Jenna’s First Orgasm

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All characters are 20+.


Jenna and Shaun had only met for the second time today. They met for the first time a few days ago, at some event on in the city. It was actually a picture perfect way to meet, and now he had offered to come up and hang out with her and her sister again. They were both excited but nervous. Having had a good conversation and some ice cream, they decided to go to a nearby place called Coast Head, a coastal and scenic place. Shaun offered for Jenna to come with him in his car, this was one of the first signs she realised that maybe he liked her more than just friends… To Shaun’s surprise, Jenna agreed and they set off. Her sister and some other guy went in her own car.

By the time they were leaving Coast Head, it was now pitch black dark and around 11pm. It took around half an hour to get back to the town where Jenna lived. The drive back was very quiet, but you could tell that there was some tension in the air, and the good type… Shaun’s phone had died and she was really worried, hoping he would get home okay. Just before Jenna left to go home, they hugged. It lasted for a few moments. But just then, Jenna felt Shaun’s hand grab her hips and rub around her body. They turned to kiss each other, and it was intense. They were really going at it, like animals and getting really sloppy. Suddenly, the tension was released.

The car park was empty, dark and nobody was about, so they had no reason to think twice or stop. The making out continued. Jenna had never been felt up like this before. They were both enjoying it so much. The intensity just kept going and going until Jenna pulled her top up. Shaun was surprised, and had thought about making the move to cup her boobs but didn’t want to be too pushy. She was so excited that she pulled her bra right up, exposing her perfect little white boobs to him. It was then he pulled her by her legs over to his side of the car and put the seat back. She was now on top of him, legs spread and top pulled up with her titties in his face, up until now their lips had been stuck together making out so passionately. It’s hard to believe they only met a few days ago, some might say love at first sight.

Jenna could feel Shaun’s hard cock through his trousers, she was really curious and enjoyed how it felt, but a little bit scared to do anything with it. He was now feeling up her boobs with his warm rough hands, grabbing a big handful of both, using his finger and thumbs to rub the nipples in a twisting motion gently, and the rest of his fingers to grab and squeeze her soft, hot and now getting sweaty boobs. She was just hoping that he would start to suck them, and tried to suggest to by pushing one boob into his face. He got the message and began sucking her so gently, but fast. Jenna loved the sucking of her nipples and they got incredibly hard and aroused. He was still playing with her other boob with one hand, the other was now moving down her left side getting closer and closer to her waist, around the top of her şişli escort trousers.

She could feel him slowly but powerfully thrusting and she enjoyed the fact that she was turning him on so much, whilst being at new heights of horniness herself. He pulled her trousers down and his own in one quick move. Jenna felt scared but she was too turned on to object. At the back of her mind was the fact that she was so nervous all day about the meet, that her stomach had been a little sour. She was holding in farts all night, which was fine on the walk and at Torr Head, but getting extremely hard as she was in a now steamy car with the boy she fancied, and now in an intimate moment.

Part terrified, part curious at what was going to happen next he went from sucking her boobies to making out again. Their tongues hadn’t had such a workout… ever. It was a special kind of kissing that neither of them had done with anybody else before but felt natural and special. Their tongues were nearly tied in a knot and their hands rubbing all over each other, it was pure love and passion. Jenna had never felt her little pussy so hot, wet and sticky before. She hadn’t touched it, or been touched but was aware of the tingly, hot and steamy feelings building up down there. Shaun’s hard cock, now dripping too with excitement at the tip, was just separated from her big natural bushy fanny by a two thin bits of denim of their trousers. Practically touching.

Now as Shaun had pulled back both of their trousers, and Jenna had just quietly said nothing, wanting to see where these new tingly feelings would lead to. She had been fingered and ate out before, but nothing really blew her mind. And now, first contact was about to be made.

She felt Shaun’s hands get lower.. and lower… teasing every little curve and area as they went down. Finally, as they pushed her trousers back, just enough to free her bum she felt a breeze of air as it went free, she also felt his leg hairs against her smooth shaved upper thighs. It felt unreal.

They were still making out, not so much more than a second for a quick breath and no sign of stopping yet… As her trousers were now down, the smell of her arse and the dodgy stomach and the farts it had caused came out just a tad, but they were far too busy to notice much. Jenna was scared of feeling embarrassed about it, but little did she know Shaun would be really into that. Little did she know he would love every detail about her, actually.

His dick was now tucked just beneath her bush, but his fingers only just making first contact with her little wet virgin pussy. She was a little worried in case he expected her to shave, until he whispered in her ear “your hairy bush is so unreal, I love it” and she felt validated, and even more turned on. She had just reached to stop Shaun from being about to finger her, but she was weak in the moment and he just about got his first rub up her little slit, from close to her bum up to her front. Then he started to focus on that area… It felt heavenly.

