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Chapter 1

Jakob, Jessie, and Sandy took a break for lunch on Sunday. They were covered in saliva, cum and pussy juice–sticky in most places. After showering together, Jakob fired up the grill while the girls made some burgers. Jessie brought them out to Jakob wearing absolutely nothing-her tan lines disappearing since she started sunbathing nude. Jakob admired her lean features accentuated by her large firm breasts that seemed more suited for a much heavier woman. He noticed her nipples were erect—was it from the morning’s sex or something going on in the kitchen? Fortunately, the cottage was about a quarter mile from the nearest neighbor and well screened by native woods and trees. Sandy followed Jessie, also naked, carrying rolls, and a plate with fixings—sliced tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and lettuce—as well as some American cheese. Sandy was sexy in her own right. Her body was fuller—curvier—than Jessie’s, her huge 36DD breasts swaying as she walked. The gals spread a blanket on the ground, setting up for a picnic. Only Jakob was dressed and that just a pair of shorts that would be going soon. Back in the kitchen the girls spoke as they continued their preparations, Sandy going first, “I really envy you, Jessie–having Jakob–and I don’t just mean that gorgeous cock of his. You have such an open relationship—you talk about everything and you’re so understanding of each other. Is that something you learned from your folks?”

“No!” Jessie replied firmly, “my Mom and I talked a lot and we still do, but my father was a total control freak asshole right up to the day Jakob killed him.” Sandy was shocked at the remark. She almost dropped the ketchup and mayo. “What? Jakob… killed… your dad? He seems like such a mild mannered guy.”

“He is…but… he really didn’t have any choice. It was either him or us.” Jessie explained how her father had tried to kill Jakob at the town hall and been arrested, then, when released on bail, came after the two of them with a shotgun. “You know what a sickle is?” Jessie asked.

“Isn’t that the curved thing on the old Soviet flag? You know–the hammer and sickle?”

“Right, that’s it—they used to use it to cut weeds and short crops before power tools. Jakob got a warning from the Sheriff. Some prisoner overheard my father making threats against us, saying he was going to finish what he started. After Jakob got the call he went to the barn—we were staying at this old farmhouse Jakob’s dad bought– and found this old sickle he had seen earlier. He sharpened it on a grinder he found there and hid it under our bed. After we went to bed Jakob stayed awake expecting Howard…that was my ‘father.’ When he heard him break into the house he woke me and told me to get under the bed, then he got the sickle and hid in the bathroom. When my father got to the bedroom door Jakob told me he could see him raise the gun. He slashed at his neck, killing him instantly. I didn’t know anything about it until the following day when he finally told me what had happened. I made him promise—no more secrets–no matter what. We had a great relationship beforehand but everything that happened made it a lot stronger.”

