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She shifted in her desk chair nervously. Pushing up her dark rimmed glasses, she stared down at her Dell laptop. She was losing her nerve. A quick stretch allowed her to scan the office over her short cubicle walls. The petting zoo, as she called it, was off to lunch for the most part. Basically, she was alone. The coffee in a white Styrofoam cup loomed large over the keyboard. One tiny poke and she’d hopefully fry the CPU. Tap, it went over easy. The screen flashed, blinked and then went black. Jackpot, she curled her full lips in satisfaction.

Dialing the support center, she shifted feeling the garter belt pull with her motion. The lace tickled her skin on the back of her legs. Her black skirt rode up to show the top of her hose.

“Support Center,” the young woman chirped. ” Janet, speaking. May I help you?”

“Yes, my laptop stopped working,” Victoria replied.

“Ma’am, Can I get your associate number and location?”

“33493, Trans-star.”

“Can you please describe the issue?”

“My laptop isn’t working. The screen went black. I believe it may have gotten wet,” Victoria responded omitting the details of how it happened.

“I see,” she replied as she typed. “Can you give me your port number?”


“I’ll have local support come look at the unit. I’ll set the priority to high as a work stop.”

“Who will that be?” she asked nervously.

“One moment,” she replied as keystrokes clicked in the background. “Mark is on support for your group. Can I assist you with anything else?”

“No, Thank you.”

“Your ticket number is 1-934869. Please refer to this number if you call back with any questions.”


She hung up the phone. Flipping open her purse, she pulled out her compact mirror to check her appearance. Her dark green eyes rimmed with black lashes were tastefully highlighted by golden brown eye shadow. She wiped a smudge of brown eyeliner. The guava stain lipstick still shined from the morning coat. She rubbed her lips together and puckered in the mirror at her reflection. Her shoulder length chestnut brown hair held the curl from this morning’s hot roller well. Anxious, she picked at the arch of her eyebrow as she waited.

She saw him approach from the corner of her eye. She snapped down the compact as her heart jumped into her throat. His muscular forearms were exposed by his stripped polo shirt. She smiled up at him. He ignored her looking at the dead laptop.

“You having computer problems?” he asked motioning for her to move.

“Yes, it…um…stopped working.”

She stood up and moved to the side of her desk. He proceeded to take her place in the chair. He looked back up at her when he touched the wet keyboard.

“Who gave it a coffee bath?”

“Me,” she blushed quickly adding. “It was an accident.”

“We’ll need to get you a new unit,” he exhaled in frustration.

“Oh,” she tried to act surprised.

“I’ll order you one and it should…”

“No, I have a deadline,” she interjected seeing it wasn’t going as planned.

“I can look to see if we have an old one in the build room. We can re-image to use until yours comes in.”

“Yes,” she replied trying to catch his eye. “That will work. Can we go now to get it?”

He actually really seemed to see her then. His eyebrows pulled together as he accessed her motives.

“Only IT is allowed in there.”

“Oh,” she patted his forearm lightly. “I won’t tell, if you won’t”

“Just this once,” he smiled back at her unusual behavior scooping up the wet laptop. He paused to shake out the coffee before proceeding down the hall.

She walked behind him enjoying the way his khakis fit his body. They weren’t too baggy or too tight. The shapely muscles of his ass flexed as he walked. She bit her bottom lip. Her knees trembled under her. The 4 inch black heels she chose to catch his eye were making her wobbly as she walked.

Mark pressed the code into the keypad gaining access to the room. It was lined with shelves of desktop towers. A large table ran the length down the center of the room. Wood stools surrounded it. Network cords, printer paper and various small hardware was strewn about the table top. Bursa Escort Harsh fluorescent lights gave the room a sterile feeling. Also, the light created a white halo effect in the pale blue of Mark’s eyes. He placed the damaged laptop down on the table.

“You can sit here,” he motioned to one of the wooden stools.

“Thanks,” she replied taking the seat.

He went to the other side of the room sorting through a stack of old IBM ThinkPads. He retrieved a relatively nice one and brought it back over to where she sat.

“What applications do you need?” he asked flipping open the computer and turned it on.

” Um, most my programs are online. I need Peoplesoft and Mainframe access,” she replied intentionally slipping forward on the stool to pull up her skirt.

“Anything else?” he replied staring at the ThinkPad. She watched his profile and could see him stealing uncomfortable glances up her skirt. Her legs slightly spread with her garter belts exposed to the light. She popped her top button of her white blouse allowing a better view of her cleavage as well.

“I don’t know,” she pretended to be confused. “I guess I need the Microsoft Office suite.”

She slid off the stool briefly flashing her black lace thongs before the skirt fell down to her knees when her feet hit the floor. She stepped over to slip between him and the computer.

