Jason’s Story Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Miami – Day Two

“Mmmmnnnhhh, what are you doing?”

“Well, I got tired of stalking this beautiful woman sleeping next to me, so I decided to wake her up.”

“Damn, you sure know how to wake a girl up with a smile!” she said as she looked at his face between her legs.

“I figured that I only have five more mornings to get my fill of waking up with you, so I wanted to see my favorite look on your face as much as possible” he said while smiling up at her.

She could only moan in response as he went back to the task at hand. She watched as his head moved slowly between her legs; his hair was a little longer than it should’ve been, but it only proved to make the scene sexier.

He was so gentle, and deliberate in his ministration to her womanhood, and she was powerless to stop him. As a matter of fact, she loved seeing him tend to her needs.

She hated herself for feeling the way she did about Jason, but that hatred couldn’t stop her heart.

When they were together, she thought of nothing else but Jason. She often wondered if all cheating spouses felt that way about their lover, or if it was her deeper feelings for him that made it different.

Jason was so amazing in the sack, it could’ve just been about sex, but he was just as amazing when they weren’t fucking.

That was the problem.

She didn’t just love the way he looked; the way he laughed, the way his eyes could see what was in her soul. She loved all of that, and everything else about him.

She loved his wicked sense of humor; the way he looked at her when she was fully clothed, the way he looked at her when he was peeling the same clothing off of her.

She really loved the way he was going down on her as she was having those thoughts about him.

It didn’t take too much longer before she came again, and he eagerly licked her clean.

She was still on fire with her orgasm, when he put his tongue at the tip of her slit, and used it to blaze a crooked trail over her belly, around each nipple, and finally to her mouth.

She turned her head, and feverishly took his tongue into her mouth. As he kissed her, she could taste herself on his tongue and mouth, and the sweet, salty taste turned her on more.

He smiled to himself at her excitement, and the urgency in her kiss. He couldn’t hold back any longer and plunged himself inside of her, in a single thrust.

She was so hot from waking up to him and his morning activity, that as soon as he pushed himself inside her, she let out a loud yell, and came immediately. She shook violently beneath him, and he pushed his body weight onto her, but the pressure made her cum again.

He was startled, flattered, and turned on; all at the same time.

He chocked it up to the fact that while she was sleeping, he’d placed a pillow underneath the small of her back and her ass. It must have put her G-spot into a much better position to respond to his invading cock…and he was loving it too.

“OH MY GOD!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEEEEE!!!” she yelled as she violently came again.

She almost deafened him in his right ear as she screamed, yelled, and moaned; but he was like a machine as he fucked her. Nothing was going to stop him, and her shouts only spurred him on; he decided he’d always keep a pillow handy for her.

After the previous night’s session, and the lack of food, he’d finally started to get tired.

He raised himself onto his palms, and grabbed one of her legs and threw it over his shoulder. He felt her pussy convulsing around his cock, and was amazed that she was cumming for him, again.

She was speechless as she came for him, for the fourth time in the span of a half-hour. She was trying to figure out what was different when she caught a glimpse of them in the overhead mirror.

Her honey-brown calf was spread wide as she pushed her leg into his shoulder blade. She could see so much more in the daylight, and she watched as her foot flexed and relaxed as she moved with him.

She noticed the contrast of her leg against his tanned back, then she realized that she could see more of herself in the mirror as well.

She was mesmerized by the look of pleasure on her face as her hot lover fucked her senseless. The muscles in his back were tense, and her eyes trailed down past his defined waist; to his perfect ass, as it flexed with each thrust.

She looked at his thighs; lean and sculpted, as were his calves. His body was chiseled, like it was drawn according to her utmost fantasies of the perfect male form. He was made for her to lust after, why did he have to be more than that?

He was pumping into her hard, but when he looked into her eyes, they looked distant; he instantly knew what had grabbed her attention.