Sandy was speechless, but she saw Jakob in a new light. Jakob called—the burgers were ready. Sitting on the blanket they enjoyed their lunch. Just as they were finishing Jessie pushed her foot between Sandy’s legs, reaching to toe her cunt. Sandy opened her legs and her lips as she slid a little closer, obviously encouraging Jessie with her moist pink cunt. With her hand Jessie reached for Jakob’s cock. She caressed it softly, running her hand up and down the shaft as well as all around his head, quickly strengthening it to hardness. “I don’t know about you girls,” he said haltingly, “but I’d rather not fuck on this hard ground. Let’s go inside.” They gathered everything including the blanket and dumped it all in the kitchen. Jessie had one hand in Sandy’s snatch and the other around Jakob’s cock as they moved to the bedroom. The bed was a mess but who cared? Jessie pulled the blanket to the floor then climbed onto her back, spreading her legs and wagging her finger. “Jakob—darling– care for some dessert?” Jakob was about to kneel on the floor but Sandy sat there first forcing him to stand, bent at the waist to eat his wife’s yummy pussy. When he bent over he felt Sandy take him into her mouth. Her tongue washed over his erection causing Jakob to moan in response. Jakob started on Jessie’s thighs, kissing and licking his way to her treasure. He could taste Jessie, of course, and when he slid his tongue into her tunnel he recognized two other flavors—his own cum and another that could only have come from Sandy. He savored the combined flavors of his two lovers. Then beginning at Jessie’s ass he licked forward, up her dripping slit to her swollen clitoris. Over and over he repeated until he forced his tongue into her ass and two fingers into her dripping cunt. Now it was Jessie’s turn to moan; she needed Jakob inside her. She pulled Jakob up onto the bed, flipping him onto his back. She sat on his raging hard-on, watching the arteries pulse, loving as always how her vaginal muscles were stretched and how she felt completely filled by his huge tool. She opened her eyes to see Sandy standing on the bed, her cunt directly over her face. Jessie had her first pussy eating experience yesterday afternoon and it looked like she was getting an advanced lesson now. Eagerly she lapped at Sandy’s cunt, pushing her tongue deep into Sandy’s canal to scoop up oodles of tangy pussy juice. She moved her attentions to Sandy’s clit, sucking the hard knob between her teeth, even as she rocked on Jakob’s tool. She rotated her cunt around Jakob’s cock. Jakob meanwhile was fondling Jessie’s breasts, marveling as he often did at how breasts so large could be so very firm. Having large hands he was able to tease both of Jessie’s nipples with his right hand as his left sought Sandy’s asshole. He licked his finger before tracing it around her puckered hole. Slowly he pushed, forcing his way into her rectum. Seeing this, Jessie made a move. She lifted herself off Jakob’s cock and repositioned for anal. As she slid her ass onto his dick Jessie began to groan. “Damn, doesn’t that hurt?” Sandy asked.

“Yeah, it does at first but you get used to it quickly…and when you do the orgasms are un-fucking-believable,” Jessie commented as her facial expression turned to one of euphoria. Jessie ground her ass over jakob’s hard cock. When he reached for her clit she went crazy. Jessie was panting into Sandy’s cunt while she was trying to lick and suck on her clit but her motions became so erratic as her orgasm neared that her tongue was all over Sandy’s abdomen. Finally Jessie arched her back forcing Jakob even deeper into her ass. When her orgasm arrived it forced her to buck forward with such force that it threw Sandy backward onto the bed, Jakob’s finger still embedded in her ass. Jessie fell forward resting atop her loving husband.

“Damn, Jessie, that was incredible.” It was Sandy commenting on Jessie’s ride and ensuing orgasm.

“Why don’t you try it, Sandy,” Jessie gasped, still struggling for air.

“Uh…I’ve never done it. I’ve always been too afraid of how much it would hurt,” Sandy replied. Jessie explained all about how she and Jakob had discussed it and how Jakob was afraid of hurting her. In the end (no pun intended) it was Jessie who had demanded anal. “If you want to try it, Jakob is the one for you. He is so gentle and you just saw what kind of orgasm you can have. Even after cumming three times since yesterday it was incredible. It must have lasted for fifteen or twenty seconds. I love it when Jakob gets me off that way.” Sandy appeared to be deep in thought… “Jakob’s organ is huge but Jessie seemed to be able to take it. Shit, she even enjoyed it. Maybe I’d be OK and, at least with Jakob, I’d have someone who knows what the fuck he’s doing.”

“Umm, Jakob,” she stammered, “uhh, would…I mean …uh…”

“Damn, Sandy, if you want him to fuck your ass just say so!” Sandy was embarrassed but it was not a problem . She looked at Jakob who reached for her hand, pulling her to him. He sat up and rose from the bed. He positioned her on hands and knees facing away from him. “First I’m going to relax your anus. I’ve already had one finger in there so that’s a good start. We’ll need lots and lots of lube and that’s what I’m doing now.” He poured KY over his fingers and onto her asshole. With a single finger he started to gently push the lube into her hole, massaging her sphincter as he did. “Mmmmmm,” she purred, “that does feel good.”

