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Big Tits

Jeff’s admiring gaze swept over his naked pet’s beautiful body as she slept. She was slightly on the chubby side and only of average height, but she had deep soulful brown eyes that were usually black with desire, thick chestnut short hair with natural blond and auburn highlights, a nicely rounded ass, and large breasts with small pink nipples. She was perfect.

As if sensing her Master’s sensually intense stare, Cassie stirred, slowly coming awake. She smiled at him as she awakened fully. “Good morning Master.”

“Good morning pet; I trust you slept well?” He smiled as she blushed and nodded shyly.

“Yes Master I did; you exhausted me last night.”

“That is what I intended and I would like to do so again this morning. However, I made plans for us to go shopping today, so hurry and go take a shower.” Jeff watched as her eyes widened in surprise, curiosity, and delight before bouncing off to the shower. He grinned as he saw her still bright red ass and got up to dress.

Coming back barely fifteen minutes later, Cassie recognized the outfit laid out as one of Master’s favorites; she also realized the skirt was so short it’d show the welts that were still present after last night. Still, she knew better than to question him and quickly dressed in the skirt, high healed sandals, lacy pink bra, day collar, and pink off the shoulders tank top; pink was his favorite color on her.

“Do you know how bad I want to just drag you down right now and fuck your sweet little tight cunt until you’re screaming and begging me to stop?” The sound of his voice and words coupled with the feel of his hard erection pressing against her and his hands cupping her breasts made her shiver as heat rolled through her, making her cunt wet. He chuckled in her ear, knowing exactly the effect he had on her. “There’s another thing before we leave angel. Bend over the bed for me.” She did as he asked, spreading her legs wide, suspecting he was going to put in the butt plug he always used when they went out. Instead however, he drove his cock deep inside her cunt, making her moan loudly as she clutched him tight. Master didn’t give her time to adjust, continuing to slide his thick hard cock in and out, deep and hard, each time he thrust forward pushing her against the bed.

Cassie felt her cunt tighten hard around Master’s cock and knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. “Ohh god Master, I’m so close! Please let me cum! I need to cum so bad for you Master please let me!” Master ignored her though and kept driving his throbbing cock hard inside her. “Oh fuck Master please! I can’t hold it much longer!” Still he ignored her, thrusting in repeatedly until suddenly he stiffened and with a loud groan shot his heavy load of cum deep inside her cunt. Then slowly he eased out, slide a think lubricated butt plug deep into her ass, replaced his cock with a vibrator, and attached clit stimulator to her clit before sliding a pair of xslot white cotton panties on her. He then pulled her into his arms and kissed her neck softly, telling her what a good girl she was, holding her until she stopped trembling.

Finally they were on their way, her Master making small talk while Cassie slowly controlled herself. She knew her Master had the controller to the vibrator and clit stimulator, which meant the day was going to be long and torturous for her. It already was torture; she hated when Master would take her to the very edge and leave her there, not allowing her to cum, and he knew it. Suddenly she gasped loudly as the silent but powerful clit stimulator started buzzing, stimulating her already hard clit. Then as suddenly as it was turned on, it was gone.

“That will happen anytime I feel that your attention and focus is not on me angel.”

“I’m sorry Master; I was distracted. I’ll do my best to not let it happen again.”

Jeff smiled, knowing exactly what her thoughts were. God he loved his pet. It was amazing how far she had come since their first day together, just over three months ago. She was always so eager to learn and her body reacted to him like a finely tuned instrument, doing exactly what he wanted when he wanted. Maybe he’d give her something special tonight. But first, shopping.

Cassie stared in amazement at all the objects as she entered the sex shop. She had never been in one, and was quite excited Master had brought her here now. More than that, she was allowed to pick out one thing and he would buy it for her. Like a child she wanted to run around and look at everything at once, but that would be unacceptable to her Master, so she stood quietly if a bit impatiently by him as he spoke to the manager. Looking at him, she noticed he was attractive with dark green eyes and blond hair, tall, though not very muscular. Quickly she looked down as Master turned on the vibrator, causing her to jump slightly and drawing the manager’s eyes to her. Holding her breath, she prayed he couldn’t hear the vibrator. As he returned to the counter she sighed in relief and followed her Master through the shop, looking wide eyed at all the toys.

Jeff was furious. He brought he precious angel to this store, and she check out another man! Not only that, but she continuously smiled at him. His slut with flirting with another man! This was unacceptable. Careful to keep an eye on her, he picked out a few things of his own as he counted every smile, every sly look, and every time she bent lower than necessary to show that man her lovely cotton covered ass. An as that belonged to him. Going back to her and gripping her arm tightly, yanking her to the counter where he paid for everything they picked out, then to the car, pushing her in and driving home, turning on the clit stimulator.

“You are not allowed to cum so do not ask!” he barked out.

