Janet’s Awakening Part 3.

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It had been almost 5 months since dad, and I first had sex in the basement. While I do wish to tell you all that occurred during my sexual awaking, if I was to tell of every time my father and I had sex and all that it entailed this story would have dozens of parts. Instead, I have chosen to focus on the most significant moments which impacted me the greatest and stand out the most in my memories.

During those 5 months dad and I continued to have sex on average about 3-4 times a month. This may not sound like a lot, but with our visit to the nudist resort accounting for zero times due to mom being with dad constantly, also with dads’ long trips for work out of town. Plus, dads continued regular work as well kept him busy and tired. I was also back in school, so times for us were confined mainly to our TV nights. My older brother Neil did discretely watch sometimes and stroked himself during it, which I found hot. It turned me on greatly him masturbating, effected by what I was doing. I liked to position myself so he could see as much as possible when he did watch. It was a dangerous game we were playing and I knew it. Like Icarus though, I couldn’t resist the urge to fly too close to the sun.

My brother and I had talked about it with me asking him what he liked and found hot about watching me, and him answering “It is one of the hottest things I have ever seen, watching you be fucked and how you react to it, your expressions and moans. Its irresistible.”

He wanted to know if I liked being watched and enjoy seeing him masturbate. I told him, “Yes, it turns me on the effect it has on you, seeing you need to stroke yourself because of what I’m doing.”

He confessed to me “I pictured myself in dads place, that it is me with you.”

“Does that make it better, thinking of being with me like that?” I asked him, feeling heat flood me from his confession.

I was surprised as he looked a bit nervous, but also I could see he was excited about telling me. He said softly, “I have been thinking about fucking you all the time since I saw him eating your pussy that first time.”

He went on asking me, “have you thought about me like that?”

“About us having sex?” I asked to confirm and delay my response.

He nodded to this and I took a moment considering how to answer before I said, “I never thought about it quite like that, I found it incredibly arousing you watching me and seeing you excited. I loved that.”

When he didn’t say anything right away and looked a bit down because of my answer, I asked, “Is that what you want? Do you want to have sex with me?”

“Yes, fuck yes. Please Janet, you know I won’t tell anyone. It will be between us, I swear.” He told me, both eager and hopeful.

My calm and usually never flustered brother looked like he would almost come out of his skin as he looked at me for the answer, I thought carefully before I answered.

“With dad and I, it can never be anything but some sexual fun and enjoyment. He’s got mom and I wouldn’t want to mess that up, god no. Its a dead end and its hard enough to keep it secret and not feel guilty.” I told him seriously.

“I know sis” he said in reply.

I went on, “That also means its a dead end for us as well, you’re my brother. I don’t want us to stop each other from finding that special someone by complicating things.”

“It won’t, I am not stupid I know it can’t work outside of a bit of fun sis. But what’s a little fucking between brother and sister on occasion, but fun.” he said smirking at me with his teasing grin, likely to lesson the seriousness of it for me.

I sighed softly as I was deep in thought, things were getting too complicated for me to think about this now. I finally said, “I will think about it.”

“Really, you’re not just saying that?” he asked me hopeful.

“Really, I will. Just let me absorb it all.” I told him and he nodded.

It was a lot to think about and absorb, I had really just found it arousing, him watching me and stroking himself excited by it. I never realized until he told me that he thought of having sex with me. I did not think about it myself up to this point. I should have though. I was still ignorant about a great many things.

It was a couple weeks of thinking later with my birthday just a day away, that I finally decided about my brother. My brother never bothered me during this time, he knew I would give him an answer eventually as I said I would. He also knew me well enough not to bother me as I tended to dig in my heels on things when pestered.

It was Friday evening when I came home from my friend Kristin’s, the house seemed empty until I looked down the basement stairs and noticed the light of the small TV on in the den. I saw, as I quietly moved down the stairs, there was a porn movie playing on the screen. My brother Neil was sitting on the sofa watching it. I guessed that he had borrowed one of dads VHS porn tapes.