“It’ll get better,” Jakob commented as he inserted yet another finger. Working them around her anus both stimulated her and allowed her butt to relax. When he inserted a third finger she gasped but Jakob and Jessie rubbed her back to relax her. More lube was used to ease the sensations in her but the key occurred when Jessie moved her face under Sandy’s. Reaching up she kissed Sandy thrusting her tongue into her mouth. Sandy eagerly returned the kiss and when she did Jessie gave Jakob a signal. He lubed up his cock, rubbing it around with his hand. He placed it up against her ass. There was a half-inch gape from the action of his fingers so that’s where he pushed. Despite the size of his mammoth organ his fingers had prepared her well. His cock slid into her with a minimum of effort. He could hear Sandy wince a bit but her attention Sex hikayeleri to Jessie’s kiss diverted her from the pain. Slowly Jakob pushed into her until he was balls deep. He stopped to ask, “You OK, Sandy?”

“Yes…yes,” she responded, “it hurts some but not as badly as I thought it would. Thank you, Jakob. Mostly I feel filled with your cock and that feels good. Go ahead… fuck me now…please.” Jakob withdrew almost to the head of his dick before pushing back in. He gripped her hips for control as he repeated the action. Sandy seemed to be OK so he quickened his rhythm. He was fucking her at a pretty good pace when he reached under her leg to rub her pussy and tease her clit. When he touched the clit Sandy stiffened; it was so tender that only the lightest touch was needed to arouse her. He ran the back of his fingernail around her clit while he pumped away at her ass. The second time around she broke Jessie’s kiss, arched her back and growled. That growl evolved into a full blown scream as her orgasm exploded through her body. Her orgasm served Jakob also as he bucked hot white semen deep into her bowel, a new stream with each thrust. Finally they were totally exhausted. Jakob fell onto the bed, his dick still planted in her butt. He spooned with Sandy while Jessie climbed over him, finally settling on top of him. It was some time later that Sandy was able to speak. “Jakob… Jessie…that was so unreal! I have never ever cum like that before. I am definitely going to do that again.” Jessie laughed. “I don’t think Jakob would object, either.” Jakob was too exhausted to laugh.

Chapter 2

Later that afternoon Jessie drove Sandy back to her dorm. Sandy turned to Jessie just before leaving the truck. “I just have to have one more taste of that delicious pussy,” Sandy said begging. Jessie smiled then opened her legs sliding her hips forward. Sandy fell to the floor, lust in her eyes. Her fingers snaked up Jessie’s thigh, stroking the smooth flesh. Jessie speeded the action by unbuttoning and unzipping her shorts then sliding them down to her ankles. She kicked one foot free before moving her left to the dashboard and her right behind the headrest. She was open to her friend and lover, pussy glistening in the afternoon sun. Sandy moved right into the gap eager to lick Jessie’s hot cunt. She pushed her tongue into Jessie’s tunnel as she flicked drops of nectar into her mouth. Using the flat of her tongue she rubbed the surface of Jessie’s pussy, eliciting a long series of moans from her mouth. Jessie had to be careful not to be too loud. She was parked only twenty feet from the dorm entrance and people were moving around the truck going into or exiting the large building. Without warning Sandy attacked Jessie’s clit. It was hard and hot when Sandy sucked it between her teeth. It was a long almost silent moan that signaled the arrival of yet another powerful orgasm. Sandy smiled as she rose from the floor to kiss Jessie a long hot kiss. “See ya,” Sandy laughed and grinned as she exited leaving Jessie a sweaty mess. Back home, she returned to the bedroom to find Jakob lying motionless on the bed. The two young women had fucked him to a state of sheer exhaustion. Jessie removed her clothing and joined him on the bed, her head lying on his chest. “So, Jakob, did you enjoy your present?”

“Obviously,” he replied slowly, “but it’s not my birthday. My birthday isn’t until….”

“December 15th” Jessie interrupted, laughing and grinning. “I know that. I know almost everything about you.”

“But,” Jakob hesitated, unsure of what to say. “Why did you say it was a birthday present?”

“I had to tell Sandy something and that was the only thing I could think of. Would you like to do it again, maybe for your real birthday?” Jessie asked as she twirled her fingers in Jakob’s chest hair.

“Jessie, when we decided to get married I knew I would be happy—thrilled– making love to you and only you for the rest of my life. I fucked Sandy but I made love to you. You’re the only one I will ever want. You know that.”

