Jameson and Jade Ch. 02

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I appreciate all who have read so far, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, but to answer those who have commented, the story was written a long time ago, and not re-written for posting here.

I appreciate any and all comments, and will take them into consideration for future stories whether I post them on lit or not.
It is possible this won’t be the last chapter, but I haven’t decided, please send comments as to whether you would like to see the story continue.



As Jameson gets closer to the pool he notices that he and jade are the only ones who are still dressed. Everyone else is in the pool in a naked state, swimming, splashing and preparing for what ever is to come. The guys are sporting erections to no end, and the women seemingly are carrying around airplane bullets on their chest considering how aroused they are. Jameson walks around noticing what is going on, and just stares over at jade and undresses her with his eyes. “Ok everyone lets get this party started!” Jade yells out.

Knowing that here is where it will make or break whether or not she and Jameson will be able to become more intimate and be close to each other, or if he’ll have to go home and take a cold shower alone.

“Hey Jameson, hop in the pool, but big boy you have to strip first” Says Jade with fire in her eyes.

He complies with no problem and dives in, feeling the warmth of the water, in the contrast of how the air feels , his cock also springs to life. As he watches jade, waiting to see her strip, he finds a corner and just waits there in the pool.

“Ok folks, we are going to go bobbing for apples, but of course I have to put my own little twist on it!” Jade laughs and smiles knowing that she has come up with one of her more wicked ideas yet.

“Gentlemen, it is time for you to find ways to pleasure us ladies!” Jade follows up her previous statement.

As roaring cheers and whistles come from the ladies as they float around the entire pool.

“The objective, Jade announces, is to swim to a female on the perimeter of the pool, and to taste her and figure out which woman has the apple scent inside her sweet pussy!”

Woooooohooooo, the ladies cheer again.

“Of course gentleman, in order to make this game more fun, you have to wear your blind folds, and just know that there is a woman around the perimeter of the pool.”

“When I yell switch, you have to move on to the next one to see if a sample of that sweetness gives you the taste you are looking for.”

Jameson has all of a sudden become very aroused, and as the men gather in the middle of the pool to put on their blind folds, they give a heave ho, and they huddle up to find some type of strategy that might be able to give maximum pleasure, as well as make sure that the men win as well.

“Hey jade, we have one question, what do we get if we figure out which female it is!” Yells out Jameson.

As a cheer comes roaring from the middle of the pool, as Jameson has loosened up a lot and plans on enjoying the experience of eating more than one woman’s pussy in a day.

“Well stud, can you big boys come up with a reasonable suggestion as to what you can win?!” Jade replies.

With that quick reply from Jade, the men huddle once more in the middle of the pool, and they put their heads together to try to find something even wicked to get the ladies back. As they break the huddle with a loud clap, just like in football, Jameson seems to have become the captain of the team, even though he is the new bebek escort guy, he snaps back with, well, we have contemplated and we have decided to defer to a later time, to let your anticipation build as to what we will do! The men roar out in a cheer in unison, and with that Jameson dives under the water and touches the bottom and as he emerges, the men yell out lets eat! The men strap on the blindfolds, and before the games begin, Jameson asks:

“Hey how do we know when we win, or when to start with out knowing where you are?”

“Boy oh boy jade sighs, you are full of questions today aren’t you Mr. manly?”

When you hear the splash in the water that means start, when you hear switch, then you know to switch, and all guys get at least one go round with all ladies.

“Hey!” George yells.

“Isn’t it kind of uneven being that there are five ladies to only us three guys?”

“I think we should be able to pick one of you ladies to do some of the eating with us.”

” Even the odds a little! Yeah baby!” Jack screams. There is one of our payback stipulations.

It is now the ladies turn to huddle up, and the guys just float around with cocks pointing to the sky waiting to hear an answer. All of a sudden it seems as if the balance of power is shifting, and the guys are taking control of this party, as George quips:

“Come on ladies, we don’t have all day!”

“Ok jade responds, whom would you like?”

“Well well well, Jameson responds, care to do a little modeling for us, so that we can make the right selection?”

With that statement the ladies prance around in front of the guys to whistles and plenty of arousal .

Jack says:

“Stick out your tongues; remember this is an eating contest.”

So Melissa sticks out her tongue first and licks over her own chin, and that excites all of the men, letting them imagine the work she could do with that tongue. Then comes Melony, who swirls her tongue around the edges of her lips slowly, and that also excites the guys, but Melissa is still the most impressive. Then Michelle steps up, and she lifts one of her 36 dd breast to her lips, and begins to swirl her tongue around one nipple, and her knee’s buckle just a little as she feels that erotic rush of energy through her spine as she puts on a good show for the fellas.

“Oh my they gasp; I ain’t never seen nothing like it.” Jack says.

As he floats around just enjoying the show.

“Ok we are down to two contestants James says, Jade, or Jane, who is it going to be?”

Splashing water from within the pool up on to the deck where the ladies who have already modeled have gone, they are now dripping wet with hard nipples, standing naked, watching to see who gets the luxury of being like the guys and gets to eat pussy for as long as time can allow. Jade steps up first, and she pinches her nipples, and has them at diamond hardness, and dances sensually right at the edge of the pool as all three guys swim right to the edge to see her pussy from below, and watch her tongue extend straight out, through her cleavage, and all of a sudden you hear:

“Holy shit that has got to be one of the longest tongues I have ever seen!”

There was no idea who said it, but at this point, all three penises are hard and waiting to have some attention. With that display of expert skills by Jade, the women walk up behind her and pick her up and toss her into the pool. Cheers go up from the guys, as jade emerges with a gasp for breath, in utter shock that merter escort they would just toss her in that way.

“Hey are you guys turning on me or what?” Jade says between gasps for breath.