As I walked closer I saw him nude from the waist down, he was stroking his cock slowly. He turned noticing my approach, not bothering to stop masturbating. He watched me as I slipped off my T-shirt, revealing my bare breasts. I reached the sofa than slipped out of my jeans and panties and finally my socks, tossing them all on the other sofa.

I sat naked beside him on the sofa as he said, “you look amazing and fucking hot sis.”

“Does that mean you want to fuck your own sister?” I told him teasingly with a grin.

My brother smiled back and replied, “yes, I want to fuck your brains out.”

I smiled at him than leaned in pressing my lips to his, he was surprised by my kiss, but soon returned it. I could tell he was not very experienced in kissing, but he soon fell in with me and kissed me back eagerly. While we kissed, I slid my hand to his cock and removed his own hand, than I took his cock and wrapped my fingers around it, softly stroking it. I felt the wetness of his leaking fluid on my fingers, this only aroused me further. He let out a soft moan and slid his hand up my inner thigh and clumsily rubbed my pussy, exploring it excitedly with his long fingers.

“You’re wet and so warm, radiating heat like a heater,” he told me in a flustered voice.

I was certainly wet and warm, as well as excited with my pulse racing so fast I thought my heart would burst from me. I was about to let my own brother have his way with me after all. I stroked him a bit faster causing him to choke out “you are gonna make me cum sis.”

I stopped stroking him hearing that and adjusted myself on the sofa laying down beside him. I looked at his cock slick with his own leaking fluid pooling on the tip. I kissed it softly and than ran my tongue out playing with the fluid, swirling the tip of my tongue in it. I smeared his fluid on my lips like lipstick as he watched me so excitedly. I than licked the fluid up from his cock tip and off my lips, moaning as I tasted it good and to let him know I liked his taste.

“Oh fuck Janet, that feels so good!” he told me, his voice hoarse.

I swallowed tasting more of the salty fluid and than I slid my lips around his cock, sucking it slow and taking him into my mouth deeply and than back to just the tip in my mouth, over and over I took his cock eagerly. If I was going to do this, I wanted it unforgettable for him, so making eye contact, I sucked his cock lovingly, taking it all in my mouth. I used my lips and tongue as with all the skills I had learned with all the practice I had on dad. He moaned and stroked my back with his hand. His eyes closed as I sucked him slowly, but still I heard his breathing increase. I knew he was struggling in his excitement to hold back.

I didn’t give him that option as I sped up, moving my lips faster as my tongue teased and caressed his cock, bathing it with saliva and stroking it like warm and wet velvet. I took him deep swallowing his entire cock with the tip sliding down into my throat and my lips pressing into his pubes, he moaned out. “Fuck sis, so good!”

I felt his cock quivering and I swallowed his thick streams of cum as I continued to suck his cock and milk him of his cum. He caressed my face and hair as I slowed down, my lips and mouth cleaning his cock. I took my time, although he lost some hardness, he was still partially hard.

“That was so amazingly sis! Thank you.” He exclaimed to me.

“It was your first, blowjob?” I asked him to his nod that it was.

“I want lick your pussy sis, I have been dying to since I saw dad doing it,” my brother said eagerly.

I lay back on the sofa and spread my legs for him as he moved between my thighs. He first kissed my pussy before sliding his tongue out and licking and exploring with it. My fingers stroked his head and I guided him with both my words and my hands as well as my moving hips. His awkward licking soon was hitting the right spots for me and I was moaning and grinding with the pleasure he was giving me. He looked up at my face and took pleasure in my moans and my body squirming and shifting under his tongue. He was clearly enjoying eating his first pussy.

When I did cum, I pressed his mouth tight to me with my fingers and moaned out “Yes, fuck yes, I’m cumming.”

I ground my hips to his face, wetting him good. After I was coming down from my orgasm, I sat up and kissed him while caressing his chest with my fingers. I tasted my juices on his lips, this just turned me on even more. I reached for his cock and found he was completely hard again.

I moaned softly and broke the kiss asking, “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” he said to me shyly at the admission. I was still a bit surprised at his inexperience and him being şişli escort a virgin, but when I thought about it a bit, with his not having a girlfriend that I could remember, as well as his love of reading and playing video games all the time, it did make sense.