“Good answer, Jakob… in fact… a great answer,” she said as she slid up his body making sure her pussy rubbed against his thigh and penis and that her breasts and nipples pushed into his chest. When her face was level with Jakob’s she took his head in her hands and kissed him. It was passionate to be sure but more than that it was a kiss of love, one which Jakob returned eagerly and fully. As she broke the kiss Jessie rolled on top of her husband, reaching down to insure his cock was hard enough for what she had in mind. She needn’t have worried—Jakob was hard as oak, already leaking drops of pre-cum. She swung one leg over him taking time to rub her slit with his cock. Between the pre-cum and her juices they were ready in seconds. Sitting up she impaled herself onto his erection. A sensation of filling and fulfillment came over her. She and Jakob became one—one in body, one in spirit. This was their destiny, one they would share for years to come…one they would never tire of. Jessie remained still for several minutes loving the feeling of being stuffed with his cock. Slowly she began to move. When she did Jakob reached up to tease her nipples with his nails. Jessie arched her back as the pleasure overtook her. Her rocking grew in speed and intensity. As it did Jakob increased the pressure on her breasts, inflicting the light pain he knew Jessie loved. When Jessie suddenly leaned forward to kiss him she felt it rise from deep within her—an unstoppable tide of lust and love converted to physical rapture. When it exploded within her she collapsed onto Jakob, hugging him with all her remaining strength. Jakob remained hard within her.

“Don’t you want to cum, honey?” she asked when she was finally able to speak.

“After all we’ve been through this weekend I don’t think I could. You two fucked me out. I’m drained.” Jessie smiled inwardly. She loved a challenge and making Jakob cum was one she especially loved and enjoyed. She rose shifting her body she removed his cock from her pussy. It was gleaming with her secretions. This was going to be a double pleasure she thought. She stretched her hand around his mammoth erection and stroked him slowly, twisting her hand to increase his pleasure. She licked his cock clean while she proceeded to jerk him to completion. Slowly—teasingly–she licked all around his head paying special attention to his hole. This was driving Jakob totally crazy. He started to move his hips, simulating fucking her to accelerate the process. Jessie now slowly lowered her mouth onto him, engulfing his tool within her mouth and throat. Using her mouth and hand she led him down the road to sexual fulfillment—to a powerful internal explosion, one that would end in an eruption of reproductive juice squirting into Jessie’s mouth and throat before draining to her stomach. Jessie was getting a double bonus for her efforts. First she got to drink her own secretions, now she was going to swallow all Jakob’s tasty load. Jakob tensed whispering her name before that first hot stream hit her tonsils. She swallowed quickly, preparing for the second that came momentarily. Five long thick streams of gooey sperm-laden semen found their way into her mouth; she could have taken them into her throat but she loved his taste so she wanted it on her tongue as long as possible. She looked up and opened her mouth, showing Jakob the mouthful of his semen before closing and swallowing the entire load. She moved back up onto Jakob’s body, kissing him gently before they fell asleep, lying together skin to skin as they did every night.
Later they awoke, ate a light dinner, and retired for the night, eagerly awaiting their first day of college classes tomorrow morning.

Chapter 3

They rose early as was their habit from living on and working a farm. Before rising, however, Jessie decided to start the semester with a bang. She rolled over onto Jakob who was only half awake. “Uh…Jessie…what are you up to now?”

