“It’s Just A …” Pt. 11

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Author’s note: The goal of this series of cumulative vignettes is to briefly (in 1000 words or less) capture the tension that rises right until the moment of an erotic coupling… which is then purposefully left unresolved. The emphasis is more on the buildup than on the climax, so keep that in mind as you play along!


I couldn’t make sense of what I was feeling inside.

So much had happened within the past few days. For the first time ever in my years of marriage, I had willingly spread my legs for a man who was not my husband… and enjoyed every minute of it. Unfortunately, I apparently enjoyed it a little too much… as I couldn’t restrain myself from describing it to my lover’s girlfriend, which then led to her blackmailing me. The revenge that she had arranged was the situation where I found myself at the moment: bound, gagged, and helplessly unable to do or say anything about what I was being forced to watch take place in my very own bed.

As I sat tied to the chair in the corner of the room, I watched in horror and disgust and anger and jealousy and bitterness as my husband – for the first time ever – broke his own marital vows of faithfulness by enthusiastically fucking her. The true reason for my state of confusion, though, was one additional feeling that had unexpectedly risen up inside of me as I sat there watching: I was so incredibly fucking turned on.

I felt sick to my stomach watching this gorgeous redhead ride my husband’s body… but escort bursa I also was undeniably fascinated. Although I occasionally glanced at my husband’s face, noting – with jealousy – his familiar expression of intense sexual pleasure, I mostly found myself watching Cassidy. Her long wavy hair cascaded perfectly onto her firm breasts, which shimmered up and down with every bounce she made on my husband’s lap. From my angle, I couldn’t quite see the place of penetration, but the ways in which the smooth curves of Cassidy’s hips and legs were moving made it clear that she was grinding pretty intensely on his rod buried inside of her.

Tied naked to the chair in accordance with Cassidy’s demands, I was regrettably confident that my pussy was forming a significant wet spot on the seat cushion.

Suddenly, Cassidy glanced over in my direction. Staring at me, but talking to my husband, she commented: “I feel bad for your wife. She looks so lonely over there.”

Was she second-guessing her cultivated infidelity? Part of me felt relieved. But wait… did that mean they might stop?? Another – more primal – part of me simultaneously feared that my show might be over. My desires were so twisted up, I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore.

What Cassidy actually had in mind, though, was not what I had expected. Dismounting from my husband – to his groan of disappointment – Cassidy climbed off the bed, stepped over to me, and swiftly pulled down my gag so that it hung bursa merkez eskort loosely around my neck. I began to take a deep breath… but I was quickly interrupted, as Cassidy bent down toward me and passionately kissed me on the lips.

It wasn’t the first time that she and I had kissed, but it was the first time that we had done so while naked – and the first time that we had kissed while I was so overwhelmingly aroused. The taste and feel of her lips sent pre-orgasmic shivers through my entire body.

She pulled away for a brief moment to glance over her shoulder and address my husband – who was staring at the two of us in fascination – with a blunt command: “Come fuck me from behind while I make out with your wife.”

Cassidy’s lips immediately re-engaged with mine… and although my senses were mostly trained on that, I also could hear my husband climb off the bed and get into position behind her. Cassidy’s mouth – tongue included – soon began thrusting into mine. It didn’t take long for me to realize that motion was a direct result of my husband thrusting into her. That was fucking sexy.

I soon felt one of Cassidy’s hands sliding up along my bare thigh. Instinctually, I parted my legs as much as I could in the chair, desperately inviting her fingers to continue their journey. Thankfully, she obliged.

As soon as her fingertips reached my saturated slit, I groaned deeply into her mouth. Cassidy removed her lips bursa sınırsız escort from mine, smiled wide, and announced her actions for the sake of my husband: “I’m fingering your wife’s pussy while you fuck mine.”

“That’s fucking excellent,” my husband grunted.

Usually I require more foreplay, but I was so aroused that when Cassidy slid two fingers inside of me, my only regret was that she didn’t use three. Finally de-gagged and able to speak again, I soon began to unashamedly verbalize my sexual ecstasy: “Oh fuck, that feels so good… fuck, Cassidy, your touch is so fucking incredible… oh I wanna cum so bad…”

Cassidy encouraged me on with demeaning observations: “You like when I finger your pussy, slut? You like knowing your husband would rather fuck me than you right now? Does it turn you on to know that I’m gonna make your husband cum in me?”

Perhaps I should’ve been offended by some of those comments, but I was under her spell and I was completely dependent on her fingers bringing me to an orgasm. “Mmhmm” was all I could mutter to each of those questions… and then it happened. While my husband kept pounding her from behind, I climaxed from the masterful work of Cassidy’s fingers.

My body stiffened up… the room disappeared… a warming sensation flooded my core… and my voice cried out: “OHH FUCKK…” My vagina bathed Cassidy’s fingers in a fresh release of sexual juice… and I practically blacked out.

Half-conscious, I was only partially aware of them leaving me and climbing back onto the bed until Cassidy called out to me: “If I untie you, will you come finger your husband’s ass while he fucks me?”

Startled, I glared at her in disbelief. “Um, what?!? I’ve never done that before!”

Cassidy smiled: “It’s just a hole.”

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