Jake Finds an Older Buddy

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Author’s Note: This is the second chapter of the Jake Stories (Ch. 1 is Jake Finds a Shower Buddy)


A couple days following my first gay experience with Ted, I was back in the weight room at the high school lifting. It was the holiday break so I was the only one there for a while. After about fifteen minutes I heard the door open and looked up to see Coach John Johnson walk in. He was close to retirement age but you could never tell from his physique: a full head of short gray hair, piercing blue eyes, and a 6’4′ frame of near solid muscle framed out his striking appearance even though he was over sixty years old. I didn’t play on the teams he coached but as an athlete he knew me well enough to say hello and chat some. And every kid in school had heard the rumors of his sexual prowess with teachers and students alike. It was said that he had gotten any and every woman and girl he wanted in his long years teaching. He walked over smiling mentioning how quiet and empty the school was and watched me do curls. He then started his weight routine and I watched as he piled weights up and lifted them easily doing sets of 20 reps or so with weight that I would max out on. He was amazing to watch.

I soon worked my way over to the bench press and he walked over saying he had better spot me and stepping up he straddled my head, standing over my face much more than anyone ever had. I looked right up the leg of his shorts and saw he wasn’t wearing anything but his shorts, loose and long and filled with something like I had seen on a horse farm porn site. His uncut cock was hanging down far enough for me to get a clear look at the gathering of foreskin around the wide knob at the end. He was thicker than any porn star I’d ever seen and his cock soft was as thick as my beer-can-thick cock was when hard. The soft fleshy shaft swung inside the loose leg of the shorts right over my face as I felt my heart start to race. The length of it was the reason he obviously wore the more popular longer shorts kids did these days. There was no way it would be contained in ay shorter style shorts leg. As I stared, I thought it must be nine inches long and almost as thick as a beer can and he was soft. He was almost the size of my cock hard. I knew I was hung and especially thick but this mountain of a man had a true horsecock … and I was looking right up at it as he asked me if I was ready. I blinked and said yes and started to lift.

He encouraged me to keep going past my usual number of reps, going past fifteen reps to twenty and he crouched down encouraging me as I struggled to get the twenty-fifth rep up. As he crouched, his thick shaft pressed against my cheek and I gasped. His large hands swept over the bar and helped me lift a little and I felt his shaft rub my face harder. I looked up to see the shorts tighten and his heavy balls moving right above my eyes, almost rubbing my forehead. I struggled and pushed harder, my hips lifting off the bench and knew my now relatively small bulge was showing in my shorts as I strained. I turned my face to the side as I strained and suddenly his fat shaft was rubbing on my lips. My lips parted in surprise as my eyes widened as the shaft pressed tighter and opened my lips more, nestling between them as I struggled with the weight.

Coach Johnson rocked and moved up and down over my open mouth, the fat shaft dwarfing my mouth as I couldn’t get the bar up. The leg of his shorts started to push up and the bare foreskin was pushing out and I gasped again as I felt the warm soft skin touch my lips. The bar dropped more while my shock and surprise grew as the shaft and the skin rubbed harder in longer slower more deliberate thrusts. I couldn’t turn my face away though and as I looked out of the corner of my eye, I saw him holding the weight bar with one hand and pulling up the leg of his shorts with his other. The head and several inches of the soft shaft was now openly rubbing over my open lips and had started to wet as my mouth was forced open wider.

“Coach,” I said, my words muddled as I tried to speak over the thick cock. “I don’t think I can.”

“Oh I’m sure you can … and will, son,” Coach Johnson said with a chuckle. He dropped the bar down onto my chest pinning me as his hand moved to my head and his cock head moved to my mouth.

“Now, let’s push together, open your mouth and suck that air in, sumo web tools son.”

He took my jaw in his large hand and pried my mouth open and the tip of that long plump gathering of his foreskin was in my mouth.

“Suck, Jake, suck that in hard now and push.”

I did as I was told and sucked the wrinkled mass of foreskin pulling into my mouth, my lips pursed around the tip of the cockhead. My tongue came forward and run over the foreskin as I tasted the pungent powerful strength of a true man’s cock. A loud sucking sound escaped my lips as they were pursed like a little girl’s for her first kiss and my tongue started to rub and tickle the wrinkled collection of smooth soft skin in my mouth. I pushed on the bar as I felt him help me lift and as he rose up, my mouth tried to follow, without even thinking I was trying to nurse on his mammoth cock, but the foreskin pulled and he moaned as it popped wet and slick from my mouth as the bar went up and into the cradle. I lay my head back down on the bench looking up at the dripping wet foreskin from the head hanging out of his shorts leg, licking my lips as I took deep quick breaths.

“Well, I guess that’s about your limit, huh son?”