“This looks a little different then my other one,” she spoke running her fingernails over the keyboard. Her ass brushed against his hard-on. The smell of his cologne, Obsession, enveloped her. The heat of his body warmed her back in contrast to the coolness of the room. Her nipples strained against the fabric of her push up bra.

“Yes,” he cleared his throat.

“Not much different though…” she replied turning around to him. They were face to face. His nose almost brushed hers. The lust bubbled like hot lava between them, but he didn’t move. Her heart pounded in her ears as she screamed inside for him to kiss her. Ever molecule in her body shook with anticipation.

“It will be a little slower,” he whispered before he slipped away from her.

He took a few steps down to a drawer a safe distance from her advances. She reacted to the rejection the only way she knew how. She turned away from him and walked out the door. Back at her desk, she thought she die from embarrassment.

The hours passed slowly without a computer. She cursed her stupid plan. He wasn’t interested in her. At five o’clock, she was packing up her things when the phone rang. Mark’s extension popped up on the caller id.


“Your laptop is ready,” his voice replied casually.

“I’m on my way out for the weekend,” she responded stiffly. “I’ll pick it up on Monday.”

Her throat tickled again with tears. She’d never wanted to run and hide so bad in her life. One rejection was enough for the day. To think, she’d spent a year planning this day. For that matter, she’d wasted seventy dollars on lingerie in an attempt to get his attention. She slipped on her beige raincoat. Then, she headed for the parking garage. In a haze of self reprimands for stupidity, she went through the various security check points before reaching her car on the second level. The click of her heels had been so loud she had not notice the sound of a second set of footsteps. She placed her purse on the roof of her car when she saw his alluring reflection in the back passenger window. She sighed and turned to him with a sour expression.

“You might need this to catch up for lost time today,” he replied holding out a black computer bag to her.

“Yeah, thanks,” she responded reaching out to grab the bag quickly.

However, when she grasped the handle, he pulled her to him with his other arm. She hit the expanse of his chest with a soft thud. His lips swoop down to catch her shocked. His tongue moved over hers hot and eager stirring her into a mixture of lust and surprise. Acting though of their own free will, her hands tore his shirt from his waistband and move up his front. His skin was firm and dusted with soft hair. She squeezed his pecks enjoying how he flexed at her touch. He seemed so much larger up close. When he broke the kiss, she Bursa Bayan was left wet and weak.

“You want me to test your network connectivity at your house?” he smiled down out her breathless expression.

It took a second for his suggest to sink into her mind. Afraid words would fail her, she shook her head yes. Quickly, she snatched the purse from the car roof and jumped into the driver’s seat. Pulling out of her space, she saw he had already gone from where he had held her in his arms. She pulled her Honda out of the deck. In the rearview mirror, she saw his dark blue SUV. He was actually following her home.

She pulled into the driveway of her small cottage. Taking a deep breath, she exited her car to walk to the front door. She heard his approach as he crunched over the leaves in her front yard. She was fiddling with the deadbolt when she felt his arms wrap around her waist. His hands worked at the buttons of her raincoat. The lock released as he pulled off her coat. In the foyer, he pulled open her blouse as she kissed him passionately. His ripped down the cups of her bra, too hungry to unsnap it. She attempted to pull off his polo shirt, but had to break their kiss to get it over his head. Her skirt went next. Then, his shoes and khaki pants. Pulling him to the stairs toward her bedroom, she started to kick off her shoes.

“No,” he said. “Leave on the shoes.”

She looked up at the normally passive man she wanted from afar for so many months. His features were now dark with raw lust. He pushed her down onto the steps. His fingers snapped loose the garter belt sending her hose rolling to her knees. Then, he pulled off her black thong. Holding the crotch to his nose, he inhaled her scent before tossing them over his shoulder. He reached down parting apart her thighs. Her freshly waxed pussy was wet and eager for him. He slipped one finger inside her making her moan. Pulling it back out, he spread her lips. Then, he lowered his face to her pink slit dragging his lips across the satin skin. His hot tongue snaked around her cunt. He bathed the inner walls before burrowing into her core. She gasped and reached down to play with her clit. His hand caught hers pushing it away.

“This is my pussy,” he growled.

Descending down on her swollen clit, he sucked in hard pulling the tender cartilage across his teeth. The sensation was incredible. His finger drove back into her hole as his tongue rolled her tiny nub with pressured expertise. As his speed crescendo so did she. The adrenaline rushed to her head as her body contracted down on his fingers. When she stilled from her orgasm, he pulled out his fingers. Tenderly, he licked her swollen pussy clean of its release. She leaned forward to watch him lap her with his eyes closed enjoying the flavor of her cum. The look on his face was almost more erotic then the feel of his tongue between her inner lips. As the intensity began to build again, she broke his hold.

