It was 1930

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It was 1930 and I had just turned 19. Your Grandfather and I had been courting for several months, and although both our parents could see marriage on the horizon, I wasn’t so sure. My best friend at the time was a girl called Eliza, she and Johnny had gotten married the summer before and she had told me of all the things that they had experienced together on their wedding night. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to wait.

Eliza and I had had a closer relationship than what was considered proper for two girls of our social standing at the time. It started when we were at boarding school together, St Anne’s Academy, where your mother went as well. Although it was strictly against the rules (even though we were in the 6th form and had turned eighteen the summer before) Liza would sneak out of her dorm at night and into mine. The other girls could guess what was happening, of course, even though we all had drapes around our beds.

My first real orgasm was at my friend’s hands. One night in the spring Eliza had snuck out on a night when I wasn’t expecting her. I was sleeping in the nude; it was far to hot for bedclothes and my nightdress was clinging to me, so I took it off. I was surprised when Liza’s cool, lean body slithered into bed next to me, after all, she was dressed and I wasn’t. Feeling rather exposed, I tugged the hem of her nightdress up to her thighs, so she wouldn’t feel so warm and I could feel our naked calves sliding against each other. Liza wound one of the curls of my long red hair around her finger- she always loved my hair and would sit and play with it for hours. I felt reassured by this familiar touch and, unfamiliar as it was, I reached over to caress her cheek. I felt so nervous, there was a buzz of energy between us that was making me damp between my legs and I was desperate for my friend to touch me there. She leaned over and kissed me so lightly on the lips that I barely registered her touch at first. Her hand floated up my leg from knee to hip, pausing to rest lightly on my belly as her tongue darted into my mouth. I decided it was time I took the initiative and responded to her kiss, deepening it and letting my tongue slide into her mouth, exploring the way her teeth felt, the soft underside of her top lip, the gentle roughness of the surface of her tongue. Eliza’s hand turned on my belly and now her fingertips lead the way up over my ribcage until they gently stroked under my breasts. The nails on her middle fingers flicked over my nipples until they peaked and I fisted my hand in her cropped blonde hair as a rush of electricity shot through those sensitive nubs.

I was desperately scared to touch Liza myself, she seemed to know so much better than I what to do to please me, when to be rough and when to be delicate, when to push and when to let me take control.

Breaking our kiss, Eliza sat up in bed and pulled her cotton nightgown up and over her head. She wasn’t wearing any underwear! I was shocked and aroused at the same time. I reached up and trailed my hand over her shoulder, pale in the moonlight, delicately stroked the side of her neck and danced my fingers over her earlobe. So soft, so smooth. I cupped her head in my hand and pulled it to me so I could taste her mouth again, but Liza dropped a quick kiss on my nose, then lowered her mouth to take my nipple between her teeth. Tugging gently, she pulled the crinkled pink skin into her mouth and sucked, letting her tongue lap and soothe from the assault from her teeth. She pulled her head back and blew so softly on the damp skin, the breeze prickling and sending shocks down to between my legs. Desperate to reciprocate I lifted both of her breasts in my hands and kneaded them gently. They were so different to my own; full and lush where I was petite, overtly sexual with long dark nipples and freckles dancing over her creamy skin. Laughing softly Eliza placed one hand over my own and lifted her breast to my lips. Unsure of what to do, I kissed it softly, then, remembering the way she had deepened our kisses, I began to gently lick and suck on the delicate peak of her breast.

By now we were both rotating our hips, legs still entwined, pushing the desire growing in our most secret of places towards the loving body of the girl from the next dorm. With her nipple still firmly lodged in my mouth, Liza trailed her fingers back down over my ribs, my belly, stopping to tangle her fingers in the soft curls of the hair between my legs. Afraid Casibom of my own reaction, I kept suckling at her breast, almost glad of the distraction from her roaming hands. Liza let her middle finger sink lower, testing the dampness of my pussie and letting the damp cover her finger. I couldn’t help it, I groaned. It felt wonderful. As her finger moved gently around I let my knees fall apart to allow her more room to explore and I caught the faintest scent of my own arousal. Eliza found the little nub of my clitoris and joined another finger in her exploration of my body, rubbing a finger either side of it and making me shudder in delight. I felt clumsy in comparison to my friend’s cool confidence but I lifted my own hand and settled my palm over her whole sex.

I could feel now her arousal seeping through her own curls and the faint sheen of sweat on her chest told me she too was enjoying our play. Being bold, I gently squeezed my hand over her sex, massaging it like I had her breast earlier. Liza sunk down from the perch she had taken on her forearm to wrap her arm around my neck and kiss me again. I could feel my desire building in my pussie, her fingers were working at double time flicking against my clitoris. And then she spoke to me for the first time that evening. “Can I kiss you? You know, here?” and she rubbed the pad of her finger over my sex so I couldn’t miss her meaning. Not trusting my voice to remain steady I nodded and was forced to relinquish my grip on her damp body to let her swing a leg over me. Liza pressed a kiss between my breasts, then another on my belly button, then another just above the start of my whorls of damp hair. I felt her breath tease my sensitive, wet flesh before she reached out and ran the tip of her tongue from deep down between my thighs to the very top of my sex, licking over my clitoris as she went. I shuddered, and Liza lifted my knees and placed them over her shoulders to allow more room and easier access to my body.