He was jealous: jealous that she was türkçe alt yazılı porno getting to see their entire scene unfolding and he could only see her (not that he was complaining). He’d had enough.

He slid out of her, violently grabbed her thighs, and pulled her to the edge of the bed. It was really high, and her ass hung just over the edge, even with his cock while he was standing.

From his new position, he could arch his back and see everything that she had. He had to agree that the scene was extremely hot, and he was going to enjoy the view every bit as much as he was enjoying her.

He looked down at her; her big curls were long since dry, and wilder than ever. She had a crazy look of lust and anticipation in her eyes as she looked into his.

He started to run his hands over her stomach, hips, and thighs; then his hands found their way to her plump ass, teetering over the edge of the bed. He kneaded her cheeks, and then slowly moved his hands from her thighs to her ankles, softly squeezing the entire length of her legs.

She was totally into him at that moment; there was no way that the mirror above offered a hotter view than the one she was witnessing.

She’d always thought her legs were her best feature, and Jason must’ve liked them too, due to the attention that he was paying them.

Her sizeable calves and sculpted thighs never looked as good as they did with Jason’s head between, or behind them, or pressed against his glorious body; the sight of her Jason when he kissed the inside of her left ankle was making her wetter.

He could tell by her furrowed brow that his actions were driving her crazy; just what he’d intended. As he drenched her inner ankle with kisses, he looked deeply into her eyes.

Being this close to her, without being inside her was driving his cock insane, as it always did. He was going to give it to her like never before.

The sight of his gorgeous face, his full, sexy, almost red lips and matching tongue kissing her inner ankle and calf was sending her over the edge.

She could feel the moist, silky head of his cock hitting her ass cheeks, and she longed to have it inside her again.

As if sensing what she wanted, he looked down at his rock-hard member, still glistening with their juices. He grabbed it, and slowly stroked it to prepare for re-entry. He ran the head of his cock up and down her moist, silky smooth slit.

“Mmmnnhh, Jason please!” she sounded so desperate to be full of him again.

He wouldn’t deny her this time, or try to dominate her with his words. He slid just the head into her eager pussy, and watched it flinch around him. He pulled it out, only to reinsert it just past the head again.

His teasing was frustrating the hell out of her, and she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Damn it Jase, do it now, Uuunngghh!” she pleaded and commanded at the same time, while he thrust into her until his balls slapped her ass.

“Far be it from me to deny a beautiful woman what she wants, especially if it’s what I want” he said with grunts as he started to steady his pace.

Her head was thrown back; her face contorted as he fucked her senseless. Her mouth was open as she yelled his name into the room, and he could see the veins in her throat pulsating.

He was hypnotized by the way her breasts were bouncing around and he ran his hand over her stomach. He ran the other hand up and down the legs pressed against his chest and stomach and then he remembered; the mirror.

He arched his back, which pushed him deeper inside her, and instantly understood why she was so preoccupied with the view.

Aside from her, this was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Looking up, it was like he was watching two totally different people.

It looked as though there should’ve been a camera crew in the room with them, because this scene was hotter than anything he’d seen in a porno flick.

That visual of them had made him a little crazed, and he was fucking her like a madman.

The sight of his ongoing fantasy being played out; the fact that he could watch it like it was a movie; his fevered pace, and her constant moans were all sending him over the edge.

When he looked at her face in the mirror, he noticed that she was watching too, and their eyes met.

As if it were even a possibility, he was more turned on and harder than before. He felt her pussy quiver and knew that she was as close as he was.

“Are you ready baby?”, he said in a deep, ultra-smooth voice.

She could only nod in agreement because her throat was so dry.

“I thought so” he said as he grabbed her around the waist to slam her back against him.

He was moving her hips all around as he ground his cock into her, and she was loving doeda porno every stroke.

She watched his chest and arms flex as he moved her, and she felt the heat creeping up. She went stiff as the orgasm overtook her, and Jason just kept pounding her until his own release came moments later.