“Stop,” she growled. “I want your cock in my mouth.”

Surprised, he stood up on the stair to remove his boxers. She smirked before pushing him softly back. Then, she took his hand from his waist band and guided him the rest of the way up the stairs. He crossed through the bedroom door when she dropped to her knees before him. She slipped down the navy boxers to reveal his cock. He was seven inches long and thick. A dark blue vein ran the length of the underside as he curved up toward the ceiling. His legs were thick. His thighs and calves solid and well maintained. For so long, she’d imagined what he would look like standing over her with his cock in her face. Somehow, she still couldn’t believe she’d was finally going to feel him in her mouth. She ran her hands up his calves worshipping his body. Stroking up his legs and over his ass, she sighed leaning against the inside of his thigh.

Like so many hot dreams, she cradled each cheek in her hands as she tongued the soft skin of his balls. The light woodsy smell of his cum heightened her arousal. Wanting more, she rubbed the velvet skin of his swollen dick across her cheeks, nose, chin and lips. Feeling his precum smear on her face made her pussy twitch. She took the head and touched it to her bottom lips Escort Bursa looking up at him. He was watching her revel in his body. He pulled back her hair from her shoulders and grasped it in his hands. She responded by swallowing down the length of him. Breathing in through her nose, she pushed down on his cock until her lips struck his pubic bone. Her throat relaxed around his girth after a minute. He felt so right. Pulling back again, she began to bob up and down on him. His cock sliding down her throat made her swollen pussy sloppy wet in anticipation of its turn. Finding the right rhythm, his hips bucked as he arched into her mouth. His cock swelled with her speed and her throat’s expanding depth. Holding tightly to her hair, he began to harden into a choking steel. His voice called out from above her.

“I’m going to cum.”

Like a vice grip, she clutched down on his ass and slammed him deep within her throat. His balls drew away from her chin as he exploded into a salty sea. She suckled every drop dry until he was limp.

Rising from her knees, she slipped her bra the rest of the way off. Her heavy natural breast laid bare. Feeling his eyes on her, her reflex made cross her arms. He reached out pushing them away.

“Let me look at you”

She let her arms fall to the side. Enjoying his inspection, she let her eyes roam over him. His strong shoulders glowed with the outline of the hall light. The shadow made his features disguised from her.

“Do you like what you see?” she replied.

His body reacted to her willingness. She felt him press against her stomach as he fondled her breast. The pads of his thumbs were rough against her sensitive nipples. His other hand stroked the small of her back. She traced his cheek with her hand. A slight stubble scratched her palms. He was her dream.

They backed up against the foot of the bed before spilling over onto the comforter. Her arms pushed up over her head as he slunk up over her like a lion over his prey. Instead of submitting to his advance, she pushed him to the side. He rolled over easily due to his surprise at her resistance. She countered by mounting him. His erection caught by the crack of her ass. Her wet pussy spread over his stomach. She grabbed his wrist and brought them over his head.

“Do you want me?” she asked in a commanding voice.


“Then say it,” She demanded.

“I want you, Victoria.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to fuck to you.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I don’t?”

“No, you want me to fuck you.”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me.”

“Then, ask me to fuck you.”

“Will you fuck me?”

“No, ask me again, louder.”

“Will you fuck me, please?”

“Louder, beg me to fuck you.”

“Yes, PLEASE fuck me, Victoria. Will you please FUCK me?”

She grabbed his thick cock and thrust it deep within her cunt. He fit into her perfectly. He filled her full. She closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of him impaling her. Her soft flesh wrapped around his steel. Slowly, she moved against him. His cock slid deep inside her slippery hole. Her clit pressed into him. Grinding, her hips rocked on him as his cock drove into her. Her breast smacked against his chest. Her hands grasped inside his palms. His hips rose as she rode. They slammed into each other grunting with their primal need. The need swelled inside each of them until she screamed out with release. She thrashed about calling for God…for Mark…for need… as her pussy convulsed squeezing his last restraint. He emptied into her groaning from the strain. She held on until she felt him slowly relax within her. Then, she fell to the side. She looked over at him. His eyes closed peacefully. She snuggled into the crook of his arm. They were both damp with perspiration. Drifting away to sleep, she was brought back to consciousness by the sound of his voice.

“Are you asleep?” he asked.


“Good,” he murmured rolling her over and began sucking on her breast.



“Why didn’t you kiss me in the room today?”


“Oh,” she blushed realizing other saw her. “Oh shit.”

“Yeah, you are real popular with the guys in security now.”

“Oh God, no” she stressed. “Who will they show it to?”

“Noone. I got it for a good price.”

“Good,” she exhaled.

“Is that why you were such a bitch on the phone?”

“Yes, I thought you rejected me.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32