Jenny and Carrie Ch. 08

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I would like to thank everyone who has read this story, and has commented on it. To me it doesn’t matter if you like it or don’t, for me I never was one to think a lot of people would like it. But as the comments have come in, I have found a lot of you do. This was the first bit of writing I ever thought about doing, much less reading. All that changed when I found two books one of which was Possessions

And the other was what turned out to be a well known series of books for teen girls( this part I didn’t even know about) called Sweet Valley high. Well Possessions inspired me to make a sequel because I thought it dead ended so here it is. Please let me know how you like it or even if you don’t. As we all know ‘you can’t please everyone’.


“Thank you. But we have one question for all of you please. Where did that sign come from?” Carrie asked as she and Jenny were smiling brightly. The sign Carrie was referring to was out in the front yard. Set up to the left of the big pine tree. Both had seen it immediately as the car pulled into the drive. Which it was a duplicate of the banner only smaller, and read: ‘The home of the Hayward Strom’. “Boy it surprises me just how fast our nickname has gotten around, it’s simply amazing.”

“I actually love the feeling it gives off. It’s like a new phenomenon growing and taking shape. Now we both can bet on our fans chanting the name, waving the flags, or wearing the shirts and hats. And for some reason, I have this feeling that there is more than that one banner. I love it.” Jenny said.

“Well ladies, I’ll confess. Claude, I, and your brothers helped pass it along. We thought you both would love it if your fans here knew about it.” Ross explained.

“We do. Thank you guys for all the help.”

The guys all went down to the den while the women helped Jenny and Carrie unpack. Then they joined the guys in the den, which the 6 sisters sat down on their loveseat. When Ross got up and put a tape in the VCR, and sat back down and pushed play on the remote. What showed on the screen completely shocked the ladies. Someone had taped their USJT competition in Miami for them. At the end of the tape was the medal ceremony. Then showed some of their earlier victories, all this was set to some very appropriate music. Which was to the song;’ We are the champions’ from the famous rock band called Queen. Katherine looked over at Jenny and Carrie, who were watching the tape with tears of joy running down their faces.

“Thanks to whoever did the taping this was the best bar none of all the presents we could have gotten.” Jenny stated happily after the tape ended.

“Really, thanks a lot.” Carrie agreed.

“You both are welcome ladies. We all thought you both would love some mementos of your careers and victories as divers.” Claude told them. Jenny and Carrie got up and hugged and kissed their family.

“Would it be too much trouble to ask if you can tape our competition in San Diego? They wouldn’t just me mementos, but we could also use them for like training tools. We could use them to see all of our mistakes and learn from them.” Jenny explained.

“That is if we can spot any.” Carrie laughed with everyone else.

At 8, Jenny and Carrie went up to their room, to get cleaned up and ready for bed. When they finished, both were in bed watching TV, when they heard their mother calling for them.

“Yes mom?”

“Ladies, your sisters are searching for you both.”

“We’re both up in our bed, girls.” They called out to their sisters. Then they heard all 4 running up the stairs, and down the hall. In no time, those 4 climbed up on the bed with Jenny and Carrie. Who made room between themselves, for those 4 girls, and covered them up. Then all 6 hugged and kissed, and then Carrie got up and turned the light off, while Jenny turned the TV off. Then all 6 fell asleep.

At 9, Katherine and Leslie went up to see their daughters. When they entered the room, they could all were asleep all cuddled up together. This made both women smile, and they were back down and sat with Ross and Claude.

“Well are our 6 sisters having fun?” Ross laughed.

“They all are asleep.” Katherine told him and then yawned.

“That’s a good idea, we all need the rest.” Claude said and they all said good night and turned in themselves.

Katherine was woken up at 10, Saturday morning by the sound of laughter, and the TV. She sat up and stretched, then stood up and got into her robe and slippers. When she entered the den, she saw hers and Leslies’ twins in there watching cartoons and loving it.

“Good morning girls. How are we this morning? And where are your big sisters at?” She asked Liz, Jess, Carole and Sheryl as she hugged and kissed them.

“We’re fine momma and both of our sissys still sleeping.” Liz answered Katherine.

“We all got out of bed, being really quiet and came here to watch cartoons!” Sheryl said happily.

“Good. Are you any Escort bayan of you girls hungry?”

