Janet’s First Orgasm

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Janet was laying on her back, knees pulled up and spread wide, feet flat on the bed, while Jason slid his dick in and out of her pussy. They had just started actually screwing, and already her mind was wandering. In all of her more than 19 years, she had never had an orgasm. In fact she wasn’t sure that all the talk of orgasms wasn’t just hype. Or perhaps, it was just her who was different than everyone else. But she wasn’t thinking of that at the moment. She was thinking of other lovers. Other encounters.

Jason was very much like most of her other partners. He had gotten her clothes off and gotten into her before she was ready. Because of that it had hurt a little when he entered her. Guys were usually in such a hurry with her that she started out intercourse with pain. Not usually a lot, but enough to get rid of most of the excitement she had built up with foreplay. If any.

She should be glad that she was in a bed. She thought of her first three lovers. They had screwed her in their cars. Two back seats, one front seat. In and out. Slam, bam, indeed. No, not a thank you. None had called her again. Neither did her fourth lover, who had her on a couch. They were all just trying to get in her pants as quickly as possible, wherever they could. And when she had let them, their mission was done. She was history to them.

Her mind came back to the present momentarily as Jason slipped his arms under her legs at the knees, lifting them up. Her feet rose off the bed and his dick slid a little further into her. It was feeling good now. She could feel him slide in and out, deep within her, the warmth of her arousal spreading through her body.

Perhaps this was like her first time making love in a bed – with her fifth lover. If so it would be over in a few more minutes with an orgasm. But not hers. Mike had given her hopes that he might deserve the term lover, but again, he was in a hurry. He wanted nothing but to satisfy himself, and when he was done he rolled off her, dressed, and ushered her out.

Her next one was again not in a bed. This time was on the floor, and all she got out of it were some carpet burns. A nice encounter compared to the next one. That one was to make her feel slutty.

She thought of that one. It was just last week. A man who worked in her office had finally convinced her to go out for a drink after work. He wasn’t her boss, They didn’t even work together, just for the same company. So she gave in, even though at 28 he was older than she was interested in. They went for a drink. Since she was only 19 (and a half!) years old, it had to be a non-alcoholic one. That made her feel like a little kid, out with her dad. She started feeling a little sleazy at that point, but somehow he talked her into continuing the evening with dinner. She could feel herself giving in to him, nearly ready to go to bed, as she knew he wanted. But surprising herself, she said no and ended the evening after dinner without any sex between them.

Unfortunately he continued pursuing her at work the next day. The sweet talk worked. By the end of the day they were fucking in a restroom, most of their clothes still on, with him getting satisfied and her feeling degraded and humiliated. It was the lowest she had ever felt about herself.

Jason shifted again. He moved his arms out from under her legs and lowered himself down, taking a nipple into his mouth. Mmm, now this felt even better. She had sensitive nipples. Most guys felt them up and then moved on, leaving her wanting more. She wrapped her legs around his back and drew him in deeper.

But her mind went back to that humiliating fuck in the restroom last week. Last week! She wondered why she was in bed with another man already after that episode. Why was she so quick to get into bed… No, not usually even in bed. She was ready to fuck anywhere her guys wanted her. As soon as they wanted her. She guessed it was simply her love of real men. She loved a man who took charge, who knew what he wanted. She almost laughed at that thought. She knew what they wanted as well, and it was always the same. They wanted to fuck as many women as possible, and she was a willing participant. It didn’t sound so good to her at the moment, but she melted when a man like that paid attention to her.

Jason was pounding her now. He had given up on her breast, breathing hard as he thrust his hips hard against her crotch. She could feel his cock head deep inside her. She could also feel it swelling. He was going to cum soon. He thrust forward and paused, holding it as deep inside her as he had ever been. Then he would quickly pull out part way and thrust his hips again, holding his cock deep. He did this a few times before she felt him explode. His cum shot inside her, bathing her insides with several hard shots.