He yelled as he came inside her, and then collapsed by her side on the bed. They were both exhausted, breathing heavily, and drenched with sweat.

She looked at his body; lying next to hers, glistening with sweat.

She again wondered just what it was about her that made him need her so much. Her heart ached at the thought of letting him go, but there was no other choice to be made. Nothing else would be fair.

“Jason, you’re making this really hard for…”

He put his finger over her lips to keep her from finishing her statement.

“I only have five days left with the woman I love. I only want to think about those days; the best days of my life I’m sure, not what’s ahead. Can you just let me have them?”

She looked into his eyes again, and saw the most complex look. It was lust, love, and agony all at once, and still they were beautiful.

“This week when it’s just the two of us; you’re just Nigha, the woman I’m madly in love with; and I’m Jason: the man you’re madly in love with. Saturday you can go back to being Mrs. Brett Stevens, but today through Friday you’re my woman.”

She closed the gap between them and kissed him. She put her hands on the sides of his face and looked deeply into his eyes; her face not even an inch from his.

“I am madly in love with you and if that’s all that matters to you for the next five days, then so be it. I am Nigha, your Nigha, and I imagine a part of me always will be.”

He pulled her closer and rolled onto his back, which put her on top of him. She kissed him again, and he hugged her tightly.

She felt so comfortable in his arms, and her weight was nothing compared to his, so she wasn’t worried about relaxing all of it onto his body.

He ran his hands all over her body as she lay on top of him.

‘How did I get into this?’ she thought. ‘Do I really want out?’ She already knew the answer to that particular question, but she had to get out of that situation, and to get Jason out as well.

Both of them were hungry, sweaty, and exhausted; and exhaustion won out. The last thing she remembered was looking at the clock and reading 7:43 am.

She awoke a few hours later, to the smell of coffee, sausage, and pancakes; all her favorites. After realizing that she was alone in the bed, she grabbed one of the robes and made her way to the kitchen.

When she saw him, she stopped dead in her tracks. She’d figured that he’d ordered room service, but was pleasantly surprised to find that he was in the kitchen finishing up his breakfast preparations.

“Hey Baby! I was starving, and I knew that you would be too, so I made us some breakfast. Here, have a seat.”

She walked, stunned, over to the barstool he’d pulled out for her. He was wearing nothing but his boxers, and that fact combined with his domestic prowess, made her want him again.

She sat, and he pushed her barstool in under the granite bar.

He walked back around, as she stared at his every move, and placed their plates on the bar. He poured coffee for both of them, then added just the right amount of cream and sugar.

He sat beside her and they started to eat with the same intensity that they’d made love.

“Mmmmnnhh, oh my God Jason, this is so good. How did you get all of this?”

“Well, the ingredients for the pancakes were already here, but I called down to the front desk and asked Cyndi to get the sausage and coffee. She was all too happy to help a guy out!”

“I bet she was! Was that what you were wearing when she made her delivery?” she asked with a cocked eyebrow looking at his outfit, or lack thereof.

“Uh huh! She could barely contain her excitement too. After about a minute of looking me over, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of this” he said as he grabbed and shook his cock through his boxers.

“Well, I never said she was blind. You’ve got to be used to women falling all over you by now. You’ve had how many years of experience now?”

“I’d have to say it started when I was 15…so 14 years now. Wednesday will make it 15” he said nonchalantly while taking a sip of coffee.

“WHAT? You mean to tell me that your going to be stuck on a business trip on your 30th birthday?”

“HELL NO! What I am going to be is: with the woman I love, who also loves me, in a beautiful city, in a kick-ass suite on my 30th birthday. If I’m really lucky, I’ll be making love to said woman that night!” he said with a smile as he took a bite of sausage.

“Who would’ve qiqitv.info thought that my boss would come through with the best birthday present ever. Thanks Jack!”