I looked up red-faced from the effort but also from the embarrassment of being dominated by the older man. He smiled at me as he bent down and patted my chest and rubbed his large paw over my tight abs telling me I did a good job. I was wondering what exactly he meant. He helped me up from the bench and said he was hitting the showers and putting his hand on my back, took me along with him. I was under his control as his large hand cupped my back and actually held me, steering me through the doors and down the hall toward the locker room. My heart was racing as I could feel my cock tingling like it had the other day. I was becoming excited by another male, this one a strapping controlling older man with a cock the porn movies would kill to film.

He went in his office in the locker room to strip down and as I stripped down at my locker my hands shook from the excitement of what had just happened and the unknown of what might happen next. I wrapped my towel around my waist in an attempt to hide my half-swollen dong. But I felt silly after looking down at it and thinking how small it now was compared to the real man who was going to join me in the shower. Coach Johnson walked out of his office as I walked up and he was completely nude and wasn’t carrying a towel. The thick long shaft was swinging slow and heavy and alternately slapping off his hard thighs as he strode up alongside me, putting his hand on my bare lower back and steering me into the showers. He suddenly grabbed my towel and hung it up without breaking stride as my cock bounced up and down, now about three-quarters hard as I tried to control it.

“Why I had heard you were an adequately hung young man,” he said smiling and patting my bare ass hard. “Not bad at all really. You must really put the plow to some of the skirts in this school.”

I mumbled a yes sir as he steered me to the shower next to him. I wondered if I was going to get ass fucked again right here in the showers as I soaped up and deliberately set the shower much colder than I normally would. Thankfully, my cock did go down a bit but as I watched him shower, it was threatening to rise again. He was soaping up his body, hard and gray-haired all over, and then started washing that monster cock of his. He worked the foreskin down and washed the large head, a head much larger than mine when I was full on hard, and stroked the long shaft with soap as he faced me talking. His heavy balls were bigger than pool balls and he hefted them up washing them thoroughly as he watched me timidly soap up my own smooth body and now suddenly inadequate cock and balls. He rinsed off and turned off the shower and smiled as he waited for me. Walking out he put his hand back on my back, steering and controlling me again and explaining he forgot his towel in his office. And suddenly, there I was in the office with him, dripping wet and heart thudding in my chest as he tossed me a towel and he dried off his upper body.

“Do me a favor, Jake,” he said. His kind smile never left his face it seemed. “My back’s bothering me a bit so why don’t you dry off my legs for me. Be a big help.”

I looked up at him and then looked sumowebtools down and couldn’t stop myself. I knelt before him. I then truly realized my position as I saw his thick shaft swinging freely in front of my face. I was subbed and on my knees in front of a dominant man. I started at his feet, powerful just like the rest of him, and wiped gentle but firm and could feel the presence of his enormous soft cock hanging right next to my face as I rubbed his muscled calves. I was rubbing his knees and just working up to his thighs as he said he needed to hold my head for balance, and then his large hand was on my head controlling it, holding it, his thick fingers run through my soft hair. Oh my god, I thought, I am his bitch. And as the thought crossed my mind, I realized that my cock was rock hard and sticking straight up against my abs as I worked up his thighs. My steel shaft bobbed and bounced off my abs as I worked at my task and I couldn’t help but flex it hard as it ached for attention. Coach Johnson tightened his thigh muscles for my benefit no doubt and I was awed as he turned my head up toward him, his cock right in my face and rubbing against my chin.

“My, my, Jake, that is a big woody you’re sporting.”

I swallowed hard and he bent my head back a bit more and my mouth opened as it had on the bench. He then laid his soft shaft across my lips just as it had been on the bench and smiled wider. The thick snake was wider than my open lips and hung down onto my cheek as I stared up at him and he stroked my hair.

“You have such a pretty mouth, Jake, almost like a girl. Now let’s see if you can do something else like a girl.”

It was then he slid his thumb onto my chin and pulled my mouth open more and taking his hand from my head for a moment, grasped the monster shaft, still soft much to my amazement, and stuffed the foreskin-covered knob into my mouth, stretching my lips out to take it in. Coach Johnson moaned and closed his eyes as I instinctively sucked on the foreskin, sucking like a young calf at a huge teat, my saliva running heavy as his hand returned to my head. I slurped and sucked more eagerly as his hand tightened, palming my head like a volleyball, his cock starting to grow as he held it I his other hand and pushed more meat in my mouth. I pulled my hands back now and held them together, holding onto the other tightly, behind my back, not even thinking of it before doing it but knowing it was the thing to do, to submit further. Coach Johnson noticed and stroked my head, telling me what a good boy I was, how sweet-looking I was, and how nicely I sucked cock. In the course of two days, I had become a cock-sucking sub wanting to be beneath the powerful controlling hand of a dominant man. I loved being on my knees for him, my cock jerking up and down as I strained and flexed it to help relieve the incredible hard-on I had as I sucked and served.