When he had finished he stayed inside her. She felt very, very good at the moment. Satisfied. Happy. Her body felt warm and Sinop Escort tingling, But most of her good feelings came from the satisfaction that she had given him joy. She was thinking of this as he rolled off of her, got out of bed, and went into the bathroom. She began wondering if that was enough. She was not thinking of her lack of orgasms, but of her lack of second dates. Maybe she needed to change the kind of guy she went out with. But how could she? She did enjoy sex. Probably a lot of women didn’t have orgasms, but they still enjoyed being turned on, the warm tingling sensations, the feel of a man caressing their body, the feel of a hard dick inside of them. Though it would be nice to have a second date with one of them.

So Jason had been pretty good. Perhaps her best so far, though that wasn’t saying too much. But if he was very good she wouldn’t have been thinking of all of her other guys while he was fucking her, would she? No. And still no second date.

The next day was Sunday, and she went for her usual Sunday run. There at the end of it was Hank, as always. They had met up there every week for the last three months. They ran at different paces so they couldn’t run together, but they always met there, then walked over to a nearby cafe for a salad or wrap. Something healthy so as not to negate the effects of the workout they just had,

Hank was a little older than Janet. About 23 or so, she guessed. It was a friendly relationship. Just friends. Unlike every other guy she had a relationship with, he never tried to seduce her. A good thing, she thought, because he was nice and cute. But he wasn’t the loud, forceful, take charge kind of guy that she was attracted to. Sexually, that is. She did enjoy talking to him, as friends. They spent an hour or two together after each Sunday run. Actually, their time together had gotten longer the last few weeks. He was fun, and he seemed to enjoy her, too.

At first she thought he might be gay. Why else did he not hit on her? She was a good choice – slightly taller than average, thinner than average, bustier than average, prettier than average. Not a beauty queen, but a good catch for most any guy. And given any time alone with her, men nearly always made a pass at her – except for Hank. But then he talked about a couple of the girls he had dated, and she saw him noticing nice looking women around them. No, he wasn’t gay. He just must not be attracted to her. It puzzled her, but she liked it. No pressure. No sexual tension. Just friends.

This particular day was special. Well, at least for Hank. He had gotten a new car, and talked about it a lot. He soon offered her a ride in it, and she of course agreed. It really was a nice one. A sporty little number. She didn’t know anything about cars, but she did like the way it looked. And it felt good zipping around in it. He didn’t go too fast, but the acceleration was impressive. She just sat back and enjoyed herself.

Hank broke the silence that developed with the noise of the car engine. “I need to stop by my house for just a minute. It’s right around the corner here.”

“Okay,” Janet replied, then realized that he hadn’t really asked permission. Not that it mattered. She was having fun.

As he pulled to a stop he motioned toward his house. “Want to come in and see it? It’s a little messy, but it’s home.”

What was she going to do? Sit in the car and wait, or see where this guy lived? Besides, it might answer a few questions she still had about him.

They went in and he showed her around the small house. It was quite nice, actually. She laughed to herself as the gay thought crossed her mind again, but she knew that wasn’t true. She got a little thrill when he showed her the bedroom. Imagine, her being in a bedroom with a man and nothing going on. A new image for her!

She used the bathroom and came out to find Hank holding a drink for her.

“Thanks,” she said.

She took a sip and nearly choked. “What is this?” she asked.

“A vodka tonic,” he answered. “Too strong?”

“I was just surprised,” she said. “You know I’m not old enough to drink. I’m 19.”

He smiled at her. “You’re not old enough to buy a drink. You can have one here in the privacy of my house. Cheers.”

She took a sip. It was good, but he laughed at her.

“You haven’t had alcohol before?” He sounded surprised.

It was her turn to laugh. “Yes, I have. Quite a lot actually.”

“The way you were sipping at it I thought maybe it was new to you,” Hank said as he took a big gulp.

“I was trying to be dainty.” she said.

Hank looked at her and smiled. “Not for me. Relax and drink up.”

She did just that. A long, cool gulp. They both laughed, and she took another. Soon her glass needed refilled, which Hank quickly did.

They sat on the couch and talked. Quietly, seriously. But not about them at first. By the Sinop Escort Bayan third drink the conversation turned to Hank’s feelings for her.