“You said you thought about fucking me and wanted to, now is your chance. I want you to fuck me.” I told him hotly.

I lay down my legs spreading for him and my hand guiding his cock to my entrance. He pushed into me, I wrapped my legs around him as he did. My hips moved on his cock as it filled me and opened me around it. My hands were stroking his back as I whispered in his ear in a breathy hot whisper, “yes… fuck me, take me.”

“Fuck sis you feel so amazing,” he said hotly.

We moved together with him working out a comfortable rhythm and thrusting into me, over and over he went. I moaned eagerly urging him on encouragingly, “yes, yes, oh god yes, fuck me. You’re cock feels so good!”

Even though he had already came once, he couldn’t last long with his inexperience and my pussy tightly milking him, along with my hot words in his ears, “Oh god, fuck me Neil.”

I wanted him to enjoy his first time beyond the just coming, but to give him hot memories that I hadn’t had with mine. It worked and he in his own words echoed my wishes, “fuck you feel so good, Fuck!”

He pushed as deep as he could into me, his cum shooting as I felt his body convulsing with his release. I held him and kissed him lovingly, he returned my kiss while remaining in me. My legs were wrapped around him still and we moved slowly enjoying the feeling of being locked together, his cock sliding in my creamy pussy slow.

We did split up and quickly, when after several minutes, we heard the door upstairs opening and someone coming in. My brother turned off the video while I slipped into the bathroom to dress. It was a bit of a panic, but also a rush when thinking what would have happened if they had just walked directly downstairs when coming in. My brother gave me a kiss before we went upstairs to find our parents had returned home.

The next day was my birthday and it was just past 9 in the morning when dad came into my room smiling at me while I finished brushing my hair. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips before saying, “Happy Birthday sweetie.”

“Thank you daddy,” I said smiling up at him.

Dad caressed my arms and pressed himself into me before saying, “Your mom has gone to Paul and Susan’s house and your brothers are not here. I think its time I gave you your birthday spankings and gift sweetie.”

I blushed thinking of the playful spankings and my giggles from my past birthdays when dad would pull me over his knee to spank me. I had a feeling dad meant a much more serious tone this time. Dad pressed his hips into my ass and said to me, “do you trust me sweetie?”

“Of course daddy, you know I do,” I told him quickly.

“Close your eyes Janet,” said dad.

I closed my eyes, doing as he asked. I felt dad move behind me and than a fabric sliding over my eyes and being tied behind my head with enough pressure that when I opened my eyes under it, I saw nothing. I felt his hands slide down and grip the sweater I was wearing, I helped him lifting my arms as he pulled it over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. I moaned softly as dad slid his hands up caressing my breasts from behind and kissing my neck, his fingers brushing my nipples sent excitement throughout me. Dad’s hands slid down and undid my jeans before sliding them down my legs, I lifted my feet to allow dad to remove them. He quickly followed that by slipping off my socks. I felt his fingers slid down my flat stomach and slip in my panties. I moaned as dad rubbed my pussy, his strong fingers greedily exploring my folds making my knees weak. He kissed and nibbled on my neck as I felt I would melt under his touches.

“You’re already wet sweetie,” said dad hotly in my ear as he slipped a finger between my lower lips and slid it into my wetness.

“Yes, daddy,” I moaned softly grinding my hips into his hand feeling his finger move inside me as his thumb softly rubbed my button.

Frustratingly, dad stopped just before I was about to cum, and he knew it too. He slipped off my panties slowly, kneeling down and nibbling and kissing on my ass as I stepped out of the panties. He than got up and stepped away from me. I soon felt him fastening my nipple clamps on my nipples making me moan out softly, his every touch sending heat through me, heat amplified by my not being able to see what was coming next. Dad knew what the nipple clamps did to me and clearly with him stopping before I came, he wanted me needy and on the edge. I was squirming with my nipples aching for his touch and my thighs becoming moist from my overflowing arousal.

