It’s Just Sex Ch. 01

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This is long but it’s true…Hope you enjoy.

It involves a co-worker, Erika, (fake name) from the east coast, and requires some background. I am in my early 40’s, 5’10’ and 205 (now), an ex-athlete in college with the emphasis on the ex part. A couple of injuries derailed my baseball career; or dreams of one, and I found comfort in alcohol, actually Southern Comfort for alcohol. In the last 2 years, because of my kids, I have committed to getting more in shape. I have lost 65 lbs; still not “washboard abs” but I am not ashamed to go to the beach.

I’m not going to lie; I’m not hung like a horse, or even a Shetland pony. I am a little over 7″ cut, and still maintain the sexual stamina of a teenager. Oh yea…and I love eating pussy; love it, worship it, adore it, can’t get enough.

I travel to the east coast for work a couple times a month and have gotten close to Erika; but no intimacy…Yet. Last time I was there was for preparation for a critical presentation. After two 14 hour days, a few of us went out for dinner and then drinks. It was about 12:30am and everyone had left but Erika and I. We were talking about everything, and eventually we started talking about our spouses and marriages.

It turns out both of us were experiencing similar things at home. In my case, after the birth of our children, my wife lost total interest in sex. I’ve tried everything; romantic settings (rose petals in bath tub, candles, etc…), even the sad puppy dog eyes; nothing had any effect that lasted. She’d been to our doctor and tried some meds that were supposed to help but didn’t. Needless to say, I have gotten very intimate with both my hands; and my imagination.

As for Erika, she is hot and I mean hot; dirty blond, about 5’4″ with a models figure; all natural 36C breasts. In her case; her husband lost interest also, but for a different reason. He told her he preferred men sexually. Neither wanted to end the marriage for the sake of the kids, and he confessed he still loved her, but didn’t enjoy sex with her. The more we talked, the more she opened up and at one point she started crying and telling me how lonely she was. I remember thinking, how any man could pass up this woman is beyond me.

At this point she apologized and I assured her it was not a problem and would never go beyond us. I continued to comfort her, telling her it’s alright. As she looked up, her green eyes were rimmed in red, her lower lip quivering. merter escort I couldn’t help myself and leaned in and kissed her. At first she was startled and started to pull back, but as our lips lingered, she became more alive; hungry. I passed my tongue to meet with hers, and our hands began to caress each other. We stopped and looked at each other, concerned about what was happening and both said at the same time…”Its just sex”.

We left and headed upstairs to my room, we left the lights off and enjoyed brightness of the city through the window. She begans to undress. I stoped her, and asked if she would let me do it. Each piece of clothing removed is replaced by kisses and light touches and brushes of the tongue. As I removed her bra, I felt my cock twitch. I expected perfection, but her breasts surpassed even my active imagination. The nipples were erect and stood out almost a 1/2 inch. I kissed and gently sucked on them, leaving moisture and blowing over them to harden them even more. I heard her whimper and gasp and felt her grind her hips against my leg as I massaged and pinched her breasts and nipples.

I moved slowly down her stomach, stopping briefly to kiss and tongue her belly button while I unbutton her skirt. I raised her legs up and lift off her skirt. As I kiss and gently suck on her toes, I look down and am rewarded with ass cheeks that seem as if made from marble, but soft; clear, beautiful skin with an almost transparent coating of fine blond hair standing on end as I slowly raked my nails down her calves and thighs. I dragged my tongue down the back of her leg, pausing to kiss and gently nibble the back of her knee and the back of her thigh.

I pushed her legs up, towards her head, enough to slightly lift her ass off the bed and place my tongue on the crack of her ass. I move it slowly towards her pussy, still held shut by her legs. As I separated her legs, I faced heaven; the most perfect pussy in the world. The outer lips are a woman’s, not a girl’s; and framed inner lips swollen and coated in her juices. But at the top is my fantasy…her clit stands engorged, sticking out at least 1/2 inch. I spread her legs and look at her pussy for just a moment and then began long slow licks starting at her asshole, flattening out my tongue to cover her entire opening.

