Javier , Robby Go To The Beach Ch. 02

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It was really starting to get dark as Jav and I started walking back on the beach. Although neither one of us spoke too much about what had just happened between us, it was very obvious that this would not be the last time.

We continued walking along the beach, getting our feet wet in the ocean, until we finally hit the boardwalk. We went back to the amusement park for a while then decided it was time to head back to the hotel. We grabbed a couple of soda’s and popcorn to take back to snack on. As we got back to the room, I put the key in the door when my mom popped her head out from the room next door. “You boy’s have fun?” she asked. “Yes, maam” said Jav and with his cute sly grin said, “In fact, Robby had a “blast”. “Well, you boys get a good night sleep, we’ll see you for breakfast” said mom. We went into the room, locked the door and I playfully kicked Jav in the ass. “You dickhead” I told him. I knew that the “blast” he was referring to was the shot of cum he fed me during the blowjob on the beach.

Once we settled into our rooms, we sat down on the couch to eat our snacks and watch some TV. Although I tried to be discrete, I made sure that I sat as close to Jav as possible, he had such a wonderful smell about him. After a while, I thought “the hell with discreteness” and I stretched out on the couch and laid my head down in his lap. While I did that Jav started to run his fingers through my hair. “You know Rob”, he said “that was very special what happened on the beach tonight”. “Yeah, bud, I’m starting to think of you as more than just a friend” I told him. With that I grabbed Jav’s head and pulled him down and started kissing him. He returned my kiss and we made out on the couch through the entire episode of “CSI” and it would take a lot for me to miss that show. Needless to say, my cock had gotten rock hard and I could feel that his dick gaziantep escortlar was the same way. Finally, I said to Jav, “Excuse me pal, I need to take a shower before bed.” I got up, grabbed a clean set of underwear and headed for the bathroom.

I turned on the water to the shower and took off my shirt, shorts, and boxers. Once the temp of the shower was just right I got in. The whole time I was in the shower I was thinking about Jav and the strong feelings I was having for him. I also thought about the great sex we had on the beach and our make out session on the couch. I had a raging boner as I let the shower hit me and soaped myself all over, concentrating mainly on the most fun part. I started singing while washing my back and ass and continuing with my shower. I was just about finished and turned to get out when the sliding door to the shower started to open. IT WAS JAV, AND HE WAS TOTALLY NAKED!!!! “Want some company, bro?” he asked. “Oh Jav, you look beautiful” I said, “get in here, dude”.

With that invitation, Jav climbed in the shower and his pole was sticking straight up looking right at me, begging for some attention. In the shower, we embraced and starting making out again with the warm water flowing over both of us. I took the soap and started rubbing Jav all over with it. I soaped his nipples and chest and stomach, and then gave the soap to him so that he could do the same to me. Jav worked the soap over my body real good. He worked his way down to my dick, beginning with my balls. Then he ran the soap up and down the length of my shaft and ran his fingertips across my tip. I thought I was going to explode again right then and there. And as if that wasn’t enough, he reached around and grabbed my butt cheeks. Then slid the soap up and down my ass crack until he finally inserted it into my hole. I knew the way he was working on me, that I would have the cleanest asshole in the world, or at least in Ocean City. Then, always full of surprises, Jav got on his knees and started to tongue my ass while stroking my cock at the same time. Then he turned my around and started sucking my dick fast and furious while pushing a couple of fingers in my asshole. Finally, I had to let loose and shot spurt after spurt of my hot creamy man juice into his eager mouth. This kid was enjoying every drop. He stood up and we continued our passionate kissing while I jerked him off until he came all over my hand. Soaking wet, we got out of the shower and dried each other off. Jav smelled of that sweet scented soap and I knew that I couldn’t wait to get into bed with him.

As you remember, back at the beach, Jav had asked me if we could sleep together in the same bed and of course I couldn’t turn down an offer like that. I just had to cuddle up with “my guy”. Anyway, after our shower, Jav and I decided that it wasn’t necessary to waste our time by putting on any underwear. That was just going to get in the way anyhow. I turned down the covers to the bed and jumped in. Jav climbed in next to me. I could feel the warmth of his body next to mine as we both lay on our backs, with our hands behind our heads talking about the day and what we would be doing tomorrow. While we were talking, my hand when to his thigh and I starting rubbing up and down his leg. I loved the feel of his smooth body, and the light amount of hair that he had. Jav was real talkative and I’m not sure he noticed what I was doing with my hand. I continued to feel him up and then started to brush against his balls. HE NOTICED NOW!!! His cock started to spring up at full attention again as my fingertips lightly traced every inch. I sat up, then slid down and started kissing and licking his dick all over. Then, before he could cum again, I asked him to roll over on his stomach, I wanted to try something I’ve never had done before.

Jav was always game for anything. He rolled over on his stomach and I got the best view of the cutest ass I had ever seen. I had him spread his legs open wide. My hands started to fondle his butt cheeks, and I told him I wanted to fuck him. “Oh, yes, Robby, please, PLEAZZZZE, LET ME FEEL YOU IN ME”. I spread open his cheeks and slowly started to push my dick in. Jav, let out a loud yell, but hollered, “KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING” I pushed my cock in farther and farther and started going in and out faster and faster as I continued to pump his man pussy. I was groaning, Jav was moaning, as our fucking got faster and faster and hotter and hotter. I told Jav that I was almost ready to cum again and asked if I could cum in his ass. “Oh yeah, Robby, let it go, LET IT GO!!!, he screamed. I kept pushing in and out, in and out, until finally, spurt after spurt began to fill his insides. I pumped and pumped while streams of my creamy cum continued to flow. “AHHHHHHHHHH”, I SHOUTED. “THIS IS WILD” Mmmmmmmmm, said Jav, “KEEP GOING, BABE”. Finally, I let go of all that was inside of me (after all this was my third cum in just a few hours). My dick started to get soft inside of his ass as I stretched out on top of him. Leaving my cock inside him for a while, I started kissing him lightly up and down his back, up to his shoulders, then his neck.

Jav turned me over and we french kissed for a little while longer until we decided it was time to go to bed. We started holding hands and talking about the day. We were cuddled up as close as we could get, always feeling our warm naked bodies against the other. As usual, Jav was being his usual blabbermouth, constantly talking and yacking while I was trying to sleep. After a while, he turned on his side, put his arm around me and said “Rob, I think I lo…I think I love..” He didn’t quite finish the sentence because of my snoring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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