Jenna didn’t even know what her clit was, but she was about to figure out how good it felt to have it gently rubbed in little circle motions during a long makeout session as she sat, on top of Shaun, legs spread, facing him, like a naughty little girl telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas, only with their private parts touching. Needless to say she would have been on the naughty list there.

Before she could even think about what came next, she was feeling what was virtually a strong stream of wet running down his finger, at it caressed her pussy through all the hairs. He was about to poke one finger in ever so slowly… it was pure ecstasy for Jenna. She didn’t know what was about to happen, but the tingling got more intense, as did Shaun’s thrusting. They had such a nice rhythm going. Jenna was on the verge of a massive orgasm… she was starting to let go to embrace it… Nobody had ever made her cum herself before and now she was on top of this boy on top of the world.

In this moment, she had felt something slip… it was only a fart and it didn’t stop the making out, she thought Shaun didn’t notice and all was fine… but he had heard, and he was just anticipating the sweet smell of Jenna’s bum-hole to fill the air, as she was hoping no smell would show in fear of embarrassment. They kept making out and he kept fingering her clit… the pleasure was building. Her hand was now rubbing his leg, but she was a little scared to touch his dick, despite her horniness.

The smell of her accidental fart was now coming to surface. She smelt it, and so did Shaun. She felt his dick grow harder and push even more up against her sweaty arse and wet pussy, just centimetres away from his finger working around her clit. They both noticed that the smell of the fart wasn’t disappearing as they’d expect it to… It was just then when Jenna felt that actually, it was a bigger accident than just a fart. Something was running down her bum crack and Shaun was just starting to feel it on his excited, hard cock dripping down her crack onto the tip of his dick. The smell got even worse and Jenna started to panic… nearly getting in the way of her pleasure as she realised she had just accidentally shit all over the boy she fancied. She thought things were going well and now that he’d think she was some kind of freak… but just before she stopped making out she heard Shaun saying “oh my god this is so fucking unreal” between kisses. He must not have noticed the poo… She had no idea that actually he knew rightly. It peaked his excitement and just like that.. Jenna felt something else unexpected…

His dick slipped up inside. Right up inside. It must have been dirty from her poo, but her pussy was so wet as he continued to finger away and she got closer and closer to the big explosion orgasm. Jenna was a virgin and she never wanted to have sex until marriage, but in this moment it just happened. One thing led to another and everything felt so right. It slipped up so easily. They never had time to think twice. He was now deep inside her, this feeling was so new to her but she loved it.

Shaun had never felt such a hot, tight and wet pussy. Let alone with one of his biggest fantasies ever, messy sex. He loved the fact that Jenna had just accidentally shat all over him. He didn’t care about the mess. He was now thrusting Jenna so hard, having her held at the hips forcing her back and forth as he was deep inside her.

It was during this intense fuck Jenna discovered the joys of multiple orgasms… one followed the other… She was having sex… unprotected too… but was having way too much pleasure to think of the fears she had before. It all just felt right, and so spontaneous. She had to reach around to her bumhole just to confirm to herself that she really had shat. It went unspoken to this point. She was moaning in pleasure as Shaun fucked her like a train… “uhm, I’m so sorry but I had an accident…” she just about said between the moans. She was apologising, but she didn’t realise that saying this would send Shaun over the edge to cum inside her. This, along with her feel of her bumhole, where she accidentally touched this balls, as they bashed up and down, hitting her now poo covered hold felt so good. She had to feel them to see if she had in fact made a mess on him… that was it, he had reached the point of no return…

Suddenly Jenna felt his cock inside her force right up as deep as it could go. It felt unreal, kind of sore but in a good way… Suddenly a feeling of warmth and being filled up. She was feeling his hot cum drown her pussy. This caused her to tingle and cum again, at the same time as him. They both had the most intense orgasm, and all the thrusting of what was now 20 minutes came to a stop, with her wrapped tightly in his arms, them both sweaty and the vague smell of her bum in the air. She had just lost her virginity to this boy, totally unlike her. It was clearly the power of love. They both couldn’t believe what had just happened, being the second time they met, being the moment she lost her virginity and discovered the joy of orgasms for the first time. Just that week they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

What about the risks? Thankfully, as it turned out, she did a pregnancy test the next day.. and a few days after that and all was clear. It just so happens her cycle was at the point where she couldn’t get pregnant. That was lucky. She couldn’t wait to meet up again after that steamy night. It would be the first of many, though they’d eventually get the pill and have each others beds to enjoy… in between all the amazing dates and moments together. They became addicted to each other.

That night, after they both orgasmed, and made out some more… it was well after 1am. They were both tired out. Jenna tried to see if there was any way she could take him to her sisters house to stay for the night… she thought it was safer than him driving home, with a dead battery on his phone. Luckily, her house was empty that night and they both went… TO BE CONTINUED hehehe

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