She repeated the lick, again starting almost between by bottom cheeks and trailing her tongue up to my secret opening. Then, stiffening her tongue, she pressed gently and I felt it seek out where no one, including my own hand, had been before. Thrusting gently she mimicked what I already knew my husband would expect of me on our wedding night, although I barely knew if I would ever feel anything as pleasurable of this again in my life. I was desperate to thrust back, to grab her hair and push it deeper against my body, forcing her to go deeper inside me so I could feel what it would be like to have something that soft penetrate me, but my hands were occupied kneading my breasts and pulling my nipples, completing the work Liza had started earlier.

Sensing the level of my arousal, Liza pulled back slightly and, sensing my shock at the sudden emptiness between my thighs, chuckled before setting a rapid pace flicking her tongue against my clitoris. I stuffed the knuckles of my hand between my teeth to stop me crying out and waking the other girls, and while they were there I tasted the salty sweetness from where I had touched Liza’s pussie before. I orgasmed explosively, both figuratively and literally, Liza told me later that she had felt a gush of fluid from my pussie dribble down her chin as I writhed above her. Wiping the excess juice off her face on my thigh, Liza wriggled back up the bed to wipe the sweat from my brow. I was out of breath and panting, but I knew my friend’s desire would be at its paramount now. Still feeling like the awkward novice of our pairing, I sunk my middle three fingers down between her legs, parting her lips down there to let me find out her sensitive parts. I kissed Liza on the lips, tasting the salty sweetness I now recognised from my own fingers. Desperate for my touch, Liza opened her legs for me and I fluttered my fingers against her drenched pussie. Liza clamped her thighs around my hand and rocked to her own climax, twisting her head away from my mouth to bury her head in the pillow to muffle her cries.

Exhausted, we collapsed back into the bed and lay together ’til morning, when Eliza was forced to make a hasty retreat to stop the dorm mistresses finding us together, naked and covered in each other’s juices.

Seeing as we didn’t live all that far apart at the time, Eliza and I kept up our night time visits all through that summer even as we met Johnny and Thomas, our first boyfriends. We giggled together Casibom Giriş as we made love everywhere; in all manner of places on the farm a half mile away, in our beds, next to the old aga in the kitchen one night when the cool tiles on the floor soothed our sweat bathed skin. We experimented penetrating each other too; the old coca cola bottles made lovely substitute cocks, cook’s glass rolling pin had to be soaked and well dried before we dared go back to bed, fingers and fists and tongues seemed to make our desires grow rather than sate them.

I cried when Liza married Johnny, I knew that I couldn’t take from him what was rightfully his as Liza’s husband, but I couldn’t help but feel that he was stealing her away from me. Things couldn’t continue between us once she was married, she had a man to tend to now and couldn’t surrender her duty to him for my sake. I was lost, and sought comfort in the arms of the man who desperately wanted to marry me.

One thing held me back from Thomas’ repeated proposals. What if, just what if he couldn’t satisfy me like Liza had? It was 1930 after all, divorce would have been much worse for a lady of my position than being unfulfilled in my secret sexual needs. Thomas was a precious thing, he would walk me to Sunday School and back again to eat lunch with my family, my father adored him for their shared passion for trains and mother agreed he was dashingly handsome.

Thomas took me for an outing one day, down to the nearby seaside town on the train. We packed a picnic and a blanket and told our parents not to wait up for us, we were catching the last train home and may be late. The sun was roasting when we arrived and I stripped to my bathing suit and ran into the sea, dancing as the sand burned at the soles of my feet all the way there. Thomas watched me splashing about and laughed as a wave caught behind me knees as I waved at him, toppling me over into the surf. The sands were busy with couples and families so Thomas laid out our blanket around in a little cove, just a way away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. I lay out in the sun and felt Thomas’ eyes on me, I had filled out a little in the year since my first encounter with Liza. I peeked at him from under my sunglasses and could see that he was straining against his shorts. I had aroused a man. Fancy that! I agree, I tormented the poor boy, wriggling in my bottoms and adjusting the strap of my top, pulling it tight so that my breasts strained against it.

As the afternoon sun was making its journey towards the horizon, I pulled at the ribbon holding my bathing suit top together across my back and let it fall apart to stop my tan being uneven. I think Thomas may have caught a glimpse of my naked breasts as I lay back down on the blanket, I certainly heard him sigh and wriggle in discomfort.

It was almost time to pack up and leave when Thomas leaned across and kissed me hard on the mouth. We had kissed before, and petted a little when he walked me home from dances, but never when we were both so close to nudity.

“Why won’t you agree to marry me?” Thomas asked, desperate with built up sexual frustration. “I’m so desperate to make love with you. I care about you, I can support you…” He tailed off, looking into my panicked eyes.

