It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 16

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It’s all the Ex’s fault, Ch 16

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

Have I said how much I enjoy watching her get dressed in the morning?

She knows I’m watching her. The way she covers her pussy with those thongs, making sure it fits snug up against her just right. Getting her tits to sit just so in her bras, sheer or thin silk, she makes sure it takes my breath away when I look at her.

And the production she makes when she wears stockings is enough to make me want to bend her over right there. Too bad she’s stronger than me…. She lifted her skirt on the way out to show her crotch, already getting damp, framed by her stockings and garter belt. “Think about this today…” she gave me a quick peck and a squeeze of my rock hard cock and was out the door.

Have I said how much I hate watching her get dressed in the morning…

I did manage to get dressed and off to work. I did have to pause at the door, the fresh air making me realize that the apartment had a distinctive aroma of fresh pussy… you can’t buy a better scent!

The girl on the night shift snickered at me as I came in again… seems to be a bit of a habit.

I enjoyed a lazy Monday, things went pretty well. I got a call from the rep that afternoon. They were sending two machines in for a beta trial, they should arrive later in the week and that she would be coming out sometime as well. She got my girls cell phone number, she had some questions…

We texted each other several times that day, but didn’t have the right time to actually talk. Letting me know the blond was coming over after school to do some laundry before heading home to sleep and that she did get the call from the rep.

I came home to a wonderful sight, the blond leaning over the washer, a thin strip of a thong separating her cheeks. “Emmmm Emmm Emmmmmmm!”

She jumped a bit, then turned around letting me see her thong trying to work its way up between her pussy lips. “Hi..” she said with a grin.

I tossed my jacket on the couch and walked over to her, putting my hands on her hips. I leaned forward enough to give her a nice kiss on the neck. “Hi yourself.”

She pushed my hands down and around to her ass before wrapping them around my neck to pull me in for a nice kiss. “Is that any way to greet a half naked woman?” and resumed her kiss, pulling me in tight, her nipples trying to drill holes in my chest.

I enjoyed myself, but not really getting into it, not wanting to create problems with my girl.

She pulled back and looked at me, “She did tell you I was going to be here?” I nodded. “And you know she knows how I dress?” I shrugged my shoulders.

She pulled back and took my cell phone from my pocket. She typed out a text, then showed it to me.

I have half naked blond doing laundry here… then sent it.

She had just wrapped her arms around me when my phone dinged for an incoming text.

A HALF NAKED WOMAN… IN OUR APPARTMENT! You better take care of the other half, and make her scream for being only half naked… LOL

I showed her the text, she giggled and smiled, pulled her thong down past her ass cheeks, rolled back on the edge of the couch to kick them off and spread her legs.

I didn’t make her scream…right away, I got a lot of groaning when I slipped two fingers into her pussy to play with her g-spot while nibbling on her clit. The screaming came when she was starting to cum and I slipped the tip of my pinkie into her ass. She wrapped her legs around my head pulling me in tight, making my chin force my fingers deeper into her pussy and ass.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUUUUUUU……” she slid off the arm of the couch and down onto the cushions, her legs slipping from around my heads, but still quivering with the last of her orgasm. I looked into her eyes as I licked her juices from my fingers, then took her thong and tossed it into the washer with the other stuff and closed the lid to let it start.

I got a couple of cold bottles of water, taking one over to her, and kicked back on the couch just above her head. “So how long have you two been together?”

She about spit her water out, coughed a bit, then hesitated. “I…uh…”

I reached down and cupped her tit, giving it a slight squeeze. “It’s OK, it didn’t take much to figure it out after the trip home. I just need to know… are we competing or sharing?….”

She relaxed and looked up at me smiling and hoping, “Sharing?….”

I rolled her nipple between my fingers smiling, “So… how long have you two been together?”

We sat up and snuggled, talking about my girl while groping each other. She was getting pretty tired, so I picked her up and took her to the spare Sinop Escort bedroom. “What are you doing?”

“You’re getting tired enough you’re not making sense, get some sleep, I’ll put your stuff in the dryer.”

“Like I’ll get any sleep with you two in the house?”