Sitting there wide xslot Giriş eyed, she wondered what she had done to make her Master angry; she knew she had behaved perfectly in the shop after all. Then it hit her; he caught her flirting with the manager. Whimpering softly, she started to tremble in fear and apprehension, suddenly wishing she had chosen something other than the soft suede flogger. Shifting uncomfortable, she hoped he would hurry and get it over with. She hoped, but she doubted it would happen.

Once home, Master ordered her undressed and kneeling. Standing over her, he stared at her trembling for. She was scared. Good; she should be. She was his and only his; obviously she needed to be reminded. Taking off her day collar, he replaced it with the heavy black leather play collar and attached the leash to it. When that was done he jerked her to her feet and led her to the basement. He could feel her shaking more as they reached the bottom of the stairs and pushed her to her knees; she’d never been punished before and was fighting the urge to cum. Having absolutely no orgasm control, he was proud she lasted so long and turned both devices off before taking them out, leaving the plug in. The vibrator he put in her mouth as he went to put the clit stimulator up and get his bag. Coming back to stand over her, he finally spoke.

“I’m very disappointed in you angel. I had a special night for us planned, but you ruined it by your flirtations. I cannot begin to tell you how bad you hurt me, not to mention how jealous you made me.” He faltered slightly as the tears started welling over her eyes but determinedly went on; she had to learn. “Fro that I will have to punish you. I don’t enjoy it but you need to learn so you don’t repeat the same mistake. Do you understand?” She nodded, shaking pitifully. He removed the vibrator and said, “If it gets to be too much for you, use your safe words.”

Cassie licked her dry lips as she trembled and watched as Master pull out a new pair or large and painful looking nipple clamps. Gently, he started to caress her breasts and nipples, making her forget about the clamps as she moaned and closed her eyes, her body responding immediately to his touch as always. Just as she relaxed completely, he attached both the clamps at the same time, causing her to cry out in pain. The clamps applied more pressure than she was used to and she wasn’t sure she could handle it. But then her determination kicked in, making her take deep calming breaths; she was determined to make up for her error. Still, if this was just the beginning, she wasn’t quite sure she could handle it.

Smiling, Jeff pulled his pet to her feet. He was so proud of her taking the heavy clamps without complaint, though he knew how painful they must be on her sensitive nipples. Kissing her neck softly, he bent her over the gym horse and heard her gasp of pain as her breasts fell forward. Ignoring xslot Güncel Giriş it, he bent down and quickly tied her ankles to her writs, binding her uncomfortably but effectively. Then he grabbed the flogger his pet picked out.

“Mmm…such a lovely toy angel, though I had hoped to use it for pleasure first, not punishment.” He sighed softly, running the many tails over her still tender ass. “However, this must be done. Be sure to count them as they fall, and don’t forget to thank me pet.” So saying, he began.

Cassie tensed, trying to prepare herself for the first blow, but it didn’t help. Master brought the flogger down hard on her ass, ripping a scream from her throat and making her eyes fill with tears. “One thank you Master.” The next one was no softer. “Two thank you Master.” On and on they went until she was sure her ass was nothing but on big burning bruise, each strike harder than the last. At she was crying uncontrollably, and by twenty she was in shock, floating somewhere outside her body. Finally it was over and she was being held tight in her Master’s arms as he whispered in her ear, though she wasn’t sure what or how she had go there so fast since she didn’t remember being untied.

Jeff was proud of his angel. Even in her agony she obeyed, never once stopping counting, though he was sure she didn’t know it; she seemed in shock, floating in subspace. Gently he picked her up, knowing she wouldn’t be able to walk, and carried her up to their bedroom. By time he laid her on the bed, she was back to herself. As he kissed her softly he removed the clamps, smothering her cry of pain with his mouth, gently massaging her sore nipples, bringing the blood back. Softly he kissed down her neck to take a nipple into his mouth, sucking gently as his hand slid down to her cunt, quickly preparing her to receive him. Then kissing her hard, he thrust deep into her with a loud groan.

Crying out as Master fucked her, Cassie wrapped her legs tight around his waist, the pain that was her ass all but forgotten. Master had never fucked her so hard before; it was like he was trying to possess her. Still, the pain from the force only added to her pleasure, not detract from it. Soon she was clinging tighter to him as she got close. “Please Master let me cum! I need to cum so bad for you!”

Jeff drove harder into her. “Tell me who you belong to slut.”

“Oh god Master I belong to you! I’m your slut, your whore, your bitch. Please let your cunt cum for you Master!”

“Yes bitch, cum for your Master!” He grunted in satisfaction as she screamed and convulsed around his cock, feeling her cum hard. He drove in even harder. “You’re mine angel; you belong to me and always will. Don’t ever forget it.” With that, he thrust one last time, making her scream before he exploded in orgasm, covering her cunt with his cum. Panting heavily he rolled off her and pulled her against him as he quickly fell asleep.

Cassie yawned and snuggled closer, lightly running her fingertips over his chest and kissing her beloved Master’s neck. “I love you Master,” she softly whispered. Her last thought before falling asleep was that she would never try that experiment again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32