Dad took my hand than and led me out of my room and slowly down the hall. Dad sat in a chair and guided me so I was laying over his lap. His hand slide over my back caressing my ass for a short time, than it was gone and I felt a cool flat, but soft rectangle object rubbing over my ass cheeks. It felt like something covered in leather.

Dad than said in a hot voice as he rubbed it against my ass, “are you ready for your birthday spankings sweetie?”

I bit my lower lip before answering softly, “yes daddy.”

“If its too much sweetie just tell me and I will stop. Your mom loves when I do this,” said dad reassuringly.

He drew it away from my ass and than I felt a sharp whack across my ass causing me to let out a small yelp. It didn’t hurt, it was just a sharp stinging that quickly faded that left heat in the area he spanked. Dad caressed my ass with his free hand before he asked, “was it too much sweetie, did it hurt?”

I thought about it briefly. It didn’t hurt outside the initial sting and than just left a warm feeling in my ass, which I found myself enjoying, so I replied, “No daddy, It feels nice after the sting is gone away.”

It fell again than over and over, dad smacking my ass with the leather covered thing a half dozen times, I bit my lip to remain quiet during it. My ass was stinging but this quickly faded into more heat. My nipples were almost screaming now for attention in the clips and I had a strong almost overwhelming urge to touch and rub my pussy. I felt so hot and excited to a point where lust and need were all that clouded my mind.

I felt dads fingers caressing my warm tingling ass and than sliding down caressing my pussy, the first contact almost sending me into begging him to ‘fuck me please daddy’. His fingers on my pussy caused me to grind into his hand, my pussy excited and wanting that contact and so much more. Dad untied my mask removing it before saying to me, “Look at this.”

His fingers came up soaked with my juices before he said, “you’re soaking wet Janet, just like your mom gets.”

He went on in a hot and excited voice, “do you know what would happen at the resort if the guys saw your pussy like this sweetie?”

“No daddy, “I said in an equally hot and aroused reply, I was thinking what I wanted to happen right then.

He caressed my pussy smearing my juices and said in his hot and low voice, “they would want to spread your pretty long legs and use their tongues and then cocks on your wet little pussy. I bet you would love that right now wouldn’t you Janet?”

I moaned as he rubbed my swollen little button and said out in a lust filled and needy voice, “yes daddy.”

Dad showed me the paddle and said in his hot aroused voice, “one spank for each year of your age, for my horny little Janet.”

Dad spanked me the remaining spanks to count out my age. My ass was stinging than grew even more hot and warm. I could feel my thighs wet with juices while I wiggled my hips in dads lap. He set the paddle aside and than rubbed my clit. It only took seconds before I came powerfully for him, soaking his hand and as I did, moaning out loudly, “Yes daddy, yes!”

We got up and dad had me lay on the sofa spreading my legs, he was as hot and eager as I was as he drove his tongue and fingers on and than into my soaking and swollen pussy. I saw my thighs shiny with my own wetness. My ass was still hot from the spanking as dad eagerly licked and fingered me. I pressed his face into me and moaned my pleasure to him while grinding myself into his face. I was soon coming again loud, not caring at this point who heard me as my moans echoed in the house.

Dad than got up and I watched him undress, his cock was hard and swollen as It popped free of his pants. He picked up my legs holding them in the air spread apart and than drove his cock into my pussy, quick and deep. I moaned out as he took me in his need, “Yes, fuck yes daddy, fuck me!”

He did, he was so excited at my response and reactions that he fucked me hard and not the more gentle way I was used to from him. He told me to rub my clit, which I did as he held my legs in the air and fucked me, slamming into me our skin slapping together. After a few minutes of it, dad pulled out and had me kneel on the sofa and lean against the back, he took me from behind. He thrust into me hard and deep while one hand caressed over my clit and the other slid over my clamped nipples, driving me insane as he played with them. He fucked me fast and hard, I returned it grinding back on his cock. It was several minutes but I would have loved it to last forever in that moment, nothing felt so good as his cock plunging up into me over and over.

