Jake and Jill Ain’t Over the Hill

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It was early that Wednesday morning and though barely awake I could hear my wife, Jill, moving about the bedroom. She was dressing for her day at the gallery. I didn’t participate in that morning ritual anymore, I’d retired about five years prior. But Jill, being about a dozen or so years younger than me, was still gainfully and actively employed.

My wife is a small redheaded woman, trim and agile and still quite striking though well into her middle ages. She’s been a landscape painter for over thirty years and occasionally runs a gallery for a friend in the nearby downtown area. I on the other hand was now a man of leisure, and loving it.

I felt her lean over me, softly kiss my cheek and murmur in my ear, “I’m leaving honey, it’s time to say goodbye.” I could smell her perfume lightly settle about me and felt her fingers sliding down my stomach into my pajama bottoms. Then she began caressing my flaccid penis. It engorged and began to stiffen with her touch.

Breathing softly she pushed the covers aside, leaned over and pulling back the waistband of my pants took my rising dick into her soft and freshly made up mouth. Sucking, licking, then rubbing it across her moist lips and the side of her face she slowly and artfully hardened the erection to an almost painful state.

Taking it deep inside the wet warmth of her mouth over and over, she stroked with her soft, delicate hand as suddenly awake, I moaned and arched my back. Then she looked up at me, smiled, snapped my pajamas back into place over my aching cock and said, “That ought to give you something to think about today,” and walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

But I was used to it. The ritual always started on Wednesdays. It was Jill’s theory that by keeping me in constant sexual tension for the latter part of the week my hormones and erotic impulses would be raging by the start of the weekend. That’s when she wanted me. It worked.

With our children raised and on their own in distant cities and with really no further need to provide role model behavior nor sane exteriors, we had begun to re-explore our sexual ambitions. For Jill that started with a lot of weekend sex. With me it began with a pronounced effort to keep up with her.

At my age I was not exactly in testosterone overload, but I was definitely willing and with a little help from modern pharmaceuticals, a lot of time at the gym, her morning ministrations and our mutual eagerness things had definitely heated up around the old homestead. Yet the best was yet to come.

That began with an evening phone call on a Thursday. Jill had just returned from the gallery and I overheard her speaking to a New York gallery with whom she often did business. Apparently there was a big art opening that they wanted her to attend Friday evening and she had only found out earlier that day.

Jill turned to me and said with anguish, “I’ve got to catch the train to New York tomorrow Sinop Escort morning. I won’t be back until Sunday evening – it’s important. Big clients, hot artists, important contacts. I can’t miss it.” “No problemo,” I said, “I’ll still be here when you get back.”

“But I’ve got a special treat for you,” she continued. “I talked Marnie into coming over and taking care of you while I’m gone. She’ll be here tomorrow afternoon.”

That was puzzling. First of all I have never needed anyone to take care of me. Jill saw the look on my face and said, “Silly – I don’t mean it that way, I mean it the other way – the fun way.” And she gave me her lewdest grin.

“You like Marnie, don’t you? I know she likes you.” Of course I did. Marnie was a good looking woman. A longtime friend of ours, she had become much closer since her husband had ran off with his much younger secretary some three or four years ago.

“It was supposed to be a surprise for you, our first a trois, but now I have to go to New York and I don’t want to disappoint Marnie. You could really help her out of a funk, she hasn’t had a decent boyfriend in months and months … and I think it might spice things up for us too. Besides she already said yes.”

We’d joked about other people to join our sex romps, but I had always dismissed the idea as too good to be true.

“You sweet talking devil. You convinced me,” I smirked, still not sure she was serious. But she was and as she was saying goodbye to me and my eager johnson in her usual way on Friday morning, she paused and added one caveat. “I told Marnie no hankie pankie after Saturday afternoon – I want something left for me for Sunday night when I get back. I expect good sex and a blow by blow description of your little adventure.” She emphasized that with an exaggerated wink and a smile.

I fought down a shameless grin that would have totally destroyed my composure. “You got it sweetie, dirty stories and hot sex for Sunday night.” Dressed in black on black with a gleaming string of pearls around her neck and a last look of mock skepticism she turned and walked down the stairs, heading out for her appointment in Gotham. As she went out the front door she called back upstairs “You’d better be ready for me when I get back.”

Hoping out of bed and staying in the shower until my erection finally subsided, I planned my day. First I would clean up a bit. I knew Marnie liked neat. As I washed the previous night’s dishes I considered dinner for the evening, after all this was still a quasi seduction even if she and Jill had planned it. Marnie could always back out, and I definitely did not want that to happen. I had been fantasizing sex with her for as long as we had known her.

I dropped a tab of Mr. Blue in extra preparation for the evening and then went shopping. At the market I bought some nice, extra thick filet mignon steaks, wild mushrooms, some ready mixed salad greens (I’m Sinop Escort Bayan not a salad guy), baby spring potatoes and fresh parsley. I searched out some large, thick, field carrots, the ones that have the best flavor.