“At least I know what to get you for your big day” she said as she took a sip of her coffee. “Oh my gosh, how did you know?” It was exactly how she liked it, really light and really sweet.

“Woman, when will you get it? I-LOVE-YOU! I’ve watched; no, make that studied you for a year-and-a half, picking up every detail I could about you. How you like your coffee was easy. It’s just how I like my coffee, and my woman.”

She looked at him, shook her head and smiled. Damn he was smooth.

They finished breakfast and decided to go and see some of the beautiful city that they were in. They went to shower, separately, and Nigha made a call from her room. She’d checked in with her husband and kids; then showered.

Jason knew who she was talking to when he heard her behind the closed door to her room. He could always tell by the tone of her voice when she was on the phone with her husband; hating the fact that that was something he could never be.

He decided that it would be best to not focus on things that couldn’t change, instead focusing on the rest of their time together.

He finished first, and waited for her on the sofa. He clicked on the large LCD television, and started to flip through the channels. He didn’t hear her door open, but knew she was standing behind him because he could smell his favorite perfume.

“Damn, he’s hot!” she said watching the television.

“What or who are you talking about?” he had no idea which channel he’d stopped on.

“Well, we both know you’re always hot. I was talking about him” she said pointing at the television.

He couldn’t look away at first because he was so taken with how beautiful she was.

She had all of her gorgeous curls piled high on her head, with a few hanging loose; a white strapless sundress that accentuated the hue of her flawless skin and showed the perfect amount of her cleavage, and no makeup.

“His name is Raoul Bova, and he’s the third hottest man I’ve ever seen” she said ignoring the fact that Jason wasn’t paying attention to the television.

“I know who he is; he’s my cousin” he said not even looking at the TV.

“You’re full of shit! He is not your cousin.”

“Technically, he’s my mother’s cousin and my second cousin.”

“Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before, but you look a lot like him. Except for the color of the eyes, your brother’s eyes look just like his, but yours are the blue version of those same eyes” she said as she studied his face like it was the first time she’d seen it.

“So, all that hotness does run in the family! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get out of here.”

“Not just yet. The third hottest? Who are one and two on your list?”

“Brett…and you of course.”

“Which of us is number one on the list?”


“Nunya, huh? Cute.” He flicked the TV off and stood to face her.

Nigha was impressed that he knew that “Nunya” was old-school slang for “none of your damn business” and smiled.

She hadn’t paid much attention to him until that point.

He had on a black “wifebeater” tank top showcasing his chiseled physique, long khaki shorts, and flip-flops. His hair was still damp and messy, which only added to his sexy factor.

It was the first time she’d seen him so completely dressed down, and it blew her away. If they didn’t hurry up and leave, she was going to have to throw him down and rip his clothes off.

“Damn woman! Come on; let’s go!”

“Or what?”

He quickly moved closer to her, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into him.

“Or I’m going to throw you over my shoulder, take you back into that room, and rip your dress off!” he said in a low, deep voice.

“Oh!” she said as she cleared her throat. “Then I guess we’d better get going.”

“Are you sure about that?” he asked as he leaned in and kissed her.

She moaned into his mouth as he moved a hand under her dress, and palmed one of her bare ass cheeks.

“Will you ever get enough?”

“Of you? Never, but I’ll have to settle for all that I can get this week now won’t I?” “Jason, we have to get out of here” she said as she pulled away from him.

“Whatever you want honey. Now like I said before; let’s go.”

They finally made it out of the room, and Nigha smiled and waved at Cyndi as they walked past the front desk.

Jason followed closely behind, happy to watch her calves flex, and her hips sway as she walked.

They spent most of the day walking, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine and their free time. Nigha bought a few things for her sons, husband, and also something extra special for Jason.

They grabbed some sandwiches and had an impromptu picnic in a park by the bay. Jason was happy, and so was Nigha, at the freedom to just be themselves; two people in love. At that point in time, it was all that mattered. Though in time, things would become much more complicated.

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