I was so aroused and sucking so fervently I hadn’t noticed Coach Johnson’s cock growing up to an amazing size and my lips were stretched almost to the point of tearing. I was starting to have trouble breathing through my nose as I sucked and slobbered all over the knob as the foreskin pulled back and I tasted the strength of the head. The musky but fresh taste made me all the more excited but Coach Johnson saw the trouble I was starting to have, I am sure it was something he was used to, and pulled his cock from my worshipping mouth with a loud wet pop. I looked up at him gasping for air as drool ran down my chin and onto my straining cock.

“My Jake, you do suck cock like a good little faggot. I hadn’t heard you liked to suck cock.”

“I’ve never sucked cock before, sir.”

“Well, honey, let me tell you, that was a fine job. I know I’m too big for your mouth. That’s usually why I look for someone with a big mouth.”

He patted my cheek and chuckled, his cock half-hard and a foot long and dripping as it rubbed on my other cheek. He picked up the cock and slapped my cheek with it then, and again, and again, the sound of heavy wet shaft on my young skin filling the small office as I kept my hands behind my back, as he continued slapping me harder as he still smiled. My cheeks were stinging in a short matter of time as the heavy slab of meat kept slapping me back and forth, tears starting to fill my eyes as I couldn’t stop them and suddenly, without being touched, my cock exploded like a champagne bottle popping its cork. Long, thick streams of cum shot up onto my neck the first couple shots and then shot out between Coach Johnson’s legs and hit the front of the metal desk with a deep metal sound. Ten more hard long jets of jizz and my cock was dripping with cum, the head large and red and my cock not softening at all.

“I didn’t realize you were so close, sweetie.”

“I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t either … I’ve never cum like that before.”

“I bet you haven’t,” he said as he laughed.

He pulled me to my feet and grabbed my cock which almost disappeared in his large hand. His lips hit mine rough and sure as he kissed me hard and deep, his tongue twisting around mine as I whimpered in delight like a little girl in the arms of an experience lover. And that is exactly what I felt like as he broke the kiss and bent me over his desk, my cum still running thick and wide down the front. His hand fell on my head again but this time it tightened in my hair and held me down tight on the desk. I gasped and whimpered louder as I felt my cock rub in my own cum on the desk front and squealed as I felt the long now fully hard shaft lay along the crack of my ass. I knew this wasn’t going to be a smooth slightly painful introduction to ass fucking like Ted had given me two days previous. I was going to be fucked by the biggest cock almost anywhere and I was going to get it hard and rough like a little bitch.

“Oh my god, Coach, please … sir … oh sweet Jesus … “

I was almost in tears as he swatted my ass hard again and again, my chest was rising up hard and fast on the cold desktop as he planted the wide knob on my tight little asshole and started to push, using only whatever of my own drool remained as lube for the job.

“Now relax Jake, Teddy told me he fucked you the other day. Now this is going to hurt a whole lot more that Teddy’s sweet little dick but he learned to handle it and you will to.”

“But … “

My sentence ended quickly as I screamed when he started to pound into my tight little anus. I grabbed onto the desk and held on for my life as Coach Johnson swatted me hard and rammed me even harder, the entire power of his body finally being realized as he arched over me trying to penetrate me. Suddenly my ass opened and his head went inside, it felt like a fist, and I screamed and my tears were running hot and fast as he rolled his hips and worked that fat head deeper inside, opening my little ass farther. I can’t describe the pain of his entry but I still felt the head of my hard cock rubbing in the slick cum on the metal desk. When he was ready, he started to ram it in deeper, the thick shaft starting to plow inside me a quarter inch at a time as I screamed and moaned. And the more that he worked inside, the more I moaned rather than screamed. I wiped my tears and then felt him start to really thrust in and out, working maybe six inches of what I later found out was fourteen total cock inches inside me, the head opening up a wide path for the fat shaft to follow as he pounded in me, his large hand never letting go of my head or pausing on my spanking as I felt him swell even more. I knew he was close then and after half an hour of pummeling, he exploded inside me, just as I’d exploded, except much bigger load, overflowing down my thighs and onto the floor with a loud wet splat. I added even more cum to the front of the desk then and felt the burning soreness of an overspent cock that wouldn’t go soft.

The puddle of cum when he was finished took me a long time to clean up. He held my face down until it was clean. But I gladly sucked it off the dirty floor. Cum was all over my cheeks and chin and nose as he pulled me up when I was done and kissed me again long and soft. He picked me up and walked over to his office chair and held me in his lap like a little girl, my ass open and sore as I snuggled up to him, his enormous cock laid over my thigh as I petted it gently.

“You must have the tightest little hole I’ve ever been in, sweetie.”

“Thank you, sir. I’ve never seen a cock like yours, sir.”

He kissed me again and started to jerk off my still hard cock. Then he stood me up and sucked me off. It took me half an hour to cum for that third time but I shot hard and long and he swallowed all of it.

He kissed me and said he had to get going. I went and got dressed in a kind of daze as my cock was sore from cumming and my ass was sore from fucking and I couldn’t get the two new men in my life out of my mind.

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