“Na Jade, we saw what the guy’s reaction was and we just knew that we all are ready to be eaten and the guys were going to pick you any way.” Melony screams out in the silent night, as they all begin to chuckle out loud.

“Let’s get this party started.” Jane says.

“Strap on those blindfolds and lets be tongue fucked to no end.”

As the participants including jade swim to the middle of the pool, back-to-back they float, as a starting point, and the other four women spread out on various sides of the pool. Splash, a big beach ball hits the water signifying the start of the game. The four participants swim to the sides of the pool, just becoming aroused by the fact that they can’t know what exactly to expect. Jack is the first one to find a good taste, and as he starts to lick away at melony’s pussy, she pulls her lips apart, so that he can lick deeper inside of her, and she has her legs in the water, as he is right at the edge of the pool She is moaning to herself, not wanting to give away who she is to the blinded person. Jameson finds the next sweet pot, and that would be Jane. He licks slowly and tentatively at first, having not done this in a long time. As he feels the tiny hairs of her sweet pot tickling his nose in a Gyrating motion he realizes that who ever it is, is starting to get mighty turned on, and he can start to taste the juices really starting to flow. Jade is the third contestant finding pussy, and she gets Melissa, leaving George the worst swimmer out of the group to Michelle. As all four sides of the pool are taken up by people being eaten very well, tongues slapping against clits, feet splashing against the water, trying to have tongues deep inside of them, Splash, another beach ball hits the water, signifying move on to the next participant. This exercise goes on for hours on end, having all of the participants aroused with the prospect of having four different tongues eating and licking them. As everyone ends the game,, Jade comes out of the pool and lounges on the chair, and spreads her legs and starts to finger her wet pussy, knowing that ultimately she is the winner. George and Jameson notice this and walk over to her and the rest of the crowd follows. Next thing you know, Jade is on exhibition for not only 4 guys, but 4 girls too!! She drives 3 fingers deep into her pussy, and as she comes, Jameson notices a red substance coming out of her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOO aaaaaaaaaaaa, god that felt good.” says Jade.

“Hey… what is the deal with your pussy girl.. Did you break a blood vessel in there or something?” Jameson asks

“No way big boy.. Why don’t you get over here and take a taste, and then you will see That you have all been kept here for the night just to entertain me!!”

With that being said, jade takes off and jumps into the pool and starts swimming trying to get away from the large crowd of people trying to catch her and also trying to figure out what she meant by that last comment. The next thing you know, all eight people are in the pool chasing jade, and as they surround her, Jameson moves in asking:

” So jade what did you mean by that last comment? (she stops cold, and she thinks what she could do as she notices that she is surrounded) She hops on to the side of the pool and spreads her legs for all to see. Jameson swims over and starts kissing escort kağıthane her thighs, slowly working his way up to her pussy, slowly making her start to beg for release again.

“Come on big guy, make momma come!”

She grabs his head and slides his face between her legs and finally Jameson realizes, that she has the apple taste, sitting right there between her legs… Jameson sinks into the pool in defeat, realizing that she was right.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have been beaten by the master over here, she is the one with the apple taste.”

All you hear is , what the fuck, how in the world, then finally George and Michelle ask” Simultaneously, “Jade, how the hell did you do that, and a better question is why?”

As George then goes and samples her pussy for himself, realizing that Jameson was right, and making sure he gets plenty. Jameson goes around and makes sure that everyone knows what the plan is. Slowly and all without jade knowing Jameson is on one side, George and jack are on the other side, and Michelle is in front of her with a lustful look in her eyes. Melony is also teasing her nipples trying to distract her from what is about to happen. Slowly and shadowing like a shark, Jameson grabs one foot and George grabs the other and they tug. Before jade even realizes what is happening, they have her spread eagle out in the middle of the pool and Jameson has hatched a plan to make sure, since jade wanted to be there being pleasured, the entire group would give it to her!! One by one, all they did was rotate around her body clockwise, in order to make sure that everyone got the opportunity to sample her apple sweetness. Jameson of course stayed the longest since him and jade were trying to connect on another level this night, he figured what the hell, get as much as I can so that she will know I mean business. By the time this escapade was over, jade couldn’t do anything accept float around the pool. As everyone slowly moved out of the pool leaving jade to her thoughts, seeing nothing but sheer bliss on her face, they all gave thanks to Jameson for hatching that plan to get her back for keeping her apple sweetness a secret. As all of jade’s friends left and jameson hears cars roaring down the street, he jumps back into the pool and gives jade a sweet kiss on the lips. “So my princess, did you have a nice time”? he asks

“oh god James, you showed me tonight that you are definitely a stud.”

As she floats upright and wraps her legs around him and slowly forces him back against the side of the pool. She slowly inches down on him further allowing his cock entry into her,

“Come on James, fuck me, right here, right now, take me, show me how bad a girl I really was”.

With those words being whispered into his ear, Jameson then pulls her off, turns to have her behind him and places her on one of the pumps that keeps the water warm. Then he enters her slowly, teasingly, tantalizing her mind, while at the same time nibbling her neck, and pulling her nipples, making her moan in pleasure.

“Oooo big boy, studdly, you’re my fantasy man, come on, take me you lover, make me come, slam that fat cock into my pussy” she says

At this exciting statement there is no more playing around from jameson, he spreads her pussy lips, placing her clit right on the pump, and right away jade starts moaning in ecstasy. Then right at the zenith of her orgasm, he pushes his cock deep into her pussy and starts rocking her back and forth against the pump of water pressure against her clit, and hard on to his cock. Feeling the waves of water slap against her stomach, feeling her pussy convulse on his cock, he can’t hold back any more and after about a half hour of orgasms for jade, Jameson releases his load deep into her and then nibbles her neck and they both come down from a night of pleasure they will never forget.

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