“Yes mam!” All 4 said. So she led them into the kitchen, and helped them up into their chairs then fixed the girls breakfast. After the girls ate, the rushed back to the den, which made Katherine, laugh. Just then she heard Leslie yell in surprise as she just about got ran over by those 4. When she entered the kitchen, she saw Katherine cleaning up, they both hugged their greetings.

“What are our girls in such a rush to get to?”

“As fate would have it Saturday morning cartoons.” Katherine said as both died laughing.

“Well, I’m glad I was just entering the hall as they ran by. Or I would have gotten ran down.” Leslie said between laughs. “By the way, where are their big sisters?”

“Jenny and Carrie are still asleep.” Katherine answered. “I have this feeling that both will sleep most of today away.”

“I hear you; I had the same thought too. And both ladies really deserve it.”

Neither of the ladies woke up and entered the den until 4:30 that afternoon. When they entered the den, their sisters jumped all over them. Both Jenny and Carrie sat down on the floor with Liz, Jess, Carole and Sheryl and they all hugged and kissed. Katherine and Leslie came in at that moment, and took their turns. Then they all sat around talking.

“How did you ladies sleep?” Katherine asked.

“Actually we slept very well.” Jenny said. Then she looked at their sisters. “Now how in the world did you 4 get out of bed without waking us up?” the girls said they didn’t know.

“I woke up at 10 this morning, and found them in here watching cartoons and loving it.” Katherine told Jenny and Carrie.

“Where did the males of this family run off to today?” Carrie asked.

“Your brothers are at the club. And you dad and Claude are at work dear. Look ladies. You both know your birthdays are a week from Monday, don’t you? You ladies will be ‘Sweet 16!” Katherine told them.

“Yes. Your right we both did forget about them. With all we both have done and are now doing, and not to mention of what we have gone through we did forget.” Carrie said and Jenny nodded in agreement.

“So dears the family has decided to celebrate them tomorrow, because you both will be diving next Monday.” Leslie told the ladies.

“Great! I know we both are well over due for a good party. We will look forward to it. Thanks.” Jenny said.

“And that’s no lie!” Carrie added.

Sunday afternoon, Ross and Katherine were telling the ladies about their presents for them.

“WE both have decided to get you ladies cars for your birthdays. We will get any kind you ladies may want. So, the only thing we both need to know here is what kind do you ladies want?” Ross explained. At this time both he and Katherine could tell that both Jenny and Carrie both loved this idea.

“We both, sis and I have talked in length about this subject. Feeling each other out to see which kinds we both liked. So, when we finally bought some, we’d get the same kind.” Jenny stated.

“Yes. And that’s where we figured out that there were only 2 cars on our lists. And those were Corvettes and Camero IROC Z/28’s.” Carrie finished.

“So, you ladies want high performance sports cars huh?” Katherine asked smiling at her ladies.

“True and you both picked out 2 of the best ones made. Now which do you like more?”

“That’s a hard question to answer. Seeing how neither have really seen them, and have never driven either one. We just can’t answer that, until we have a chance to do just that.” Carrie explained.

“And we want to see what options both have to offer. We should not even talk about gas mileage, because I’m sure that neither one has very good ones.” Jenny added.

“Yes dears. All of that you both have said is very true. But, it’s your choices. Let’s all go and let you both do just that, so you can choose which one you both like best.” So, those 4 got ready and left for one of the best Chevrolet dealers in California. When they entered the place, they talked to a salesman about what Jenny and Carrie wanted to do. So, he led them all over to the lines where the Corvettes and IROC Z/28’s were. Where he explained to Jenny and Carrie exactly what options and features each car offered. Then the ladies took both for test drives. When they returned, the adults stood back and let the ladies walk around both cars and talk it out between themselves. They asked the salesman if either came with pink exteriors, to which he said no. But that they could get them special ordered like that if that’s what they wanted. And it would cost a lot more for that and would take about a month to have them delivered. Jenny and Carrie both nodded, and both decided to forget that idea.

“Well sis. Which do you like best? Personally, I love the corvette more.” Carrie asked.