“I want to make love with you too, Thomas. It’s just,”

“What?” He interrupted. “I can make you happy, I promise.” His big, solemn eyes told me I could trust him, yet I was still so scared of not being satisfied.

“You know, Thomas, there are things that two people can do that will still preserve my innocence for our wedding night.” Now I had his attention. He needn’t know my innocence had been taken by a coca cola bottle months before. I reached over and laid my hand on the swell of his shorts, grasping at it slightly then whirling the knob around my palm. The light was fading quickly now, and I decided it was make or break time for us. I undid his fly and fumbled around to release Thomas’ penis from his shorts.

It was a lovely length, smooth and thick, it had a pronounced vein on the underside which shocked me at first, then made me smile when I thought of how it would tease my pussie. There was a little dampness at the top, seeping out through the little bit of skin that covered the head and a slight purple blush was darkening the wrinkled skin below it. I wondered what it tasted like.

I dipped my head, and as Thomas sunk back Casibom Yeni Giriş onto the blanket I wriggled round to rest on my knees as my mouth sucked in the first third of Thomas’ cock. I experimented a little, this was my first time with an actual cock in my mouth after all, but on deciding that it was actually rather pleasant I took more enthusiasm in my movements and pushed the penis all the way to the back of my mouth, ’til it hit my throat.

Thomas moaned. His hands sought out my breasts and rubbed them much rougher than Liza ever had, his big hands squeezing and pinching in time to my sucking.

Thomas pulled out of my mouth and looked at me; I must have made quite a sight, lips all swollen, hair dishevelled, bathing suit half dragged off. “I’ve spoken with Johnny, you know,” he said, and I could hear the thick arousal in his voice. “Eliza waited until their wedding night to give herself to him,” (ha! I smiled inwardly) “but they wanted to know that they would enjoy each other’s bodies before they married.”

I smiled at him encouragingly, hoping he would go on. “I could make love to you somewhere else.” And he tugged off my striped bathing suit bottoms.

I’ll admit, now, for the first time in my life I was shocked at what Thomas did next. I was expecting him to lick my pussie, like I was used to Liza doing and to reciprocate my sucking on his sex. And, to give him his due, he did dip his head and whirl his tongue around between my thighs to taste my rapidly growing wetness.

Then he flipped me over so I was facing the blanket, my head pillowed on my arms and my knees spread, my bottom raised. Thomas bent his head once more, and pulling my bottom cheeks apart he rested his tongue on by bottom hole.

I was so surprised I barely thought to move, or ask him what on earth he believed himself to be doing. Then his tongue began to move, and, like the movement on my clitoris and nipples that I was used to, I felt my desire build as he stiffened his tongue and nudged at the tightness of my bottom. He built up wetness on his tongue and transferred it to my bottom, pushing the wetness inside me a little, then repeating the action until I felt his spittle slide down my bottom cheek and trickle down my thigh. I was thoroughly enjoying this new element to sexual play, but in my naiveté couldn’t think ahead to what was coming next.

Thomas withdrew his tongue, pulled back to shrug off his shorts and then replaced his probing tongue with the head of his cock, the lovely knob that I had been sucking on a few minutes earlier. The sun was setting now, and a cool breeze flitted over my nipples, tightening them as they swung against the roughness of the blanket. My attention, however, was soon drawn back to Thomas’ cock as he dipped it down between my legs to take some of my own natural juices, then he returned it to my bottom hole and pushed.

I gasped, for a moment there was a rush of pain, a flare of fire as his rather large penis attempted to thrust into my rear. Sensing my resistance, Thomas reached around and found my clitoris and whispered to me, “Take a deep breath in,” and while he tickled on my most sensitive nub whispered again “and let it out.” My body naturally relaxed with my exhalation, and combined with the delicate shivers caused by my nipples rubbing on the coarse wool of the blanket and Thomas’ finger on my clitoris, his thick cock gained entry.

Slowly Thomas thrust in while I moaned; not even knowing if this was pleasure or pain. He withdrew, and then pushed in again harder. No, definitely pleasure. I could still feel the burn of my bottom, but my other senses were being assaulted with pleasure, my boyfriend pushing into my tight, dark hole as the sun was finally setting far out to sea.

I could sense Thomas’ arousal was nearly at its peak, and he took my hips in both hands to hold me steady while he took one, two, three big thrusts then orgasmed deep into my bottom. Desperate to orgasm too, I released a hand and reached back to flick my own clitoris rapidly, then shared in his pleasure as Thomas rested his head on my back.

We married in winter of the same year, in the same church Eliza and Johnny had exchanged their vows. Though ours was a short engagement, we pleasured each other in our new special way until our wedding night, when I let a man’s penis enter my pussy for the first time. Married still, all those years later, it probably surprises you, my great- granddaughter, to read these words, of how your great- grandparents enjoyed a long and boisterous love life well into their later years. I only hope that you may find such a wonderful teacher, and then partner to take you into your old age.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32