It Was My Morning

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(This is the response to my other story: “It was her morning.”)

I awoke, turning on my side to see my wife’s naked body heading into the master bathroom. The sound of the shower caused me to close my eyes and fall back asleep.

I was awoken again to the sound of a door closing on the other side of the house. I could hear her talking to the dog, so I thought nothing off it and nodded back off. This was my day off and I wanted to sleep in. The sheets and pillows felt so warm and comfortable, I didn’t dare leave them.

I woke this time to a soft kiss on the cheek, and a hand rubbing my chest.

“Hey you,” she purred at me as she nuzzled her cheek against mine, “you awake?” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Yeah,” I muttered looking over at the clock on the wall. 10:27 it read…nice. I perched my elbows back and leaned myself up on them, still somewhat drowsy.

“Mmm, look at this,” she mused pointing down at the morning tent I had pitched, “what were you dreaming about?”

“Large breasted strippers,” I answered back sarcastically.

“Oh really,” she replied as she stood and pulled the cloth belt to her robe. It fell, revealing her body covered only by a pair of sexy underwear and a sports bra pushing her lovely 36C’s together. I love cleavage…its so sexy. She pulled her hair tie out, allowing it to drape over her shoulders, “I’m all the stripper you need.”

“Yeah you are love,” I replied still rubbing the cobwebs out of my eyes.

“This is mine,” she said as she wrapped her hand around my shaft. Her fingers barely overlapping around my thickness, “the dream strippers can’t have this.”

She let go and pushed me back down as I tried to sit up, “Just relax baby, this is your morning.”

My morning? I guess she remembered my deed last week and is returning the favor. She’s the best. There are so many women in this world, but none are like my little Greek goddess. Her and I have the best relationship. Yeah we argue here and there, but for the most part…we are best friends with a beautiful 2 month old daughter.

I relaxed back into the warm ridge my body carved into the bed as I heard the nightstand kağıthane escort drawer open. She shuffled the contents and it closed.

“Close your eyes and keep then closed,” she said softly as she started rubbing my chest. She pulled one hand off me as the weight on the bed shifted. Then the other came off and I heard the sound of her warming lotion in her hands. Her hands returned to my upper chest. The smell of coconut filled my nose as she massaged the lotion into my chest and down my sides. My arms were up with the backs of my hands covering my eyes.

Her hands went up the outside of my arms, then down the insides to my biceps. I had been doing some weight lifting recently so I flexed them for her.

“Mmmm…hehe,” she laughed as she squeezed and felt them. She loves muscles, just not the oversized, veiny hulks. “These are nice…how much did you pay for them?” she giggled.

“Yeah, yeah,” I responded with a smile.

She pulled the sheet off me revealing my lower half, clad in only boxers. My morning wood had tapered off some. She warmed more lotion in her hands and started on my legs. From the tops of my big feet, up to my kneecaps. Inside and out, she massaged every part. I was so relaxed and loving it. After her hands ran out of lotion, she tapped my leg and demanded I turn over.

I sat up, spun around and before I could lay back down, she grabbed the elastic band of my boxers and pulled them to my knees.

“Lets get these off,” she pulled until I laid back down, sliding them past my feet and to the floor. She recoated her hands in lotion and started up the backs of my legs to my calves. She spent a little extra time massaging them, running her fingers up the insides of my thighs for a little tease. I loved it, this was such a great feeling.

She rubbed my butt a little, but didn’t dawdle too long. Then, I felt a pleasant chill. Her soft, slippery hands ran up my back, then back down. Oh, heaven! What a feeling! I let out a sigh of approval and she chuckled.

“Listen to you,” she laughed.

“That feels…wonderful!” I replied in between hand motions. She kept massaging my upper back for a şişli escort good 5 minutes, I almost fell back asleep.

“I’m gonna head to the bathroom real fast. Turn over and wait here,” she said as she got up and returned the lotion to the nightstand drawer.

“Ok love,” I moaned out, relaxed.

I heard the sink water flow as I turned over on my back, covered my eyes with my pillow, and laid my hands over it. After about a minute, the water stopped. Soon, she reentered the room and opened the drawer again.

“How do you feel?” she asked me.

“I feel really relaxed baby, thank you.”

“Good,” she replied as I felt a lukewarm liquid at my waistline. Her hands soon followed, spreading it all over the area, without touching my package. The smell of cherries filled the air as she sat down next to me on the bed. She brought a finger to my mouth, letting me taste it.

“Mmm, cherry.”

“Yep, tastes good, huh,” she smiled.

She ran her hand under where my dick laid limp. Flaccid, I kept a good 5 inches. She always loves watching it grow. I heard her squeeze a little more into her hand, the she wrapped it around my shaft. Up and down, her hand slid…the top part flopping over and she reached the bottom. I thicken before I lengthen, so her grip began to widen as she continued. Wider at the base and closer near the tip. Even soft, it felt great as she yanked.

Before long, I was my full 8 1/2 inches, curved like a banana and hard. She let a few fingers out until she was stroking the top 3 inches with her index and thumb. She cocks her head a little and likes to ‘study’ while she plays with it. Now including my entire length on her motions, I let out a pleasure sigh. I loved this, my wife massaging my dick and I haven’t even left the bed yet.

After a little bit of tugging, her hand had dried up and she pulled away. More cherry-flavored lube coated her hand, then I felt the fingers of her other hand gently press into the area around the base. The skin of my penis was pulled tight as she grabbed my shaft with her lubed hand. She began to quickly pump, the added friction made the feeling more intense.

It wasn’t escort istanbul long before I felt her weight leave the bed, the angle of her hands changing direction. She crawled back onto the bed right next to me, just out of the 69 position. Her warm lips enveloped my head…her mouth motion replacing what her hand was doing before. Dammit this woman could suck. She was fucking my dick with her mouth! In no time, she was sucking a good 5 inches in and out. She must have gotten herself in a frenzy, she was attacking it, taking no prisoners.

Between her sucking the top half and jacking the bottom half, I wasn’t going to last long. She slowed her attack only momentarily to concentrate on the head a little. This shot me up fast. She kept her lips so closed, I felt like I was fucking the tightest pussy ever. She resumed her frantic campaign, jerking and sucking until I could no longer stand up to her assault.

I shot the first time, and she moved to sucking just the tip. This drove me wild, and I slammed my head back into the pillow crying out in ecstasy. With her mouth taking my load, she hummed a triumphant laugh in response. I couldn’t stop shooting no matter how hard I tried…every downward thrust on my tip meant more in her mouth. I kept moaning and groaning as she sucked me completely dry. I bucked like a bronco, but she held on, not a single drop left her mouth.

She withdrew me from her mouth with a slow upward suck, tilted her head back and stood up. She mumbled some words, and scooted into the bathroom. The sink ran briefly, then she came back in with a smile.

“Too much, I said.” She chuckled on her way back down.

I was putty on the sheets. My body felt too heavy to move, not that I tried. She kept up her lip work until my dick laid down in defeat. It was the best and most complete body job I’d ever had. She worked my entire body into a state of bare consciousness. She laid down against me, her breast resting on my chest. With a kiss on the cheek, she stood.

“Wanna go get some lunch?” she smiled.

“Yeah, just give me a few here,” I managed to respond.

She giggled like a school girl, “Ok, I’m gonna go check on the baby,” she sang on her way out.

She left me alone to gather myself. I looked down at my warrior who just took the beating of his life and could only smile. I couldn’t wait to top her performance and make her feel this way again.

Yep, this was my morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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