“We’ll keep it down, your stuff will be ready for work.”

She pulled me down for a kiss as I laid her on the bed. “thanks…” she said softly, gave me another quick peck, and pulled the covers up over her naked body, snuggling in.

I turned the light off and closed the door. I grabbed a book and kicked back on the couch, and yes ladies I remembered to switch the laundry over to the dryer, making sure there weren’t and delicates in there before I did. Nothing like having a perfectly good excuse to go through a woman’s underwear!

Mmmmmmm! Jeans and tops…. And lots of thongs! All kinds of thongs, tiny sheer ones and nice lacy ones, everything that would show off and accentuate. Bras were about the same. Some nice sheer ones that had absolutely NO support, the lace ones were about the same. Only a few that actually had anything to them, but with the colder weather coming in I couldn’t begrudge her the need to keep those beauties warm now could I?

I kicked back reading some more until the buzzer went off on the dryer. I took her tops and underwear out, but put the jeans back in for a bit more time, the seams were still damp.

I looked at all the laundry in the basket, and then grinned with a thought. I went to the bedroom and moved some of my stuff down to a lower drawer, then put her bras in one and her thongs in another, keeping a nice lacy set out, and one of the thicker bras out just in case.

I was laying a top and her bras and thong out on the back of the other couch when my girl came in.

She dropped her books and grabbed me up, “Hey handsome!”

I gave her a nice kiss, “Hey gorgeous,” another quick kiss, “Keep it down, she’s sleeping in the spare bedroom.”

“And you’re out here going through her underwear…” she said with a grin.

I shook a finger at her, “No, I’m just pulling stuff out of the wash and laying out her stuff for tonight.”

She looked over my shoulder at the top, the bra and thong pair, and the other bra. “What, no pants?”

I gave her another kiss, “Hmmm, interesting thought, but no, they are still in the dryer.”

She pulled back to look at me, “So…did you make her scream?”

“Eventually…” I began unbuttoning her top to give her tits a nice squeeze. “then we had another nice discussion…”

She was leaning into my squeeze, “about what?”

I gave her a slow kiss, “you….”

She stiffened a bit, but kissed me back, “what about me.” She pulled back to look at me.

“I asked her how long you two had been together…” she stiffened significantly as I squeezed her tits again and gave her a peck on her neck.


“And asked if we were competing or sharing…”

She relaxed and pulled me close, “Sharing…” she said softly.

“Emmm Hmmmmm,” I pulled her head around for a nice soft sensuous kiss, holding and caressing each other.

“Why don’t you go hop in the shower while I get her jeans out of the dryer, I’ll be in in a minute.”

She looked back at me smiling, then gave me a quick peck and headed for the bedroom, her top coming off as she went through the door.

I took her jeans from the dryer, folding all but one. I left it out with her clothes, taking the folded tops and jeans and setting them on the corner of our dresser. Then I joined my girl in the shower.

She had just about finished, rinsing her hair just as I was getting in. She took her time lathering me up, sliding her body allover me to do it. She rinsed me off, then we toweled each other. I love the way her landing strip glistened in the light when it was still damp…..

We crawled into bed and cuddled, she was talking about work and school, they had went over things in preparation for finals. She was rambling away when I leaned over and nibbled on her ear lobe.

She closed her eyes, clamped her teeth, and shuddered, “That little twit…” I cupped a tit and nibbled on her ear lobe again while rolling her nipple between my fingers… giving her another nice little orgasm….. she lay against me panting. “That’s not fair…”

“All’s fair in love and orgasms…”

We cuddled and talked a bit more until we heard our blond rummaging around in the kitchen. My girl turned to me quick, gave me an equally quick kiss, and scrambled to the kitchen.

I heard scrambling women, and our blond giggling uncontrollably. I came out just after a break in the commotion to find the girls on either side of the couches, doing their best to stay out of reach of each other. CAT FIGHT! NAKED!!!!!

I came up behind the blond, wrapping my arms around her waist, my firm cock nestled between her cheeks.

“Not fair! Two on one…” I muffled the last of that turning her for a kiss. My girl Sinop Escort Bayan grinned at me, then came up behind her from the other side making it a blond sandwich. The girls tit to tit, me kissing her while my girl was nibbling on her neck.