It was just a short time later, I was once again was moaning out, “Yes, daddy. Oh god, you’re making me cum! Yes, Yes, Yes…”

“Oh, fuck Janet, “said dad as he buried his face in my neck and shoved in deep, his cock convulsing in me, shooting his cum streams deep into me.

Dad pulled out and sat on the sofa. I moved laying beside him, taking his cock into my mouth and moaning around it, letting him know that I loved our combined flavor as I sucked it off his cock. Dad caressed my head and said out in his low hot tone, “so beautiful you are, I love you sweetie.”

Dad soon pulled me into his arms and embraced me before wishing me happy birthday again. It was a happy birthday with me learning in addition to nipple clamps, I loved the feeling of being blindfolded and anticipating what comes next. I also really enjoyed being spanked with that paddle. Enjoying the heat it filled me with. I had no doubts any longer about whether I should be doing this with dad. We were both freely consenting, which to me meant everything due to my first experiences in sex. I had learned from him sex could be loving and beautiful for all partners in an open and willing situation.

I also no longer doubted that I should freely let go of all Hangups and doubts during sex and give myself over fully and enjoy the moments. The results of the wonderful sensations and orgasms proved to me this was true beyond any doubt.

Dad soon informed me he was going to take a shower downstairs quickly before mom returned, as she would be back shortly, and I should cleanup and get dressed myself. We exchanged a long wonderful kiss before I returned to my room to remove the nipple clamps and get ready for Kristin and our friend Kelly, who were both coming over for my birthday. It was a wonderful birthday that I will never forget.

Many months would pass where I would continue to have sex with dad about once a week, I would also have sex with my brother several more times before the new year. The sex and experiences had a profound effect on him, he became more confident in himself and realized he was letting little worries stop him from even trying with girls. In the new year my brother got himself a girlfriend, so for the moment we went back to being just the brother and sister we were before. We continued in confiding in each other when either of us needed it, just like we did before the sex.

If you are wondering about me and any boyfriends I had, or didn’t have. I was asked out several times during this time period. I said no every time. Back then, I thought it was simply because I was enjoying myself with dad and didn’t want that to end. But this was not true, as I realized it later on. After my experiences with my uncle, and even learning what I did from dad, I realized I simply was not ready yet for that type of relationship. Considering in just 6 years I would be married to a husband I am still with today, I eventually would be ready.

It was in the spring after classes were out, dad asked me if I wanted to go on one of his long-haul trucking trips with him. I accepted at once and that trip was one of the most rewarding times we had together. Yes we had sex during it, but what I mean is we talked and learned about each other, like we never had the chance to before. I found out things about my dad that I never knew and we bonded closer. He even let me drive quite a bit, which I enjoyed once I got the hang of shifting that 13 speed transmission.

The trip was going well enough with us talking, I thought dad would talk about anything I wanted to. I had been thinking about my parents and their swinging activities recently, I was curious about it. So I decided to plunge in and just ask about it.

“Dad, when you and mom are with other couples, why do you both do it?” I asked dad a bit nervously.

Dad glanced over at me and said, “You know about that do you?”

I smiled at dad and replied, “yes dad, you guys are not always very discrete.”

Dad chuckled softly and said, “No, I guess we aren’t sweetie. Well, we enjoy watching each other in pleasure, and it has helped keep things fresh for us.”

Dad went on asking me, “You don’t look or sound upset by mom and I doing that sweetie. Why do you ask?”

“I am not upset dad, I was just curious why is all.” I told him.

Dad smiled at me as he shifted gears and said, “What are you curious about sweetie?”

“Does it turn you on, watching mom with others?” I asked him, feeling heat in my face as I did.

“Yes it does sweetie, it makes me want her again even more. It drives me wild for her,” dad told me, looking over at me.

I smiled and asked, “Like in the shower with the dildo dad? When you said I looked hot taking cock.”

Dad looked at me, clearly remembering and answering in his hot low tone, “yes, something like that sweetie, you looked so hot pushing back on that cock, and also when you used vibrators on yourself.”

I decided to plunge further, even though I think my face was red from the topic when I asked, “do you ever think of seeing me like mom, watching me as I get fucked?”