It tasted as good as I imagined, and I continued to lick and probe her slit, sucking up her juices and inserting 2 fingers beşiktaş escort in, and beginning to move them in a clockwise motion and in and out. Her cries got louder, more emphatic as I press both fingers on the top wall of her pussy, licking and sucking on her lips and clit. I felt her hands on my head, her fingers grabbing my hair and pulled me in closer. Her hips began to buck and rise, her breath is quick and gasping. I could feel the walls of her pussy grab by fingers and I slid my thumb in her asshole.

I felt her jerk, removed my fingers from her pussy and covered it with my mouth. A flood of fluid comes out; it is thicker, like precum, but strong and full of her taste. I swallow every drop, never stopping my massaging of her asshole.

Suddenly she took control, her voice hoarse and raspy, she commanded me not to stop; to keep licking and sucking as she grinds and pulls my face into her. I sucked and drank as if it were water, not allowing a drop to go anywhere but my mouth. I felt her begin to pump her hips and again she flooded my throat with her creamy fluids. I was in heaven, my face coated in her juices. She lifted my head up by the hair, commanding but not brutal, pushed me back on the bed and started to undo my pants. I took off my shirt and soon I was naked on top of her. She kissed and licked my face and lips; tasting herself, and it drove her lust higher.

She took my cock in her mouth, and I felt the head hit the back of her throat. She sucked me like no one before and I swore she was going to pull my soul out the tip. I told her it had been a while and that if she kept this up, I was going to cum. She looked up, with my cock in her mouth and slowly closed her eyes and took me deeper. I felt my orgasm start to rise and tried to warn her; but it was too late. She sensed it and took me in, pushing a finger up my ass; and all I saw was stars. I pumped more cum than I thought could exist into her, and she wasted none.

She continued to swallow, and let my cock escape her lips with a little pop. She stood and kissed me, passing me the remaining cum still in her mouth. At first I was shocked, I have never tasted my own fluids; aside from sampling my precum with a previous girlfriend. I still tasted her pussy on my tongue and the mixture of the flavors is amazing. We continued to kiss; my cock getting rock hard again; sharing flavors until she almost vaulted on top of me. She grabed my cock istanbul escort like it was her possession, told me she was going to fuck me and not to cum until she allowed.

I felt her slide down over my shaft; her trimmed pubic hair matted with her cum, almost joining to my shaved skin. Her eyes closed as she began to rise and fall on my cock. She was almost possessed, slamming up and down, ordering me to squeeze her tits, pinch her nipples. She took her hand and coated it with both of our wetness, stuck her fingers in my mouth and I sucked all the taste I could from them. She coated her fingers again, and sucked them into her own mouth. I have never been with a woman who demanded control, without being abusive. I heard her begin to moan and her eyes glazed over. I saw her skin flush and felt her body buck and she moaned for me to cum with her.

This is too much for me and I exploded, pumping out another load of cum. I couldn’t believe the amount, as it kept coming out; 8, 9 spurts. Finally we both relaxed; she leaned forward and kissed me, as I felt our fluids begin to leak on my thighs and balls. I saw a wicked look in her eyes, as she slowly rose off my spent cock, and brought her pussy up over my face. I watched as she pulled her puffy, swollen lips apart and lower her dripping box onto my mouth.

I’ve never eaten my own cum…, till tonight; but I was too far gone in pleasure to care; and I began to devour her and all her juices. It took only a moment and I felt her begin to spasm; again I was rewarded with yet more of her essence, mixed with our other tastes.

Erick collapsed on the bed, draped over me. She told me that her husband never got her to cum like that, and he would never swallow her juices; hell, he barely ever ate her out. She commented that maybe if she let him taste his own cum, their sex life would be better. I told her it’s wasn’t too late; she needed to be as forceful and assured with him as she was with me.

She asked if it upset me when she shared our cum kiss, and I told her no; explaining that I have always wondered what it would be like to be with a man; but I’ve never had the guts to go through with it. Again her eyes took on an arousing, sexy, mischievous look. She asked me if I trusted her; with that little gleam making her eyes dance. I said sure and she hoped up and began to dress. They lived here in the city and her family was expecting her home.

I knew it was ‘just sex’ but kind of hoped for more. She kissed me deeply again, gave my cock a shake and said see you in the morning. I jacked off once before rolling over and going sleep, wondering what tomorrow would be like at the office.

End of Part 1….Part 2 to follow

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