Jennifer’s Secret Ch. 01

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Jennifer was always very close to her mother. She was an only child and had been raised without a father since she was 9 years old. Jennifer had always longed for the closeness that having a father would bring. She wanted the camping trips and the father daughter talks that her friends were always bragging to each other about. Her mother had dated several men after her father died, but none ever resulted in marriage, or the closeness of a father. Alas, Jennifer grew into a young woman, marrying when she was just 18.

Her desire to have a father never faltered inside Jennifer’s mind, even after she became a mother and had comfortably settled into domestic life. Over the years she watched her 2 young boys grow into responsible children, often leaving Jennifer much time to herself, again alone with her desire for a father.

One day a knock on the door yanked Jennifer from her zoned out existence online. She answered to find her mother on the other side, standing with a man she had never seen before.

“Jennifer, this is Doug, you remember me telling you about him,” said her mother, sheepishly stepping inside Jennifer’s small apartment.

“Hello, Jennifer,” said the tall, older man, “Your mother’s told me all about you, it’s good to finally meet you.”

“You too, Doug,” said Jennifer, slowly shutting the front door.

As the pair made their way to the dark green overstuffed couch, Jennifer couldn’t help but notice that Doug was a very handsome man.

“Jen, honey, we stopped by to see if you wanted to join us for lunch,” said her mother, snuggling a bit closer to Doug.

“Ummm, thanks, Mom, but I just had lunch and I’m expecting an important call in a bit,” she answered, sitting down across from the couple.

Several times, Doug’s eyes met Jennifer’s and she would smile, trying to make idle small talk to curb the awkwardness of the moment.

“Y’all excuse me, please,” said Jennifer, just realizing that she was not wearing a bra and her shorts were very short. As she walked down the long hallway leading to her bedroom, Jennifer looked over her shoulder, noticing Doug watching her every move. She smiled and entered her room, purposely leaving the door cracked.

A few minutes later, Jen’s mother shouted, “Jen, honey, we’re gonna go ahead and go to lunch, I’ll call you later.”

“Okay, Mom, y’all have a good time,” she shouted back, almost disappointed that Doug had not excused himself to go to the bathroom so he could pass Jennifer’s cracked bedroom door.

After the couple left, Jennifer found herself unusually turned on. She decided against putting on the bra or changing the ass cheek baring shorts. Instead, she laid down on her waterbed, propping her feet on the cushioned sideboards and gently began massaging her pussy thru her moistened panties. She closed her eyes and moaned, seeing Doug in her thoughts only served to turn her on more.

As the minutes wore on, Jennifer’s desire grew like a wildfire, she could no longer control herself. She shoved her panties and shorts down around her ankles and ripped her shirt up, just below her chin. She rocked her hips and moaned as both her hands went to work. The long slender fingers of her right hand slithered down between her swollen warm pussy lips, teasingly dipping the tip of her middle finger inside her warm wet hole. She groaned and rocked her hips a bit faster, feeling her warm sticky cunt juice begin to lubricate her fingertip.

Her left hand came up, instantly Sivas Escort cupping her supple tits. Back and forth she rubbed them both, teasing and tweaking her taut nipples, panting like an exhausted dog. She began whispering “fuck me, fuck me, Doug, don’t stop, fuck me.” The bed beneath her began to roll around in angry waves causing her hips to rise and fall and her middle finger to slip inside her cunt further, knuckle deep.

Jennifer screamed and moaned, panting and begging as she finger fucked herself. Her eyes rolled into her skull and her words became nothing more then breathless jibberish. Her nipples ached from the pinching and pulling, her clit became puffy and rose high above her swollen wet pussy lips. She bit her bottom lip so hard that her warm blood gushed inside her mouth as it gaped open, panting for air.

And finally ………. the release.

“DOUG! DOUG! OHHHHHH!!” she screamed out as her pussy gushed what seemed to be gallons of her sweet thick nectar, completely coating the bedspread that was now stuck to her sweaty ass and back. Her mouth was dry. Her legs quivered as the aftershocks of her shattering orgasm shot thru her young naked body. She slowly opened her eyes, which were now damp with her tears. Her throat was sore and made it hard to swallow, at first. She laid there for a moment collecting her thoughts, smiling and cooing, but also feeling somewhat guilty for having such thoughts about her mother’s boyfriend.