“Can’t you guess? She whispered back, licking his ear. “You know how insatiable I am. You wouldn’t want me out there with all those horny freshman if I were horny too, would you?” She rubbed her crotch into his. Jakob almost always had morning wood and today was no exception. Jessie’s stimulation was welcomed but unnecessary—he was already hard , his dick engorged with blood. “Ooh, Jakob, I see you’re all ready for me. You just need some lubricant and I have that right here in my mouth.” She swiveled around to first lick his erect organ and then take him into her wet hot mouth. With months of almost daily practice she had been able to finally get all of his more than nine inch dick into her throat without gagging or suffocating. Slowly her head bobbed up and down his cock while she licked all over the head and shaft. When she sat up his cock was coated with her saliva, just what she needed for her pussy. She rubbed her slit up and down his shaft until she slowly lowered herself onto his huge erection. Jakob was fully awake now and he thrust hard into her hot cunt. Over and over he rammed his cock home, bottoming out against the entrance to her womb. He was lifting Jessie eight inches or more with every lunge of his dick. “Ooooooohhhhhh, Jakob,” Jessie moaned. He could feel her muscles tighten and see her arch her back, forcing him even deeper into her. When she finally came she lurched forward and suddenly back almost giving herself a backlash injury, Sikiş hikayeleri so violent were her movements. Just seeing how Jessie was reacting to his cock pushed Jakob over the edge. He erupted into her pussy and womb, flooding her with millions of sperm swimming around looking for a receptive egg. Cum dripped from her cunt despite being plugged with his mammoth organ. Together they collapsed back onto the bed, taking almost twenty minutes to recover from their exertions. “I love you,” Jakob whispered to her as he did every morning. “I love you, too,” Jessie returned as she kissed his cheek and ear. “I’d love to continue this,” she went on, “but if I do we’ll be cutting our first class and that will never do. Let’s get up.”

Slowly they rose, noticing that the bed needed changing. They changed their bed linens a lot, mostly because they were coated in either her juices or his cum. That’s what happens to sheets when you fuck two or three times a day. After showering, Jessie attacked the bed while Jakob started the breakfast. Together they slugged down a pound of bacon, six eggs, and several pieces of toast. After cleaning up they dressed, Jakob in a golf shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers. Jessie wore a yellow blouse and mid-thigh navy skirt. She also wore real panties rather that her usual thong. She wasn’t advertising any more and she didn’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention.

They started a routine—attending class, studying in the library during off hours, lunch in the student union, and either more classes or back to the cottage where they’d study or read or enjoy each other. Most days they chose the latter. It was a hot Thursday when, with no classes in the afternoon, they returned to their home. Jessie exited the truck hurriedly, running to the front door. By the time Jakob got there Jessie was calling to him. “I’m in the shower, Jakob. Please come in here with me.” When Jakob opened the door he saw Jessie kneeling in the shower. She smiled up at him, not needing to utter a single word. Jakob knew what she wanted. He stripped off his sweaty clothes, stepped into the shower facing his bride. Jessie fondled and rubbed his heavy balls as Jakob prepared to pee. He directed his powerful stream at the hollow between her breasts. Jessie rubbed his urine all over her tits and stomach. When he was done she slipped his heavy organ into her mouth, the last few drops falling onto her tongue. She ran her tongue all around his head, teasing his piss hole before running down the underside of his shaft. “Damn, Jessie, you’re driving me crazy.” Jakob could barely speak and could hardly stand. He reached over Jessie leaning against the wall as he accidentally turned on the shower. They were drenched with cold water, but even that couldn’t dampen the fire in Jessie. She dried them and led her lover into the living room, seating Jakob on the couch. She sat back, her left hand on his shoulder, her right on his cock. Slowly she rubbed his cock head up and down her slit before rubbing the spongy head against her clit. Jolts of electricity ran through her body; she started to pant as her wet cunt welcomed the intrusion of her lover. She sunk back until Jakob was fully in her. Arching her back forced the huge cock partially from her, collapsing forward pushed it back into her, stopping only when the tip brushed against her cervix. Again and again she rocked forward and back, her pace and intensity increasing with every stroke. She turned back facing Jakob, her face a mask of lust just as Jakob made his first real thrust, lifting her entire body—balancing it on his manhood. The ferocity of it forced Jessie to erupt in a tremendous orgasm. It went on and on and on and when it was over Jessie was unable to support her body. She would have fallen forward to the floor had Jakob not caught her, pulling her back to his chest. Together they rested, his hard cock still buried within her. In time Jessie curled her arm back around Jakob’s neck. “I love you,” she whispered, leaning back to kiss his cheek. “I love you so much, but right now I need to take care of you.” She forced herself up and, leading him by the hand, lay on her back on the floor. She pulled Jakob to her, his cock entering her as he leaned over her body. “Fuck me hard, Jakob.” He did as he was bidden. He forced that mammoth tool deep into her with every thrust, but what really did it for him occurred when Jessie flexed her vaginal muscles, squeezing his cock as he moved within her. The tremendous pressure within her caused his balls to clench. Just an instant later rivers of hot sticky cum raced through his body and exploded into Jessie’s cunt. A torrent of cum flew from Jakob’s hole flooding her uterus and cunt. So much was there that it was forced from her pussy, still plugged with Jakob’s cock. Jakob fell atop her completely exhausted by his exertions. Jessie wrapped her legs and arms around him, kissing him nonstop. It was several minutes later that she asked Jakob for a towel. “If I get up now I’ll leak all over the floor and we’ll have to deal with the mess. I don’t think you ever came harder or more. I really need a shower now.”

