to say goodbye.

All day Frank had told himself over and over that he must go home early. He had an important football match the next day and therefore had to behave. This meant no drinking and also the Coach insisted his players got lots of sleep.

The Account Manager from the supplier who had invited him lived some way away. He was delighted at the idea of being able to leave early. So the two of them made a deal to do just that, and to ensure no drinking Frank had driven to the event. He always took the games he played for his team very seriously.

The plan partially worked, as both men headed towards the exit on schedule, but unfortunately, and fatefully the route out took them past the dance floor. Sue by now a little worse for wear spotted Frank. She grabbed him and insisted that he danced with her. Frank’s friend from the supplier, with a wry smile, took the opportunity to dump him. He sped off in the direction of the front door without looking back. Any chance of Frank escaping was totally destroyed when Sue stepped back onto someone’s toe, stumbled and then fell to the floor. By the time she got to her feet, with Frank’s help, he was feeling sorry for her and was again struck by how amazing she looked.

“You can go home if you want,” she said, grumpily in his ear. She was embarrassed at falling over in front of everyone and this made her snap at him.

“I’d love to dance with you,” he replied meekly, hurt by her reaction and now feeling he had to stay.

“Shit! How embarrassing I fell over. In front of everyone,” she said quietly. She tried hard to supress the desire to burst into tears.

“Don’t worry, you fell over with grace and style,” Frank replied trying to smile as he said it. A pretty lame thing to say and the first thing that came into his head, but oddly it seemed to help.

“Ah that’s sweet,” she replied, “you are so lovely to me.” Her hand touched his shoulder as they spoke. They seemed to be at ease with each other again. They fell silent as they began to dance together. Frank was not a natural dancer and felt very uncomfortable, but he could not help enjoying the sight of Sue’s swaying body in front of him. Sue sensed his awkwardness and loved the fact that, despite this, he was dancing with her. He really was so nice she thought.

Her husband and her lived fairly separate lives not really sharing interests or activities. If they made love it was pretty much always Sunday morning, and although Sue enjoyed and needed the physical release of sex, it felt routine rather than exciting. Although she had had several boyfriends before marriage, none had really ever looked after her. She was a strong woman with intelligence and forthright views. Men immediately saw someone who could take care of herself. She rejoiced in this strength and independence, but it did not mean a part of her sometimes craved being looked after. Mostly she loved the fact that it felt like Frank was interested in her, in what she thought and said. From a man she had never really experienced that and it was very seductive.

By this time there were only a couple of colleagues from their company left at the awards and it became clear to Frank that they were the ones sharing a cab home with Sue. After only a few minutes, one of them came over and told Sue the taxi was here and it was time to leave.

“I want to stay and dance,” moaned Sue. She had drunk more than usual and was both tipsy and having fun. She had totally forgotten her fall and the drink made her keen to stay. “It closes anyway in an hour. Lets make the taxi wait.” She pleaded.

The others were not keen and refused, so Frank giving up any hope of getting home at a decent time announced he had his car, and therefore could give Sue a lift home. To be honest he no longer wanted to go home anyway. They both lived fairly close together and he was excited about a chance to spend time with her.

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