Jack and Diane

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[If you’re looking for hardcore BDSM this isn’t it. Diane and I are light weight. Yes, we have handcuffs, butt plugs and a lot of latex, but we only play at it.]

This week was Diane’s turn. She handed me a cock cage and told me to put it on and lock it. When I started to protest she gave me the key and said, “Don’t worry, here’s the key. You hang onto it.”

I was hesitant about locking my dick up in a steel cage so I made sure the key worked before I got the cage anywhere near my cock.

The key worked perfectly so I was up for it. But my dick was getting too hard to fit in the cage and there was no way I was fitting the ring around my dick and behind my balls.

Diane pulled the front of her panties down and told me to relieve the pressure by filling her panties with my cum. I quickly started stroking. When I shot my load she pulled her panties up and rubbed the cum into her pussy.

It took a while before my cock lost its hardness. Even then I still couldn’t slide the cage over it. Diane gave me a blow job but that only made it worse.

Finally she went into the kitchen and came back with a bag of frozen peas. They were so cold I thought my dick was going to shrivel up and fall off. But the peas did their job.

Diane wrapped her hand around my balls and put the ring on my cock making sure it was behind my balls. When she snapped the ring closed I slid the cage over my pea sized cock. Before Diane clicked the lock closed I checked one more time to make sure the key fit.

After Diane clicked the lock shut I put the key on my key ring.

We got dressed and went out to our favorite restaurant. The cock cage felt weird and I spent the entire meal xslot trying to adjust myself. Kinda like a ball player.

When we got home from the restaurant Diane wanted to fuck. “Give me the key. I think this cage thing is harder on me than it is on you.”

“Not yet, I want to see if I can do it for a couple days.”

At bedtime Diane came out of the bathroom wearing a one piece crotchless teddy that didn’t even begin to cover her wet pussy. She reached over and pulled my underpants off and straddled me.

It was a little bit awkward because the cock cage curved downwards, but Diane was able to get her pussy wrapped around it. I saw her eyes glaze over as she started doing a camel-toe slide on the hard stainless steel cage.

Camel-toe slides are one of our favorite sex acts. I get to watch her pussy sliding up and down my hard cock as I ejaculate.

This camel-toe slide was different though. I watched her slide her pussy over the cock cage but I didn’t feel much of anything. Then she started panting and climaxed faster than I’ve ever seen her.

When she caught her breath she said, “This thing is great! It will stay hard forever and I can masturbate on it as much as I want, for as long as I want.”

When we woke in the morning we were spooning with my caged cock wedged between her ass cheeks. Normally I’d have a huge woody about this time, but not this morning. But my cock was trying. If the wire guage on the cock cage was smaller my dick would have been sliced and diced.

Diane said softly, “Between you eating my pussy and me masturbating on that steel cage I must have cum a dozen times.”

“At least,” I replied. “Not once for me though.”

“If xslot Giriş you take that thing off while I’m in the shower we can remedy that,” she said, as she jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

I was still in bed when Diane came out of the bathroom. I was still wearing the cock cage. “Unlock that thing and fuck me!” she demanded.

She was standing in front of me, just out of the shower with water running down her beautiful body. I wanted nothing more but to fuck her, but I said, “No, I’m going to tuff this out until you get back from Denver.”

Diane had to go on a two day business trip to Denver this morning. While looking at my caged cock she asked, “Are you sure?”

I nodded and she said, “If the pressure gets too great you always have the key.”

When I dropped her off at the airport I handed her the key and said, “What’s the purpose of the cock cage if I have the key? You’ll be home in two days. I think I can bear being locked up till then.”

Two days later as I was getting ready to leave for the airport Diane called and said she needed to stay in Denver over the weekend for three more days of meetings next week.

I was fucked. I headed down to Lowe’s in search of bolt cutters. They had several different models but every one of them looked like it would cut my dick off if I slipped.

I couldn’t get mad at Diane for leaving me locked in this thing. It was my fault for giving her the key.

Five days later I picked her up at the airport. While we were riding home I unzipped my pants and told her to unlock the damn thing.

“I don’t have the key,” she said. “I put it back on your key ring while you xslot Güncel Giriş were getting my suitcase out of the trunk last week. You’ve had the key all along.”

I looked at Diane, then down at my caged cock hanging out of my pants and said, “Please get it off my key ring and unlock my cock.”

While she was getting the key off my key ring I got off the freeway and pulled into a Wendy’s parking lot.

When she took the padlock off my dick was so swollen she had a hard time pulling the cage off. With a lot of her spit it finally came off. At which point I immediately got the biggest hardest erection I’ve ever had.

The ring that was secured behind my balls was so tight she couldn’t remove it. It felt like my dick was being strangled.

I started to yank on my cock to relieve the pressure, but Diane stopped me and went down on me right there in the Wendy’s parking lot. Even after Diane sucked me dry the ring was still preventing me from losing my erection. We both tried to unsnap the ring but it was still too tight.

Diane started to jerk me off hoping it might help I put the car in reverse and backed out.

Even after cumming a second time my dick was still hard when we pulled into our garage. Diane headed to the freezer for a bag of frozen peas. “Wait a minute,” I said. “I don’t want to waste a perfectly good hard-on. Drop your panties and bend over.”

She bent over the kitchen table and hiked her skirt but she wasn’t wearing any panties. My cock still had cum all over it so it slid in her pussy easily as I rammed it in all the way to that damn ring that was stuck around my balls.

I finally put the bag of peas on my swollen member after cumming for the third time and was able to remove the cage ring.

“That was awesome,” she said. “I think we may have to lock you up again.” She leaned over and took my shriveled up cock in her mouth to see if she could suck some life back into it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32