This clearly had an effect and dad as he looked at me and in his hot tone asked without directly answering my question, “would you be interested in something like that Janet?”

He looked at my hand on my inner thigh as I answered, “Well, I wouldn’t be against it dad, not at all.” I answered him.

I thought dad might enjoy me offering to do what he enjoyed so much with mom, the swinging. I admit, the thought of doing it with him had been on my mind lately, in some of my more naughty thoughts. I was right about him enjoying it, and at the next truck stop, I found out in the trucks sleeper just how right I was. We never talked about it further on the trip. I knew that if it was something he wanted to explore he would bring it up again himself.

After we got back from the trip, I got a job at a mall shop as a clerk because I needed the money. My parents were doing alright, but they were not rich, so if I wanted spending money, I needed to work. It was for this reason as to why I didn’t go with my family to the nudist resort that summer. My dad of course went with them, but he could only stay a week due to having to go out of town for work.

It was on the evening before he was to return from the resort, to prepare for his trip for work, that he called me. He informed me, “I will be home tomorrow afternoon sweetie. I don’t have to leave for work until early the next day, so we will have the evening together.”

“I should be home just after 5 dad, I get off work then.” I told dad.

Dad than asked questioningly, “are you still interested in being with someone else while with me sweetie?”

“Yes dad, do you have someone in mind?” I asked dad. I was both nervous and excited, now realizing dad had wanted it so much he arranged it already.

Dad said in his low but restrained tone, “Yes sweetie. Ray and I will be having a couple beers and watching a game, so we will leave it up to you to let us know what you want, in case you change your mind.”

“That sounds good dad. I assume you told Ray?” I asked him.

Dad told me with a chuckle, “yes sweetie, he is thrilled about the chance to be with you.”

I had to ask out of curiosity, “Ray has been wanting to fuck me daddy? I had no idea from how he acts around me.”

“He knows better than to be anything but a gentlemen sweetie, but yes, when Cindy is not around, he has talked many times about how beautiful he thinks you are.” Dad told me with a laugh.

This only excited me more as I told him, “I look forward to seeing you both tomorrow.”

When I told Kristin, who was staying over the night with me, she was excited about it as well. She was encouraging me as we talked. One thing about our friendship is we shared everything with each other, as well as supported and encouraged each other. We often egged on, or dared each other to do things that we never would on our own. We were most definitely a bad influence on each other, but we had a great time doing it.

The next day at work I tried to think of what I would say to dad and Ray to let them know what I wanted, I worried about how it would all go. After some thinking, I thought of the way dad and Ray looked at Cindy in her barely there outfits. I realized I didn’t really have to say much at all, I could simply show them. I flushed with heat thinking what I was going to do. I would be sure that when they saw me, they would have no doubt of my intentions.

After work I stopped into the same adult shop that I had got my old pink vibrator at. I remembered the clothing section and some of the more naughty outfits in it, I was sure I could find something bold and sexy there.

Just like last time the few customers in the store took glances at me, the clerk was the same guy who sold me my vibrator. I went to the clothing section and saw a rack marked clearance, ‘perfect’ I thought, as I didn’t have much money. It did not take long to find what I thought would do the trick. I picked a skirt and a matching top that I liked and was in my size, than I moved to find some shoes. I quickly found a pair of black heels, I decided against any socks or stockings.

I went to the counter and asked, “is there a place I can change into this?” I showed him my items.

“You can use the bathroom, or any of the video booths in the back,” the clerk told me.

I moved to the back and found the bathroom, there was only a single bathroom, clearly for both men and women. I looked inside and found the small bathroom empty. I slipped inside and engaged the lock on the door. I quickly slipped out of my sundress and panties, I was not wearing a bra. I stepped out of my sneakers, pushing them aside.

I slipped on the black off-the-shoulder crop top, that I had picked out, and looked at myself in the mirror. The top was just enough to cover my breasts, but it left my shoulders and tummy bare. I noticed in the mirror the top was semi-transparent, you could just barely make out my nipples through the fabric. I smiled in the mirror, pleased with me choice.