Later that night, after everyone had gone to bed, Jennifer was chatting with friends online, scurrying between the simultaneous messenger boxes lighting up at the bottom of her screen, when suddenly her email box popped up …. “You have received a new email message from Doug.”

Jennifer paused for a moment, debating on whether she should read it now or wait until tomorrow when she was alone. She finally decided to read it, realizing she could save it and read it again tomorrow. Quickly she opened her email box and clicked on Doug’s message :

“It was nice meeting you today, Jennifer, you have a beautiful home. But then again why wouldn’t a beautiful woman have a beautiful home? I hope you don’t mind me emailing you, your mother gave me your address so I could write. Hope to get a rain check on that lunch you missed today … Sincerely, Doug”

Jennifer smiled and re-read the letter a few more times before placing it in her “saved messages” folder. She went back to answering her friends on messenger before going to bed.

A few days later, Jennifer’s husband called to say he’d be working late, which she knew that meant no sex tonight. She went on with her routine of fixing dinner for her boys, washing the dishes and taking her nightly bath. Hours later, her husband came home, and as Jennifer suspected, he was too tired for sex, too tired for conversation ….. too tired for her … period.

She gave him his dinner and he proceeded to do his nightly ritual of falling asleep in front of the television. And once again, after everyone had gone to bed, Jennifer was outside soaking up the cool night air. She stood in her doorway, wearing nothing but one of her husband’s old shirts, nothing underneath. She giggled as a wisp of cool air flew up under the shirt, dancing across her naked pussy and kissing her bare nipples.

It turned her on immediately, but she knew by the time she went into her bedroom to wake her husband up, her mood would have vanished. So she decided to get online, Sivas Escort Bayan try to forget her troubles and find her friends to talk to. After signing in, Jennifer did her usual, checked her email first and foremost. After deleting the spam and reading the hello’s and how are you’s from her friends, she clicked on her “saved messages” folder and brought up Doug’s email.

Again she read his kind words, debating on whether she should answer him, unsure if he would even be awake this time of night. So, she decided to give it a try, and with trembling fingers, she hit reply :

“Thank you for the kind words, Doug. I too enjoyed meeting you the other day. Yes I’d like a rain check on lunch, that would be lovely …. Sincerely, Jennifer.”

She hit send and went about starting up conversations with her friends on messenger. Within minutes, that familiar blue box popped up in the corner of Jennifer’s screen, “You have received a new email message from Doug.”

She felt butterflies dancing in her stomach, she was both nervous and excited. She politely told her friends that she had to go and she turned her messenger off, but remained online. Immediately she went to her email inbox and clicked Doug’s message :

“I was so glad to see you had answered my email, Jennifer, I hoped you would. I just got offline with your mother, she was tired, unfortunately I’m a night owl so I spend alot of late nights online. If you don’t mind, maybe we could chat on messenger some time, maybe get to know each other better ………… Sincerely, Doug”

Immediately, Jennifer’s pussy began to ache, that same familiar ache she had experience the other day. Her nipples stood at attention, she was in full fuck me mode. Without hesitation, she copied Doug’s email address and opened messenger, adding him to her contacts. She knew she’d have to turn on messenger again to chat with him, so she set her status to “away.”

Within seconds, there he was, “Doug has just signed in.”

Jennifer jumped up quickly and stood at her bedroom door, smiling when she heard her husband snoring and she quietly pulled the door all the way shut.

-Ding Ding- Doug wasted no time paging her and she quickly ran back over to her oversized computer chair, clicking up the navy blue blinking box.

“Hello Jennifer”

“Hello Doug, how are you?”

“Wonderful, Jennifer, thanks for asking, how are you?”

“Fine, but a bit bored,” she answered.

“Oh really? Why are you bored?”

“It’s late at night, I’m not sleepy and there’s nothing on the television”

“I know what you mean. So what are you doing online?”