Chapter 4

About half-way through the semester studies were going well for both Jakob and Jessie. Jakob had so far earned four A’s and a B; Jessie had three B’s and two A’s. Socially—well–that was something else. Mostly they kept to themselves. Jessie had attracted some unwanted attention due to her model’s face and playmate’s body. She had done everything humanly possible to discourage the male student body but some of them couldn’t handle the rejection. Then, on a Wednesday in early November, things took a turn for the worse. Jakob had to work on a group project in the Agriculture lab, returning after dinner to meet with his two partners. Jessie decided to go to the library for some research. They agreed to meet at 10:30 at the student union. Jessie was almost there when she heard, “Hey,mama, what’s your hurry?” Three large men stepped out of the darkness—two big whites and a huge black man—football players from the look of their jerseys. Jessie tried to walk around them but she was cut off and surrounded. “I know you,” the black man stated. “You’re that muthafuckin bitch who won’t go out with anyone here on campus, aren’t you?”

“Well, there’s a reason for that,” she replied tersely, “I’m married so I’m afraid I have no interest in any of the students here. Now, will you please let me pass?”

“I don’t know guys,” said one of the white men, his face covered with a bushy beard. “seems a shame for such prime pussy to belong to just one guy, doesn’t it?” The other two grunted their agreement. When a space opened between them Jessie tried to break through. It was only a ploy, though. Once she was half-way past a huge hand reached out and covered her mouth while another ran around her waist, pinning her hands and arms to her side. She was lifted bodily, kicking and jerking in a feeble attempt to escape, and carried off into the darkness– dragged to an unlit deserted area behind the student union. They were in a copse of trees, completely dark except for the intermittent light of a gibbous moon filtering through the leaves. The two white men held Jessie—an arm and leg on each side, lifting her off the ground horizontally as the black moved between her legs. When she tried to scream out she was cuffed on the side of her head dropping her into a state of semi-consciousness. Her head lolled from side to side as her blouse and shorts were ripped from her body; her lacy panties soon to follow. “Oh man, just look at those titties,” one of the whites said just before biting a nipple as he stroked his cock slowly, anticipating the fun ahead. The black dropped his pants as he stroked a huge organ, almost twelve inches long and at least four inches across. He brought his tool dripping with pre-cum to within an inch of Jessie’s cunt. Suddenly there was a loud “WHOOSH” accompanied by a glint of light. The large black man took two steps back before crumpling to the ground, his severed head bouncing several feet away, his heart still pumping blood from the stump of his neck. A second “WHOOSH” followed less than a second later. Jessie’s right leg fell to the ground as the arm holding it was amputated at the elbow. It’s owner stood there dumbfounded, not quite realizing that he was rapidly bleeding to death as he certainly would have done had not another “WHOOSH” cut through his abdomen, separating several major arteries. The third man was standing in the darkest section of the copse so he was unable to see clearly what had happened. “What the fuck’s going….” He never finished that sentence as a final “WHOOSH” struck him in the temple, opening a fatal wound two inches deep in his head. Slowly Jakob walked into the light, blood dripping from his weapon. He had a steely cast to his face knowing that this was the second time he had to kill to protect his wife. Jakob had just parked his truck when his attention was drawn to some sudden movement off to his right. He recognized Jessie by her yellow top just as she was abducted. Hurriedly ducking into the rear of the truck he grabbed the only weapon available. Following the assailants at a distance he struck just as the rape was to begin. Other than the blow to her head and a few bruises from falling to the ground Jessie was unharmed. Swiftly he pulled up her naked body and carried her to the truck, carefully wrapping her in an old blanket and placing her in the passenger‘s Erotik hikaye seat. He returned to the scene of the crime to collect Jessie’s clothing and his weapon. Once he was sure there was nothing to connect her to the deaths he turned to leave but, after a few steps, turned back. Using his weapon he cut through the shirts of the three assailants and scratched the word “RAPIST” onto each of their backs. He covered his footprints by dragging a branck across the ground behind him. He finally returned to the truck and drove Jessie home where he carried her to the bathroom. Stripping the blanket from her body he lowered her into the tub, filling it with warm water. He washed her thoroughly removing all traces of soil and blood from her body and hair. He dried her carefully and carried her to bed. Now he collected the blanket, her clothes, and with his dropped them into a galvanized tub he’d found behind the cottage. He added his sneakers to hers before adding several gallons of straight bleach to the tub. Finally, he carefully dropped his machete on top of the clothes. A machete can be a very useful tool on a farm—a lesson Jakob had learned years ago. A single swipe with a sharp blade can cut through a three-inch thick sapling in a single blow, a job much more difficult than severing a man’s neck or arm. Jakob tiptoed to the shower and washed himself clean. Somehow he had escaped to massive flow of blood, but to be safe he washed the tub and floor with bleach to destroy any lingering blood and DNA. Finally, he checked the truck. There was some dirt but he was sure it was no different than the dirt anywhere on campus or around their cottage. Exhausted, emotionally as well as physically, he climbed into bed next to his wife.