Next I slipped on the little skirt and than stepped into the shoes. I stepped back looking into the mirror, taking the whole look in. The skirt was downright scandalous. It was a black pleated skirt that was so short in the front, that it barely went down enough to cover my pussy. Over my left thigh there was a slit in the skirt that was a couple of inches wide right to the skirt waist. I turned sideways seeing that you could glimpse my pussy from the right angle. I turned around and looked over my shoulder. The skirt only covered the top part of my ass, leaving the bottom 3rd of it completely on display. With no panties on, I was on full display.

I felt a flush of heat at what I seen, and thought about wearing panties, but I quickly decided against it. The reason I even thought of that is I had planned to wear the outfit home, rather than change there.

Kristin had suggested last night that I dress sexy, she would be surprised just how far I had decided to go. This was really nothing compared to the lingerie I had worn for dad, also both men had seen me naked before at the nudist resort, so was it really that naughty? I took a deep breath, than I packed my clothes and sneakers into my backpack with my work outfit. I removed the tags from the items and went out to pay.

As I went to the counter to pay, I was getting some long looks from the few male customers present. While I paid for the items the clerk said, “you look fantastic in that, great choice, your partner will find you irresistible.”

It did not take long to get home, I was excited as I entered. I heard dad call from the living room, “welcome home sweetie! We have a pizza here, if you are hungry.”

I took my bag to my room, than I checked my makeup in the mirror. Satisfied, I took a deep breath and headed down the hall. I saw both dad and Ray watching a baseball game, both were eating slices of pizza. I walked around Ray sitting in the chair and right over to dad on the sofa, I bent over kissing him with my lips parting in a hot and eager kiss. Bent over my ass and pussy were on full display for Ray to stare at. Dad stroked my leg as we kissed.

“Good god Janet, that skirt is… fucking incredible.” Ray said excitedly, while I swayed my ass slowly side to side for him.

I broke the kiss and smiled at dad before turning and walking over to Ray, his half-eaten pizza slice was down on his plate as he now paid full attention to me. I bent down kissing Ray just as I did dad, he returned my kiss hungrily. My ass was now facing dad as Ray slid his hand up my inner thigh, his fingers caressing my pussy as we kissed. My own hand slid up Rays thigh and over his groin, I felt his hardness trapped under his jeans and I caressed it through the fabric. The heat of it was radiating through his jeans.

I was feeling hot myself as Rays fingers slid through the wetness of my pussy. I broke the kiss and looked back at dad. Dad had his jeans off already and was stroking his cock looking at me. I followed the first urge to come into my head, I turned and walked back to dad and crawled onto the sofa. On my knees with my ass in the air and thighs apart, I wrapped my fingers around dads’ cock and stroked it.

Stroking dads cock slowly, I looked back to Ray smiling and said, “what are you waiting for?”

I kissed my dads cock, using my tongue to lick and tease the head of it. I felt Ray move behind me, than his hands were on my ass, caressing it with strong fingers. His tongue slid out and licked my pussy, making me moan as I took dads cock in my mouth. I sucked dad slowly, both enjoying sucking his cock, and enjoying Rays tongue exploring my wet folds eagerly at the same time. It was a heavenly feeling.

I moaned again into dads’ cock as Ray flicked his tongue on my asshole, he swirled the tip on it and tried pushing it in my ass. Meanwhile, he slid a finger in my swollen and excited pussy. I sucked dads’ cock faster as Ray moved his tongue to my little button as he was fingering me. He was skilled at his work, I soon let dads cock drop from my mouth and moaned as I came, my juices soaking his fingers.

“I ‘m going to fuck her now,” dad said hotly to Ray.

We changed positions, I was on all fours on the sofa as dad got behind me, I wiggled my ass at dad as I knew he loved that. I told him what I wanted when I looked over my shoulder at him and enticing said, “Fuck me daddy!”

Dad eagerly slid his cock into my very ready pussy, making me moan loudly. Ray turned my head back to him and offered me his cock to suck. I took it gladly, looking up at him as I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked it as dad thrust himself deep into me eagerly while holding my hips.