“So do I sis. Let’s get them.” Jenny said, both decided to get ones with white interiors. Escort So later they could get the cars painted pink. Both ladies went back over to where Ross and Katherine were, and told them they wanted the Corvettes. Then they told their salesman their decisions, Jenny choose a medium blue one and Carrie got a fire engine red one. Both were top of the line, best motor, sound system, and every other option and the best alarms. The salesman led those 4 to his desk, where they filled out all the paperwork. After that was done, he and Ross agreed on a price for both which was $75.000.00. Ross handed the guy a check, and he took it and the paperwork to his manager for approval. When the manager saw Ross’ name on the check, he got up and looked out the window into the showroom to the guys’ desk. Where he saw Ross, Katherine, Jenny and Carrie sitting and talking until the salesman came back. He went back and approved the sale quickly. Then he called the service department and had both cars serviced and detailed for Jenny and Carrie.

“You have to know who they are, don’t you?” He asked his salesman.

“Yes. I along with everyone here have heard all about that family, and the richest one in these parts, and full of snobs.”

“Well, you have only heard of three of them before then. But it’s evident you have not heard of these four people. Ross there finally took over the family corporation from Derek who was the biggest ass anyone could know. Ross when he took over really changed how it ran. Katherine there is one of the best jewelry designers in the world. She has given a lot of her income to the cities charities, and even to the city it’s self. And the young ladies there are none other than Jennifer and Caroline, the famous divers and golfers.”

“Holy shit, that’s who they are, and it’s strange that they aren’t buying Mercedes or BMW.”

“Well, it says the cars are for Jennifer and Caroline. I would guess those ladies don’t care to have those rich people’s cars. Here you go, give this to John. He will finish the sale and paperwork, and they will be ready to go.” He said handing the man all the paperwork that he went down to give them to John, who was behind the counter in the showroom. It took John another 25 minutes to get all the paperwork done, along with the titles to cars, the registrations, and temporary tags. He handed it all back to the salesman, who brought it all back to his desk. Where he handed each set to Jenny and Carrie with both sets of keys and remotes. And led them out to where the cars were, he affixed the temp tags to the back windows, and shook their hands and left. Both Ross and Katherine were watching their ladies happily.

“Well ladies, ready to head home? We will stop by our gas station to fill your cars up.” Ross told Jenny and Carrie.

“Yes sir. Let’s go! We both can’t wait to drive them.” Both squealed.

“Well, follow us ladies.” Katherine said as they went and got into their car. Ross backed out of the parking space, and headed for the exit with both Jenny and Carrie following. All got on the interstate headed for home and the gas station.

When they got home, Ross parked out by the curb, to allow the ladies to park their new vettes in the driveway. When they parked, Leslie, Claude, and the girls came out to see the new cars. They all stood around looking at the cars for another 15 minutes when Jon and Todd came home to see 2 new corvettes in their driveway.

“Wow!” Todd exclaimed.” Who do these vettes belong to?”

“Hi guys. They are Jenny and Carrie’s. Carrie got the red, and Jen got the blue.”

“Dang ladies you picked out 2 of the hottest and meanest cars around.” Todd said with Jon nodding in agreement.

“We both love them. They are something sis and I have always wanted.”

Jenny said as they hugged and kissed Katherine and Ross.

“Thank you again.” Carrie said. “Now we both almost have everything we’ve ever wanted. 1st: a great and special family. 2nd: our little sisters, 3rd: our diving and golf fame and careers, 4th: our corvettes.

“Yes. We both thank you all. We know you all know we appreciate everything you all have done for us. Now we only have 4 parts left to our lives’ dreams, 2 of which we can start on after diving and golf. Pre med and med school, and nurses in the new born center. We both are afraid the other 2 may never get put in place. Because neither of us is ready for them, and we have a feeling we may never be ready. Those are getting husbands and having children.” Jenny added. Leslie and Claude told them that they had gotten both registered for the winter semester that they would start on November 11th at SFS. To this the ladies cried happily and thanked the adults again.

“You ladies are both more than welcome. We all are very glad we could do all this for you both.” They told Jenny and Carrie and all 6 hugged.

After both ladies took their family for rides, they all sat in the den talking.

“We’re very glad you both Bayan escort are happy with your cars. Tomorrow, we need to take and get each inspected. Then we’ll go to the DMV to get your tags.” Ross explained to Jenny and Carrie.