“You’re so much more fun and interesting than anyone else I know.”

She felt chills. Between the vodka and hearing this handsome man’s sweet words, she was melting. He hadn’t needed the alcohol to seduce her. She really was used to drinking. More than she had had today. Maybe he didn’t know it, but she was a sure thing. It seems she had finally attracted a man who wasn’t afraid of spending some time getting into her pants. He still might dump her afterwards, but at least it was different than the other guys she had been with.

When he bent forward to kiss her, he found a willing pair of lips on her. And tongue. Right away it became a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues battled each other for mouth space, their hands hugged and roamed all over their backs. But Janet was puzzled. His hands remained on her back. Normally his hands would have been mauling her breasts, trying to get her top off. But his remained on her back. She loved the hugging, the strength of his embrace, but she was confused. This wasn’t normal.

His hands also roamed up to her head. He stroked her hair, her ear, her neck. Oh, yes, her neck! That felt good to her. He held her head close so he could kiss her hard. His lips began attacking her ears and neck – her neck! – as well. She felt moisture between her legs. His hand should be there by now, but nothing. It felt strange.

Finally his hand began a slow trek towards her chest. It went around and rested just under her breast, then slipped upwards, cupping her breast. He squeezed it gently, sending shivers through her again. She

responded unmistakably, moaning and shaking, holding him tighter and digging her nails into his back. She didn’t remember feeling this way just from kissing and getting felt up. But she had never been kissed like this before, either.

When his fingers began pulling at her top, she moaned, “Yes,” and raised her arms to allow him to pull it off. At nearly the same time he was pulling at her sports bra, and it soon was thrown to the floor also. Her bare breasts now fully exposed, Hank’s hands wasted no time holding the bare skin, gently kneading her flesh, and pinching her nipples. She was moaning a lot now as feelings shot through her that she had seldom felt before.

He kept kissing her lips and her neck as he felt her breasts, and soon his mouth was lower, on her chest, on the swell of her breast, on her nipple. He was sucking on her nipple, nipping it with his teeth, pulling it between his teeth and rubbing his tongue quickly over it. Never had anyone spent so much attention to her breast. The feelings coursing through her were so strong that at first she didn’t realize that his hand was inside her shorts. She first noticed when his hand was fully in her crotch, with his fingers sliding into the crease in her panties covering her slit.

She raised her ass off the bed and pulled her own shorts down. He helped her get them down to where they fell to the floor, with her panties going with them. She kicked them off her feet to sit naked in front of him. He gazed longingly at her nakedness, his look making her feel more sexy than any man had before.

She broke the mood when she reached for his belt. Pulling at it, she began to undo it but had trouble. Hank reached down and helped, and pulled his zipper down. Janet saw the bulge and pulled hard at his pants, eager to see his hard member. She suddenly realized that she had very little experience removing men’s pants or even at seeing penises. Men usually yanked their own pants down in their haste, and as soon as they were off their dick was usually rammed into her. She normally caught only a glimpse. Sometimes she could look afterwards, but they were then soft and, while still interesting, not as exciting as a steel hard ramrod.

Hank’s pants were now off and he was struggling with his shirt. Janet was happy just looking at his cock which stuck straight out from his body, wiggling as he wrestled with his shirt. As if in a trance she reached out to hold this shaft, letting her fingers pull the soft skin up, then down the hard shaft. Some fluid leaked out the top of the shaft from the small hole at the tip. She had never noticed that before, but assumed – or hoped – that it was normal.

Hank leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the lips once again, pushing her down onto the bed. He resumed kissing and playing with her breasts, and a hand slowly but surely reached to her pubic area, making circling motions just above her slit. She was nearly screaming inside for him to pinch her clit or to reach between her legs, and just about the time she was going to scream it out loud she felt his fingers slide into her slit. They traced it all the way down and back. They made the trip again, this Escort Sinop time dipping deeper between her lips. Her pussy lips were so wet his fingers slid along as if on ice – but much, much warmer. Hotter. She was boiling with lust. When his finger slipped into her vagina she groaned long and loud.