Ray held my head and thrust his cock into my mouth. I relaxed myself letting him fuck my mouth as dad fucked me, I rubbed my own clit as they both used me from either end. I felt so wild and hot sandwiched between their thrusting cocks, both of them slamming into me simultaneously. It felt like a rebellion of the teaching I received in Catholic schools, as well as a rebellion of behavior society expected of girls. I loved the feeling of doing as I wanted sexually, blazing my own path and to hell with what others expected of me.

It was this feeling and many minutes of dad slamming his cock into me, as well my fingers rubbing my clit that had me cumming with an incredibly powerful orgasm. My moans smothered by Rays cock in my mouth, while my body shook with my pleasure. My orgasm was so powerful that my gushing pussy pushed dads cock out with my flowing juice. He quickly pushed himself back in excited by the power of my orgasm, he thrust in a frenzy in his need.

After a short time, my quivering pussy set dad off and he buried his cock in me, his cum shooting deep inside me as he moaned out, “Fuck Janet, you always set me off.”

After dad pulled out, Ray had me lay on the sofa on my back legs wide for him, he thrust his excited hardness into me. His eyes were on me as he fucked me hard in his need to cum.

“You’re so fucking sexy Janet,” Ray said, hot in his own excitement as he thrust into me.

“Fuck me, yes fuck me Ray!” I moaned to Ray, while my hands caressed his chest and abs.

“God, you’re going to make me cum Janet!” Ray said breathing hard.

“Don’t cum in her,” Dad told Ray.

“Yes, Yes fuck…yes,” I moaned hotly, grinding my hips into Ray.

“Oh fuck Janet,” said Ray, he pulled out, his cock shooting his cum across my body in streams, landing on my breasts and stomach, with some dropping down on my swollen pussy. I smeared the cum into my breasts and stomach with my fingers, loving the looks both men gave me as I did.

When Ray finished cumming, he slid his cock back in me, also pushing some of his cum into me, moving his cock slow and saying in a hot tone to dad, “her pussy is so wonderfully tight, like an oven wrapped around me.”

Dad smiled before leaning in and kissing me hotly. Ray soon pulled out and dad broke the kiss before replying to Ray, “she is much more than that, she is a force of nature.”

Dad, I know was trying to compliment me and make me feel good, like he did so many times in my life. It worked, no one’s opinion of me meant more to me than my dads. We soon gathered ourselves and went to the bathroom one at a time cleaning ourselves up.

I was hungry at this point; I hadn’t had dinner yet. We had pizza as we watched the game more and chatted about what had happened. Both dad and Ray were excited about it, I was content and feeling at peace. That may sound like an odd feeling for me to feel, but to me it was just perfect. Dad even gave me a beer, which felt nice with its ice-cold liquid going down my throat, soothing it.

It was about 45 minutes later with me sitting between them both on the sofa, that I felt I wanted more. I slid a hand into each of their laps and caressed their cocks slowly, bringing them back to attention. Soon we were trading off kissing, one kissing me hotly as the other sucked my nipples. They both had a hand between my thighs, caressing and stroking, my pussy getting a lot of attention and getting more aroused and needful with their touches. I was soon between them again with dads head between my spread thighs, greedily devouring my pussy, while my lips and tongue glided over Rays cock.

They would spend well into the evening lavishing their attentions on my body, with me returning the favor. It was one of the most memorable sexual experiences of my life. Memories of this night, the first with both of them, was always a quick way to get myself hot again just thinking about it. It was not only satisfying physically, but it unlocked things in me emotionally and mentally that forever changed me.

I felt far different from the powerless girl that I felt I used to be, I was confident and content in my own skin. I was going to enjoy life as best I could and get the most out of it that I could. I was going to live my life to the fullest.

This concludes the most important parts of my sexual awakening, while there is much more to the story and much that I left out for brevities sake, you now know the parts that stand out most for me. If any of you would like me to continue or tell of some of the parts that I left out than please let me know. If enough people request it, I will consider it. I thank you, the readers for taking this journey with me down memory lane.

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