“Fine, that will work. We’ve decided to get special plates for them, which sis and I can pay for. What we want is: H Storm J for me and H Storm C for sis.” Jenny said.

“Now that idea I love ladies H Storm and both of your initials.” Katherine stated.

“Dears, the rest of the family will be here at 8, for your party. So ladies, if you’d like to go ahead and take a nap.” Ross said. Because they all could tell both Jenny and Carrie were still very wore out.

“That sounds good. We’ll take our sisters with us; they look as sleepy as sis and I are.” Carrie said as she and Jenny got up with the girls and headed for bed.

“Well dear. We’ve made our ladies very happy, and seeing them happy makes me just as happy.” Katherine said smiling.

The party started exactly at 8, where both ladies were bomb barded with presents. Victoria and Tobias gave each new Rolex watches, Leslie and Claude gave each 3 new satin and Lace dresses one in green, one in black and the other in red. Ann and Jason sent the ladies some more pictures of their Aunt Jennifer, plus each lady in their best dives. Ann and Janice had full window stickers made for their corvettes. Both stickers were exactly like the big banner. Jon and Todd got

their sisters a 10 piece luggage set each in their trademark pink and white.

“This is the best birthday I know I’ve had. Thank you all.” Jenny cried happily.

“I’ll have to agree with that, and because sis has said it all. I can’t add anything to that. But, thank you all for making it come true.” Both ladies hugged their family. The party ended around 11, because most had to go to bed, for rest Ann and Janice, who happened to be the last to leave.

“Ladies we need to hold practice tomorrow. Say from 4:30 till 8.” Janice told them.

“That’s fine Janice. What time do we leave tomorrow night?” Carrie asked.

“We can leave Tuesday morning. Since we are only going to San Diego.” Ann answered, as she and Janice got up.” We will see you ladies tomorrow.” Both hugged Jenny and Carrie and left. Then the ladies helped clean, and then led their sisters up for bed.

Ross and Katherine woke Jenny and Carrie up Monday morning at 8.

“Come on ladies, get ready dears. We need to get to the inspection station before everyone else does. If we can, we could be in and out in less than 30 minutes. Then we can go to the DMV and put in your order for the special tags you ladies want. After we get all that done then I’ll take you both over to a friend of mine. And he’ll put your stickers on your windows. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds great we’ll be ready in 30 minutes.” They said.

When they got back home, Jenny and Carrie went up to get a nap in before diving practice. While the ladies did that, Ross, Katherine, Leslie and Claude sat in the den.

“I hope Jen and Carrie will understand why none of us can join them in San Diego.” Ross said.

“Yes dear, so do I But we all have work that calls us. You have the Macklin building, Les and I have to get the rest of our jewelry made and delivered. And Claude, you have a big court case that might take a month or more to reach a verdict on. But both will have Ann, Janice, Victoria, and Tobias there to support them. Not to mention their hordes of fans. Tobias told us that he’d tape it for us and the ladies.” Katherine explained. Then at 2:30, this was told to Jenny and Carrie after they had come down to the den after their naps.

“We’re sorry that you all will miss this. But we both understand why you each can’t come. Sis and I will just make sure we each win it for you and of course our home fans. Look, before we both went to sleep. We both decided to take our cars instead for flying.” They told their family.

“We’re only going to take one, that way we can also go out sightseeing.” Jenny said. Their parents told them that would be fine, that way both would be together.

“Well, we need to head for our practice. We’ll see you all alter.” Carrie said as they

got up and hugged and kissed their family, then left driving Carrie’s car to the club.

After they got into their swimsuits, and got their towels. Jenny and Carrie entered the pool area, and saw Ann and Janice sitting at their table waiting for them.

“Well hello ladies, how do you both feel today?” Janice asked as they hugged.

“We are doing just fine thank you.” They said.

“Are you both ready for practice?” Ann asked. To which the ladies said they were each more than ready. Then Janice and Ann led the ladies through 3 hours of really hard practicing. During which, Jenny and Carrie found out that they could still do all the dives they could do in Miami.

“I just don’t understand it. I can’t believe we both can still do all these dives we did in Miami. Neither of us could do them here before.” Carrie exclaimed.

“Yes you both can. Hun, you both learned them there, and worked so hard on each of them. Now it doesn’t matter where you dive, you both will be able to do them” Janice explained.

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