Then at the liquor store I picked out a bottle of my favorite claret and a good bottle of white for Marnie. I splurged on a half bottle of cognac as I thought about dessert. Dessert would be good. When I finally turned into our driveway I was surprised to see Marnie’s car already parked there. It was only two o’clock. I had not expected to see her until dinnertime.

Gathering up the groceries and going toward the house I smelled wood smoke in the chilly, spring air. Walking into the foyer I was greeted by a smiling Marnie. Her short, gray streaked blonde hair framed flashing green eyes and a delicately featured face that was either flush with embarrassment or desire, I wasn’t sure which. Setting my bags down in the kitchen I turned and embraced her, kissing her cheek. After all she was an old friend.

Marnie pushed me back a bit looking me in the eye and said, “Oh no you don’t, I want some of this.” And she tilted her head, pulled me close and kissed me full on the mouth. I felt the tip of her tongue slip between my lips searching out my tongue. Responding, I returned the gesture for a very long moment then Marnie pulled back and again looked into my eyes.

She was wearing a ivory, cashmere turtleneck and a tan, sharply pleated skirt. Brown high heels accentuated her long legs and slim figure. Marnie wore her years at least as well as my wife and her light makeup was flawless, emphasizing her eyes and mouth without being obvious. Her perfume almost made my head swim.

“I couldn’t wait for this evening. It was so darling of Jill to let me borrow you,” she purred. I could only smile and quietly agree as she took me by the hand and pulled me into the living room where she already had a brisk fire going. The drapes were pulled and the light of the flames flicked shadows across the room.

Pulling me down onto the couch she kissed me again, gave an embarrassed laugh and said, “I haven’t been laid right in months, Jake, and I can’t wait a second longer.” “No problemo,” I thought, but did not say.

I ran my hands over her back, lightly massaging her shoulders as I kissed her deeply. I murmured “This is sooo nice” into her ear as she pulled me tight and I slid my fingers down to the globes of her ass. They felt as if she had just gotten off a Stairmaster. Fantastic.”

Keeping her mouth on mine in an endless kiss, she moaned as her fingers unbuttoned my shirt and began to undo my pants. I ran my hand up her leg and under her dress. My fingers immediately encountered the silky texture of her bush – her panties were already off. As I ran my fingers down into her warm slit I found it drenched with excitement. My carefully planned seduction went out the window Escort Sinop as we shed our clothes and went at each other like a couple of teenagers.

I lowered her onto the sofa covering her with my body, my cock sliding easily up to the lips of her vagina. Pausing there I teased her, sliding the head back and forth through her slit and rubbing it over her clit. She gasped. “Jesus Jake, fuck me, I can’t stand it.”

She lifted her ass as I plunged deep into her pussy. We rocked back and forth, moaning and urging each other on for the longest time. Her eagerness increased with each thrust until the wet purl of our coupling overwhelmed me.

“That sounds just too delicious,” I murmured into her ear as I slipped down off of her. Kneeling on the floor beside her hips, my lips brushed her bush then moved further down. I slid my tongue over her clit sucking and nibbling. She directed me with her moans then with her hands. I parted her pussy wide with my thumbs and ran my tongue the full length of her dripping sex. Marnie stifled a scream. She began to buck, pulling my face harder onto her pus. I pressed my lips against her clit and softly squeezed and sucked and she screamed again. Thick liquid began to gush from her as she spasmed. I caught it up with my tongue as I put my mouth over her opening to catch it all. She was almost screaming as I lapped at her. It was intoxicating to drink her juices as she caressed my face, moaning, her vagina convulsing.

At last she was quiet. Then, moving my adoring head aside, she slipped down off of the couch to sit next to me on the carpet. “I’m sorry I was so wet. I haven’t cum like that in ages.” Looking at me in the flickering light of the fireplace she said, “Oh you poor dear, you’re drenched.” And I was, her juices covered my face, ran down my chin dripping onto my chest and even further.

Laughing, she began to lick me, first my lips and face. Reclaiming her own cum and whispering “my baby, my poor baby,” she ran her tongue over my chin, licking down onto my neck and chest then down to my groin where she found my stiff soldier still awaiting her attention.

Softly holding just the head of my dick in her lips she pulsed her mouth, gently massaging me back into rock hardness. Then, tilting her head sideways she took the bottom of my cock into her soft, wet lips and ran them up and down its full length, over and over, pausing at the head, giving it special attention with her hot tongue. Then she took it deep.

Within minutes I was ready to burst. “Stop, don’t,” I whispered to her, “I’m going to come.” “Uh huh,” she said, stifling her laugh with my cock. That extra vibration sent me over the edge. Twitching and moaning I held her soft face in my hands as my spunk gushed into her incredible mouth.

She moaned too as she began to swallow eagerly, sending my climax into overdrive and causing my cum to spurt again and again until I was totally drained. Slowly she looked up at me, tasting her lips, smiling and then pulling my head down and lightly kissing me. “Now we’re even.” I helped her as we rose back onto the couch and she continued, “Let’s have a glass of wine and catch our breath. Then we can get into some really serious sex.” And we did.

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