Evidentially there was a secret spot on the blonds neck like my girls earlobe. The blond was wiggling and trembling between us. Once my girl had felt that she had gotten her revenge, she released the blonds neck, letting her collapse as much as possible squeezed between us.

My girl looked over the blonds shoulder at me, “What was that you said earlier, ‘All’s fair in love and orgasms'”

“And you expect me to go to work like this….”

My girl gave her a quick kiss, “I could always lick you clean first…”

“Uggggggg….” The blond wormed her way out from between us.

She scooted to the bathroom, then a bee line to her clothes. No sexy dance putting them on, more like putting on a suit of armor while keeping an eye on my girl. She grabbed her coat and headed out the door, giving us both a quick, but guarded, kiss on the way.

“What was all that?”

“She has a ….ticklish ….spot.” she grinned.

I just shook my head, finished my drink, and went to bed. My girl came in to snuggle in, giggling a bit before we both dropped off.

Tuesday was a pretty normal day, but Wednesday… WOW

Seems our blond had forgiven us, I was woken up by her crawling into bed with us. We woke up a bit later, but the girls weren’t getting dressed as usual. It was thongs and one of my dress shirts each. And only the bottom buttons made it even better.

I must have had a confused look on my face “Study day, remember?” the blond said.

Oh yea, the conversation on the trip home….

I was going to have some cereal and head out, but since the blond was going to the trouble of doing up bacon and scrambled eggs I had some before I left. The real shocker was when I got home.

Now up until today, during the week I had come home to an empty apartment unless she didn’t have class, and then it was just us. BUT DAMN!

It was a good thing we had kept both couches and coffee tables. We had about a dozen people here, all crammed around the books piled on the coffee tables, several conversations going at once. Somebody had brought a hub, and there were at least four laptops going as well, with one of them hooked to the TV for a big screen.

And there in the middle of it was my beautiful redhead… hands waiving and gesturing to a buxom blond she was arguing with. Both of them with tits and nipples bouncing!

They were a band of rag tag college students, all except my girls …hmmmmm ….my girls. I liked the sound of that. Anyway, like I said a gaggle of college students, more girls than boys, but that was almost expected with my two. I didn’t recognize any that I could remember from either competition, and all the women were more dressed than my two, with the possible exception of the buxom blond. She had more on, but didn’t seem to mind her nipples standing out and her tits jiggling with every hand gesture.

I came up behind my blond, across from my girl, “Hey gorgeous!”

She looked up from her argument mid gesture, “Hey there handsome, I didn’t see you come in.”

The blond kicked her head back, looking up at me. “What am I, chopped liver?”

I leaned down close to whisper in her ear, “More like tasty tuna..” and started nibbling on her neck near where I saw my girl doing it this morning.

She shrieked, jumped, tried to swat at me, and pointed to my girl. “See what bad habits you’re teaching him?”

Most of the others laughed a little, a couple of the nerdy guys blushed, and a brunette on the other side piped up. “he can nibble on me any time…”

I just smiled and walked around the end of the couch like I was going for her, and a bit of a worried look crossed my girls face. But when I passed the brunette by and stopped behind my girl, turned her head, and gave her a serious kiss, there were hoots and hollers all around.

Now it was my girls turn to blush, “Sorry ladies, I’m already taken…” that made her grin from ear to ear. She did manage to make the introductions around the room, but I’m a face person so they went in one ear and out the other. I hung around for a bit, but as the conversations picked back up to a lot of legal jargon I grabbed something to drink and my book and headed for the bedroom.

I read for a while, then took a shower, alone for once. Although I do know one of the girls came in to use the toilet, not sure which one as I was taking a long shower and had things pretty well steamed up… oh well. About midnight the girls came to bed.

I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink, and discovered not everyone had went home. There was somebody snoring up a storm in the spare bedroom, loud enough to hear them through the closed door. A woman each on the couches, and one of them the buxom blond. I had to stop and look, Escort Sinop her jeans and HUGE bra on the back of the couch while she laid there on her back, tits rolling of to the side a bit and nipples pointing up through a thin shirt mostly unbuttoned…..