“Oh, just chatting with friends and answering email”

“I was happy to see your email, Jennifer”

“I wanted to write you, Doug”



“Why’s that?” he asked

“I’m hesitant on whether I should tell you or not,” she wrote back.

“You can tell me anything,” he said.

“You can’t tell my mother,” she said.

“It’s just between you and I, Jennifer,” he promised.

“Welllllll …. okay then ….. I was outside a few minutes ago and I felt a cool breeze go up inside my shirt, it made me horny.”

“Oh really? Are you not wearing anything under your shirt, Jennifer?”

“No, just my husband’s shirt is all I usually wear to bed.”

The conversation that would take place next was both erotic and unexpected.

“Is your pussy wet right now, Jennifer?”

“Oh Escort Sivas my God,” she thought to herself, this man is 40 years older then I am, he’s dating my mother and I’m sitting here about to answer his question about my pussy.

“Yes, Doug” she answered.

“Mmmm, touch it for me, tell me what it feels like,” he typed.

Jennifer closed her eyes and slid her middle and pointer finger down between her thighs, dipping her fingertips inside her moist cunt.

“Does it feel good, hun?” he asked.

“Oh god yes,” she answered, “It’s so warm and wet.”

“Is your husband in bed?” asked Doug.

“Yes, everyone’s in bed,” she answered.

“Can I call you? I want to make you cum, Jennifer.”

“OH MY GOD, WHAT DO I DO?!?” she thought, then nervously typed back, “Yes, you may call me.”

She gave him her phone number and signed off, quickly running to the kitchen and grabbing the phone so she could catch it on the first ring.

Seconds later, the small black cordless phone lit up and rang like a fire engine. Breathlessly she answered, “Doug?”

“Yes hun, it’s me, where are you?”

“I’m in the kitchen, but I’m on my way to the bathroom,” she answered, tip toeing thru the living room and quietly pulling the bathroom door shut and locking it. She turned on the faucet so it would kill any noise coming from the bathroom, should anyone wake up. Carefully she climbed into the bathtub and leaned back, immediately spreading her legs.

“Are you there, Jennifer?” asked Doug softly.

“I’m here,” she answered, lifting her shirt off and sitting completely naked in the tub.

“Rub your pussy again for me,” he instructed, I’m stroking my dick right now.

Jennifer moaned into the phone as her fingers massaged her aching pussy. Her naked body slithered down into the tub further until she was so far down she had to rest her feet on the wall.

“I have a confession, Jennifer,” Doug whispered into the phone.

“Mmmmm, ohhhh, tell me, tell me,” she groaned.

“I was attracted to you the first time I met you, even though your mother was there, I wanted to bend you over that chair you were sitting in and fuck you right there,” he said

“Oh God,” she groaned, “I wish you would have fucked me, Doug, I even left my bedroom door open for you, hoping you’d come in there and see me changing.”

“I want to fuck you, Jennifer, I love fucking young women,” he moaned as his breaths became more and more labored.

“Fuck me, Doug, fuck me, oh God, please fuck me,” she chanted, feeling her stomach muscles begin to tighten and her pussy becoming sloppy wet.

“I’m gonna cum,” he hissed into the phone, “I wanna cum in you, Jennifer.”

“OH GODDDDDD!!!!!” she screamed, so lost in her lust that she had forgotten where she was, “DOUG! DOUG! I’M GONNA CUM!”

“Cum, Jennifer, cum with me, baby,” he growled as his cum shot up thru his engorged cock tip and slathered his hand.

Jennifer’s body convulsed and her feet felt as though they would push right thru the wall. Her hips bucked wildly and her mouth again was gaping open as her pussy submitted and splashed the cold porcelain bathtub with her sweet thick cum. She lay there clutching the telephone, breathing hard and realizing where she was, hoping she had not awakened her husband.

“Are you okay, Jennifer?” asked Doug.

“I’m fine,” she answered, still trying to catch her breath.

“That was amazing, God you made my dick hard. I haven’t shot off like that in years,” he said.

They both remained on the telephone, periodically exchanging satisfied groans and whispers before finally agreeing to hang up, but not before they made plans for the next day, when Jennifer would be completely alone.

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