Janie and Me: How I Lost… Ch. 03

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Janie and Me: How I Lost My Cherry To Another Girl Ch. 03


Janie gave my cunt lips a light kiss before burring her finger back inside of me. When she did this time she pushed at my walls and kind of dug around in a circle getting in up to her knuckle. She’d wanted to get a real finger full of me for her first taste-removing the finger and inserting it deep within her mouth she sucked it clean as she moaned her approval of my juices.

Then she slid her naked body against mine hard with lot so of heat and friction as she made her way to my mouth and shoved her pussy tainted tongue deep in my throat finding parts of my mouth that I didn’t even know existed and giving me my first taste of pussy-my pussy.

I liked it-it wasn’t foreign or weird feeling or even gross to the taste-it was tangy and sweet all at the same time-a taste I still enjoy to this day-the one of a kind taste of me.

Then making her way back down Bayan Escort Gaziantep she slid her finger deep up inside me again-while she sucked hard on my virtually untouched clit. This time she actually began to fuck it in and out of my virgin cunt-hard. It hurt, but in a good way…and as she inserted the second finger and then the third the aching pain and burning tingle as she ripped my way into womanhood for me-felt as if I were being split in two-but in a wonderful way that felt so good.

As I was about to cum she positioned her self on top of me, our legs intertwined in away that are pussies were directly over one another’s. And while she fucked in and out of my tight hole she ground my clit and hers, my bones and hers together in the most intense heat and friction I’d ever felt.

My body convulsed-every muscle in my body tightened and I felt my walls clinch down against her fingers as I screamed my way through my first big, complete orgasm-it was totally unlike the little ones I’d had earlier on-and I thought they had been pure bliss.

When Janie was satisfied that I’d finished big O number one she slid down and sucked my clit again…then she licked my outer lips and inserted her tongue deep inside me and sucked out hard, sucking out every drop she could of my virgin nectar-even tongue fucking me up deep inside for more as I came for the second time right in her mouth.

The feel of her lips against my pussy, the softness of her face buried between my thighs, the hot wet knife of her pointy tongue spearing its way deep inside my cunt as she fucked me over and over again that night was unreal-A feeling that I would never forget-one that I would become hungry and wanton for-longing for it for the rest of my life-something I had no idea of back then on that cold winter night.

After I came we lay down together and took a nap. Then in the early hours of the breaking morning I got my first real feel-first real taste of someone else-first real touch of-her.

Waking in each other’s arms we gazed and began to kiss. I loved her tits, and went straight for them again. So big and full like cantaloupes that I could squeeze in my petite hands. I remember leaving a hickie on each of them-one thing I did have experience with-I left them right under her nipples on those beautiful dark brown areolas. As Janie rolled over towards me and started on my neck (still my week spot even today)-I slid my hand between her tits and down the length of her flat little belly-I caressed the outside of her thighs, teasing as much as I could. But then Janie spread her legs and whispered please wetly in my ear.

For the 1st time in my young 18 year-old life I touched another girl’s pussy. The softness of it, the wet, warmness-and so much to explore-so much to be learned. But it seemed I’d be a natural at this…as I made my way to her clit and put my fast fingers to work circling it over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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