I had to shake my head, not long ago I would have been trying to figure out a way to get a good look at them, or possible even play with them. But now, I remembered how difficult it was finding nice clothes for the ex, or getting her to dress to show them off. At least this one wore a nice lace bra that let her nipples stand out.

She started to roll over, and I remembered I was standing there with nothing on, so I headed back to the bedroom, remembering to grab some boxers from the dresser and put them beside the bed.

Thursday was interesting. We were up and out like usual, our over night guests had already made their way out. Late morning at work we got a delivery of the two beta machines. In unpacking the machines, I found a decent sized box with my girls name on it, I peeked inside and saw clothes, so I sent her a text to call me.

“What’s up handsome?”

“Hey babe, I was unpacking the new beta machines, and there’s a box inside with your name on it, looks like clothes or something…”

“Oh I thought I said something… oh well. The rep said she was cleaning out her closets, and was sending a care package. Anything I don’t want goes to the Goodwill.”

“OK, I’ll bring it home…. ” I walked in the door to find a black version of Monday with a bright orange thong splitting those black cheeks. I walked up behind her bent over the dryer and ran a finger over her thong above her rosebud.

She looked back over her shoulder and winked at me while wiggling her ass, then went back to pulling clothes from the dryer. I slid her thong aside and pressed my finger into her ass, making her hiss and freeze, I slid it in and out a few times before pulling it out suddenly, letting her collapse on the floor.


I gave her ass a swat and went back to the box I had dropped on the couch. I pulled several things from the box, mainly jeans and tops, when I got down to some nicely folded stuff on the bottom.

I pulled out three NICE dresses, and some lingerie, I laid them out on the back of the couch, and thought twice and grabbed some hangers to let the wrinkles release from them. I was about to put the box aside, but it still had some weight to it. in the bottom of the box was a small box about the size of a show box but half as thick. It had a ribbon on it, and a card…. the card was from the rep. “To opening new horizons”

I had just finished my shower when my girl came through the door, it took me a minute to remember it was test night and not a regular class night. She hugged me and twirled me around. “So I take it you think you did pretty good on your test?”

“I had trouble with a few, but it was pretty easy….”

I brought my hands around to cup her tits a bit, then brought them up to begin unbuttoning her top. I kissed and nibbled and caressed while divesting her of her clothes, taking my time with her bra and thong so I could nibble on nipples and lick her pussy.

We went back out to the living room, and I got to enjoy a bit of a fashion show. She tried on tops without putting on bottoms, running her fingers over her nipples to tease me. Then trying a few of the jeans on topless, making her tits bounce as she ‘had’ to jump a bit to get them on..

The lingerie she held up, but I’ve never known a woman to wear another woman’s lingerie. The only thing she did set to one side was a corset and a couple of long line bras. Then it came to the dresses ….

There were several NICE ones, all of them with neck lines low enough to prevent the use of a regular bra, which explained some of the interesting lingerie she sent. And NONE of them had any kind of lining or did anything to keep her nipples from popping out.

But the last one… “WOW!”

“You like?” she asked, twirling around making the short skirt flare out almost completely flat, everything below the waist on display. Picture the Marlin Monroe dress from the movie, but with a skirt that barely came down to mid thigh. The wide band around her middle and skimpy little halter strip around her neck barely wide enough to cover her tits, much less even tried to contain them.

I slid down from the couch to my knees and lifted her skirt to put my head under, brought my hands up the back of her thighs and pulled her to my face. Letting my nose bump her clit while I ran my tongue between her lips. “Mmmmmmm, I guess you do like this one…”

“YA THINK?….” I forgot our black girl was still here….

I slid back out from under the skirt, and stood up to give her a nice kiss while helping her out of the dress. “Seeing those dresses I know why she sent some of the lingerie along…”

“Yea, she said some of them would require something special if I wanted to wear anything under them. I almost wore this one to the banquet out in Reno…”

“I’m not sure how you decided between them you look so good in both…and out of them too!” I pulled her to me, my cock rising between her legs. “What’s in the box?”

She looked at me wide eyed, “What box?”

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