Another finger, or maybe two, were added inside her, and he shifted his body higher. Kissing her lips and neck as he raised up, his fingers left her, leaving her feeling empty, but were replaced almost immediately by what she recognized as the tip of his penis. Oh, that beautiful cock. She had wanted to touch it, stroke it, feel it, but had lost her opportunity. It was now at her entrance. Hank raised up further and pushed that shaft into her.

It slid in so easily that Janet was surprised. And frightened. It felt so good inside her. It seemed to fill her up. It stretched her insides, pushing the sides of her vagina apart more than most of the cocks that had been inside her before. But it went in so easily. It seemed to be smaller than any others when it went in, but quite large when it was inside. Then she realized that she had never been wet before when a dick first entered her. Not really wet. There was no pain, just a delightful pressure in her pussy.

“Ohh, fuuuuck!” she moaned.

“I am, dear, I am,” he replied with a smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

But she did not see it. She did manage a small smile at his joke, but was too overcome with all of the feelings ravaging her body. She was moaning almost constantly now. She told herself to stop, but could not, and soon forgot about trying. Hank was stroking into her, long, smooth strokes, seeming to draw out sensations from her core. Her pussy was not tingling, it was on fire. She loved the way she could feel his cock pushing its way up her channel, deep into her depths, then pull out nearly all the way before beginning its journey again. She was being stretched, gloriously so, not forcefully but gently. And each inch it traveled sent sparks through her pussy and beyond.

“Ahhhhhh.” An even louder moan as Hank pulled her legs up into the air and kept going. Her legs were pushed all the way up onto the bed by her head. Her ankles were by her ears. Luckily she was limber. Or did he do that simply because she was limber. Either way, her ass rose up at the same time, giving his cock a different angle to stroke into her pussy. It felt even better going in, and it went in even deeper as well. She could barely stand all of the wonderful pulses taking over her body. Thought was getting difficult. She just wanted fucked. It was so good!

Hank had been sucking on her breasts and nipples, but soon had to stop. He had begun to push into her harder, then began to pound into her faster and harder. She sensed he was getting close to cumming. For once she was saddened to realize this. She didn’t want this to stop. She was feeling better and better each moment. Somehow more and more desperate for – for what? Not for his pleasure, as it had been before. This seemed to be about her pleasure. About pleasure for both of them.

His finger had started playing with her clit, it was something she had done to herself, but this felt so much better. Together with his finger there and his cock pounding her pussy harder and harder, she was lifted to a plane she had never felt before. Somewhere in her conciousness she realized that his cock was swelling inside her, exciting even more nerve endings if possible. She felt that she was losing control. Hank lunged forward with his hips, plunging his cock as deep as he could, then held it there. It pulsed, and she felt his cum shoot out into her.

At this moment she totally lost control. She really did not know what she was doing as she raised her hips upwards to get his cock even deeper, if it was possible, and felt her body spasm. Her limbs shook independently, spasm shook every part of her body, and her pussy gripped the invader as hard as it could. She could control none of this as she screamed out as if in pain, but it was all pleasure. She had never felt this before. Hank was going soft as the last of his sperm was being deposited into her, but she could not quit. Her body kept jerking. Her head would flip from side to side for no apparent reason. The most she could do was pause her body’s spasms, but another would hit her in moments. Hank was holding her, nuzzling her, trying to help through it. She went on it seemed for several minutes, periods of calm stretching longer as time went, but spams kept jolting her body. It was the most powerful feeling she had ever felt. So THAT was an orgasm!

As she lay there in Hank’s arms, too limp to move, her mind was thinking back over her other lovers. No, she couldn’t call them that any more. They weren’t lovers. They didn’t do anything to her or for her that wasn’t for their own pleasure. Hank had shown what a lover could do. Was he a good lover? She realized that she didn’t know. She would have to find that out. But she knew that the kind of guys she had been with in the past weren’t any good at all. And her lack of orgasms were not her fault. She was fine. She was not going to settle for those selfish types ever again.

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