They woke the following morning, Jessie aching from her ordeal. Jakob carefully checked her over; her head was bruised where she had been struck and she was sore from falling to the ground, but, all in all, she was in good shape. “How’d I get here, Jakob?” she asked. “The last thing I remember was being held by those two apes and hit in the head. Did they…?”

“No, they didn’t and they’ll never bother you again,” he stated simply before explaining that he had witnessed her abduction and followed them behind the student union. “But there were three of them and they were big—really big. How’d…?”

Jakob interrupted her. “I had surprise on my side. They were focusing on your breasts and pussy. I was able to walk up right behind them…and I was armed. I had my machete in the back of the truck.” Now Jessie interrupted him. “Jakob, you didn’t… kill them?” He replied with stony silence. Eventually, he replied.”I had no choice—no more than I had with your father. If I tried to call the campus police they would have raped you for sure before the cops ever got there. I couldn’t let that happen. I had to protect you. What we have to do now is act like we know nothing about what happened. I put all our clothes and sneakers into a tub with bleach last night. That’ll destroy any DNA and blood that may have been on them. I also put our truck blanket in there and the machete. The clothes will be destroyed—burnt by the caustic nature of the bleach. I’ll dump them and the sneakers in a waste basket in town. We can get new ones this weekend when we don’t have any classes. If anyone asks us we can show them the old ones from the closet, but I don’t think anyone will. Nobody saw you being abducted except me, and nobody saw me, either. If we’re questioned all we have to say is that we met just a block from the library. You were walking to the union but I caught up with you before you got there—and actually that’s the truth.”

Jessie was speechless. She didn’t know what to say, but she was sure Jakob was right—he’d had no choice. Jessie would have been raped by those brutes for sure. She could cover her bruise with makeup and her hair. The aches and pains would go away in a few days. She was more worried about Jakob. He was such a kind soul and gentle and what his reaction would be. So far this morning he’d made no attempt at fucking her, something they did every morning. Jakob was about to get up but Jessie stopped him. “What about our morning fuck?”

“Do you think we should?” Jakob replied, “You’re pretty beaten up from last night.”

“That’s exactly why I need you now—to push the thoughts of last night from my mind. Don’t you see that?” Jakob thought for a moment. Jessie was right. He could see that Jessie needed him more this morning than any other. She needed to know that all was well between them. Jakob turned back to the bed, opened his arms, and pulled Jessie to him. “I love you—more than I could ever tell you,” he told her as he initiated a long deep kiss, tongues dueling between their mouths. He broke the kiss and swung his body to make a 69 with her. Pulling her atop him he eagerly sought her delicious pussy. His tongue flicked her clit as he fingered her cunt, finding it surprisingly wet. He fucked her hard with his finger before forcing another into her tight hole. Removing the digits he rubbed them around her puckered asshole. Jessie groaned at the dual assault on her clit and ass. This stimulated Jakob to push one finger into her rectum. When she responded he pushed in a second. This left her dripping pussy open to attack by Jakob’s tongue. His fingers could feel his tongue as it fucked her cunt, lapping up her copious fluids as he did.

Meanwhile, Jessie was dealing with Jakob’s hard erection. Turning her mouth sideways she ran it up and down his shaft like she was eating an ear of corn. She slurped her way up and down his cock until she swallowed him head on, the tip of his cock embedded in her throat. Slowly, ever so slowly, she released him and just as he was about to escape, swallowed him again. They were both having a wonderful time but Jessie really needed him in her cunt. “Take me, Jakob…please, take me now,” she implored him. Jakob moved her off into the missionary position. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and leaned forward forcing the entrance to her tunnel to a vertical position. Jakob leaned his hips down as he pushed into her in a single motion. Jessie looked up at him, love in her eyes, and kissed him as her feet moved beyond her head. They held the kiss in this position for several minutes until Jessie rocked to move his hard dick within her. Jakob leaned back a bit until he was able to thrust hard into her cavern. Each thrust made a slurping sound, louder and louder and they moved with increasing intensity. In time the friction they created did its work. Each could feel a churning deep within trying to escape the bonds of their bodies, until they exploded together. So intense was their mutual orgasm that they writhed over and around each other for what seemed to be minutes but was actually only seconds until, totally spent, they collapsed into each other’s arms. It was some time later that Jakob forced himself from bed. “I have to deal with last night’s remains,” he explained.

Jakob walked out back and turned the hose onto the vat of bleach diluting it so it would not leave a mark on the porch or ground. It took almost ten minutes before he was satisfied and turned the vat onto the ground. Their clothes had all turned white and the fabric damaged from the caustic fluid. The sneakers were little but rubber soles. Jakob hosed them down before wringing them out so they could dry. After breakfast he carefully loaded the mess into a plastic garbage bag, wearing work gloves to protect his hands and avoid fingerprints. Ready for class, they climbed into the truck and drove. About a half mile down the road they passed a restaurant not yet open and dumped their trash into their dumpster only minutes before the trash was picked up. They drove on to campus, meeting a police checkpoint as they entered the grounds. “What’s going on, Officer?” Jakob asked politely, seemingly concerned.

“Someone was murdered last night. Where are you going?”

“We’re both students—freshmen. We’re married and live off campus. We both have classes in fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll make it on time,” the policeman responded. “Were you on campus last night?”

“Yes, Officer, I had a project in the Agriculture lab and Jessie was in the Library. We were supposed to meet later in the student union—around 10:30– but I caught up with her in front of the Bio building and we went home.”

“Hmmm, so you didn’t go near the student union, or see anything there?”

“No, sir. Oh, my God, is that where the murder was? I’m glad we weren’t there. We could have been hurt…or worse. Do they know who was killed? I hope it wasn’t anyone we knew.”

“Well, I guess you’ll hear about it anyway—there were three male students killed, all football players—linemen.”

“That’s terrible,” Jessie chimed in, “Who would do such a horrible thing?”

“That’s what we’re trying to find out, Miss. Well, you’d better get on to class. Have a nice day.”

“Thank you, Officer,” they said together. Breathing a sigh of relief they moved into the massive parking lot on their way to class.

That evening Jakob threw the machete into a deep lake. The murder was never solved but word got out, as it always does, that the three victims had been interrupted in the process of raping some poor girl. Some students thought the murderer was really a hero, even saying they hoped he/she would never be caught. Neither Jakob nor Jessie ever had another problem while in school. Midway through their final semester Jessie announced that she was pregnant, much to the joy of their parents. Their baby girl looked a lot like Jessie’s baby pictures.

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